Heaven in an Elevator

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Eric jumped into his BMW and guided it from his parking garage onto the streets of Santa Monica, heading for Ellie’s apartment in Culver City. He checked his watch and if everything went as planned they’d be on time for their meeting with his best friend and most important client, Mark Hanson.

Mark and Eric had met years earlier when he was a young detective for LAPD. Eric had investigated an armed robbery that took place at one of Mark’s investment firms. He quickly figured out that the robbery was an inside job and solved the case in record time. Mark was impressed by how thorough and professional he had been with the investigation. They became fast friends and it was Mark who encouraged Eric to start his own private investigation firm. He offered to pay him a sizable retainer if he went into the P.I. business. Mark also promised to throw a lot of other work Eric’s way. He kept his promise and Eric’s new career took off quickly. Eric quit the LAPD and hung his shingle that very same year. Eric O’Leary, the private investigator never looked back.

Mark had called Eric early this morning and requested a last minute meeting with him and his assistant, Ellie. He wanted them to stop by his office at one o’clock. Eric called Ellie and informed her to be ready by twelve-fifteen, no later. She promised she would be. He was holding her to her word. He hated to be late.

Mark told Eric over the phone that he wanted them to do a background check on a new telecommunications firm that had requested Mark to allow them to sponsor a benefit fund raiser as a way to get acquainted with the public. They selected Mark Hanson Education Awareness Foundation as their charity of choice to promote. Mark needed Eric to check them out thoroughly before getting involved with any company that came near any of his charity foundations. He’d spent his entire career building his billion dollar babies and the last thing he needed was for Hanson Enterprises Inc. to have the slightest hint of a scandal associated with them. He knew Eric was the best there was at digging up bones and if this company had any buried, he’d be the one to find them. They had to be squeaky clean before Mark would sign his name to any contract. He requested Eric’s girl Friday, Ellie to tag along for backup. She was pretty good at snooping around and a very nice distraction. Besides, Mark knew Eric was carrying a torch for his pretty blonde employee, even if he’d never admit to it. It was a win/win situation for all concerned.

Eric parked in front of Ellie’s building and bound up the stairs to her second floor apartment. She’d better be ready because Ellie knew how much he hated being late to anything. It was a pet peeve of his any time he had to wait for her. He rang her doorbell and heard the clicking of her shoes across the hardwood floor. When Ellie opened the door, Eric was outwardly stunned. She was completely ready. He couldn’t hide the look of shock on his face as she stood in front of him, ready to go. Ellie was never ready to go, ever, but there she stood.

“You didn’t think I’d be ready, did you?” She giggled, aware his eyes were fixed on her. She looked good enough to eat.

Ellie had large, wide set cornflower blue eyes, an inviting mouth and a light spray of freckles across her perfect nose. Her hair was like spun sunshine that framed her beautiful face and a body that curved in all the right places. Ellie was a natural beauty and Eric could never admit to her, just how attractive she was. He assumed she got that all the time from all the other guys. His friends would make over her whenever he brought her around them. He hated to admit it but he didn’t like introducing Ellie to his friends. He secretly feared she might consider hooking up with one of them. He couldn’t bear the thought.

Eric spotted her for the first time from across the room at a movie industry charity function. She was stunning. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and assumed she was just another beautiful starlet waiting for her first big break.

They hooked up as partners quite by accident. He was hired by the wife of a film studio executive, convinced that her husband was having an affair with a well known adult film star. Ellie happened to be at the same place looking for a celebrity story about this famous couple to blog about. They exchanged glances, small talk and later notes. She had some really good info about the porn star that helped him with his case. The scoop she fed him resulted in the wife getting a big fat divorce settlement because her cheating husband violated the terms of their prenuptial agreement in which she paid a big fat check to Eric. Of course he gave Ellie a generous cut of it.

Eric knew then, she was more than a pretty face. There were lots of those in Hollywood and once he discovered that she had no desire to become an actress, he knew he had to hire her. She needed the money and Eric needed the help. They discovered as time went on that they had a lot of the same interests in common. Two years later, they were still working together. Somehow güvenilir bahis they had managed to keep their relationship strictly business but it hadn’t been easy.

