Her Dark Foot Fetish Ch. 01

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Catherine Hendrix sat at her reading nook, looking down at the book in her lap in concentration. She was a married woman in high society, raised at a very young age to be poised and regal, to never take no for an answer and demand her rights in society. She was beautiful, and she took pride in her appearance. Her maids helped her braid her hair delicately every day, and she combed her long blonde locks every single night, letting it fall to her waist as she fell asleep in her silk sheets. She had a short pointed nose, large blue eyes, and long eyelashes, and she put on subtle makeup every day even if she didn’t go outside. Why bother going outside when she had everything she needed at home? She had a thin body with C-sized breasts and wide hips, which was perfect for giving birth to the next generation of Hendrix children, those of whom she treasured dearly. Her now 18 year old son was everything in the world to her. She had only ever been with her own husband before they got married, though they were only sexual on nights where she was ovulating, and he was too busy going around the country to even pay attention to her. She didn’t mind, though. She had her books for company and a large home to care for. Why would she need anything else?

She was startled by the postman, who knocked on the door before departing. She grumbled to herself, why did he have to knock on the door so loudly? She was intrigued, though, and was expecting an invitation to the Queen’s party soon. So she exited her library and headed to the entrance, opening it to find a single letter in front of her. Her address wasn’t on it, and she looked around immediately to see who could’ve dropped it. There was no one around, so she picked it up, flipping it a few times before walking back to the library.

She folded her legs and looked down at the letter, hesitating for a second before tearing it open. She gasped down at the words that were written.

To Catherine Hendrix:

I know what you’re hiding, and I would like to be the one to bring it fully out of you. You’re a pervert. An adulterated snotty pervert that loves to sniff people’s dirty feet and shove them against your face, feeling their wet sweaty feet against your beautiful face. You want to take off a man’s socks and lick every single one of their toes, sucking on them like he’s your king and you’re nothing in his presence. Don’t lie. Don’t try to hide it. You know you want it, and I’m here to give you every single object of your desire.


Your Secret Admirer.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. What kind of perverted disgusting man sent her this note? She immediately threw it in the fire burning beside her, her body shaking from disgust. What was going on? She knew of no secret admirer, no one in her life that seemed remotely interested in her. Sure, she had a couple of affairs here and there, but they all ended decently, with both agreeing to end things before it went too far. It didn’t make any sense, and her heart pounded in fright. She had never even heard of people who loved feet like that, why would they? It was one of the most disgusting parts of a person’s body, and not something she would ever want to touch. She looked down at her toes now, confused. They were immaculate like the rest of her, nothing too special. Were people into something like this? She couldn’t help but continue to stare, and then shook her head, trying to casino siteleri forget the note even happened.

That night, she dreamt of a mysterious man. He tied her up on a medical bed, and took off her shoes and socks to reveal disgusting black feet that hadn’t been washed in days. He grinned at her maliciously before bringing out a feather duster and tickling her, unyielding as she screamed over and over again, begging for him to stop. She woke up drenched in her sheets, panting heavily as she scrambled to pull the blankets away to look at her feet. They were the same as always, and she decided to go down and make herself some hot chocolate before attempting to go back to sleep.

She received another note the next day, and raced to the door this time to see if she could capture the person sending it to her, to no luck again. She shakily opened the note this time, reading:

To Catherine Hendrix:

I hope you enjoyed my note yesterday. I spent a lot of time making it perfect for you.

I would like to explain to you what I’d really want to do to you. First, I’ll take you away in the dead of night. I’ll ignore your screams and pleading as you beg me to stop, but both of us will know how turned on you are to be rough handled like that. Your husband doesn’t satisfy you at all, does he? Doesn’t know of your dirty thoughts… the dreams you have in the dead of night. I’ll bring you to my basement, tie you up and hold you hostage. I wonder how much your husband cares about you. How much will he pay to get his loving wife back? I’ll force you to endure foot tickling, tie you up until you beg for mercy, until you can’t take your feet being attacked over and over again anymore. And then I’ll make you worship mine. I’ll make you lick every single crevice of my dirty toes. I didn’t wash them for you, after all. I want your saliva coating me as you work on my heels, on the arch of my feet, all the way to my toes. And then you’ll work on my other feet like the slut that you are. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Your Secret Admirer.

She couldn’t believe it. How absolutely disgusting. She threw it into the fire again without a second glance. She considered going to the police, but she had no concrete evidence, and what could they really do to help her? She had no idea why this person thought she had a foot fetish. She didn’t, and she knew that deep in her heart. But still… she looked down at her feet again, confused. Instead of dwelling on it more, she decided to go out shopping, something that was her favorite hobby that she hadn’t been able to enjoy for quite some time now. She called on the driver and he arrived 15 minutes later to bring her to her usual department store.

As soon as she arrived, she felt her body relax. Yes, this was exactly what she needed. She spent thousands of dollars on a new fur coat, and sipped on her starbucks as she decided where to go next. She stopped in her tracks when she spotted the shoe store. Piles and piles of shoes faced her, and she couldn’t help but think of the note from this morning again. She approached it like she was in a trance, and watched as women and men sat down on the couches, changing their old shoes into new ones. She couldn’t help but stare, looking at all the different kinds of feet. Some wrapped up in socks, some in long stockings that ended beneath a woman’s skirt, some in bare feet, shopping for their next set of slot oyna sandals for the summer. She could feel her body begin to heat up, her thighs clenched together as she watched them… the innocent bystanders to her lust. She gulped, and was shocked to feel a hand tapping on her shoulder. “Ma’am. Ma’am how can I help you?”

