Haley Johnson

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The characters in this story are above the age of consent for their respective state.

Thursday 6:15pm

Haley Johnson’s frown radiated from her face as she made her way back to the girls locker room. She had finished her softball practice, gotten showered and changed and headed out to the parking lot to meet up with her teammates to discuss the upcoming weekend’s tournament. After nearly 45 minutes of gabbing about everything under the sun, everyone broke off and headed to their cars to leave. Haley reached into her purse only to discover her car keys were nowhere to be found. Frustrated she realized that they had probably fallen out of her purse into her locker.

The school was now mostly deserted and she saw no one as she headed down the quiet halls. She reached for the handle of the girl’s locker-room door and went into the barrier area between the hall and the lockers. Then she opened the second door and made her way down the rows. Only just before reaching her locker did she become aware of a very unusual sound in the locker-room. Stopping in place she listened intently. She came to recognize the sounds of passion emanating from somewhere. Slowly she made her way closer to the sound and as she turned the corner on the last row of lockers her eyes widened and she stifled a gasp.

There on the bench of the last row was her softball coach Toni, completely naked and kneeling between the widespread thighs of Karen Sopeski, the right fielder. Coach Toni’s heavy breasts dangled and swayed in exact match to the rhythm of her tongue as she licked up and down Karen’s bald teen slit. Karen’s head was tilted back and her eyes were closed in obvious satisfaction. Her young nipples were erect and pointed straight to the ceiling.

Haley stood there in stunned fascination. She had never seen anything even remotely like this before and the electric jolt of arousal that coursed through her system was a new kind of experience. Sure she had been turned on before with her boyfriend Justin, but she never felt a twinge in her pussy like she did at this very moment. As she continued to survey the scene she realized she could see her coach’s pussy lips from behind and the glimmer of something shiny caught her eye. OMG! The coach had her clit hood pierced. Haley’s panties became so wet at the sight of this new development that she instinctively reached inside her athletic shorts and began to rub her now soaking wet pussy lips.

Karen casino siteleri began to moan in ecstasy as the coach increased her speed and the forcefulness of her tongue on Karen’s swollen bud. Haley and Karen both climaxed at the exact same moment, which by and of itself would have gone unnoticed by the pair on the bench had it not been for the fact that Haley’s knees went weak and she collapsed against the bank of lockers making a huge rattling sound of aluminum doors and padlocks.

Karen’s eyes opened wide, Coach Toni jumped up and they both stared directly at Haley, who was now slowly sliding her well lubricated fingers from her shorts. Coach Toni stared in disbelief for just a moment before padding naked towards Haley. Coach Toni’s body was thick and round. Her pendulous breasts swayed with each step. She wasn’t fat, but she was plump. Only as Toni approached Haley did Haley become aware of the coaches multiple tattoos, including the scripted phrase “Lick Here” with an arrow pointing towards her cleanly shaven cunt.

Karen got up off the bench and stood with a look of shock and embarrassment on her face. Coach Toni arrived at where Haley had slumped against the locker and reaching down grabbing Haley’s pussy juice soaked hand and helped her stand. Then the coach took Haley’s fingers and placed them directly into her mouth sucking the girl’s tangy excretions from her digits. Haley felt a new wave of excitement jolt from her head right down to her pussy. She had never been turned on this much in her life.

Coach Toni then slid down to her knees and while doing so, slid Haley’s shorts and panties to the floor. Without a word the coach had stripped the girl and moving with cat like efficiency, the coach placed her tongue against Haley’s dripping wet snatch. Haley braced herself against the lockers and the coach’s tongue inserted itself deeper into the cleft between her labia. Karen finally snapped out of her daze and moved towards the coach. Karen knelt behind her coach and slid her hand up under the coach’s ass, sliding two fingers right into Toni’s wet box. Toni’s tongue increased its speed as it lashed Haley’s pussy. Karen’s fingers worked deeper and deeper into Toni and be their presence deep inside her elicited a moan from the coach that vibrated all the way through Haley.

Haley began to cum for the second time in just minutes. He body writhed and twitched at the expert ministrations of her mentor. slot oyna Coach Toni in turn also started the long trip up the roller coaster hill of orgasm. Then as Karen slid one of her cunt lubed fingers into Toni’s ass, the coach crested the hill and came crashing down in a violent and explosive cum.

