Girl Asks Friend to take Virginity

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This is my first story, let me know what you think in the comments! Enjoy!


Alexandra’s Virginity is Taken by a Friend

The summer of my junior year of college was when it all started. I was working as a lifeguard at my old swim club. It wasn’t too busy due to the drought conditions that had been plaguing the area for years, and that it wasn’t a particularly hot summer. Because of that, a lot of the lifeguards were not needed, and the ones that were, spent most of their time in the break room, because on some days, no one showed up to the pool at all. One of those days, I was hanging out in the break room, being paid to do nothing, and in walked Alexandra, my old teammate’s sister.

My teammate, Cody, was my age and had also been on the university swim team alongside me, However, he had dropped out halfway through our freshman year. His sister was 15 when we had left for college, but now, she had just turned 18. She walked in and said hello to me. I returned the kind gesture. She walked up and sat next to me. This was odd. She never had sat next to me before. She was about five foot, 7 inches tall. Her legs looked like they went on for miles, and she was wearing a one piece swimsuit. She was very skinny, which made her look a lot taller than she actually was. Her breasts were not big, but her body figure was perfect. Her face looked like an angel mixed with a super model, and I had imagined something happening between us for ages.

“I’ve been thinking,” she said, “you know how I’m moving to Arkansas for college right?”

“Yes.” I responded.

She had talked about the move before, and she was very excited to be going to college in a different state. “Well,” she continued. “I’ve never had a boyfriend, or really fooled around with any boys, and I don’t want to be afraid to experiment in college. So I was thinking, since I’m still a virgin, and have never even gotten to second base with anyone, you could maybe help me with that?” I was stunned. At first, I wasn’t even sure what she was asking me to do. “You’ve been in college for 3 years now, you must have experience with all of those crazy college girls right?” She asked. I didn’t answer her. Was she asking me to take her virginity? Did she want to have sex with me?

“Wait,” I said, “do you want me to have sex with you?” I was confused, but still a bit intrigued.

“Yeah.” She said. “It’ll be fun. A win, win if you want to think of it like that.”

“Well… I can’t say that I haven’t thought about it before.” I said shyly with a bit of a smile.

“Perfect.” She said. “So you’re in?” I didn’t really need to think about it. I had been dreaming about fucking Cody’s sister for years and now I finally had the chance.

“Okay.” I said. “Let’s do it.”

“Great!” She said. “Does tomorrow night at nine work for you? My parents and brother are out of town for the whole weekend so we don’t have to worry about them finding out.”

“Yeah that works.” I responded quickly.

“See you tomorrow.” She said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I smiled and started thinking of how amazing tomorrow would be.

I parked in front of her house and turned off the engine. I could not believe that this was about to happen. I sat in the car for about a minute just letting it all soak in. I had to admit, I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect. Would we just have sex and I would leave? Or would more than that happen? I didn’t know. I walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell.

She opened the door and gave me a hug. “I started to think that you may have chickened out on me.” She said with a wink.

“Not a chance.” I responded and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She took my hand and led me towards the back of the house to her room. She assured me that her brother and parents had gone to Arkansas to look at their new house and would not be back for a couple of days. I had been to her house plenty of times to hang out with Cody, so I walked a little faster and stepped in to her room ahead of Alexandra.

At first, I was confused, sitting on Alexandra’s bed, was Beth. She had also gone to the same swim club that Alexandra and I had gone to. She was brunette, about 5 foot 5 inches tall, and had C cup breasts. She was pretty but far from gorgeous, but I have to admit that I had fantasized about her many times. She wasn’t nearly as skinny as Alexandra, but there was nothing wrong with that. She was two years older than Alexandra, but a year younger than me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

Before Beth could speak, Alexandra walked in and said, “Nothing to worry about, she’s just here to make sure you don’t try anything.”

“Yeah, don’t hurt her. I tried to talk her out of it but she was really persistent. I’m glad she chose you though and not one of Cody’s other friends.” Beth added. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant but it quickly left my mind as I focused on the task at hand.

“Should we get started? I asked. Are you going to stay in the room Beth? Or…”

“No.” she said before I could finish. “I’ll canlı bahis şirketleri be right outside the door. Call me if you need Alexandra, okay?”

“Okay,” Alexandra sighed, “Everything is going to be alright.”

Beth started for the door and I asked, “You want to join us?”

