Friday Night Magic

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Friday Night Magic. Unfortunately, it’s not as romantic as it might sound. I actually run a small comic book and gaming shop, and Magic is the biggest selling card game ever. Every Friday night, I would have anywhere from ten to twenty guys in the shop, playing cards until 11:00pm or later. As fun as it was, it didn’t leave much as far as time for a social life, and my lack of sex was getting to me. I’m not the bar hopping, club bouncing type, so going out after the shop closed wasn’t really an option. I tried the online dating thing, but most of the women backed off after learning what I do for a living. Something about the “geek” factor, I’d imagine.

There was a new set released recently, and I held a larger tournament than normal for it. Usually, when a major set release happens, I have a judge come in and run the show for me, but my usual judge was sick. I contacted the manufacturer, and they promised to send a replacement judge. I had actually planned to run it myself, just in case, since I had never heard back from the company. I was in the middle of setting things up when she walked in.

Her name was Rebecca, and in my eyes, she was the most beautiful woman I’d seen in quite a while. My definition of beautiful is completely different than most peoples, as I have much different taste in women. My idea of a beautiful woman is one with extra padding. Some people call them fat girls, some call them BBW’s. I just call them sexy. Rebecca was a big girl, weighing over 200 pounds, as I later discovered. She was wearing a long skirt that went to her calves, and a scoop blouse that showed an ample amount of cleavage. Her dark hair hung over her face just a little bit, and just made her look even better.

“Hi, are you Eric? I’m Rebecca, the Magic judge you requested? Sorry I’m late, but traffic sucked coming in. Is there anything I can do to help you get ready?”

I don’t know how I managed to resist saying the first thing that popped into my head, which was “take that top off and I’ll be ready for anything”, but I did. She told me later that she knew instantly that I was a chubby chaser, as she put it, since my eyes lit up just like a spotlight at a movie premiere. She also told me I managed to hide it pretty well, but that she could feel my eyes on her pretty much anywhere she went in the store.

We got things set up, and since there were almost 40 players, she was pretty busy. I did whatever I could to help her out, and make sure I could keep an eye on her. She told me later that she was actually making sure she gave me a view of her cleavage, and bending over a lot more than she usually did, just so I could look at her big ass. She told me she had the instant hots for me as well, and was waiting for the tournament to end so she could talk to me in private.

Finally, the tournament ended, and all of the players left the store. She flipped my door sign for me, and offered to help clean up. I accepted her offer willingly, güvenilir bahis and locked the door so I could count out the cash drawer. We chatted while we worked, and everything got done pretty quickly. I asked her if she was hungry, and she grinned. Turns out, she was going to ask me the same question. We agreed to meet at the local late night coffee shop for a late dinner, and she beat me there. She was already at the table waiting for me, and I slipped in across from her.

Our conversation was casual, but it slowly led into more personal issues. I found myself telling her about my failed marriage, and she told me about her own relationship issues. She was having a difficult time finding a boyfriend, as most of the men she met were either not interested, or only wanted her for the size of her tits. Without thinking, I promised her I loved the size of her ass too, and then got immediately embarrassed that I had actually said that out loud. She just laughed at me, and told me it was okay, she liked ass men much more anyway. We laughed, and our conversation moved away from relationships. The sexual tension remained, however.

During the conversation, I felt her foot run up the inside of my leg. I looked at her, and she grinned at me, not at all ashamed to be flirting so obviously with me. I reached under the table and caught her foot, and gave it a little tickle. She squirmed, and we laughed. I made the obvious suggestion at that point, and she agreed it was time to get out of there. At her car, I made the offer to come back to my place for dessert, and she smiled.

“Depends on what you’re offering for dessert.”

“What exactly are you looking for?”

She smiled, and gently caressed my crotch, bringing my cock to life.

“I was really hoping for some tube steak, if you know what I mean.”

I grinned, and put my hand on her hip. She moved a little, and my hand slid around to that big ass of hers.

“I was thinking of some pie, but I know we can think of something we both agree on.”

She laughed, then reached up and pulled me to her. Our lips met in a passionate embrace, and I could feel my hard cock against her belly. Apparently, so could she, as she broke our kiss and smiled at me.

“I’m thinking tube steak is definitely on the dessert menu. We should get moving, I don’t like to wait too long before I have my dessert.”

I kissed her one more time, and almost ran to my car. She followed me back to my house, and parked in the driveway right behind me. I led her to the front door, and she grabbed my ass the entire way. As soon as we were inside, and the door closed, she spun me around and pulled me to her again. I kissed her hard, shoving my tongue into her mouth. She returned my fury, pulling me tightly to her and grabbing my ass. I broke away to start stripping, and she stopped me.

“Not in the middle of your hallway. I want to do this where we can be comfortable.”

I took türkçe bahis her hand and led her to my bedroom. As I got to the edge of the bed, she pushed me down, and put up her hand.

“Don’t move, Eric. I want to strip for you.”