Friday, 3:45pm

Walking from her last class Haley ran into her teammate Karen in the hall. They both shared a knowing look as their minds flashed back to yesterday’s sordid activities. Both felt a pang of desire for the other as they walked down the hall towards the locker room.

They entered the locker room together and as they were running a little late, the rest of the team was already in various stages of undress. For the first time, Haley began to notice the bodies of her teammates. Mary Jo the right fielder’s long lean body, Sara the catcher’s full breasts and her plump, pale physique and Katie the short stops tanned and athletic build. Haley felt even more excited when she turned the corner to her locker and saw Coach Toni again, this time fully clothed.

The coach gave Haley and Karen both a knowing glance and a wink before turning towards the doors that led out to the field, yelling on her way out,

“Let’s go ladies! Practice starts in 5 minutes and you know I despise stragglers!”

Within 2 minutes, the rest of the team was out the door leaving Haley and Karen alone in the locker room. Karen was the first to break the silence between them,

“Yesterday was so sexy. I’m still horny thinking about it.”

“Me too.” Haley replied. “But, can I ask you something?”

“I think you just did.” Karen retorted with her typical smart-alec style

“No seriously. How did you and Coach Toni hook up? Was yesterday your first time together?” Haley inquired.

“No. It kind of started the way it did with you though.” Karen replied as she let her mind drift back to the moment just 2 short weeks ago when she first saw her coach naked

“You see I thought I was the last one here and I was really into this book I’m reading for psyche class. Well anyway, I’m sitting there on the bench in front of my locker reading when I hear the doors from the hallway open and a couple voices. Well, one of the voices was obviously a man’s and so I just kind of stayed quiet, hoping whoever it was wouldn’t know I was there.”

“I heard the showers come on and nothing much else until I began to hear moaning canlı casino siteleri like sounds coming from the showers. Now my curiosity was piqued so I snuck over to the entrance to the showers and peeked inside. Coach Toni was naked and so was Mr. Brown the economics teacher. Both of them were covered in soap suds and Mr. Brown had Coach Toni bent over and leaning against the shower wall, while he pounded his huge black cock deep into Coach Toni’s pussy. He had his big hands firmly placed holding her plump ass cheeks and pulling her onto him with deliberate thrusts.”

“Wow!” Haley said listening intently

Karen continued, “The sight of this was the most exciting thing I had ever seen in my entire life. The contrast of their skin, his strong chiseled frame and that amazing dick were awe inspiring. I was soaked in no time. Thinking I just had to touch that cock, I stripped naked and slid into the shower room. Figuring I better show them something hot when they finally noticed me, I sat on the floor and spread my legs and drove three of my fingers deep into my dripping pussy.”

“Mr. Brown was the first to notice me. He stopped his thrusting short, to Coach Toni’s protest, then began pumping her again but this time he focused his eyes on me finger fucking myself. It seemed like he started fucking Coach Toni even harder, if that was possible, as he watched me get myself off. Then out of nowhere Coach Toni’s moans turned to screams as she began to cum hard. Mr. Brown must have lost control at this point because he pulled out of Coach Toni and with Panther like quickness turned and took 3 steps towards me and then BAM his cock exploded and thick gobs of his cum shot right at me and covered me from my face down across my tits and finally a long shot hit my clit almost directly. I came in an instant.”

“That’s incredible.” Haley stated matter-of-factly.

“That’s not all.” Karen continued.

“When Coach Toni turned around, her eyes grew wide as she took in the vision of me down on the floor, fingers deep in my own puss and Mr. Browns jizz all over me. She composed herself, walked over to me and knelt down. Without a word she began to clean Mr. Brown’s seed off my face, tits and finally my pussy with her tongue.”

The locker room door opened abruptly.

“Let’s go ladies, we don’t have all day” Coach Toni yelled from the door.

Karen and Haley both startled at the sound of their coaches voice and slammed their lockers shut as they headed towards the fields.

“The longer you take at practice, the longer it will be until we can play again” the Coach admonished the girls as they walked past their coach out into the sunlight.

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