Her, Him and Me

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“But who?”

“I don’t know. You know anyone?”

“No, how would I?”

“Well don’t you girls talk?”

“Yes but not about that?”

I was in bed with my husband, Sean. He had just fucked me. Actually he had fucked me twice.

I had hardly got in the front door when he had me the first time. Pulling me into his arms he had kissed me and shoved his tongue so far into my mouth that he was almost licking my tonsils. He pulled my white, business blouse out of the waist of my dark blue, pin-stripe, Donna Karan suit skirt and almost tore the buttons when he shoved his hand inside it right onto my breasts.

Although we did now and then have spontaneous sex, this was pretty unusual, but very welcome. It’s nice to be wanted even if it is by your husband with who you have not been getting on that well.

His other hand was on my bum squeezing and rubbing me. It then slid down, went under the hem of the skirt and slid up my legs until it was on my bare bottom in the black thong. Although it was autumn, it was quite warm and as I still had tanned legs I was not wearing tights or stockings. Still kissing me he scooped my B cup boobs out of the diaphanous, white lace bra and pulled and pinched my nipples.

“What’s all this in aid of?” I asked.

“Dunno I just suddenly fancied you so much,” he replied clamping his mouth round my nipple and areola and sucking, quite hard just as he knew I like it. I kissed him back and fumbled at the front of his chinos for his cock. It was wonderfully rigid inside the thin material. I unzipped him and got it out.

“I’m gonna fuck you here,” he growled into my ear.

“No let me go upstairs.”


“I have been warm I need a shower.”

“Fuck that I like a bit of sweat.”

Pushing me towards the large, deep green leather Chesterfield made me think that we would lay on that and do it there, but he had other ideas.

“Turn round,” he said as we got near to it. I did as he said and was thrilled when he pulled my skirt up and bunched it round my hips. “Now bend over the arm.” I did that as well.

I felt and heard his jeans being pushed down and then he was pulling the gusset of my thong to one side and pushing the end of his cock right against my damp pussy lips. He fucked me the first time, bent over the arm of the Chesterfield with both of us fully dressed.

After a light meal and a few drinks we had sex again in bed and this included him doing oral on me both on my pussy and my bottom and me licking and sucking his cock until we were ready for the second half. I had multiple orgasms with both fucks. ‘Perhaps he’s not so bad after,’ I thought laying in his arms naked after the second fuck. That changed a bit, though, when he once more brought up his ‘old chestnut’ pillow talk topic of.

“I would love to see you with another woman.”

Sean had been asking me that on and off since before we married a year or so ago and my stock answer had always been that I am not into women.

“We need something to spice up our sex life Chrissy.”

Smiling I said. “After downstairs and just now, I don’t think we do.”

“You know we do generally, though, don’t you. Us second time arounders need extra stimulus?”

Thinking of the times I had recently had ‘headaches’ or he stayed up late watching football or golf so that we did not have to undress together and the way that neither of us seemed to have the desire for the other we used to, I knew he was right. I knew that he was also right about it being different on your second marriage which we both were. Both in our mid-thirties, I had been divorced for a couple of years and he for about five when we met and after a whirlwind romance had married; more on a whim than a plan. I think we both regretted it to some extent even before the honeymoon was over.

I gave my usual retort.

“Why not another guy?”

“I could not do that?”

“A lot of men would love to see their wife getting it from another bloke.”

“I guess I could watch, but I could not do a threesome with another bloke.”

“But you could do a threesome with me and someone else?”

“Yes and I want to Chrissy, come on just try it.”

That’s when I made the mistake of asking. “But who?”


“I think I know someone,” he said as we undressed a few nights later.

I was just removing my bra. “What do you mean, someone?” I asked

“For our threesome.”

“I did not say I would,” I replied continuing to brush my shoulder-length blonde hair as I undressed.

“You said you would think about it?” He said sliding his boxers off and walking over to stand behind where I was sitting looking into the dressing table mirror.