Ellie had on a blue dress that matched her eyes with a short flirty skirt and a fitted button down bodice that showed off her perky tits and slender waist. He tried to pretend he wasn’t staring at her but she looked good enough to eat. Her fresh faced, school girl quality made her appear to be positively illegal for him to be having these kinds of thoughts.

He was thinking out loud as he blurted. “You’re wearing heels!” He had never seen her in high heels before. She usually wore jeans, t-shirts and running shoes. Her long shapely legs were exposed half way up her thighs. He swallowed hard, his groin twitched as she leaned back to check the hemline on her short dress before turning back to look directly in Eric’s eyes. Ellie caught him checking her out. She could read his mind.

He stood there blinking his eyes until she broke the awkward silence between them. “Well, what are we waiting for? Don’t you think we better get going? Don’t want to keep Mark waiting, do we?”

Eric absentmindedly nodded his head as Ellie gathered her handbag and sweater. He took the sweater from her and held it up so she could slide her arms into the sleeves. From where he was standing behind her, he could see down the front of her tight bodice. A glimpse of a lacy pink push up bra was visible. It was snugly holding those soft round fleshy tits of hers high on her chest. He wanted so badly to slip his hand down the front of her dress and squeeze them until her nipples got hard but common sense kept him from following his instincts. She quickly moved towards the door, totally unaware of the lustful thoughts he was having about her behind her back.

Eric followed Ellie out and dutifully secured and double checked the lock on her apartment door. They walked side by side in silence toward his car. He opened the passenger door and her short skirt flipped up as she climbed in and took her seat. He couldn’t help but notice she had on a matching pink thong. He pretended he hadn’t seen it but the vision was burned into his head. Creamy, round asscheeks with a ribbon of pink satin running between them. He had to fight to keep from getting a hard-on. He closed the passenger door, took a deep breath and walked slowly around to the driver’s seat, all the while giving himself a mental talking to. They had work to do and he had to constantly remind himself that she was his employee. There was no way he was going to fuck it all up by bedding her down. From past experience he’d learned those workplace affairs never end well. He slipped into the driver’s seat and started the engine. His eyes darted to his right and slowly traveled the length of her smooth thighs peeking out from her short flounced skirt. He groaned under his breath. Fuck you Eric! Stop looking at her like that!

“Did you say something Eric?” She knew very well she was distracting him. Ellie could read him like a book after working for him so long. She often wondered what he looked like naked. He was incredibly handsome, tall, broad shoulders with deep set hazel eyes and thick wavy hair. She had decided she needed to keep her job worse than she needed to get laid. So she kept her carnal feelings for him to herself.

Eric was always a gentleman but she imagined him to be a beast in the bedroom. He was always quick with an off color remark and he’d pretend to be apologetic for his dirty jokes but she knew he wasn’t. That part of his personality intrigued her. She delighted in watching him become ever more sexually frustrated when he was around her. Although he always tried to do and say the right thing sometimes the devil came out in his actions. Maybe it was only wishful thinking that made her hope that he was as secretly attracted to her as much as she was to him.

Their friendship had blossomed into feeling comfortable enough to talk to each other about intimate subjects occasionally. It usually consisted of what types of lovers they preferred or what they liked their partners to do but most of those conversations were short and concise. Interestingly, Eric’s types resembled the very opposite of what Ellie looked like. It made her sad because he seemed to be more attracted to petite brunettes or sassy redheads instead of healthy looking blondes. She always pretended to act like it didn’t bother her but it did, more than she cared to admit. Those types of conversations were usually cut short when Eric would quickly change the subject to something less personal but they could talk for hours about almost anything. They loved the same books, the same music and they had the same sense of humor. He was intelligent and thoughtful. She loved everything about him.

Too many times he had dropped her off at her apartment after work to go have drinks with his buddies at the bar or sometimes it was a casual date with an old lover who was in town or a female friend. He always told her about them and sometimes went into great türkçe bahis detail, describing his past history with the women in his life. Instead of feeling like his closest confidant and friend, it left Ellie feeling sexually frustrated, blue and insignificant. She spent a lot of time doubting her own sex appeal. She knew she was attractive. She had plenty of attention from lots of other men but never enough from Eric. Just a hint from time to time when he’d had a bit too much to drink and it drove her crazy when he’d sober up and go back to calling her his little buddy.

