Hannah Ch. 2

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Hannah gave his cock a flick with her finger. “That’s for ladylike talk. For man to woman and woman to man talk, I’d call it a dick.”

“Do tell.” George pulled up his pants and fastened his belt but did not zip. His erect cock poked out of the open fly as he followed her to the entryway.

She turned to face him. “If you’re seeing me out, you best stow that thing before opening your door.”

“You think my neighbors won’t approve of your viewing my ding-dong?”

“Probably not.”

“Well. I’ll just tell ’em it felt so good out, I decided to leave it out.”

“And get us arrested for indecent exposure,” giggled Hannah.

“Nobody knows you uncovered yourn.”

“You got a beauty all right.” Hannah nodded her head. “Reckon it’ll be a picture to file in my memory book.”

George smiled. “Figured you might not be tired of looking yet.”

“Ho ho.” Hannah put her hand on the doorknob. “Guess it would shake your nosy neighbors up some if they knew what we was about.”

“Sure would.”

“Shook me some too,” admitted the old woman. “Made me all quivery, like jelly shakking, inside.”

“It was fun seeing you.” George patted her scrawny butt. “I meant seeing l.c..”

She turned away. “Never, in all our nasty phone talking, did I dream I’d find the nerve to do what we just done.”

“Sorry?” Hannah shook her head. She giggled. “Now you‘ve seen most of what this old lady’s got.”

“And you’ve viewed mine at it’s best.”

“Reckon we’ll have us something to gab about on the phone after while.” “You never flashed the old butt.” He gave one lower cheek a gentle squeeze. “And I’ve always been an ass man.”

Hannah looked up to give him a nasty grin. “Now don’t you let your hands get too free while you’re copping feels.” Hannah drew a deep breath and let it out slowly. “That hand feels mighty good on me, if I was to confess the truth.”

“Do tell?”

“Just did.”

George moved his hand to the small of her back and pressed downward, forcing his hand under the waistband of her sweats. Before she had time to protest, his fingers cupped the spare, soft flesh of one bare buttocks. “Now cut that out.”

“You feel a lot better without that nasty cotton between us.”

“Have mercy on an old woman.”

“How’s about giving me another pussy peek fore you leave us?”

“Good Gar!” breathed Hannah. “Won’t you ever get tired a looking at my nasty?”

“To tell the unvarnished truth, I never see enough of that female nest. Never did. Never will.”

Hannah shook her head. “Sad to say, I don’t mind your looking.” She put her hands to her hips and slowly inched the sweats halfway down her skinny thighs. “So have yourself a good peek so’s you can picture it when we talk, later on.”

“You figuring on us doing phone sex?” He reached down and cupped her crotch and pressed his longest finger into the crease. He heard the breath leave her as her head came to rest on his chest. “Oh God. You go easy now. No man has played around down there in thirty years.”

“Then I reckon it’s about time,” said George.” “You got to use it or loose it.” Hannah giggled. “If it was lost, I reckon you found it.”

“Lucky me.”

“I oughtn’t be doing this.”

“Doing what?”

“Letting you toy with my privates.”

“You like me fingering your puss?”

“You’re stronger than me.”

George’s hand delved lower. His fingers moved along separation to where he felt the opening between her thighs. Her thighs parted imperceptibly.

“Want me to stop?”

Hannah moaned. Her head pressed against his chest. “It’s not fair, leaving it up to me.”

“Why not?”

She rubbed her cheek against his sweatshirt. “It’s not nice, but it’s feeling too good to try making you stop.”

His fingers encountered the moist though not slick inner lips of her opening.

“You got just five minutes to get your fingers out of there.”

“Oh Gawd. Who knows.”

George bent down to touch her lips. “How’s about a little tongue?”

“You mean in the mouth?”

“Good place to start.”

She raised her lips to his. “Ain’t done that in a coon’s age neither,” said Hannah.

“Bout time you took it up again.”

Their lips met and her tongue slipped smoothly over his.

“Maybe we should lose these clothes and move back to the couch,” whispered George.

“You mean get total nekkid and fool around,” giggled Hannah. “Like teenagers?”

“Could happen.”

Hannah slipped the loose sweatshirt over her head and tossed it aside. She kicked off her shoes and pushed her sweats to her ankles and stepped out of them. She stood bare save for the plain, white bra which made her seem twice as naked.

She walked back to the couch and tossed the bra aside.

The small breasts sagged less than expected for a woman her age. The nipples were nearer brown than the youthful coral of half a century earlier. The skin was smooth and softer than expected though several shades too white. How many years had it been since those delicate, soft globes had been exposed to the sun?

