Helping Helen

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I new my girlfriend’s younger sister was a virgin and ever since she turned 18 I always wanted to be her first. I spent many hours masturbating about the thought, but I never thought I would get the chance.

Whilst chatting to my girlfriend’s sister Helen over the internet, she told me how she had never experienced an orgasm. She told me how she regularly got horny and tried masturbation but it had never worked and was getting frustrated. I offered a few tips on how to get herself off such as rubbing her clit whilst using a dildo or other similar shaped implements. She thanked me and said she would try it. I then logged off the computer and went to bed.

Friday night came round and I had forgotten all about our talk. I was with my girlfriend round her house and she had a call asking her to go into work. Her mom and dad were out all night at a party and my girlfriend left saying she would be back around 11 and that her sister was in the bath and if I minded staying at hers so her sister didn’t come downstairs to an empty house. I said that it wasn’t a problem and she left. After about an hour of watching TV I heard Helen call me from upstairs. I thought she had got a problem with her computer of something so I went upstairs to investigate. From outside her closed door I asked what was wrong.

‘Come in please’ she said, sounding out of breath and slightly annoyed. I opened the door to see what was happening.

‘What’s …’ I was going to ask what was up but before I could get the words out I realised that she was sitting on her bed with her legs stretched out in front of her with her clothes scattered over the floor. Only her towel draped over her like a blanket was keeping me from seeing her hot naked body. It covered her from above her breasts to just below her knee, with her gorgeous little feet poking out. I often gazed at her bare feet imagining sucking each toe in my mouth. I got an instant hard on and decided to sit down on the stool before continuing, just in case she saw it.

Finally I got my words out ‘What’s up? I muttered trying to sound like I wasn’t about to blow my load in my pants.

‘This is kind of embarrassing but I’ve tried your technique every night since you told me on Monday and I still haven’t cum.’ My hard on got even bigger and I was worried she could see it.

‘Please don’t tell my sister but could you please help me out, guide my through it, I really need to experience an orgasm, I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to, you don’t have to have sex with me or anything just guide me through it, its just..’

I cut her off knowing she was beginning to ramble and I didn’t want her to realise how crazy the idea was and stop it before it started.

‘Of course I will help you, what do you want me to do?’ Trying to sound calm whilst wishing my erection would subside.

‘I don’t want you to see me naked so if I touch myself under my towel, I will describe what I am doing and you tell me what I need to do next?’

‘That’s fine with me.’ I said but really i meant please let me touch you.

‘Ok, dim the lights a bit please.’ I did as I was told

‘I am using my two fingers to penetrate and my two fingers on my other hand to rub my clit, is that right?’

‘That seems ok, but if your not wet its not going to be comfortable. I need to know how wet you are before I can help.’

‘I am not very wet but I cant seem to get myself wet.’ She said sounding annoyed again.

‘Ok if you really want to orgasm your going to have to let me touch you and see you, other wise I am of no help.’

‘No I don’t want sex with you, you’re my sisters boyfriend.’ She snapped

‘I don’t mean sex, just tickle you and caress you, if I cant see what you’re doing I can’t help.’ My hard on had gone now as I was so worried I had blown my chances.

‘Ok then, you will need to touch me first to get my going and then I will be confident enough to go further and show you mu body and don’t tell my sister.’ I thanked my lucky stars she didn’t call the whole thing off.

‘Ok I said, keep rubbing yourself while I work my magic.’ I said with a laugh.

‘And remember this isn’t cause I want you, I just want to cum cus I am so damn horny and I know i can trust you.’

‘Ok.’ I canlı bahis şirketleri replied.

I moved over to her and sat on the bed, I was on the end of the bed facing her with her feet right in front of me as she began to masturbate under the towel. I began tickling her beautiful feet expecting her to squirm but all she did was let out a little moan. Her pretty face was now pulling expressions of pleasure and I knew she was enjoying it. I rubbed both of her feet and asked her if she liked it.

‘Yeah it feels great, don’t stop.’

I carried on rubbing them not wanting her to be displeased and her facial expressions were causing my erection to return.

‘I want you to kiss, lick and suck them.’

‘What.’ I said barely believing what she had just said.

‘I know you love my feet, I catch you staring at them all the time, I’ve always wanted you to suck them, please do it for me.’

I was stunned, I never though Helen could be like this and I couldn’t belive she new I loved her feet. I didn’t waste the chance to suck on her gorgoues sexy feet. I lifted her left foot to my mouth and began to kiss it, inhaling the smell of her freshly washed feet. I licked from her heel all the way up the sole of her foot and to her toes. I licked between her toes as she began to moan louder than before. I then sucked each toe in my mouth one by one. I was in heaven. She then lifted her other foot up to my face and forced all of her toes into my mouth. As she did this she rested her other foot on my shoulder. As both of her legs were up her towel slipped down to her stomach giving me a full view of her legs, freshly shaven pussy and her asshole. I could not believe it. I had imagined what her pussy looked like many times before but I never thought it would look this good. She had two fingers thrusting in and out of her hole while her other hand slowly rubbed her clit. I was expecting her to be rubbing furiously to reach orgasm, but she was going very slow, she was obviously enjoying the treatment I was giving her.

