Guilty Secret

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He keeps saying that it can’t happen again.

Every time, as soon as his afterglow wears off, the guilt and self-loathing kicks in and he spits out those words that always make me smile. He is so adorable, trying to fight this like either one of us has a choice. I keep telling him that this is bigger than both of us, and he would be much happier if he would just give in. Give in to his fate…the way that I did the very instant that I saw him.

What’s ironic is that he is the one who picked me up, not the other way around. I had never known such a world could exist until the day that I met him.

I had been at the local coffee shop that day six months ago, finding myself with a rare afternoon off from both work and class. I had been taking some extra art and writing courses at the university for a few months, trying to find a new reason to be. The past year had left me minus one husband and doing some serious soul-searching. I hadn’t taken any classes since I’d graduated with a BA almost eight years ago, but I found that it all came back quickly when you were doing something that you loved.

Finding myself alone for the first time in many years, I finally gave in to my need for companionship and extra cash by taking in a roommate in my small two bedroom apartment. Since I lived within walking distance of the school, my roommate was a sweet pre-med student named Stacy. She was still an undergrad, so there was a bit of a gap in our ages, but we got along great. She was very dedicated to her schooling, so there were never any loud parties or inconsiderate late night callers when I had to work 40 plus hours a week. Stacy was actually the one who suggested that I take a few night courses when she noticed how burned out and lifeless I was beginning to look. It sounds strange, but it really did give me a fun break from reality and a reminder of how much I once loved to create things.

So, where was I? Back to the coffee shop, on that rainy afternoon in April. I was off work early, class had been cancelled due to a professor’s family emergency, and I was left alone to my own devices when it was still daylight! It figures that it was raining cats and dogs though, because I normally would have gone for a walk in the park. This day, however, found me camped out in an oversized easychair with a copy of my favorite book, nursing a Snickers latte. If anyone had asked me at that moment, I would have said that life couldn’t get much better. Of course, I would have been wrong.

At the sound of the bell over the door jingling, I glanced up to see a vision that took my breath away. A man had entered, seeking shelter from the rain more than coffee by the looks of it, and he was tastier than my latte. Now, tasty to me may be something different than many other people would agree with. I don’t like young pretty boys…well, not really. They are fun to look at sometimes, but there just isn’t anything else there for me. I need character in a face, some rugged features and a few laugh lines, something that shows me you know how to enjoy life. I did my time with a young pretty boy already, and I was discovering quickly that the exact opposite was now a sure thing to get me hot.

So here was this vision of rugged masculinity, standing in the door and brushing rain off what appeared to be a lovely suit. He had hair that couldn’t decide if it wanted to be light brown or red, thinning and peppered with silver, and the brightest set of green eyes I had ever seen. I sat there watching him trying to compose himself from beneath my lashes, not wanting to be seen checking out the goods. Ever since my divorce, I had become an avid observer of older men, but I had yet to work up the nerve to approach any of them.

I watched as he ordered a coffee, then began to scope out a place to squat and wait out the worst of the storm. When his eyes began to gravitate in my direction, I quickly glanced back down to my book and feigned interest.

“Is anyone sitting here?” I heard a smooth, velvety voice ask from above me. When I looked up, he was smiling and gesturing to the big chair next to me.

“Um…no, ” I stammered. God, he was even sexier up close. I could feel my nerves jumping at his proximity, and the smell of his cologne was making me drunk. Burberry Touch had always been my favorite, what a strange coincidence that this man chose the same.

As he sat down and got settled, I tried to start reading again, but all I could do was sneak glances from the corner of my eye. He had broad shoulders and a nice physique, and long graceful legs. Most people don’t think about men’s legs being graceful, but his were. I was becoming distracted to the point of embarrassment, so I was just about to pack it up and leave when he spoke to me again.

“Coming down pretty hard out there, huh?” His voice was so fucking sexy. I couldn’t believe how drawn I was to this man.

“Yeah, looks like it’s getting worse.” I nervously replied. I was great at observations…not so much at interaction. When I glanced over at him, I noticed that he was looking directly at me this time. “I was going to take a walk in the casino oyna park, but you can see how far that got me.”

