Frustrated and Fucked Ch. 02

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On the drive home from having sex with Jason, I felt like shit. I felt used. Trashy. Weak. Dirty. I kept telling myself that I had needed to do it. I needed to experience sex with someone besides my husband. I had to see for myself that it wasn’t what I wanted. It wasn’t right for me. I wouldn’t have known that without experiencing it firsthand. The ride home took 45 minutes. It seemed much longer. On the way I stopped at a convenience store and bought a snack. I didn’t need it, but I wanted it. There’s my food demon rearing its ugly head. I went ahead and gave in. Allowing myself the small comfort of chocolate because I had just done something so uncomfortable, so completely out of my element that I thought I had earned it. However, when I got home, I immediately went to the mall and walked enough laps for 3 miles.

After the mall, I went back home and to my normal routine. I was tired that afternoon but didn’t get a chance to take a nap. I started to feel better about myself. I wasn’t worried about seeing Jason the next day. I didn’t feel that I had done anything to belittle myself in his eyes. I was right not to be worried. The next day when I saw him at work, everything was fine. When he came back from his delivery route, he greeted me normally. There was someone else in the office with us and he asked how my weekend was and I said that it was fine. He said his was great but he was a little sore. Fucker. The other guy asked why he was sore and Jason looked over at me. I suggested that he had a big “honey do” list from his girlfriend. He said yes, he had a list and he was sore and tired, but that he would do it all over again—stressing the word, “all”.

We didn’t get a chance to talk again until 2 days later at lunch. I told Jason that I was glad that we had gotten together finally, but that I didn’t want to do it again. I told him that I realized that it wasn’t right for me. That I needed more. I needed a relationship. That casual sex wasn’t my thing. But I made sure to let him know that it wasn’t anything he did wrong. He said that he understood and everything was cool.

Another week passed by and my surgery was looming close. I was going to be having surgery on my bladder. I won’t describe all the reasons or symptoms, but I will tell you that the doctor said when he does this surgery; he tightens everything up on the way out. In essence I was going to get a new vagina. My doctor actually said I’d be 18 again down there. So I was horny as hell and only 12 days away from 8 weeks of no sex. It was Wednesday and Jason was inside having lunch again. I told him that I had changed my mind and wanted to have sex with him again. Needless to say, he was all for it. I told him I didn’t want to kiss. That it was too personal and that I thought he should save it for his girlfriend. He took it in stride. He was just happy at the prospect of having sex again. We set it up for the following Sunday morning same as before.

In the meantime, I was still horny as hell. I started thinking about Doug. Things had been fine between us. I wasn’t mad anymore about his late night call a couple of months ago accusing me of fucking someone else. I wasn’t fucking someone else then. He was just mad that I had stopped having sex with him. A lot of time had passed and my reasons for stopping started to seem stupid. After all, we were still married. Being separated had given us plenty of space. He knew I had no intentions of getting back together with him and he understood my reasons for separating. Having sex again wouldn’t change anything. It would be both of us getting something that we needed. We wouldn’t have to drag any emotions into it. He’s the one who said we could do it. I’m the one who stopped.

I called Doug Friday after work. I was thinking that I’d like to get some good sex in the last week before my surgery. It may have been selfish, but I felt like I deserved to have a decent orgasm or two. When I called him, I tried to warm up to it instead of springing it on him. We talked a little about the kids. He had mentioned that he was feeling a little sick. I asked, “How sick are you?”

“I took some medicine. I’m better now.”

“Good. I was hoping to come over there. I thought we could make the best of this last week before my surgery.”

“Oh. Yeah, that sounds good.”

“So how ’bout right now? Can I come over right now?”

“Yeah. I’ll see you in a little bit.”

I made up an excuse to the kids. I told them I was going to meet a friend for dinner and I left. I was so excited on the drive over. When I got there, he greeted me at the door and seemed a little nervous. I went in and walked straight back to his room. He followed behind me still unsure of what to do. I asked him for a towel so I could take a shower. I hadn’t had time for one before I left home so I cleaned up and went back in the room. He was sitting in a chair watching TV when I walked in. I got in bed as he turned the light in the bedroom off but left the light in the closet on, so it wasn’t very dark. He took off his clothes and climbed in bed with me.

