Her Daughters’ Sex Toy Ch. 03

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From Chapter 2, where big-boobed CONNIE provides lusty Morrocan lesbian NADIRA some of the infamous “customer service” the Lovejoy Law Firm is known for:

Nadira’s insistently-probing erection finds the busty bitch’s anal tract squishy and silky-soft; after several minutes of deep screwing she pulls-back until only the head of her prick remains inside the redhead, then goes back in, slowly, repeating the strokes again and again and building momentum until she is going full-bore.

Connie responds to these actions in the only way possible, her nerve-endings begin to crackle as her horniness and desire build toward the inevitable…she begins to chant, urging the hard-pounding Nadira on like a horse jockey pounding down the home-stretch:


Nadira can’t give it to any harder; she is driving her massive dong like piston gone mad. This not only takes Connie over the edge, but sets-off an equally-powerful explosion in her own loins. Bit by bit, Nadira’s frantic pace slows until she is gently posting in and out, until they ride the crest of their mutual climax together. In her own office, lusty Lucy is up to much the same….

(Connie’s not the only one getting a good “seeing-to…if you read Chapter 2, you know that while the horny admin is getting her anal itch scratched Lovely Lucy is giving one of her most important clients a bit of the “personalized service” she’s (in)famous for… )

Monica Burns is a beautiful African American woman, 32 yrs old, and a partner at the city’s largest stock brokerage firm. She is tall, curvy, and “model-quality” beautiful (after winning the Miss North Carolina title, she’d lost interest in the prospect of going for the Miss America crown). Having graduated the University of North Carolina with a 4.0 GPA, she instead turned her talents to the world of high finance (the day she graduated, she’d been approached by no less than ten of the world’s largest securities firms, all offering huge bonuses to secure her services), and after just five years at Morris, Peterman, Norton, and Burns, she has made partner and brings home an excess of $250,000 U.S. per year. Apart from her salary, Lucy won a settlement of $20,000 per month and a lump sum of $1.5 million from her ex-husband, an Austrian strongman-turned actor whose action-hero and ‘man’s man’ status would likely take a severe hit if his illegal bahis fans knew what Monica had found out: he liked taking strap-ons up the ass on occasion: really, really BIG ONES. Monica had gone along with it for awhile, even gotten into the kinkiness of it, but she quickly tired of what she considered his “closet queer” inclinations and filed for divorce after only 16 months of marriage. Harold had tried to bluff his way through, threatening to make the spilt as nasty as possible, at least until Lucy gave him her sweetest, most winning smile, looked him right in the eye and said:

“You know, it’s just my opinion, but any man who would take a strap-on up his ass wouldn’t say no to a man’s COCK. How much do you reckon your next film would gross if a rumor alleging, say, GAY SEX were to get out?”

“Now see here, Madam!” Harold’s lawyer had roared, springing to his feet.

Luci had ignored him. “I’m not saying such a rumor WILL get out, only that it could”

The other side had settled immediately. Now Monica has come to “settle up” with Luci… she has a cheque for $150,000 in her handbag, and a “bonus” under her slacks: 12.5 inches of the thickest man-made rubber cock strapped about her middle. Lucy gladly receives both…

Luci is hanging her blouse carefully on a hanger as Monica is buzzed into her office. The material of the black bra she wears is under serious duress by the well-stacked attorney’s incredible hangers. Monica can see the outline of her dark aureoles through it quite clearly as well as the large, stubby nipples poking cheekily through the thin cloth. The two women embrace, and as soft lips seek-out and find sof lips, Monica’s tongue slides into Luci’s mouth as her hands slither up Luci’s shapely sides to cradle the blonde’s very large endowments. They feel hot and heavy in the black woman’s palms, and as she squeezes them, Luci squirms and presses her belly harder against Monica’s evident erection.

They kiss, tongues darting and dancing like the rapier thrusts of expert fencers. Luci thrusts her right hand down the front of Monica’s tailored slacks and grabs the shaft of her cock. Slow, jacking motions cause a hiss deep in the ebony financier’s throat: part of the double-headed dong secured by the strap-on’s harness is buried in Monica’s pussy, and the ridged surface is causing delicious ripples of lust to course through the darker woman as the ridges contact her clit.