‘Suck my toes, oh my god I feel good.’

I carried on without a word, sucking on her beautiful feet, I licked the tops and soles of her feet before sucking each toe one by one, then sucking all of them in my mouth one foot at a time.

‘My nipples feel like they are on fire.’ She panted.

‘Do you want me to play with them?’ I quickly replied.

‘Oh god yes.’ With that she pulled off her towel and through it on the floor.

I stood up admiring her naked body and sat next to her on the bed. I couldn’t believe how sexy this girl’s body was. Her face was pretty, her breasts were large and firm, her stomach was flat and toned, her pussy was shaven and tight, her ass was pert and firm with the most sexy shapely legs and feet you have ever seen. I began to Caress and cstroke her large tits as she began to moan. All the time still fingering herself. I began softly pinching her nipples, I was greeted with a moan every time.

‘Harder.’ She gasped.

I then pinched both her erect nipples between my fingers as she squealed. I thought for a moment I had hurt her but again she asked my to do it harder. I couldn’t believe how horny this girl was.

‘Suck them please, put them in your mouth.’ She moaned

I sucked each nipple in my mouth slightly biting each one, Helen loved it, moaning and writhing non stop.

‘Kiss me.’ She demanded

I moved up from her lovely breasts and our lips met, I felt my hard on grown as our tongues touched. Was passionately kissed as i caressed the whole of her body for what seemed like a lifetime. She stopped me and pulled my shirt off.

‘Get you dick out, I want to touch it, stroke it, and put it in my mouth.’

I pulled down my trousers and boxers and out come my 8″ cock dripping with precum. I knew it was the first cock she had seen a cock and I thought the size might put her off.

‘Wow, you’re a big boy.’ I had never heard her talk like this.

For the first time she stopped fingering herself, and moved both of her hands on to my dick. She masturbated it slowly and moved it closer to her mouth. She stretched out her tongue and licked the precum from round the tip of my dick.

‘mmmmmmmmmm, that tastes good, I can’t believe I’ve been so canlı kaçak iddaa long without the taste of cum.’

In all of my fantasy’s I had never expected Helen to be so slutty.

She then proceeded to take my cock into her mouth. She slowly sucked up and down my shaft, taking as much of my cock in her mouth as she could.

‘Lie down.’ She moved from the bed and I lay down on it propping my back up against some pillows.

She sat at the end of the bed facing me and moved her feet up the inside of my legs. She then moved her body so her pussy was right next to my dick and her feet were at my face.

‘Please suck my toes again it mskes my pussy tingle.’ She asked

As I began to suck each of her sexy little toes she grabbed my cock and started rubbing the head against her clit, my god she was wet.

I held both of her feet in front of my mouth and sucked each one slowly as she began to scream. Just as she was about to orgasm she stopped, let go of my cock and moved her feet to my dick. I knew she was enjoying herself know and this was no longer just about her experiencing an orgasm. She wrapped both of her feet round my dick and slowly masturbated me. Her feet were slick from my saliva and they felt great. I could feel the precum leaking out of my cock. She wiped a load precum from my dick with her toe and brought the toe to her mouth and slowly licked the cum from her big toe. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. She then pressed my cock against my stomach and rubbed her sexy toes up and down the underside of my cock, producing lots more precum to ooze onto my stomach. This time she picked up the precum with her toe and held it in front of my mouth to lick off. I didn’t want to spoil things so I licked her toe and was greeted with thick slimy salty precum, to my amazement I actually enjoyed the taste and this turned both me and her on further.

She moved positions so she was on all fours and began to suck my cock again, this time taking more of it in her mouth than before. I could feel my load building in my balls and suddenly she stopped, lent back so she was sitting on her knees. Stuck her middle finger in her soaking wet pussy took it out and rubbed it all round my asshole. Before I said a word she had pushed her finger right up my ass and continued sucking my dick. I knew I wouldn’t last long as she pushed her finger in and out of my ass, it felt amazing. She added a second finger and I knew I was going to blow my load.

‘I am going to cum.’ I screamed

She just carried on.

‘I am going to cum.’ I repeated

She never batted an eye lid, just carried on sucking my dick and fingering my ass with her two fingers. With that I cum, jet after jet of hot cum spewed into her mouth. I hadn’t cum for a week previous and my load was huge. When I had finally finished she opened her mouth to show me how much cum I had given her. Some of it dribbled out of her mouth down her chin n onto her tits. She then swallowed the whole load in one.

‘Where did you learn to do that?’ I said stunned.

