Geek Sex Ch. 01

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This is the story of how I discovered sex, and found the best three friends I’ve ever had. And by ‘sex’ I don’t just mean the normal guy on top, in the bed, blow job if you feel naughty, fuck for fifteen minutes then go to sleep, type of sex. But all the other stuff they told you not to do: group sex, sub/dom sex, outdoor sex, butt sex, lesbian sex, butt licking, lesbian butt licking (Ok, I admit it, I’m obsessed the female ass).

I’m Jan. I’m a geek. I’m bookish and brainy and I spend way too much time studying. I’m 21 and a junior at a small college in New England. I’m a bio-chemistry major with a minor in English literature. I’m about 5’5″ and I have straight, dark hair and brown eyes. I think I’m too skinny, but everybody always tells me how great I look, (or would look if I “dressed up a little bit”) even with my little A-cup breasts. I guess I look a little like Rory on “Gilmore Girls” and maybe a little like River in “Serenity” (fellow geeks will know exactly who I’m talking about), but I’m not at all athletic. I usually dress in jeans and a baggy t-shirt, and maybe a sweater, normal geek attire. If I wear make-up it’s usually not much more than a little lip gloss. Nobody would ever mistake me for the campus slut. Not that you can tell these days. The girl in the micro-mini skirt and the skin tight top that says “juicy” probably won’t let a guy finger her until they’re engaged. And the girl who looks like she just walked out of a country club probably does three guys at a time.

This all started at the end this past summer, when I met Nick and Renee and Amy. I was no virgin at that point. I had gone out with my boyfriend, Gary, for more than three years before we broke up that July. Looking back on it, I have no idea why I went out with him in the first place, he was just so…normal. OK face, OK body, average dick, very boring. We fooled around some. That’s definitely the right term: fooled around. I didn’t know what I was doing, he sure didn’t know what he was doing, I wasn’t serious about him or the sex. We’d get naked, make out, do the missionary position for about twenty minutes, and for some reason it was supposed to be special. Anyway, enough about him.

Nick was a grad student in ecology, (actually something called ecological bio-systematics). He hired me and Renee to help him do field work for a paper he was writing. He was also a teaching assistant. Nick was in his mid 30’s, about my height, kind of stocky, muscular but not cut, in fairly good shape even with a little beer gut. He had a few tattoos (on his upper back, his right shoulder, and a ring around his left bicep, all tribal stuff in black ink) and he kept his head shaved bald. He was an odd guy, kind of quiet but smart and intense. I would tell him about something I was reading and think I was telling him something new, then he’d say something like “Yes, I wrote a paper on that back in ’94 when I was in sociology.” Renee was hot. A slight bit taller than me, but with a more boyish build, long wavy golden blond hair, and a really cute face. Renee was one of a kind, she swore like a sailor, spat, drank whiskey, played drums in a punk band, smoked cigars, and never seemed afraid of anything. She was a tom-boy, but when she dressed up you wouldn’t know it. At the time I guess I was attracted to both of them, but I didn’t know it yet. I knew Nick was attracted to us both. I caught him checking out Renee’s ass a few times, and I’m sure he checked out mine. I sensed that there might be something between Renee and Nick, but they kept it to themselves. At a university, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri relations with your employees can get you in all kinds of trouble. And Nick was the type of guy who didn’t need to risk his job to get laid. He’d listen to us talking about guys and sex and smile in that way he had. Like, you girls are so sweet and innocent, and if you only knew what I was thinking.

Amy was (and still is) my roommate. We moved in to the dorm at the end of August, which was the last week I worked for Nick. She was an inch or two taller than me and just as skinny, with straight blond hair cut in a bob, and a face that reminded me of Cameron Diaz. At that point she seemed friendly but she kind of kept to herself. I assumed that we would never be close.

Somehow, I don’t think that any of this would have started if I hadn’t mooned Renee. We were out in the forest taking soil samples for Nick. Just Renee and me, Nick wasn’t around, and we were miles from the nearest paved road in a classic New England maple forest. We were working about fifty feet apart, and talking about plans for that weekend. She said something about me not getting laid.

“Oh, like you are,” I yelled back.

“Kiss my ass,” she replied with fake anger.

