From Him

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Laying next to her over joys my heart. I fell in love with this woman a long time ago, though we haven’t been together for over a year now. We still hold that closeness; I feel I can depend on her for anything. Like tonight, I called her because my life is not going the direction I want it to… it has been dragging me down… and to have someone close to me that I know cares about me is exactly what I felt I needed. When she answered the phone and her voice blessed my ear, I felt relief. As soon as I spoke my first words, her tone changed immediately to concern. Oh how well she knows me.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can…” she said to me. And my heart jumped with anticipation as I knew that I would hold her next to me once again. And now, as we lay in bed watching TV, her cheek rests against my chest. I try not to seem too eager towards her, my hand only occasionally brushing up and down her back as I cradle her to me. Heaven knows I want to inhale every inch of her into me, making her mine as I used to such a long time ago. The last few times I’ve tried to seduce her, she’s always shot me down. So to avoid that again, I contain myself with such willpower. I feel such comfort that I feel myself starting to doze… and then her hand starts to move. So slowly, so softly, she brushes her fingertips up and down my chest and stomach absentmindedly as she’s focused on the TV screen. This I always loved about her. She is not even aware of the effect she has on me, how such a small touch from her sends fire throughout me. I lean my face up against her forehead, pressing my lips to her skin. She nuzzles into me and sighs.

When the movie ends, it’s fairly late and I am sleepy enough to hand the control over to her. She shakes her head at me to tell me she doesn’t want to watch any more TV, so I shut it off. I lay there, feeling her smooth legs wrapped around mine… wanting to taste her… wanting to feel myself within illegal bahis her. Because we haven’t been together that way in such a long time, I don’t want to scare her by just throwing myself on her. But as it turns out, I don’t need to worry at all. With her cheek still pressed to my chest, she begins to caress me again. I can sense in her that the mood has changed. She explores all that is exposed to her; the touch of this woman is phenomenal. I close my eyes and just let her. When she pushes her soft hand beneath the waistline of my boxers, I moan loudly. I didn’t expect this from her at all. After all the times she turned down my advances, to have her come after me is sexy as hell.

She stops, raises her head and whispers to me, “Should I leave you alone?” I said nothing, but uttered a chuckle-like sound. I don’t want to say the wrong thing and ruin this moment. I don’t want her to stop, my body craves her, I’m hard as a rock, and so I don’t want to say something to push her away. She lies back down on my chest again; her hand lies dormant across my stomach. And then I feel her lips. She has pressed them against my ribs a few inches away from my right nipple. I can’t help but sharply take in a breath, her large full lips feel like nothing else in this world. I know that my groans encourage her, but this time I exaggerate nothing – I’ve forgotten the power of the fire that lies underneath those lips. As she moves down my body, trailing her warm wet lips towards my hips, I move my arms up behind my head and grab onto the bars of the headboard behind me. Her hand places itself on my inner thigh, and she grabs it forcefully, pulling it towards her body as she plants her mouth firmly in the dip of my hip bone. I can feel my dick pulsing and I involuntarily move my hips towards her mouth, searching for warmth, searching for wetness. She complies with the implications of my hips, pulling me out of my boxers and licking the head illegal bahis siteleri of my dick. My entire body tenses up with pleasure as she licks me like a lollipop, up and down the length of me. She pulls at my boxers so I raise my hips quickly and carelessly kick them off my feet… and then I feel her tongue on my balls. With the wetness she has left on my dick, she strokes me in one hand so tightly while she sucks my balls one by one into her mouth. She knows what I really want and she moves back up and takes my entire length in between her lips. She takes me in so far, she almost chokes herself. Lord have mercy, is that blood I taste in my mouth? I don’t realize until this moment that I’ve been biting the hell out of my lip. I can explode in her mouth at any moment, but I do not want it to end here. I haven’t even touched her yet. My legs move back and forth across the bed, this feels so amazing – this woman shows such expertise with her hand at the base of me, stroking up and over the crown of me and back down again, followed by her mouth.

After a moment, she gives me more attention with her hand and places her lips underneath my belly button… she looks up towards me and I pull her face up to mine, shoving my tongue down her throat. I start to feel my nut cramping up in my stomach and so I push her off of me and pull up her shirt to expose her breasts. Sucking them into my mouth one at a time my hand roughly pulls her panties away from her and I plunge two fingers into her pussy. She is so tight… and more importantly, she is so wet… and my dick hardens even more to know that she is wet because of me. Bringing my lips up to hers again, we tongue fuck as I play with the little exposed knob that is her clit. I whisper against her “I want you… I want you so bad…” and before she can even protest, I move down and press my mouth against her clit. Forget kissing her thighs and all the romantic shit, canlı bahis siteleri I’m horny as hell and her moans are driving me crazy. Rubbing my face in her sweetness, shoving my tongue up inside of her, her screams are like music to my ears. Before she can even finish coming, I’m moving up on top of her, shoving her knee back and guiding myself into her. Her body quakes again as I’ve pushed all the way inside of her and the contracting of her muscles almost draws my own orgasm out of me. Holding onto it, I begin to rock against her, in and out of her, her fleshy walls so warm, so wet, so GOOD. Her fingernails have found my thigh and she digs in as if holding on for dear life, pulling me against her even harder as I plunge into her.

She’s talking to me now, “Shit! Baby, you feel so good…” Hell yeah, that’s what I like to hear.

“Tell me how good…” I say back to her, shoving into her so hard, it knocks the breath out of her as she tries to answer me. “Huh? How good…” I say again.

Breathless, she whispers, “So damn good, don’t stop… don’t EVER stop!!!” she moans, she groans, and I watch her face twist with ecstasy. I move her so both of her legs are on one side of me, her pretty ass smiling at me. I squeeze it and rub it and smack it to get a squeal out of her. I feel my nut coming so fiercely now, burning in my gut… this one hurts but feels so damn good all at the same time, I’m letting this one go.

“Damn… oh shit, I’m gonna come…” I say to her, and her moans get even louder, her fingernails dig deeper, her muscles clenching me tight as ever. With one hand on each hip, I hold her steady as I plunge into her one last time, expensing all of my seed up within her gut. A few aftershocks hit me and I feel the sweat dripping from my forehead. With my eyes still closed, my arms shaky as hell, and my body so gloriously tired, I fall on top of her. She coos to me, kissing my face, running her hands up and down my back, panting in my ear. After we catch our breath, we put on a few strips of clothing… go outside and light a couple cigarettes… fall asleep tangled up in each other… and in the morning, I just crawl on top of her and take her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20