Immediately he put his arm around me and started kissing me. At first softly and then more insistent. When his tongue entered my mouth, it was exploring. Very, very different from the way Jason’s tongue assaulted me. Jason had been shoving illegal bahis his tongue in as far as he could, while Doug’s barely entered at all. As he was kissing me, he turned us so he was on top of me. His right hand moved down to cup my left breast. He brushed his thumb across my nipple; then quickly replaced it with his mouth. His hand continued down to my pussy where he found the moisture already starting to gather.

I could feel his erection against my thigh so I reached down to stroke him. Doug stopped kissing me to rise up and kneel next to me. He was still expertly working my pussy with his fingers. God, I missed that. It felt great. Two fingers curved inside stroking my g-spot while his thumb was on my clit. The movement of his fingers in and out naturally caused his thumb to move with them. It is my absolute favorite and he knows it. It is also practically guaranteed to get me off. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I really needed this orgasm and I was going to get it. As he continued working my pussy, I lightly stroked his cock. I like the way it feels in my hand. As a matter of fact, I like the way a hard cock feels everywhere; in my mouth, in my hand, in my pussy, against my stomach, against my thigh, in between my tits. I just love a hard cock!

After a couple of minutes of skilled manipulation, Doug had me on the brink of orgasm. I gave up my stroking of his cock to concentrate on the pleasure. In and out his fingers went, brushing my clit with his thumb. My breathing alternated between panting and holding my breath. Little whimpers of sound escaped every so often until finally I was overtaken by the orgasm. My head lifted off the bed as my pussy contracted around his fingers. Doug leaned down to hold me against his chest as I came down. His body was warm and lean and hard. Not an ounce of fat on him now. He said he’d been working out non-stop since I left and it showed. I thanked him and he gave me that silly grin he always has after making me cum.

Doug kissed me passionately and moved between my thighs. It was his turn now and he wasted no time entering me. He cock slid easily into my wet pussy; the sensation almost too much for me so soon after my orgasm. We stayed in classic missionary for a couple of minutes before he pulled back a little and lifted my thighs pushing them back against my chest. He placed his palms against the backs of my thighs and pushed down for leverage as he started pounding into me. Each stroke moved against my g-spot which was still extra sensitive. I closed my eyes in order to concentrate on the pleasure. We’d done this position thousands of times. It was kind of comforting to me to be back to normal. But I wouldn’t call it boring. I liked it. Still do. And it felt great. Doug went faster and faster and just as his asthma started to make him wheeze, he came. Instead of stopping immediately like he usually did, he gave a few more pumps and then collapsed on the bed next to me.

I reached down to stroke my clit dipping my finger in my pussy first to wet it. It was too soon for his semen to start coming out, so I used my own juices. I first moved my finger in a circular motion around my clit coating it. As I felt the hard bud, I started moving from side to side, applying just a little pressure. Doug was watching me and pinching my nipples lightly. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes picking up speed and working myself in a familiar pattern. When I came, I turned on my side bending my knees together. As Doug started to hold me, I excused myself for the bathroom. I wanted to clean up before making a mess on the bed. I also didn’t want to cuddle. So I got up and out of there.

When I returned to the bedroom, Doug had started getting dressed. I was glad because I wanted to leave. We talked for a couple of minutes while I was getting dressed. He told me that he needed to get an oil change in his car. I told him he could come over to the house and do it if he wanted, but he said he was going to go to the dealer. As I left, I told him I wanted to make the best of the next week and he agreed that we should have sex a few more times.

The next day was Saturday. I took the kids to their bowling league in the morning just like always. While we were driving back home, Doug called. He said the dealer was really busy and asked if he could change his oil at the house. I told him of course since I had already offered. So he came over about an hour later with all the supplies. Our older 2 daughters had to work, so they left. All that remained were Doug, me and our 16 year old daughter. I was inside doing chores when I got a text from my sister, “Hey, Whatcha doin?”

“Trying to figure out how to get Mary to leave so I can have sex.”

“With who?? I need help going to the store…ask her to go with me.”

“Doug’s here.”

“Ask Mary to go with me. Oh, BTW…bad idea about having sex with the ex.”

“Too late.”


“Last night.”

“I’m telling mom.”


“I think you’re gonna feel terrible again.”


“Yes you will…you know you will…I’m coming over to block you!!”

“I told you it was too late. It happened last night already. I just wouldn’t mind it happening again.”

“Really?? What about how bad you felt last time?”

“Why are illegal bahis siteleri you trying to make me feel bad?”

“I’m just looking out, geez. Ur my sister. Cuz I care, stupid.”