“Not a chance.” She said smiling. I got over it, one girl would be enough for me tonight. Or so I thought.

I turned to Alexandra, “should we get started?” I asked excitedly.

“Not yet, first, let’s set some ground rules. No blowjob. No anal. And no kissing on the lips. Everything else is fair game.” She stated. I was a little disappointed but I quickly got over it when I realized what I was about to do.

“Fine.” I said and we began. I leaned in and kissed her tender cheek. Her skin was incredibly soft as I worked my way to behind her ear and down to her neck. I could feel the warmth of her body as it pressed against mine. I tugged at her tank top and pulled it over her head, revealing a white lace bra covering her small but firm, A cup breasts. I gave each one a little squeeze as I continued to kiss down her body. I bypassed her breasts and went for her tummy. As I moved down, she began to laugh. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“I’m ticklish there.” She responded. I continued. I got down to the elastic band of her tight shorts. I teased her by biting the band and pulling away from her body slightly. I then stopped and continued to kiss her back up to her breasts. I reached around her body and tugged at the bra until it fell to the floor revealing her magnificent breasts. I took one in my hand and the other I kissed passionately and softly with my lips.

I caressed her left breast while biting her right nipple softly. She let out a yelp to let me know that I was doing all the right things. I moved back up to her neck for a while to tease her even more before proceeding all the way back down to just above her shorts. I instructed her to turn around as I slowly pulled her shorts down to reveal her small but perfectly firm ass. I kissed it for what seemed like eternity as she let out small moans. I had slowly moved my hand to her front and massaged her mound over her white lace panties. I turned her back around and looked up at her. She knew what I was going to do next.

I stood up and once again kissed her neck, working my way down all the way down to her panties. I took hold of them in my fingers and began to tug them down towards her knees. I stood up, and gave her a little push so that she fell onto the bed. I removed my shirt and knelt in front of the bed ready to devour her pussy. I had dreamed of this moment. I took my fingers and gently began to massage her pussy, looking for her clit. Once I had found it, I pinched in between two fingers and began to move it around. I moved my face closer and she moaned as I touched my tongue for the first time to this virgin flower. I began to slowly lick up and down as her moaning got more intense.

She was getting wetter by the second. I heard a noise come from the door and looked back just in time to catch Beth turning away. She was watching us. “Don’t stop.” Alexandra whispered. I turned back to her pussy and continued to play with her clit while eating her out. After her moans became incredibly loud, I slowed, and stood up for the main event. Her pussy was wet enough for what was about to happen. She rolled to her night stand and pulled out a box of condoms. “I found these in Cody’s room.” She explained. I reluctantly took the box from her, opened it, and pulled one out.

I pulled down my shorts revealing my cock bulging from out of my boxer briefs. It was a modest seven inches. But she looked at it in awe as if wondering if it was going to fit. I unrolled the condom and instructed her to lay on her back. I pulled my briefs off and gave my mostly hard cock a few strokes to get it ready. I rolled the condom onto it and I was ready to go. “Ready?” I asked. “Go slow.” She said.

I brought my member to the entrance of her pussy and teased her by moving it up and down along the little hole. I could feel her body clenching, waiting for the cock to enter her virgin pussy. I lined it up and looked straight in her eyes as I inched incredibly slowly into her pussy. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened to let out a moan. I was only about an inch in when I felt an obstruction. “Ow, that hurts.” She said.

“I’m going to have to push through.” I told her. “Ready?” I asked again. She nodded. I thrust forward and felt my cock break through her hymen. She let out an expression of pain which turned to pleasure. I continued to thrust deeper in until all of my length was in her pussy. I made eye contact once again.

“It feels so good.” She moaned. I began to pull out slowly until I was almost out and then I thrust in once more. I stopped and asked her how she was doing. “It feels amazing. Don’t stop. Faster.” She said. So I obliged, I pulled back out and started to slowly increase the pace. Her cries of pleasure echoed around the whole room as I thrust in and out at a steady pace. I looked back canlı kaçak iddaa to see if Beth was watching us fuck, and sure enough, she was standing half way into the room, her hand down her short school uniform skirt.

I smiled and increased my speed. I looked back at Alexandra’s beautiful body being shaken by the thrusting of my cock into her now, no longer innocent body. “Oh my god. Please. Don’t fucking stop. Please Oh. My God.” She moaned. I continued my thrusting. I had each one of her skinny long legs in my arms as I thrust in and out of her pussy. I pounded her for another 30 or 40 seconds before she yelled out. “I’m cumming, oh my god I’m cumming.