“I reckon we can do casino oyna some fingering of this and that,” said Hannah, “but I’m still not letting that big thang in my tender parts.”

“Won’t do that,” promised George, “till you beg me for a fuck.”

Hannah laughed in spite of herself. “Saying that nasty word ain’t getting to me this time. Call it fucking or screwing. That thing ain’t busting into my playpen.”

“Is that what you’re a calling it?”

“It’s better than calling it pussy.”

“Or l.c.?” George’s fingers slipped up her scrawny thigh until her dense thicket of wiry russet and gray tickled his knuckles.

Hannah closed her thighs on his hand. “Now don’t you be getting too curious too quick.”

“Just copping a quick feel.”

“Needn’t nothing be quick. Good Lord, we got all afternoon.”

“Thought you had to go.”

“Well maybe not right this minute.”

“You was going to walk right out,” he accused.

She looked up at him. “You wasn’t doing much to stop me. Was you expecting me to reach out and grab that big bird? T’wouldn’t be ladylike, touching a gentleman before he touched her.”

“Fuck ladylike. I’m no gentleman.”

Hannah giggled. Under her breath she muttered, “Thank the Lord.”

“You don’t say?” His left hand came around her back and captured a sagging breast. His thumb teased the rubbery nipple stiffening under his touch.

She shivered and leaned against him. “You got no idea how good that feels.” “Nice titty,” said George.

Hannah giggled into his chest. “You are so romantic.”

“Open your crotch.. I want to tickle l.c..”

She parted her legs. “Open up, yourself.” Her hand stole into his lap. She wrapped her fingers around his stiff pole. “Let a lady get a grip on that stiff thang.”

“All your fault.”

She giggled. “Really.”

“Got to be your shaggy, little l.c. No other pussy could a done it.”

She moved her hand up and down. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

He managed to insert a finger to the first knuckle in her cleft. “Do you remember the last time you had this much fun?”

“It’s been a day or two.” Hannah sucked in her breath as he flicked her clit. She exhaled slowly through puckered lips. “You found the spot.”

“You ain’t juicing much.”

“Hey. I’m an old woman. My thing ain’t had so much attention in many a year.”

“So you‘re admitting you’ve got a hot pussy?”

“Hell. Might as well, seeing how you’re pawing at it.” She giggled. “God Damn! You keep doing that, I might even say FUCKIT!”

“Hot damn! I got me a live one. I’ll keep diddling and you keep saying it.”

Hannah drew in a deep breath. “Fuck. . . fuck . . . fuck. . . fuck! God! Rub that little nubbin. You’re going to make this old gal melt if you keep that up.”

George shoved two slickened fingers deeper into her and kept his thumb rotating on her clit. “Who a thunk it. The old girl’s got some life left in her old twat.”

“And an old goat’s fingers too.” She moaned and clasped her thighs, vice-like on his wrist. “Feels like your whole damn hand is moving up there.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never used a fingers or two to tickle your snatch.”

“I ain’t holding back. I’ve admitted to doing myself . About the only kind of sex I’ve had for too long.”

George ran his tongue around the shell of her ear. “I can bring in the heavy artillery anytime you’re ready.”

“Keep that cannon to yourself. You’re doing fine with what you’re using.” She sucked air between bared teeth. “I’m almost there.”

“Hungry pussy’s getting finger-fucked,” teased George.

“God,” moaned Hannah. “So good.” She leaned her head back on the back of the couch. Her feet braced on the floor. She stiffened and her hips raised to create a bridge that vibrated a rhythm all its own. “Holy fucking Christ! I’m coming,” moaned Hannah. She remained rigid until the last wave passed through her. Finally, her hips settled slowly to the couch. Her head lolled limply to one side. Her lips parted, fighting for breath, she whispered. “You know a little more of that and this old gal would die happy.”

“Sorry you didn’t like it,” chuckled George. “I reckon some older people are too old and prudish to get with it.. If you just didn’t hold back you might learn to enjoy it.”

A slow smile crossed her lips. “You wiped this old lady out,” she accused.

“I’m hoping you’ll do the same for me.”

She rolled her head to look at him. She moved a hand to his crotch and took his hard cock in her fingers. “Did I neglect somebody’s little, old pecker?”

“It’s big enough and hard enough to part your crinkly old ass right now,” snorted George.

Hannah snuggled up to him. “Let me rest a minute. You take an old gal’s breath away. I ain’t used to all this tickling and teasing.”

“I wasn’t teasing,” said George. “Reckon I made somebody’s pussy pucker.”

Hannah let a sly smile cross her face. “Reckon you done that. For a while there I wondered if it was ever going to stop puckering.” “Is that bad?”