“I know, I got in town early and had hoped to shop around a bit for a gift, but here I am,” he said with a smile. “I didn’t want to go back to the hotel yet, in case it lets up soon.” He had a pleasant personality, which made it very easy to open up to him. We carried on our light conversation as we sipped at our drinks, and I found myself asking if he was just visiting, since he’d mentioned a hotel.

“Yes, my daughter is going to school here, and I haven’t ever had the chance to visit her. I work a lot, and now that I finally have some vacation time I thought I would take her out to dinner, maybe bring her a small gift.” If this man had a daughter in college, he had to at least be in his forties, maybe older. Most people would be a little put off by that at twenty-nine, but most people weren’t sitting here smelling him and getting wet. The fact that he was older just made him even sexier to me.

I noticed that he kept looking at me as he spoke, and I wondered if I was being too obvious in my reactions to him. As much as he was getting to me, he seemed like a very sweet man and I didn’t want to scare him off from a nice conversation. But right as I caught his gaze, I noticed a deep, smoky look that hadn’t been there a moment ago. His bright jade eyes were almost glowing with warmth now, and his smile had a secretive look to it. I tried not to read too much into it, sure that I was just projecting my own thoughts on to him.

Noticing that our coffee was long gone, I was hesitant to let our brief exchange end. Just being near this man made me feel sexier than I had in years. He was so attentive and easy to talk to, but his eyes said that there was something more going on here. What could I do to extend our fun afternoon, even if only for a little while? Knowing that I would never see this man again was making me a little desperate.

“What kind of gift were you shopping for?” I pried.

“Well, just a thoughtful little something to let her know I was thinking of her. I wanted to get her something unique, but I obviously waited too long. I don’t know this area well, and that damn rain has got it out for me,” he finished with a grimace.

“Oh! No, don’t say that! I could suggest a few places…if you like.” I was totally fishing, and I hoped that I was the only one who could tell. He looked like he was weighing a few things in his mind, debating on what to do.

“Well, I appreciate the offer…but I really don’t know this area. I’m afraid that I would get lost before I found anywhere you suggested.”

“Well, I could…I mean if you don’t mind…I have the afternoon free,” I blurted out in one nervous gasp. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, he looked like I had made his day. I wouldn’t realize until later that it was the very same look he made whenever he was thrilled that things were going the way he’d planned.

“Oh, no. I wouldn’t want to eat up your time like that,” he protested, albeit weekly.

“Don’t be silly, it was my idea! I have nothing else to do today, and I know the cutest little antique store. I always window shop there when I go walking, and they have the most beautiful jewelry.” Every word was playing me deeper into his hand, I just didn’t know it yet.

“I’ll only go if you tell me your name first. I just realized that we haven’t been introduced.”

“Amber. My name is Amber,” I breathed deeply, smelling him as I did.

“Hello Amber,” he said, holding out his hand, “My name is Daniel.”

“Well hello, Daniel. Nice to meet you. Would you like to go shopping now?” My very formal invitation was marred by a little nervous giggle at the end.

“Alright…Lead on then. I guess we’ll have to deal with the storm, I can’t really wait much longer.” Looking me deep in the eye, he asked me the question that still haunts me to this day. “Do you mind getting a little wet?” My knees almost buckled at that, and all I could think about was my throbbing clit and my wet panties.

“No, actually,” I managed to form enough words for a response, “I love the rain…and getting wet.” I saw the flame jump in his eyes at that, and I started to wonder if he meant the same thing that I did. Believe me…he did.

We marched off into the rainy afternoon, our freshly dried clothes getting soaked once again. We talked as we looked into the windows along the way, with me pointing out shops of interest if he was ever in the need of a gift again. When we reached the small antique store that had become my favorite place to stare and drool, I waited as he opened the door for me. As I walked in past him, I felt his palm connect with the small of my back to usher me inside. I swear to you now, on all that is holy, that when he touched me my breath caught and my pulse skipped. I looked up at him through wet strands of hair, and the startled look he gave me back said that he had felt it too.

Shaken, I made a beeline for the jewelry, my favorite place to dream. There was something about antique or estate jewelry, it seemed slot oyna to have so much more heart than new stuff. We talked lightly as we looked at different pieces, until we both gravitated towards a delicate filigree necklace with a pendant in the shape of a butterfly.

“Oh, my…this is lovely. Do you think so?” I breathed dreamily.