I have no idea why I did it, but I turned my back to Renee, unbuttoned my jeans, and yelled back, “No, you kiss mine,” and gave her a full moon. I pulled up my pants and giggled.

Renee gave me a randy look, smiled and in a sultry voice said, “Come a little closer and I just might.” I blushed so red that I’m sure she saw it all the way from where she was standing.

My birthday was the following week. Kind of a bad time for a birthday. You’re not at home, but you haven’t really settled into school yet. So I just went out with a few friends: Nick, Renee, my roommate from the previous year, a few others. At the time I didn’t even know Amy well enough that I wanted to invite her. I got a few little gifts, but Renee’s was the best. It was a card that said “Turn about is fair play” and when I opened it there was a picture of what I assumed (and I now know for sure) was Renee’s ass. This was not a soft focus glamour shot either, this was porn. She was bent over with her legs spread a little and she was fingering her clit with her right hand, with her left she was spreading her butt crack. You could see her pussy, her asshole, everything. Her hair was trimmed but not shaved, with a few downy hairs around her anus. Her pubes were only slightly darker than the hair on her head. I turned red and Renee laughed. Everybody else wanted to see the picture. I flashed it for a second, then said, “Nope, that’s enough, this is for my eyes only,” and I winked at Renee.

It was only about ten when I went back to the dorm. I opened the door and Amy was in the bed closest to it. I was having trouble carrying my gifts and books and a folder slipped out of my hands and hit the floor, Renee’s ass picture slid out right in front of Amy. Amy picked it up and I panicked. I tried to snatch it from her hand, but she played “keep away.”

“Nice ass” she said. Then she got a better look. “My God, Is this Renee?”

“How?…Who?…What did?…How?” I stammered.

“Oh, I know THAT ass,” she said with a smirk.

“When did you see Renee naked?” I had no idea that they knew each other.

“Oh, plenty of times,” Amy winked.

“You mean you and Renee…you were…”

“Renee asked me to take this picture, but she didn’t tell me what it was for.” She got a little serious, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri “I’m sorry, I guess I should have told you, I like girls.”

“So, you’re a …lesbian?”

She smiled a little, “Well not totally, I’ve been with guys that I’ve had fun with, but mostly…yeah.”

“So, Renee likes girls too… you and Renee are…like…girlfriends?”

“Not exclusively or anything, we’re open to seeing other people, but we see a lot of each other. I can’t believe you never realized Renee was bi, it’s so obvious, and you’re so totally her type too.”

Suddenly I thought about everything, the looks, the winks, the little innuendos, and I realized that Renee was obviously into girls, and that she had been flirting with me, and with out really meaning to I had flirted back. The shock and confusion must have been written all over my face. Amy got up from the bed. “Listen, this is obvious a lot for you to take in, I hope it won’t make things weird for us, being roommates. I was just headed out for a snack, wanna come?”

“No…no…I just ate.”

After she left I just sat there and thought about everything that I had just found out. I guess I always assumed that I knew someone who was gay or bi, but I didn’t know anyone specifically. It was all quite shocking.

I ran into Nick that Friday in the cafeteria and told him about Amy and Renee. “You’re kidding, you really didn’t know about Renee?”

“Well, I don’t know about these things. How am I supposed to know who’s a lesbian or bi or whatever.”

“I don’t know if I’d call Renee a lesbian, she’s just a damn pervert.”

“So… you and her have…you know?”

He lowered his voice, “You have to swear no to tell anyone what I’m about to tell you, if it got out it would mean my job.”




“My ex girlfriend, you know…Becky, she wanted to have a threesome. She knew Renee from a class they took together, she hadn’t worked for me yet. So we all got together.”


“Damn, she’s a crazy one, Becky was amazed, she learned a few things from Renee. Then Becky took that research position out at USC. Renee and I decided that the student/teacher thing was a little too risky right now, we had fun though.”

After lunch my head was swimming with what I had just heard. In my head I kept picturing Nick and Renee with Becky, his brown haired, hippy-girl ex-girlfriend. What exactly did Renee do that was so crazy, what had she taught Becky that she didn’t know before? I had a study group at two but decided to skip it. I was horny and needed release.