She shook her head, completely taken out of her fantasy. “I… sorry I was just looking.” She was flushed, and she ran off, with the shocked lady watching her run all the way to the driver, who was equally as shocked to see her expression. They drove all the way home without saying a word to each other, and she ran upstairs to sleep it off, only to be woken again by the same nightmare. She shivered on the bed, her heart pounding.

What was wrong with her? Why were these stupid childish notes affecting her so much? It wasn’t like she was frightened… no. The truth was, she was feeling incredibly aroused, and couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like for the things that were written in the letters to come to life. What kind of person was she to enjoy things like that? Her body shook with every thought… it was commanding her to do more, to crave for more. And she secretly wanted to do it…badly.

When she heard the third note arrive the next day, she practically bounced out of her seat to go receive it.

To Catherine Hendrix:

Are you feeling it? The lust in your veins as you realize what kind of dirty woman you really are? What would your husband say when he knew what his wife was thinking? What would your son say? I imagine with your fingers between your legs at night, stroking and touching and feeling yourself as you moan, thinking about what I’m going to do to you when I finally get you. What a sweet woman you are. I bet your cunt tastes just as good as your toes.


Your Secret Admirer.

She shivered, and was about to go and burn the note before she heard the door open again. She glanced up in shock, wondering if the secret admirer was finally here to capture her. Instead, she heard her son and his best friend at the door. She put on her fakest house wife smile and raced to the door, saying, “oh hello, I wasn’t expecting the two of you!” Her son was currently attending his first year of University with his friend, and didn’t come home as often as she would like. If she was being honest with herself, she had been feeling quite lonely without him lately.

“Just came home to show Alex some comics I left here.” Freddy said, and Alex gave her a wicked smile before walking off after Freddy. She had known Alex ever since he was a little kid, and as he aged and went through maturity, he became hotter and hotter every time she laid eyes on him. It was wrong, but he seemed to always flirt with her when he was around, and she wondered if he was attracted to her as well. She shook the thoughts out of her mind and hurried to the kitchen to make some snacks and drinks for them.

She knocked on her son’s door before entering, watching as they sat on the ground together, two grown men staring at comics. “I brought some food.” She said, and her son nodded.

“Thanks mom, you can just leave it at the table.” She set it down, giving them one more glance before turning back around.

She stopped in her tracks as she heard Alex say, “so how’s it going, Mrs. Hendrix?” She saw her son give him a glare, wondering why he was making canlı casino siteleri conversation with her.

She turned around and smiled, saying, “oh it’s been going well, Alex. How are you doing with school? Is Freddy giving you a hard time?”

“Very well, Mrs. Hendrix. We’ve both been adjusting well.” He replied. He continued the conversation for long enough that she had to sit down on the bed to keep talking, and by the time she got up, the platter was already emptied of the snacks she brought up.

“Well I’ll leave the two of you alone.” She said, with Freddy looking at her gratefully.

Before she could leave again, though, Alex got up from the ground saying, “let me help you with that, Mrs. Hendrix.” It was peculiar… the platter wasn’t heavy whatsoever, and she was more than capable of bringing it downstairs herself.

“No, no. It’s okay. ” She started but he shook his head, insisting. They walked down the stairs awkwardly together, and she told him to leave the platter on the table for her to take care of later. Instead of listening to her, he watched her like a hawk, taking in her every movement.

“You look exhausted, Mrs. Hendrix.” He commented.

She smiled a little and said, “yeah, I’ve been having a lot of nightmares recently, so I haven’t been sleeping well.”

“Can I offer you a foot massage? I’ve been doing it for my mom for a while, and she absolutely loves it. Says that it helps her sleep at night.”

She blushed furiously. This was… quite a coincidence. Why were people talking about feet so much lately. She wondered why he wasn’t going up to Freddy, but only nodded, her mind feeling hazy again. She led him to the grand living room and sat down, and he moved her feet onto his lap, looking down gently at it before beginning his massage.

His hands were… godly. He was right that it made her feel incredibly relaxed. He massaged every part of her feet, working his way from the bottom to the top, pressing in on her arches as he did. She practically moaned out loud at the sensation. Who knew her feet were so goddamned sensitive? He grazed his finger nails against her toes from time to time, making her giggle and wiggle it at the sensation. She had never gotten a massage like this before, and it was incredible. She leaned back against the couch, breathing out a sigh of relief as he worked his fingers deep into her body.

She opened her eyes after a while, wondering how long he could continue this massage for. She was shocked to find a distinctive bulge in his pants. It was… huge. Way more than she had ever seen on her husband or the men she cheated on him with. She couldn’t believe massaging her was turning him on… though if she admitted it to herself, she was very wet as well. She was about to say something when she heard her son at the door, “what the hell is going on?” He looked at the two of them in shock.

Catherine blushed scarlet. “He offered me a foot massage because I haven’t been able to sleep lately…” She revealed.

“Dude, that’s super weird.” Freddy said to Alex, who shrugged.

“Nah, I do it for my mom all the time. And your mom is practically my second mom.” Freddy studied him for a second before nodding.

“Fine, let’s go back to uni now.” Freddy waved her goodbye, and Alex blew her a kiss before waving goodbye as well.

Catherine laid there, stunned. What had just happened? She was feeling a combination of immense relaxation and lust, and couldn’t sort her feelings out.

It was only late in the afternoon when she realized… this was too much of a coincidence. She had discovered who her secret admirer was.

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