What she didn’t know was that Eric would often go home and take matters into his own hand, so to speak. He’d imagine what it felt like to touch her beautiful body and bury his cock deep inside that sweet pussy. He’d masturbate while looking at a picture he kept of her. Sometimes it got so pathetic, he’d polish off an entire bottle of single malt in one setting just to numb the thoughts he had about her. The next day after he sobered up, he’d get upset for even entertaining thoughts of having a relationship with Ellie.

More than once he thought about cutting off all contact with her but something always stopped him from carrying through with his threats. He couldn’t imagine not having her in his life, despite his private thoughts being consumed with fucking her. He hated to admit it but he was falling in love with Ellie.

As they drove down Wilshire, Ellie pulled her lipstick out of her clutch and carefully applied it while looking in her compact mirror. “So, what does Mark need us for in such a hurry?” Eric watched her from the corner of his eye as she carefully glided the lipstick tube sensuously around her open mouth, dragging that creamy pink tip across those perfect plump lips. Goddamn, why was every single thing she did so sensual? He pictured her wrapping those pink lips around the head of his cock. He had to discreetly adjust his crotch when she wasn’t looking. She made his dick hard every fucking time he was around her. It was getting to be a real problem.

He quickly pulled his thoughts back on track and his eyes back on the road. “Uh… he’s got this big telecommunications firm that he wants us to check out for him, you know, make sure they’re legit.” Her lightly tinted pink lips looked as though they had been kissed by dew. He wanted to lean over and kiss them but he kept both hands on the wheel and looked straight ahead again, trying desperately not to think about it.

“And he needs me there to…?” She tilted her head slightly in an inquisitive manner.

“He needs you there because you’re snoopy.” Eric gave her a lopsided grin. “You get to ask the prying questions and distract the guy while I do some background work.”

“He thinks I’m snoopy?” Ellie eyes narrowed.

“Aren’t you?” His head tilted downward to look over his sunglasses at her.

“Well yeah… but is it that obvious?”

“Ellie, you’re a reporter! People don’t get into that kind of business unless they’re nosy.” He was genuinely charmed by her frustration at being profiled.

“You’re a private investigator. They’re nosy, aren’t they?” She asked defensively.

“I suppose so but I got into this line of work because I could pretty much pick my own hours and it pays better than being a cop. Besides, I like sleeping in and having no boss to tell me what I can or can’t do.” He shrugged his shoulders and gave her a crooked smile. “I dunno, maybe you and I just make a great team. I investigate and you snoop.”

Ellie punched his arm and wrinkled her nose. Her face was flushed. “Investigator is just another word for snoop!” She crossed her arms over her chest and lowered her chin in a mock pout.

“You’re cute when you’re mad.” He absentmindedly reached over and touched her leg. She was pushing his senses into overdrive and the softness of her thigh made his mouth water. He wanted her so badly at this moment but he quickly pulled his hand away. He thought about apologizing about touching her that way but he wasn’t sorry, not this time.

She smiled at him as though she could read his mind. “OK, we’ll call a truce… for now.” She laughed, her blue eyes twinkled. His hand felt so good on her skin. She only wished he would touch her like that and really mean it.

They were nearly to Mark’s building near MacArthur Park. Both of them were lost in their own thoughts but they had no idea they were thinking of the same thing. Neither of their thoughts had anything to do with the meeting with Mark.

A strong crosswind came up as the car turned into the opening of the parking garage. Ellie’s skirt billowed up exposing her nearly naked bottom half. Her tiny lacy pink thong barely covered her neatly trimmed patch of blond hair between her long legs. Eric memorized every delectable detail of the vision. The pink gauzy material stretched precariously over that small triangle and the irrefutable outlined cleft of her labia. Her silky skin was exposed on either side of the delicate pink lace of the barely there fabric. He could almost smell her sweet güvenilir bahis siteleri scent. He took all of it in, every blissful bit of it. Ellie had the choice of protecting her hair or her skirt and luckily for Eric, she chose to protect the hairdo.

“What was that?” Her eyes grew wide as she smoothed down her hair and then her skirt.