I slowed down and felt her fluids pass over my throbbing cock. I pulled out of her, and gave her a kiss on the cheek before turning around to go finish myself off in the bathroom. Before I could take a step, Beth had entered the room and motioned for me to stop. She got on her knees and with one motion, took all of me into her mouth.

As soon as I was in Beth’s mouth, I let out a loud moan. It felt so good having my cock touching the back of her hot throat. She kept me in her mouth for a few seconds and then pulled me out and stroked my cock a few times. Then, suddenly she stood up and walked to the bed, teasing me with her firm and pretty nicely sized ass. She was no longer wearing her school uniform and was clothed in nothing but her black panties. She laid down on her side next to Alexandra, who was still recovering from her first ever fuck session.

She began to play with her tits before leaning in for a deep kiss. Their faces collided in a warm embrace and Alexandra grabbed Beth’s neck to pull her closer. Beth then began to work her way down Alexandra’s body, stopping to suck on each of her tiny nipples. She got to her pussy and spent no time playing around. She dove right in, her tongue like a snake’s inserting in and out of the young, sweet, no longer virgin hole. As she continued, I moved a little closer and stood at the edge of the bed. I reached out and began to play with Beth’s beautiful cunt from behind.

I knelt down and found her clit with my tongue. I played in and around her sweet pussy, hearing her moans coming from inside Alexandra’s tight cunt. I inserted a finger, then two, and felt the difference between Beth’s cunt and Alexandra’s tight hole. Beth had definitely fooled around before. I finished eating her, and stood up. My cock had remained hard considering the beautiful erotic show that was occurring before me. I could hear Alexandra’s soft moans as Beth continued to eat out her tiny cunt. I lined up my cock with Beth’s pussy and moved it along the hole a few times.

I found the entrance and thrust forward. I could hear Beth moan and pulled back out. I began pushing my hips in and out, fucking Beth’s cunt. I kept a steady speed as I could her the moans of pleasure coming from her sweet lips. Beth fingered Alexandra’s pussy as I fucked hers. I increased the speed and the whole bed began to rock. I was getting close to cumming but I did not want to blow my load just yet. I pulled out of Beth’s pussy and lined up with her ass. I leaned in, close to her face and whispered, “I’m going to stick my cock into your ass.”

I wasn’t sure if she responded or not but as I thrust into her tight asshole, she let out a yelp. “Oh yeah! Put your big cock in my ass. Don’t fucking stop.” She yelled. I took that as my ticket and proceeded to slowly thrust in and out of her loosening asshole. I kept it up as she yelled louder and louder at each thrust. She had continued to finger Alexandra who was still moaning quietly. After a bit, I slowed and pulled my cock out of her ass. She turned around, and Alexandra spoke up.

“I want to try that.”

“I thought you didn’t want to do anal?” I asked.

“Yeah but Beth seemed to love it so much, I thought that I could try it too.” She responded.

“If you want, but I don’t think my cock is going to fit into your tiny asshole. We need some kind of lubricant to give it a better chance.” I explained.

“Okay.” She said, “I’ll go check in my parents’ bathroom to see if they have any. I’ll be right back.” She scampered out of the room and Beth and I were left alone.

We were both still breathing pretty hard. “So have you done anal a lot?” I asked Beth.

“It’s that obvious, huh?” She said quietly.

“No, No, that’s not what I meant at all.” I responded. “It’s just that you didn’t mind doing it and didn’t stop me when I put my cock into your ass, so I figured that you had at least done it before.”

“Yeah, it’s actually one of my favorite parts of sex.” She said. “My second favorite is blowjobs.” At that moment she got down on her knees and grabbed my softening penis. As soon as she touched it, it sprang back to life. She took it all in her mouth and began to fuck me with her beautiful mouth and throat. I was so close to cumming but I wasn’t ready. I wanted to blow my load all over Beth and Alexandra’s magnificent faces and tits. I told her to slow down and she began to play with my balls.