“Best I’ve had all day.” Hannah started to get to her slot oyna feet but instead settled to the floor, on her knees between his. I think you drew all the sap right out of these old legs. I don’t know if I can stand.”

“Maybe you don’t need too.”

She rested her cheek on his bare knee. “Reckon I can handle that thang from here. She ran her fingers up and down his rod. “Think I can coax some juice out of it?”

“Wouldn’t be surprised. I bet you could suck out a lot if you was so inclined.”

“Inclined to what?”

“Suck it out.”

“Now you know I never bargained to put that thing ‘tween my lips. I never done that for no man in my whole, entire life.”

“Never too late. You never come so much as you just done neither and you’re probably up for some more.”

“It sounds so dirty.”

“Took a shower just before you got here.”

“I’m talking the sex kind of dirty.”

“Like fingering your pussy till you scream fuck at the top of your voice.”

“I never done that.”

“You was moaning, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“I couldn’t a done that.”

“I guess your little cat didn’t come all over itself either.”

“Can’t deny doing that. You done me good.”

He put his hand on her head and mussed her hair. “You know I’m not about to be making you do something you don’t want.”

“I know. I’m being bitchy cause I’m nervous and a tad scared.”

“Don’t be.”

“Does it taste awful?”

“Don’t know, Never got my mouth close enough to cop a taste. ”

“Would you if you could?”

“Oh I tried,” confessed George, “but, even hard, it was a good six inches from my mouth.”

“But I’d say you’ve had a few others do it for you.”

“Some, but never enough.”

Her fingers continued moving up and down his stiff pole. “Ain’t what I’m doing making you feel good enough.”

“Hey, I’m enjoying the hell out of it. You jack a damned good dick and no mistake. You can play with my little old pecker till your arm gets tired. I was just thinking you might be up for a new experience.”

Hannah looked up to meet his eyes. “It seems so nasty, just talking about it.”

“Some say it’s nasty, doing what we been doing. I think it’s great.”

Hannah lowered her head and touched his cock with the tip of her tongue. “I guess it don’t taste all that bad.”

“That’s what I’m telling you.”

She guided his cock between her lips and closed them behind the head for a moment before letting pop in the air. “If I was to do that some more, would you promise you won’t let stuff come out, that I got to swallow?”

“I’ll warn you in plenty of time.”

“See that you do.” Hannah managed half of it on the first downward stroke. She did a little better each succeeding thrust, while her lips created a suction on the upswing. Hannah became lost in what she was doing as she found she liked her effect on him, hearing his moans. She liked the upward thrust of his hip and the sliding inward as she swallowed more of him and they somehow met, lips to pubic hair and she could not believe she had all of that big thang in her mouth.

Then he was shouting words she did not understand. And he was slapping her, on the back. Then he thrust forward and did not withdraw. She felt the throbbing action at the base of his cock, where her lips tightened around him. Then he was spurting. . . pumping, pumping, pumping stuff into her throat and mouth. And something was happening to her again. Her whole body tensed and her moan became a constant hum about his pumping cock. Her heart pounded till she thought it would burst. She lifted her head without letting him go. And when she got her breath back she nursed his softening cock like a calf at teat, suckling her mother.

“God damn,” gasped George. “You sucked the living daylights out of me.”

“You son-of-a-bitch,” gasped Hannah. “You done stuff in my mouth.”

“Tried to warn you. You wouldn’t stop.”

“Tastes bitter,” said Hannah, wiping her mouth.

“Sorry,” said George.

“Swallowed worse,” admitted Hannah.”

“Why you little devil, you. You liked it?”

“I reckon it’s worth trying again, sometime.”

George slipped to the floor beside her. “Hey give me a big sloppy kiss.”

“After I done swallowed your stuff?”

“I reckon if it’s good enough for you, I shouldn’t mind a taste.”

“Reckon not.” The old woman grinned. “So give me some tongue. I sucked one end might as well do the other.”

“You keep talking like that you’re going to get fucked whether you want it or not.”

Hannah brought her lips close to his. Her tongue touched his lips and withdrew. “Talk, talk, talk,” she breathed and then forced her tongue into his mouth as far as it would go.

As they tongue wrestled, George’s fingers were once again busy at the woman’s crotch. At least two invaded Hannah’s slickness while his thumb rubbed her clit. To George’s surprise, that little nubbin had increased from the size of a pea to a projection the diameter of his little finger and nearly half an inch long.

Hannah’s hips squirmed and thrust against his hand and canlı casino siteleri behind her thrusting tongue came moans of ecstasy. George could not believe the action of her pelvis, the power of her thrusts, the enthusiasm and acceptance of his questing fingers.