“Yes, it’s very beautiful. But I don’t think my daughter is very fond of butterflies. She always seemed to like dolphins more,” he said apologetically. I told him not to worry, we’d find something that would work. As I handed the butterfly necklace back to the shopkeeper, my eye landed on a simple gold chain bracelet, with a little dolphin charm.

“Bingo!” I yelled. Daniel made his purchase as I continued to look around, and the reality struck me that there was no other reason for me to tag along with him now. I had done what we’d set out to do, and I couldn’t even invite him for coffee since we’d both just had some.

Like a desperate idiot, I offered to walk him back to his hotel, stating that it was on my way. Not quite, it actually added a good fifteen or twenty minutes to my walk, but I was certain that I wasn’t supposed to leave yet. I knew that he agreed by the look in his eye. As we walked along towards his hotel, he reached down and held my hand, stroking over the wet fingers with his callused thumb. As we reached the front entrance, he pulled me aside and turned to face me.

“Amber,” he rasped, “I wanted to give you something. Something to remember me by. This has been a lovely afternoon,” he paused to look up at the downpour, “all things considered.” He held out a small box to me, and I noticed that it was from the antique shop. Opening it slowly, I was shocked to uncover the beautiful butterfly necklace that I had admired.

“Oh, Daniel! That was so sweet, but you didn’t have to. It was honestly my pleasure.” As I was speaking, he took the chain and pulled it apart, only to reach under my soaking hair to reconnect it behind my neck. He grazed his fingers against my skin as he went, and I felt a tug all the way down through my gut and into my pussy.

“Well, Amber, you have been my pleasure this afternoon. I wanted to give you something to always remember this one special day.” Like I could ever forget.

“But Daniel…I have nothing to give you so that you’ll always remember me.”

He looked me straight in the eye and whispered, “But you do, Amber. You have something that I would love very much. The question is if you feel like giving it to me.”

He took my loud groan as a signal, and reached up to pull my face in for the most sensual kiss I’d ever had in my life. We could feel the rain fall around us, and our lips slipped along the surface of each other. I have always felt that there was nothing like a wet, slippery kiss, but I had only experienced them in the shower. One of my schoolgirl romance novel fantasies always involved a heated exchange in the middle of a downpour, cold and shivering, grasping on to each other for warmth. This blew that out of the water.

I slid my hands underneath his coat and around his back, clenching onto him with my fingernails, trying to prove that this was real. As he held my face, he worshipped my lips with his own, slipping his tongue out to lap up the rainwater as I sucked his bottom lip between my teeth and nibbled. As the kiss became more heated, I noticed that he was beginning to nudge himself against me…and if I’d had any doubt of his attraction to me before, it was gone now.

Groaning harshly, he pulled away and whispered, “Amber…won’t you please come upstairs with me? I don’t normally go for the whole making out in public thing, but I swear you make me feel like a horny teenager!”

“God yes, Daniel!” I heard my voice like I was listening to a stranger, not recognizing this person at all. Looking deeply into his passion-filled eyes, I moaned, “Take me to bed.”

He certainly didn’t need to be told twice, and he proceeded to rush me into the elevator with a smug grin on his face. I noticed the look, and suddenly I knew that I’d been picked up good and proper.

“You knew we were going to end up here, didn’t you?” I asked him knowingly, not really caring anymore, just wanting to feel him inside me.

“Honestly…yes. There’s always a chance that I’m wrong, but I have always had an amazing knack for spotting willing women. Not easy…just willing. There was just something about you that said you needed this as much as I did. This really was a wonderful afternoon, I wasn’t lying, but ever since I saw you I’ve been feeling the most urgent need.”

After thinking his confession over for a moment, I couldn’t tell if I shocked him or pleased him with my response. “That’s alright…I know what you mean. I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you. I don’t care if we never meet again…I just need you to fuck me!”

I lunged at him and latched onto his mouth, and could hear his startled grunt turn into a moan. The closer we got to the room, the dirtier I got. It was like my id had been unleashed, and it knew that it was on borrowed time. canlı casino siteleri My hands started roaming down the front of his pants, stopping to cup the large bulge straining against the fabric. That’s when he got dirty back.