About 20 minutes later she showed up at my door. Doug was just finishing up his oil change. She took my daughter along with her friend and her sister’s boyfriend who had all shown up to hang out. They went to Ulta and I don’t know where else. I was just glad she got them. When Doug came inside to wash his hands, I threw him a towel and told him to take a shower. He looked confused for a minute. He said he didn’t really need to take a shower, just needed to wash his hands before he left. I told him he’s not leaving yet. That I didn’t work so hard to empty the house of kids for nothing. He finally caught on, or pretended to at least, and took the towel to the bathroom.

When he came into our bedroom, he looked around noticing how empty it seemed. The only things left were my dresser, a bookshelf, the exercise bike and my bed. My bed being an air mattress on top of a futon since I had let him take our king size sleep number bed when he left. When Doug got in with me he couldn’t help but notice that it wobbled a little. “Wow, you need a new bed.”

“I know. Someone took the sleep number bed that I loved. I have to save up for another one.” I said with a smile on my face. Come in the middle with me. It’s pretty sturdy here.”

Doug climbed on top of me and we started kissing. Immediately his hands wandered down to my tits and began to pinch my nipples. I don’t know how pinching my nipple causes me to feel pleasure in my clit, but it does and I’m glad. It’s like there’s a bee line straight through my body. It feels great. He moved his kisses from my mouth to my neck and down to my tits. I could feel him hard against my thigh, but I withheld my touch savoring the pleasure I was receiving. I absolutely love my tits being played with. Suck, lick, kiss, pinch, whatever. It feels fantastic and Doug never stays there long enough. Before long, his hands found his way to my pussy and started their magic manipulation. I laid back and enjoyed the sensations.

Expertly, Doug’s fingers worked my pussy. Two inside while his thumb was on my clit. In and out they went, steadily picking up speed. I reached down to take hold of him. I like to feel his dick while I’m being pleasured. If he’s not hard, I can’t cum. Thankfully, his cock was hard. I lightly stroked him as I closed my eyes again focusing on the feelings. His hand was moving very fast now. He reached up with his other one to pinch my nipple. The extra sensation was too much and I came. Quickly he positioned himself between my legs. He always likes to get in there right after I cum. Easily, he slid in taking a couple of strokes before lifting my legs and pressing my knees back against my chest. I helped by grabbing the backs of my knees. He likes to push down on the backs of my thighs for leverage and did so, inevitably leaving small bruises. His rush to get into position didn’t speed up his moves. He started out slowly. I could feel the length of him going in and out. He pumped for a couple of minutes and then let my legs down lowering himself on top of me. He continued fucking me as he kissed me again. No tongue this time and he moved down my neck and to my tits. After sucking each for a moment, he pulled back up on his knees and got back into his favorite position. This time he went much faster, bouncing on his knees instead of just moving his hips. I call it the pile driver and I like it a lot. He slams into me so hard; it’s really satisfying although it’s never made me cum. However it’s never failed for Doug and true to form, he came, holding still inside me on the last pump.

I opened my eyes to meet his and he smiled causing me to smile as well. He pulled out and lay down beside me on the bed. I had to scoot over a little so we wouldn’t wobble. As he was catching his breath, I let my hand wander down to my clit. I can never resist one last cum. I used my middle finger, dipped down to my pussy for moisture and back up to circle my clit. The hard bud was just aching to cum. I circled for a moment and then moved side to side toying with myself. Finally, I let my fingertip rest at that spot just off center. I applied a small amount of pressure and rubbed my clit against the bone just underneath. I picked up speed going faster and faster until I came, expelling the breath I had been holding. When I finished the spasms and opened my eyes, I found Doug watching me.

“Why do you always do that?” he asked.

“Because I can.” I replied with a smile.

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came back, Doug was almost dressed. He apologized and said he had to go because he was meeting a friend. I told him it was no problem and that the kids would be home soon anyway. He thanked me for letting him come over to change his oil and he left. I got dressed and texted my sister that the coast was clear. I was glad he didn’t stick around. I don’t really want to spend much time with him unless we’re having sex or it involves our kids.

I had plans to meet Jason the next morning. I was really excited about it. I know it didn’t go very well the first time, but I thought I would be more comfortable this time. I wasn’t canlı bahis siteleri getting my hopes up for an actual orgasm, but I was looking forward to enjoying myself with him. Besides, I had just had a couple of orgasms with Doug, so the pressure was off. Bright and early and before daylight the next morning, Jason called. The call did two things: it woke me up and also let me know his “lady” as he calls her had gone to work. I hung up with him and got out of bed to get ready. Twenty five minutes later I was on the road to his house.