“I’d say it was an Irish Blessing. I haven’t had one of those in a while.” He winked at her and added. “A sight for sore eyes.”

Ellie pretended to be embarrassed. “I didn’t realize that an Irish Blessing included a peek at my panties.”

“That’s because you’re English, not Irish.” He threw his head back and laughed. His jeans got a little tighter as he thought of that tiny pink lace triangle that covered her little piece of heaven. The little piece of heaven that he wanted more than anything in the world right now. He gripped the steering wheel a little tighter as he thought about the vision that had been seared into his brain.

He parked the car in one of Mark’s designated spots and walked around to offer Ellie a hand out. As she swung her legs around he got one final view of that little pink thong and he knew he couldn’t hold back much longer. He allowed her to walk slightly ahead of him toward the elevator door. Her light floral perfume wafted behind her and he breathed it in. The steady swish of her skirt and the side to side sway of her hips, hypnotized him. He felt like a lamb being led to slaughter. He knew he was getting ready to lose all self control.

The elevator door quietly slid open and they stepped inside. Enclosed in an elevator with the low lighting, music playing softly and the scent of Ellie’s perfume made Eric a little weak in the knees. The vision of that sexy pink thong between those long legs, hugging that sweet cleft of her pussy so tight kept going through his head, driving him crazy. They stood silently side by side with her looking like a vision in her short little blue dress. Blond tresses fell softly onto delicate shoulders and a pair of soft pink lips he ached to kiss. Standing as close to her as possible without actually touching her, he could take no more. His instincts took over as his hand slammed heavily on the bright red stop button.

The elevator came to a sudden halt as he caught Ellie and steadied her on her feet. She gazed up at him with startled wide eyes that quickly turned into desire as he lowered his eyes and moved his mouth towards hers. His voice was gruff as he wrapped his arms around her waist and crushed his lips against hers. “I need you now Ellie. I… I can’t wait another minute. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

She confessed outright. “Oh, Eric, I’ve felt the same way.” It was all she needed to say. Her arms flew around his neck and she pulled him closer as they kissed and groped at each other like a couple of unleashed tigers. Eric pushed her up against the wall of the elevator and shoved his hands under her errant skirt to squeeze her soft round bottom with both hands. Her cheeks were soft, cool to the touch and fleshy in his palms. He pulled her roughly towards his erection that was ready to burst out of his jeans.

“Tell me you want me Ellie.” His voice was low. He crumpled a handful of her hair in his fist and growled. “Tell me you want me to fuck you, right here and now!”

Ellie had never seen him like this and she relished every single minute of it. “Oh God, yes, Eric! Fuck me here! Fuck me right now! I want you to fuck me so bad!”

A guttural groan came from Eric’s throat as he shoved her roughly against the wall. His fingers found her tight bodice and he was relieved to find out that the buttons were snaps because he was going to rip through them, hell or high water. The front of her dress popped open with a single tug, exposing that lacy pink push up bra which he quickly unfastened. Her perky tits with the most perfect set of pink nipples he could ever imagine bounced and jiggled as he humped her against the elevator wall. Leaning down to draw each hard nipple into his hungry mouth, Ellie hastily fumbled with his belt. There was such a frantic need to be naked that they clawed and pulled at clothing in a desperate attempt to rid themselves of anything that would get in the way of their need for flesh on flesh. Clothes were strewn all over the floor of the elevator.

The only thing left was Ellie’s tiny pink thong. Eric dropped to his knees as if he had found the Holy Grail. His eyes were riveted to that lacy little triangle of satin and lace covering her blond neatly trimmed triangle of hair. He slowly trailed his hands down her sides. Each fingertip spread wide apart as he traced along her ribcage to the tapering of her slender waist to the curve of her soft belly until he was touching the satin band that held the thong in place. Carefully, he slipped his fingers on either side of the waistband and slowly, sensuously slid the tiny pink lace down her thighs, past her knees until they floated softly onto the floor beneath her high heeled feet. He leaned back on his heels, his mouth open with a look of complete wonder on his handsome face as he stared at the lovely Ellie, standing naked and beautiful in front of him. Her completely smooth pussy lips were eye level and glistening with wet beads of arousal.

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