Her Hair

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She was waiting for her Master to come home. She checked herself in the mirror, to make sure she was presentable: Heels, the light-weight short skirt he liked with the white silk thong underneath, white matching bra, and a soft light blue silk blouse. Her make-up was done to perfection: Not too much, just a hint of color on her cheeks and lips. And then there was her hair! She had long, long red hair. It fell in a glossy cascade down her back, reaching down to her ass. She loved it, and she knew He did too. And tonight, it was at its best, all glossy and free. “Yes,” she thought, “Master will be pleased”.

She went into the hall, standing at the end opposite the front door, ready to drop to her knees and greet Him when he entered. It was almost time, and her heart was racing, as it always did. It was incredible to her that she had so recently discovered where true happiness for her lay. She would never have guessed, even six months ago, that she would feel so fulfilled in serving a man. Indeed, she had always seen herself as strong and capable: In fact she was, and almost everyone who knew her thought that was the reality of who she was. But He had seen through that. Seen the desperate need inside her to be cared for, her desperate desire to be able to give up the responsibility and just obey, serve, in return for being cared for totally. She blushed as she remembered her early disobedience, her fear of losing herself…What a silly girl she had been! In fact, in giving herself to Him, she had finally found herself.

She heard the key in the lock, and snapped out of her reminiscence, ready to focus herself on her Master and His needs. As the door opened, she fell gracefully to her knees, her head bowed, her hands behind her back. She heard the door close, and then there were his shoes in front of her. She bowed lower, silent, awaiting His greeting.

“Hello, my pet. You may stand.”

She rose to her feet, her head still bowed, until he put a hand on her chin and raised her face to look at Him. He was smiling, a small, warm smile that melted her heart.

“Do you know what today is, my pet?”

“No, Sir…Except that it is Wednesday, of course.”

“Today is the six month anniversary of our first meeting, my pet! And, in celebration, I think we shall do something very special, something that will take us to a new level. Do you wish this? Are you ready to give even more of yourself to me?”

She wondered what He meant. What could there be beyond what they already had? And yet, if there truly was more, she knew she wanted it! “Master, casino siteleri you already own me, body and soul. Whatever you wish, is yours to command.”

“Very good. Follow me.” He led her into the kitchen and put his case on the table. He turned and walked slowly around her, examining her carefully. “You have done very well, my pet. Your dress is impeccable, your make-up perfect. However, what I have in mind will be better done without the clothing, so please, remove it for now.”

She nodded, wondering what He had planned, and slowly began to remove her clothing. She unbuttoned her blouse and peeled it off, then undid her bra. As she slid that down her arms, her breasts came free, swinging slightly as she moved. She felt his eyes on her and smiled, feeling wanted in a way no one else had ever made her feel. He always made her feel beautiful and desirable, and in return she let him feast his eyes upon her whenever he wanted.

She undid her skirt and carefully stepped out of it, folding it and adding it to the pile of her blouse and bra. Then she slowly slid her thong down her legs. Standing back up, she stood at attention for his approval.

His fingers traced lightly over her face and down onto her neck. “Whose face is this?”

“Yours, Master”

*He ran his fingers down over her breasts, grazing the nipples, making them jump to life. “And these wonderful breasts?”

“They too are yours, of course Mater.”

He walked around behind her, his fingers trailing down over her stomach and ending on her hips. He stood close to her, his head next to hers and he spoke more softly. “And these hips?”

“Yours” She said in a breathy whisper.

His hands moved again and he cupped her pussy in his palm. He could feel the heat there and knew she was getting quite aroused. “And this most precious place of pleasure?”

“That belongs to you and you alone, my Master.”

“His hands traveled back up her body and gathered her hair at the nape of her neck. “And what of this magnificent mane?”

“Master, all I have and am belongs to you, including my hair.”

“Kneel, my pet, and bow your head down, spreading your hair out so I may see it fully.”

She sank down and put her forehead on the cool tile. Then she lifted her hair and spread it out in a wide fan in front of her. She could sense him moving around, looking at it…then he knelt and placed something on the floor next to her, but she couldn’t see what through the curtain of her hair.

“Show me your devotion: Give me your hair, my pet.”