I called Jason as I was turning into his neighborhood and we talked until I pulled in his driveway. We didn’t say anything interesting; just chit chat until I got there. When he opened his door, he was dressed in a white robe and obviously hard already. I walked in and gave him a hug. I wasn’t exactly horny yet, but I wasn’t apprehensive either. I went in and back to the bedroom we had been in before and started to get undressed. Jason was right behind me and turned the light off. It was very dark and hard to see, but I managed to find him and get in bed. Jason climbed on top of me and started fingering me immediately. He kissed my neck and said, “I know you don’t want to kiss me.”

“You know why.”

“I know. I know. It’s okay.”

The last was said as he was on his way down to my pussy. He placed his hands under my thighs and lifted me up as he started to lick my clit. It would have felt a lot better if I had been turned on. But I wasn’t. Not yet. It was much too fast. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the pleasure. Jason was licking me everywhere at once it seemed. He made his way back to my clit and I again tried to focus, but I just wasn’t ready yet.

“Hey,” I said. “Come up here, I want to taste you.”

He stopped what he was doing and came up to lie beside me on the bed. I turned to my side and took his cock in to my hands. It was very hard and leaking. I stroked it a few times. I couldn’t see very well because it was still dark. I enjoyed the feeling of it in my hand. I love the way a hard cock feels and kept stroking it. I’m sure Jason was wondering if I was ever going to take it in my mouth, but he didn’t say anything. Finally, I leaned down and licked the tip of it with my tongue. Jason moaned as I then put my mouth around it. I tried to take it all in, but couldn’t quite get there. I closed my lips tightly around the base and pulled back up again flattening my tongue against the underside. I moaned myself, savoring the feeling. I’m not sure I can describe it. I just like the way it feels in my mouth. It’s hard and soft and textured and smooth and dry and wet and feels like it belongs. It’s satisfying in a way. I don’t necessarily need cum in my mouth, but I absolutely have to have a hard cock in my mouth for at least a couple of minutes when I have sex.

I sucked and licked and played with his balls. I really liked it but stopped when Jason said I was going to make him cum. I wasn’t ready for that yet. I repositioned myself back next to him but kept stroking him. Jason started kissing my neck and playing with my tits. Then he asked if he should get a condom. I told him to go ahead, so he rolled over and got out of bed to get one quickly returning right where he left off. He positioned himself between my legs and I reached down to guide him in. He started fucking me very fast. It was really different from the way Doug does it. Jason’s strokes were very short and very fast. He sucked on my left nipple as he pounded in and out of me. Very soon, I heard him make this little whimper sound as he came.

“I’m sorry.”


“I came too fast. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry unless we’re done.”

“No, no.” I could hear the smile as he said it.

He went into the bathroom and cleaned up a bit. When he returned, he got another condom and put it on. Yes, he was hard already. No, I don’t know how the hell a 47 year old man does it so fast, but I like it. He got back in bed and started fondling my tits again. When I reached down to touch my clit, he took over. He rubbed all around my pussy with his fingers. He dipped one in, curving it and moved it in and out a few times. Then he circled my clit for a bit. He kept switching between the two. I was enjoying it, but wished he’d pick one spot and stay there long enough for me to cum. I should have said something but I didn’t. It did feel good and I liked it, but he never stayed in one spot long enough. Then he was ready to fuck me again. He told me to turn on my side. So I turned my body to the left leaving my bottom leg straight and bending the other. He straddled my straight leg and I guided him in with my hand. Goddamn if felt good in that position. He was constantly on my g-spot, totally making up for all the switching before. He took much longer this time; fucking me fast until he was tired and then going slow. I thought I was going to cum, but I just couldn’t get over the edge. I was so close for so long. I reached down and touched my clit. It was a little hard to do in this position, but I found it easily enough. At first I just let the rocking of him fucking me move my finger on my clit. It felt good for a bit, but wasn’t good enough. I started rubbing with a purpose and was getting close when Jason came. He got off of me and went to clean up again. While he was gone I finished masturbating and was able to cum before he got back. He climbed up on the bed next to me and said he was tired. We talked for a few minutes about mostly nothing. He held me and we cuddled for a while. It was nice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20