Hannah pulled her lips from his. “Do me. I‘m wanting something more than a finger down there.”

“You want a fucking?” breathed George, “an honest to God fucking?”

“That’s what my pussy‘s craving,” panted Hannah. She rolled on to her back and parted her smooth, thin thighs. “Come on old man. Put that big, hard rod to me.”

“How you do talk,” teased George. “Do me old man.”

George pressed forward.

“Whooee,” grunted Hannah, “Go easy. That thang feels some bigger than it looked.”

“I am going easy.”

Hannah thrust her hips to meet his. A long breath hissed between her teeth. “God Damn! even if it hurts a bit, its still the best thing my old thang’s felt in many a year. I’m craving every inch.”

“You got most of it already.”

“Thank the lord.” Hannah giggled. “I don’t think I could handle more than six inches more.”

“Greedy little cunt, ain’t it?”

“I thank you for saying the little part.”

“Right tight pussy,” breathed George.”

“Right big dick,” purred Hannah. “Hits the spot.”

“You knew this was going to happen?”

“Thought you didn’t want to fuck.”

“A lady, specially an old lady, shouldn’t appear eager even if she’s feeling hotter than a firecracker.” The motion of her hips speeded up.

George, in response, pounded into her. “You close to coming?”

“Almost there,” panted Hannah.

“Then lets do it?”

“Oh yes! Fuckit, you old prick. Give it to me. I”M COMING!!!”

George sank down on her with all his weight pressing his cock into her while her legs came up and encircled his waist as she pressed her clit against his pubis.

They fought for breath.

“Am I getting too heavy for you?” breathed George.

“You’re fine,” panted Hannah. “Stay like you are. Everything’s fitting just fine the way we are.” She wrapped her thin arms around him. “Feel like giving a screwed out old lady another kiss?”

His lips found hers. His tongue outlined the opening then entered her mouth and did a slow dance with hers.

“You’re one prime piece of ass,” breathed George.

“Well thank you, kind sir, appreciated the ride.”

“I got to say I was wondering if you could accommodate me in that little pussy after all the years it ain’t been put to use.”

Hannah’s hand slipped between them to grasp his wilting boner. “You fit the spot just fine. Though I got something to confess.”

“What’s that?”

“Your dick ain’t the only thang that been down there these past years.”

“You mean I got competition.”

Hannah giggled guiltily. “Not from any man thing, you don’t.”

“But I reckon it’s fingers you’re talking about.”

She giggled, shyly. “Hope you don’t hold it against me.”

“You mean you used them to get. . .?

Hannah nodded.

“No Shit? I’d sure love to see you do that.”

“Can’t say it’s the prettiest thing I ever seen in my mirror but it sure turned me on,” admitted Hannah.

“Hey. I’m throwing another boner from hearing you tell it.”

“Wouldn’t want you to exhaust yourself,” giggled Hannah, “Or me. It’d be a shame if one of us was to have a heart attack the first time we got it on.”

“Must be the novelty of it,” confessed George. “I ain’t got more than two hard-ons the same day in years.”

Hah!” said Hannah. “What was you doing with the first one if there weren’t no woman around?”

“I reckon I helped myself, like you done.”

“Every day?” asked Hannah.

“Some days,” grinned George, “I just take it out and look at it, while talking on the phone with you.”

“You talked to me, with your dick sticking out?” “I confess to doing that.?”

“You’re a dirty old pervert,” tittered Hannah.

“Damn right,” declared George. “And what was you doing when we was talking about those sexy things?”

Hannah snickered. “I reckon I rubbed my legs together then squeezed real tight.”

“And maybe you snuck a finger down there?”

Hannah nodded, “There was times I couldn’t help doing that.”

“So you enjoyed our little chats?”

“Reckon so,” confessed Hannah. “You got anymore nasty ideas?”

He slapped her ass, playfully. “And you look like such an innocent old bag.” George parted her spare, boy solid, ass cheeks. A finger slipped up the crack until it came to her crinkled rosette and tickleded her rear opening. “There’s one place we ain’t put it.”

“Not in my lifetime, you don’t” giggled the woman. “That would just be just awful.”

“You never been done back there?”

“Good Gar, no. That’s what men do to other men.”

“They call it cornholing.” George slickened his finger at her front opening, brought the moist finger back and pressured inward until it fit in her back passage to the second knockle.”

“What are you doing to me?” Hannah groaned and then giggled. “How can any one man be so nasty?”

George moved his finger in and out of the tight hole. “Like it?”

“Feels strange as all get out,” gasped Hannah. “Would you be thinking of ramming your big thang in my little back hole?”

“Want it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20