“God, baby…do you feel how hard I am for you? My cock is starting to ache for you…I’m dying to feel your pussy!” I could feel myself throbbing for him, and my honey was starting to drip down my thighs. As soon as the elevator door opened, we were rushing down the hall like the world was ending, never taking our hands off of each other. I had never been part of something so urgent before, and it felt like I was drunk. Drunk on his cologne, drunk on the rain, drunk on his cock…drunk on Daniel.

When the door finally gave way, we had barely closed it behind us before he had me pinned up against it with my legs around his waist and his hand sliding under my skirt. We were still kissing passionately when his fingers grazed my soaking wet panties, and I could feel his groan throughout my entire body. As he was sliding his fingertips inside my panties and sinking them between my moist folds, I was peeling open his shirt and tie, leaning down to nibble and suck on his nipples. Before long he was grinding his erection into my hip as he drove his fingers deep inside me, and all I could do was whimper between biting and licking his neck.

The next thing I knew, he gave a guttural moan and I heard my panties being ripped apart. As he frantically pulled away to fumble with his pants and free his swollen cock, I couldn’t resist driving him on further.

“Come on baby, ” I breathed in his ear, “Fuck me! Fuck this pussy! Don’t you want me to drip down that hard cock of yours?” I think it’s safe to say that pushed him over the edge. I briefly felt the broad, blunt tip of his thick shaft nudging at my entrance before he grabbed hold of my hips and slammed into me with a primal howl. I think we both screamed at the searing contact…it was brutal and exquisite at the same time.

Looking deep into my lust-filled eyes, he took my hands and pinned them up against the door beside my head while gasping, “So fucking tight! God…Amber…gonna fuck you so hard!” And then he did. Hard, grinding, almost painful thrusts that slammed me into the door and echoed throughout the room. When I started to slip a little, he released my hands and squeezed around my hips, pulling me into him hard as he pummeled me with his cock. I made use of my freed hands, running my fingers through his hair before yanking him into my mouth for another kiss. All that could be heard then was a slamming noise combined with loud groans.

I could feel him so deep inside me, and his roughness was more exciting than I’d ever thought possible. My orgasm was building rapidly, and as it began ripping through my body I could feel my pussy start to clench him tightly from the inside.

“Oh, God! You’re gripping my cock so good!” he yelled, pumping even harder. “Gonna fucking cum for you…do you want it?” Somehow I managed to hear him through the most intense orgasm of my life.

“Yes! God, Daniel…Fuck me! Fuck me with that cock! Shoot that hot cum inside me now!” I couldn’t believe the things I was saying. I liked dirty talk, but I’d never been able to let loose with someone this soon. It must have done the trick, though, because with a loud shout and a few final thrusts, I could feel his thick and creamy fluid filling me up.

As we rode out our last few spasms, he turned towards the room and laid me down on the bed. “I want you naked now, Amber,” he commanded. “Somehow my cock is still rock hard for you…I knew there was something special between us.” As I started to peel back my wet layers, he frantically did the same. “Hurry baby, I don’t want to waste a second outside of your body!” As urgent as he seemed, he stopped for a moment when I was fully revealed to him and let his gaze roam over my exposed flesh, hitting his favorite points of interest repeatedly. I saw his eyes caress my tits lovingly and stroke my cleanly shaved cleft.

When he was also nude, and somehow still gloriously erect, he climbed up on the bed, stopping to lavish attention on my now naked breasts. They were so full and almost sore with want, the nipples fully erect and jutting out towards his hungry mouth. When he became distracted by them, sucking on them like a starving child, I took that as my opportunity to have my way with him. I squeezed my legs around his torso and flipped him over, giggling at his startled expression.

“My turn now, you sexy fucker!” I grabbed his hands and pinned them up by his head, dangling my tits in his face just out of reach of his mouth. While he was busy trying to catch a plump nipple between his lips, I began rubbing my now soaking wet slit all over the tip of his cock. Watching his eyes roll back in his head, I started to tease him even more, grinding furiously up against him. “Do you want this pussy again? You better fucking beg for it if you want to feel this wet pussy squeeze you again!” I circled my hips invitingly, but every time he was close enough to try and thrust, I would pull away again and slide my clit along the length of his erection. “Don’t cheat, Daniel! I told you, you have to fucking beg for me. I want to know that you need this pussy. If I believe you, then I’ll give you the ride of your life.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20