“It is already slot oyna yours, Master, as I said.”

“No, my pet, that is not what I mean…look to your left.”

She lifted her head a bit and looked at the object he had placed on the floor. Her heart skipped a beat, surely not! There on the floor was a large pair of scissors. Her heart started to beat faster as she fought within herself: To lose her hair, how could she? It was so much a part of her, so big a piece of what made her herself! And yet, she was his. She had given herself to him, told him the hair was his. Once again, she found herself at that crossroads: Could she submit, would she submit?

He stood there watching her, knowing the struggle that was going on inside her. He understood that she believed she had given herself totally, but he knew she had had a romantic, idealized picture of what that meant. Now was the true test. Would she pass?

She swallowed hard, her body in a strange state of nervous excitement. She closed her eyes and in a small voice, she said “Master, it is yours…you may cut it as you wish.”

“Oh no, my pet. I have no intention of cutting it at all.”

Her heart beat faster still. Was that all he wanted, her agreement? Would she get to keep her long tresses? Yes, surely that was it! He had tested her and she had passed! Relief began to flood through her, but it was changed to an icy fear when she heard his next words:

“You will do that….Please, cut it off and present it to me.”

He meant for her to do it to herself? How could he ask that! Not just to take her hair, but to make her be the one to do it! NO! No, this was too much! If he thought she was gong to do that he had another thought coming!

And yet…somehow her hand was moving, picking up the scissors…

What was she doing? Surely she wasn’t going to actually cut her own hair off! She should say something…Why wasn’t her mouth working? She took the scissors in her right hand and gathered her hair with her left hand. Her mind was whirling…then she noticed that her body was quivering…she focused on herself and realized her pussy was wet…This was turning her on? No, how could it be…she was scared, she was angry, she was going to rebel, she….she…she was going to do it, she realized.

She placed the open scissors against her scalp just above her right temple. The cool metal shocked her. She held her breath, still not believing this was happening. Then her right hand spasmed shut and she saw a large swath of her precious hair fall to the hard tile in front canlı casino siteleri of her. She stared at it, lying there. Oh God, she had actually done it! What had she been thinking? How could her body have betrayed her like this!

And yet somehow, she felt relieved…there was nothing more to worry about, she was committed to this now. She cut again, another shimmering lock falling slowly to the floor.

As she continued to cut and watch the pile grow, she realized that she had indeed entered a new place in her service to him. She had obeyed him even though her conscious mind had rebelled. Her deeper, inner self had known what to do. Her mind was still in turmoil, and yet there was a deep peace welling up from inside her. Even as her locks fell, her body rejoiced in her service. In fact, she realized, her nipples were rock hard and the dampness between her thighs was now almost a flood! She tried not to think any more. Just to follow the rhythm of the scissors as they cut, cut, cut…She felt her legs tense and relax as each lock fell, her arousal mounting along with the pile of red, shiny hair on the floor. She was almost disappointed when the last of her hair shimmered slowly down onto the pile.

She put the scissors down on the floor and stopped to catch her breath again. Then she reached up to feel her head…It felt so strange! She could feel the cool air on her neck, something she had no memory of ever feeling before! And when she felt her hair, she was shocked anew to find just a short soft brush where once had been her long, heavy tresses. She truly felt light-headed in more ways than one! She pushed the pile of hair towards him and then raised her head, tears in her eyes, to look at him. Would he accept this? Was it worth it? Did he still love her? Was he pleased?

He was sitting before her on one of the kitchen chairs. His eyes, too, were wet with tears. She was puzzled at first, until he spoke.

“That, my precious one, was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen in my life! You have shown in the most deep, complete way possible just how right we are together: That we are one, and always will be! You have never, never looked more beautiful to me than you do now!”

He stood up and held out his hand to help her stand too. “You deserve a reward for such devotion and service, my pet. We will go out tonight and get you some new jewelry to complement your new look. But first, I think you need to relieve some of the tension that your devotion engendered. Am I right?”

She stood there, holding her hand, and blushed. “Yes, Master, if I may I would like very much to be allowed to orgasm.”

“And so you shall, my pet. Somehow I think this will be a very powerful one!” He led her towards the bedroom, leaving the pile of hair on the floor for later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20