‘When you left my house yesterday, I knew you had been on the computer I went on and saw you hadn’t deleted your history, so I watched the porno you had watched, and I got it from there. The though of you watching that and wanking turned me on so much, that’s why I’ve been trying to masturbate tonight. I was thinking of you.’

I couldn’t comprehend all this, I was in shock, and just had the blowjob of my life.

‘When I was watching that porn, I was thinking of you Helen.’ I admitted

‘I knew you had the hots for me, I always see you checking me out, especially my feet and tits.’ I was embarrassed. I had no clue she knew.

‘I also know you snoop through my knicker draw.’ Oh my god she knew, I felt so ashamed.

‘It’s ok. I purposely wear clothes that allow you a look at my body, especially my feet.’ She chuckled.

‘I am so sorry Helen it’s just your so hot.’

‘Its fine, but now it’s my turn to cum, I need it so bad.’

I needed no persuasion, I pushed her on to the bed and began sucking on her sexy toes again, I couldn’t get enough of her feet. I then licked my way up her shapely leg until I got to her pussy, it was dripping wet and smelt of hot sex. I could feel canlı kaçak bahis the life coming back to my spent cock. I slowly licked the whole of her pussy, focusing mainly on her clit. She was really moaning loud now and I could sense her orgasm approaching. I sucked and licked at her pussy thrusting my tongue into her pussy hole. She began feeling her tits and pinching her nipples, and my cock grew to full attention. As I moved positions to get at her clit better she spotted my erection

‘You got turned on licking my soaking wet pussy didn’t you?’

‘Yes you taste and smell so good.’

She pushed me onto the bed. She then forced her tits that were still covered in my cum from earlier into my face.

‘Lick your cum of my tits.’

I slowly licked the cum from her nipples and in between her tits and it tasted great, I wished there was more.

when i had ate all my cum she straddled my face and she moved to the 69 position. She grabbed my dick and started sucking it. I licked her pussy as fast and hard as I could. When I put my tongue up her hole my nose rubbed her rosebud. It was clean so I thought I would lick it. I stuck my tongue out and licked all round her asshole. To my surprise, she loved it. I forced my tongue into her ass hole and she rubbed her pussy into my face.

‘Stick a finger in my ass please.’

I rammed by middle finger up her tight little butt as she screamed with pleasure.

As I fingered her ass and licked her clit I could feel her orgasm approaching.

‘I am going to cum, oh please don’t stop, yes yes yes, oh my god I am going to have my first orgasm, you are so fucking good, finger my ass, don’t stop, ohhhh…’ with that she exploded, her body tensed as she took my cock out of her mouth, I rammed my finger into her ass harder as I licked her clit. She began to shake and spasm as her juices ran from her pussy into my mouth. As she was coming down from her orgasm I hungrily licked up het juices and gave her used asshole a final lick.

After she had calmed down she thanked me for giving her her first orgasm and that it was the most amazing experience ever.

‘I want to give you a reward for helping me out, I know how much you love my feet, and how much you enjoyed eating you own cum earlier, so I am going to wank you off with my feet till you cum on them, then I am going to feed you my feet and you will eat all your cum off my dripping cummy feet. Now lie down’

I didn’t argue. I really wanted this to happen. She slowly wrapped her feet around my cock and began to move them up and down the length of my shaft. Her feet looked so sexy around my cock, and the sight of her naked, shaven, red, wet, used and wide open pussy turned me on further. After a few minutes of this I could feel I was ready to cum again. As Helen started rubbing her clit I couldn’t take and more, my body tensed and I stared to cum, it didn’t spray like it normally does due to the fact I had not long cum in her mouth, but there was still a lot of cum. It dribbled out all over her toes and the top of her feet. She then rubbed her soles of her feet on the end of my cock to catch the rest of the cum. Her feet were covered.

Helen was now feverishly rubbing her clit as she moved her cum covered feet towards me. I slowly licked the cum from the soles of her feet, loving the taste of my hot salty load. As I licked the rest of my cum from her toes Helens body began to spasm with another body ripping orgasm.

‘Eat that cum from my feet, aaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh I am cuming, don’t stop sucking my feet.’

I contintued licking and sucking big loads of thick salty cum from her feet, I was loving it and the smell of her sweaty cum covered feet was amazing.

I tried to lick every last drop of cum from her sperm drenched feet as Helen was screaming and cuming for only the second time in her life. But as Helen came round she pulled her feet from my mouth and licked her feet clean, swallowing down the remainder of my load. She then smiled at me and said she has wanted to fuck me ever since she has known me.

We kissed each other and thanked each other for a great night. We agreed to keep quiet about it and I said I would help her out any time she felt horny. She agreed and saif she wants to do it again and next time she wanted my cock in her pussy and for me to fuck her and lick her sperm drenched pussy clean. She also said she loved her ass being played with an would like us to experiment with anal. I hope I get to tell that story too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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