I went back to the dorm. Amy didn’t have Friday afternoon classes and said that she was going home for the weekend. When I opened the door I heard the shower running and knew that Amy hadn’t left yet. Then I heard moaning and two people talking. I realized quickly that it was Amy and Renee. I couldn’t make out the words. But just the thought of what was going on was driving me crazy. I hadn’t ever thought about being with a girl, and I had never gotten turned on by things like that. But now I was wet. I crept over to the bathroom door so I could hear better. It was mostly just moaning. I heard words, fragments of phases. “That’s it” “there” “kiss me” “tongue…” I thought for a minute, and realized I was rubbing my crotch through my jeans. Then I had an idea. I had a peasant dress at the top of my pile of clothes on a chair. I stripped off my jeans and panties and quickly put on the dress and a pair of sandals. I figured that güvenilir bahis şirketleri I could stay there and listen and finger myself until I heard the shower turned off. Then I would get out as fast as I could. I wasn’t wearing jeans so I wouldn’t have to worry about buttoning my pants before I went out into the hall.

I squatted down and put my ear to the door. I hiked up my skirt and ran my fingers through my soft pubes.

Amy: “That’s it, on your knees, (giggle)”

Silence, then moans, growing loader. I’m not sure but I think I could hear little sucking sounds. I fingered the slippery lips of my pussy, slowly, then my clit. Amy was grunting, then, “Damn, don’t stop, don’t stop, Mmmmh, MMMMhha, God Damn.” Then she was completely incoherent. I was strumming my clit with my right hand and holding on to a chair to balance myself with my left. My hips were bucking involuntarily. I used one finger to vibrate against my clit, pressing it just enough. I was getting closer. Then I realized that Amy’s moaning had stopped. I froze for a second thinking that they might be finished and would get out of the shower. Then I heard Amy’s voice again, “Damn girl, (laugh) I am going to make you scream.” Now it was Renee making all sorts of guttural noises.

Amy: “You know what I want”

Renee: “Tell me.”

Amy: “Turn around…..mmmmm….that’s nice” SLAP

Renee: “Huh…mmmmm”

Amy: “Arch your back…that’s it, spread…..MMMMM”

From then on it was just muffled moans from Amy, and Renee voice saying “Huh…Huh…huh” and all sorts of profanity.

My hand was back on my cunt, fingering inside, then around my lips. Before I even realized what I was doing, I put my finger in my mouth and tasted myself. It was clean and salty, a little fishy and acidic. Then I was back at my clit. My orgasm hit me like a wash of hot syrup, and my flesh was covered in goose bumps. It didn’t completely subside, and I kept at it. When the second hit I lost my balance for a second and fell forward. Just barely catching myself on the bed. I was still panting when I realized the shower had been turned off. I quickly adjusted my dress and practically ran to the door. I was almost outside when Amy opened the bathroom door, so I pretended like I was just coming in. Amy came out of the bathroom wearing a towel and a smile. “Oh, hey, are you just coming in?”

“Uh, yeah,” I said. I was sure they knew that I was listening, could see the wetness on my fingers, could smell my scent, could see my pulse pounding from across the room.

“It’s a good thing, if you were here a minute ago you would have heard Amy fucking me,” Renee said as she came out of the bathroom and embraced Amy from behind. She was wearing a towel around her waist, like a guy, and the only thing that partially obscured my view of her breasts was her long, wet hair.

I must have had a rather confused look on my face, which Renee took to be shock at her nudity. “Oh sorry,” she said, and unwrapped her towel and redid it over her breasts, giving me a full frontal in the process.

“Don’t tease her, she’ll moon you again,” Amy told her.

“Do you really think she would?”

“Hmmm, let’s find out.”

“Shut up,” I told them both, and threw a pillow at Amy. “I thought you would be gone for the weekend, I’ll give you two some privacy.”

“I was about to go, but Renee wanted a quickie first.”

“I’m going to lunch,” I lied, “I guess I’ll see you Sunday night?”

“I might come back Monday morning instead, I don’t have an early class.”


I went to the door, then stopped. I bent over and pretended like I was adjusting my sandal. “Oh, and Amy, before I go…” they both looked up. I lifted my skirt and gave them a good long mooning. I laughed and left quickly.

The last thing I heard was Renee saying “Jan goes commando!”

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