Giving In

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So I have been thinking and thinking about you and how I can’t wait to get my hands on your hot body. I keep thinking of us meeting and when we get into our room I tell you to go and take a shower but first I get to strip off all of your clothes for you. As I remove each piece of your clothing I run my hands over every exposed part of your body followed by my lips kissing you and letting my tongue run laps over your exposed skin.

I finally push you jeans down your legs along with your underwear as you hard cock springs free I run my hands over it feeling it grow harder in my hands. I get on my knees and help you step out of the rest of your clothes and with your cock right at my mouth level I open my mouth and slide you into tasting you and licking and sucking on you, just as I feel you about to put your hands on my head to fuck my mouth I pull away and turn you around and send you to the showers with a light smack on your ass, knowing I am going to pay for that later.

Once I hear the water running I quickly strip off my clothes grab the bottle I was hiding from you and walk quietly to the bathroom. I have never been with anyone in the shower and I want you to be the first. With your back turned to me and your head under the water I open the door and step in behind you. You jump at the intrusion but then you relax once I put my hands on you.

I drop the bottle on the shelf not letting you see what it is and I take the soap out of your hands and I start washing your back. I wash your back and let the water rinse the soap as I start kissing and nipping at you illegal bahis loving the feel of your skin beneath my hands, feeling your muscles relax beneath my fingers. As I keep washing you feeling you beneath my fingers I glance in the mirror and only too see you are as hard as a rock. I suppress my urge to reach around and fondle you as I continue washing you.

At this point you decide to take matters into your own hands and my body presses against your back as I watch you stroking yourself in the mirror. I slide down and continue washing your ass and your legs loving the feel of your ass in my hands and watching you stroke yourself. I work my way down each leg and back up again, I wash your balls and then I gently take them in my mouth and suck on them while watching you stroke yourself. I finally remove your hand from your hard cock and place my hands on it stroking it for you loving the way you feel sliding through my fingers.

I am still on my knees when I take you in my mouth stroking you with my tongue feeling you glide in and out of my mouth. You are looking down on me with your arms against the wall as I am doing this and I see you itching to fuck my mouth hard but before you can move your hands I let you fall out of my mouth and stand up and reach behind you for the bottle I put there. I hand you the bottle and you look down at it and you get this big smile on your face, you look at me just to make sure and my response is to turn around and bend over and spread my ass cheeks for you.

You reach down and spank my ass knowing how much I love that and that illegal bahis siteleri you love to see my ass turn red. You reach down and thrust your fingers into my pussy to see how wet I am and I am wet. I turn my head and look up at you from my bent over position and I tell you to open the bottle the water is still cascading all around us my nipples are hard as rocks and I am soaking wet. My breathing is getting heavier and I can see your cock grow even harder. You take the bottle and you squirt the stuff into my waiting ass, you look at me again to make sure and I just bite my lip and beg you to fuck me in the ass, that’s all you needed to hear.

You start to finger my ass making sure it is nice and lubed up you stick two fingers in my ass working my tight hole making sure I am ready trying to make things easier for me. I can feel my juices starting to run down my legs I have my finger on my clit I am rubbing it when I look in the mirror and I watch you lube up your cock. Finally I am whimpering begging you to fuck me already.

You stand behind me and reach around and pull on my nipples taking my mind off of what is about to happen. You tell me to watch in the mirror as you get right behind me the tip of your cock right at my asshole, you spank my ass again just as you slide into me, I am whimper just a bit and you spank my ass again as you slide in deeper. I love watching you cock in the mirror slide into my ass, I am rubbing my clit harder and faster as you reach around and grab my tits and pull on my nipples I do not know where to turn between the pleasure canlı bahis siteleri and pain you are inflicting on me.

When I look in the mirror I see your cock completely buried in my ass and I can’t believe how full I feel. You lean into my ear and tell me to rub my clit faster you want to feel my juices run down my legs as you fuck my tight ass you want to hear me scream as you fuck my ass harder and harder. You tell me what a bad girl I have been and when you are done fucking my ass and cuming hard in it you are going to spank my ass till it is nice an red.

Finally I can’t take it anymore and I am begging you to cum in my ass my clit is throbbing and aching for release you reach down and grab the bottle of lube and before I can even react you shove it in my pussy as you fuck my ass harder, that is enough to send me over the edge and I come screaming and you tell me not to let that bottle drop out of my pussy as you fuck me harder in my ass I can feel your cock growing bigger in my ass and I know you are about to cum. Just when I can’t take anymore you give one last thrust of your hard cock and I feel you explode deep in my ass your hand is on the bottle fucking me with it into another mind blowing orgasm.

Finally spent you pull out of my ass as I collapse onto the shower floor. You kneel down beside me kiss me and then you hand me the soap and tell me to wash you off while you stand above me. After I clean you off you have me wash myself and then you grab my hand and pull me out of the shower and as we dry off you look at me with that little glint in your eye and I know I am about to become very sore. You tell me to walk out of the bathroom and to get ready for what is coming next. I can feel myself getting wet all over again just waiting for what you have in store for me…

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20