It felt canlı kaçak bahis great but I had to stop her before I came right into her mouth. I brought her up and kissed her. Our tongues danced in our mouths and I brought my hands up to play with her beautiful breasts. I squeezed and tugged and massaged them and played with her hardening nipples. Alexandra walked in and we slowly stepped apart from each other. “I found some.” She said showing us the lube that she had found. “I’m ready for you to stick your cock in my ass.

Alexandra knelt on the side of her bed and looked back at Beth and I. Beth squirted some lube onto her hand and began to lather it on my cock. I put some on my fingers and began to work on the area around Beth’s tight asshole. I slowly slid my pinky into the entrance of her asshole and she squealed in pain. “Do you want me to stop?” I said quickly.

“No.” She moaned. “Keep going.” I pushed deeper as she continued to moan, both in pleasure and in pain. Beth continued to cover my cock in lube and it felt amazing. I pushed my pinky as far as it would go, and asked her how it felt. She said that it felt really good so I pulled it out and slowly inserted my index finger, applying more lube to the hole. Once I could easily move my index finger in and out, I pulled my cock up to the entrance.

Beth stood up and helped me position my cock right in front of her tight hole. I began to push, and it seemed like there was no way that I could fit my huge helmet into the tight space. I pushed harder, and just before I was about to give up, my helmet popped in and disappeared into her asshole. She let out a yelp, “That feels so fucking good. Don’t you dare stop.” I didn’t. I pushed harder and before I knew it , half of me was inside her ass.

Beth moved toward Alexandra, lied down in front of her, and began playing with her own pussy. I pulled out a little and pushed my cock back in about halfway. I thrust in and out, being careful not to push in all of the way not to hurt her. Beth was playing with her pussy in front of us and letting out quiet moans. Alexandra’s moans were not as quiet as I had managed to thrust three quarters of the way in to her. I was keeping a steady pace, and realized I was close to coming. I took my final, slow thrusts and pulled out of Alexandra’s asshole. She sighed and turned over onto her back.

“That felt amazing.” She moaned.

“In that case.” I said. “Let’s break another one of your ground rules. I want both of you to suck my cock and play with my balls.” I explained. Beth got up, but Alexandra stayed put.

“Okay,” she said, “but first, I want to ride your cock until I cum again.

” I don’t know how much more I can take before blowing my load.” I replied.

“Let’s make a deal,” Alexandra said, “We do this first, and then we will both suck your cock until you spew all over us.

“Deal.” I replied.

I climbed onto the bed and Alexandra positioned herself above my bulging cock. Beth got on her knees on the bed and climbed over my face. I buried my face into her pussy and ass and began licking her like a dog licks a bone. Alexandra sat down straight onto my cock and began bouncing up and down. She grabbed Beth’s tits, and they kissed as I licked Beth’s pussy, and Alexandra rode my cock. Their moans together enveloped the room; they were both enjoying themselves very much.

Alexandra increased her speed and my cock penetrated her now experienced pussy with every movement. I could feel her bouncing, but was more focused on Beth’s sweet cunt. I licked it with passion and lightly bit her inner lips. I could tell that she was enjoying it tremeandously. After a few minutes, I could feel myself getting close to cumming and I pushed Beth up and sat up on the bed. Alexandra kept bouncing until her moans indicated that she had cum. Alexandra slowed her bouncing, and rolled off of my throbbing cock. I don’t know how I could have possibly lasted this long without a drop of cum leaving my penis.

I stood up and Beth grabbed my cock and began to slowly stroke it. She took my balls in her mouth, while Alexandra got up and began to lick my shaft from the base to the tip. It looked so big compared to her small face. She wasn’t able to get the whole thing into her small mouth, but she fit as much as she could. I thrust my hips forward and back and fucked her mouth. She gagged each time I leaned forward and I was ready to cum. “Get ready.” I said. Alexandra took he mouth off of my cock and Beth stopped sucking on my balls. Alexandra stroked my cock back and forth until the first drop came out and her in the eye. It all began to spew out and it filled up Alexandra’s mouth quickly. Beth then moved in front and it was able to get inside her mouth and then it spilled out on the two beautiful young girl’s tits.

They swallowed what they had in their mouths, and then began licking the rest of the cum off of each other. I stepped back as my cock softened and I watched the show that they were putting on before me. Once every last dropped was cleaned up with their tongues, they moved towards the bed and lay down on it under the covers. They motioned for me to join them and I obliged. I lay down in between them, and it seemed like we all wanted to fool around more, but we were so tired, that we just immediately fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20