She turned on the radio, and when she found a song she liked, she started to dance. She gyrated to the music as she removed her clothes. She unbuttoned her blouse, and let it fall to the floor. Her bra was the front clasp variety, and when she unhooked it, it exploded free, and her big tits flopped out. They were low hanging, and her nipples were rock hard, and as big as a stack of nickels, the right one pierced with a hoop, the left with a barbell. She turned and shook her ass at me, and unzipped the skirt. It slipped to the floor, and I saw she was a thong type of girl. She wiggled and bounced, and her ass jiggled nicely. She turned, and pushed down the thong. Her belly hung, but not enough to hide her crotch, which was completely shaven.

I could smell the arousal coming from her, and when she tossed her panties in my face, I got a deep whiff. She played with her tits, lifting first one, then the other to her mouth and sucking the nipples. She teased the barbell with her tongue, and that sent me over the edge. I got up from the bed and pulled her to me, and our tongues met over the barbell. I reached down and ran my fingers across her snatch, and felt her wetness. She moaned at my touch, and I smiled. Turning her towards the bed, I gently pushed her down. She lay back, and I spread her legs wide. The smell of her arousal was getting me hotter and hotter, and I buried my face in her big pussy. Almost immediately, I could feel her body shudder with the first orgasm of the night, and I promised myself I’d give this goddess as many of those as she could handle.

I ran my tongue up and down her cunt, licking and teasing her clit. I slipped a finger in, and then two. She was begging for more, and I gave her three, then four. She came all over my hands twice, and I wasn’t done yet. I licked and sucked that pussy to a good half-dozen orgasms, until she finally had to push me away.

“My god, Eric. I can’t take anymore. I need a rest, baby. Why don’t you come up here and let me see that cock of yours?”

Who could turn down an invitation like that? I stripped the rest of my clothes off, and moved up the bed to present her with my cock. She wasted no time in inhaling it, sucking it deeply and completely. She was a great cocksucker, knowing all the little tricks that drive guys wild. I quickly found myself thrusting my cock between her lips, fucking her mouth while she sucked me off. Entirely too quickly, my load erupted from my cock, and she didn’t hesitate to swallow every drop of it, and milked me dry. She let my cock free, and I twisted around to kiss her again. We could each taste the others juices on our lips and tongues, but we didn’t care.

We lay together for a short while, then güvenilir bahis siteleri I bent to those big tits of hers, sucking on one, then the other. Rebecca moaned and twisted under me, loving the attention she was getting. Her hand made its way to my cock, and she gently stroked me back to full erection.

“You know this thing I’m holding on to? I can think of a much better place for it than in my hand, can’t you?”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I spread her legs wide, and guided my heat seeking moisture missile into her silo. She groaned, and wrapped her beefy legs around my hips, pulling me in closer and tighter. I thrust gently at first, but quickly moved into the rough, powerful strokes I knew she was looking for. I could feel her juices seeping out around the edges of her pussy lips, and I knew she was coming for me. I kept up the pace as long as I could, until I shot my second load of the night deep inside of her. She moaned, and pulled me tight to her, loving the way cock twitched and spasmed inside of her. I collapsed on top of her, and she kissed my face and neck, gently bring me down from the high of great sex.

We did eventually doze off, and around 5:00 am, I was awakened by a warm mouth sucking my cock. Rebecca was lying on her side, giving me a gentle blowjob. I reached down and caressed her head, and she looked up and smiled.

“Good, now that you’re awake, I want this in my ass. I need to be butt fucked tonight, Eric. I haven’t had a cock in my ass for too long, and I want this one…please?”

I never say no to a request like that, so I moved behind her. She was on her knees, and I first buried my face in her big ass, tonguing and licking her tight bud, then I guided my stiff cock to her hole. I gently penetrated her ass, and slowly continued until I was completely inside of her. She moaned and arched her back in approval, loving the way I was making her feel. I slowly built up the tempo until I was really pounding her ass, making her big cheeks shake and her tits sway in rhythm. I reached around and teased her clit, making her shudder and moan even more. The tightness of her ass brought me to orgasm much quicker than I had anticipated, and I filled her ass with my seed.

I collapsed backwards, feeling completely spent, and Rebecca moved around to lay beside me. We kissed tenderly, and fell asleep once again. When my alarm went off later that morning, she was gone. I sat up, wondering if it was all a dream, when I saw the note by the clock.

‘Eric, thanks for an incredible night. Sorry I ran out on you, but I’ve never been the morning after type. I do plan on seeing you again, and if you look under your pillow, I left you a little reminder of last night’s incredible fun…See you soon, Rebecca’

I lifted the pillow, and smiled. She had left the thong she had been wearing the night before for me. I picked it up, gave it one good sniff, and put it back under the pillow. I went to work that day tired, but relaxed at the same time. As I closing, the phone rang.

“Eric? It’s Rebecca. I forgot something at your house. Can I come pick it up?” I smiled, knowing it was going to be another long, sexually explosive night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20