Monica’s fingers apply a bit illegal bahis siteleri more pressure to Luci’s vast breast flesh, and the nipples quiver ,as if begging to be sucked. The womens’ kiss goes on and on; both women are getting hotter by the second. The zipper on the side of the blonde’s skirt rasps down (Monica has freed one hand from it’s heavy load and gotten hold of the zipper tab); as the material pools at her feet, Luci takes two steps out of it. She is resplendent in a fancy red and black suspender-belt made of satin, gunmetal stockings, and red high-heeled pumps. Her bra, straining under the weight of her massive jugs, is of the same color and material; she took off her panties the minute Monica called to say she was on her way. The women come together again, and this time Monica slips one hand around and behind Luci. The long index finger works its way through the deep crack between the blonde lawyer’s plump cheeks to wet itself in the sticky honey that has pooled at the juncture of anus and cunt. Then up, up, up, the same way, to probe at the raw, sensitive entrance of Luci’s delightful bottom, before gaining admittance and squirming inside.

Both women are at a fever pitch, sexually. More-so Luci, who is responding to her client’s expert and prolonged fondling of her breasts and ass. She slides one of her free hands between them and into Monica’s pants again to measure the length and girth of the huge strap-on she hungers to have buried a s far up her ass as it will go. A second finger joins the first, eliciting a throaty chuckle from the bawdy blonde. That smugness is wiped away by a bit more of a ferocious stab of Monica’s fingers. Lucy gasps and shudders and the limber digits snuggled within her bottom wiggle and flutter, stretching her oh so deliciously. Her whole body-knees, hands, stomach, heart-seem to tremble. She is tingling and eager to be crammed with cock.

Monica is the first to speak:

“You wanna suck some dick first, or get right to business?”

“I want this big black cock in my ass; I want you to bust my butt wide-open”

She moves away and arranges herself on all fours, on the plush carpet. Monica is undressed in less than thirty seconds, and kneeling behind the voluptuous blonde mother, ready for action. She guides the big black beauty between Luci’s milky white buttocks, against her pinkish-brown anal pucker, then pauses.

“You want some some lube, baby?”

“I’m loose enough…just canlı bahis siteleri give it to me as is”

“You got it…”

Luci relaxes her already loose asshole as the fat tip of the rubber dingus pushes insistently against it. The girth of the thing makes her body tense, but the experienced anal whore simply lowers her belly a bit, not shrinking from taking it all. She’s had longer pricks in her ass, but this one is one of the THICKEST, but as stretched as she is, a more insistent push of Monica’s hips sends the turd spear tunneling deep into the voluptuous blonde court officer’s fundament.

Luci is well-aware of each ridge on the molded surface of the rubber dong as it bullies its way through her anal tract and into her rectum. Within a few strokes Monica establishes a rhythm: a fast and hard, steady and deep rhythm that bears not the slightest resemblance to love-making. The black woman knows that Luci likes her butt-sex rough times two, and she is more than willing to give it to her.

After ten minutes of relentless buggering, Monica slows suddenly and draws her glistening dork nearly all the way out of Luci’s clinging, pliant anal port, stopping just short so that the crown is still lodged inside. Lucy shrieks in wonder and pure joy, squirming and moaning as the massive latex dong dong is drawn-out through her desperately-clutching anus. It is once more introduced, and the solid but flexible shaft slides even deeper this time. The journey is slow, and a bit tantalizing. By revolving her hips in hard, tight circles, the deep-seated anal stretcher rotates within Luci, sending thrills of pleasure surging through her. As Monica picks up the pace, Luci forces herself backwards, raising her glorious buttocks to greet her lover’s forward momentum.

Monica is in a bit of a frenzy herself; the pressure of the dick-shaft within her own clutching cuntal sheath on her un-hooded clitty has her nearly at the edge. Her hips are blur as they drive into Luci’s open, slackened arsehole. Each time The blonde bitch’s shapely, luscious arse-cheeks connect with the front of the hard-pounding ebony dildo-mistress’s thighs they wobble and jiggle, joggle and shimmy like crazy. The blonde bitch whines brokenly, her plush bottom jiving in a large circle.

The non-stop, hard and deep thrusting is stimulating juices from the core of blonde Luci. Her cry of release is joyous, loud, and a bit pained. A final thrust, and she explodes again, just as Monica reaches her own peak. Together ,they reach the peak a third, and fourth time.

Afterward: Luci suckles Monica’s big dick lovingly, expertly. Monica has fucked many women, but none as sexy, stunningly-built, and down-right NASTY as Luci Lovejoy.

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