“Do I know her?”

“No, you said that it was essential you didn’t know her.”

“Yes I would feel very uncomfortable with someone I knew, especially when I would have to see her again.”

“That sounds as though you are saying you will do it?”

“Not at all this is all still theoretical,” I said enjoying the feeling of his cock pressed into my bare back and his hands on my shoulders.

“Well we will have to work at turning casino siteleri theory into practice won’t we?” He said sliding his hand down my chest and cupping my breasts.

“Who is it?”

“Her name’s Denise. I used to work with her, she’s forty.”

“Have you shagged her?” I asked as Sean pulling on my nipples and talking about the threesome started to arouse me.


“Did you have a fling with her?”

“No just a couple of nights. We were at a company conference in Copenhagen and a group of us went to a live sex show.”


“We all enjoyed it and back at the hotel I somehow ended up in her room and spent the night with her.”

“Why do you think she would want to?”

“Just some of her remarks about the show we had watched.”

“What sort of remarks?” I asked squirming my back against Sean’s cock and legs as he ran one hand down my body and into my panties.

“Well we were both a bit pissed and we had smoked some weed so I don’t recall it very clearly, but I remember she made more comments about the girls, who actually were fucking tasty, than the guys.”

“And what did you say?” I asked as my concentration slipped a little due to the lovely feelings he was giving me.

“I do clearly remember us talking about men liking to see their partner with someone else and she brought up threesomes and told me she had been in a few.”

“What two girls and a bloke?”

“Yes but also two guys.”

Sean’s fingers on one hand were now fumbling on my landing strip of pubic hair whilst with those on the other he was squeezing and pulling my nipple. I opened my legs a little to give him room. He took it and sent a lovely shock through me as he immediately found my clitoris and pressed on it.

“Nice?” He asked as our eyes met in the mirror.

“Mmmmmm lovely,” I muttered opening my legs wider so that he could get to my pussy. He rubbed all round my lips, between my legs and into the crease in my bottom. “And when was the other time?”


“That you had Denise.”

“Funnilly enough just as I met you. I told her that she and I could meet no more as I was in love with you.”

“How long after meeting me?” I asked as the sensation welled up strongly from his fingers on my pussy.

“Just a couple of weeks.”

“So you two timed me did you?”

“Sort of, yes, just the once.”

“And where did you fuck her?”

“Up her cunt of course.”

Despite the extreme arousal that made me smile. “No where location wise I meant.”

“Her flat in Belsize Park.”

“Presumably you fucked her before dumping her for me.”

“Of course darling, I am not fucking stupid.”

“What did she say?”

“That if I change my mind and she was around we could always get together,” he said sliding a couple of fingers up me and adding. “And just think Chrissy that Denise could be doing this to you.”

“Don’t,” I replied closing my eyes.

He moved and stood alongside me and presented his cock to me. Gratefully almost I took it in my hands and started rubbing it.

“Just imagine her fingers on you, her hand on your tits, her mouth on your nipples Chrissy. On this lovely nipple, the one I am pinching. Just imagine it’s her teeth and lips.”

“No Sean stop.”

“Just think Chrissy of feeling her tits, of you sucking her nipples,” he went on as he put his hand on his cock behind mine and started to wank himself

The combination of all that he was doing got to me and I started to cum.

“Yes babe, yes go for it,” he murmured fingering me and rubbing my clit. Still holding his cock and seeing him jacking off as he held it against my face tipped me completely over the edge and my orgasm burst throughout my body and mind just as his cock exploded.

With my husband’s spunk splattered all over my face I agreed to meet Denise.


In some ways I wanted to know more about her. More about that night in Copenhagen and whether since then there had been any more nights, or afternoons come to that, in London than the one he had mentioned. I felt it best not to ask though for marriage second timers do not need or want to know too much about their partner’s past or excess baggage. When Sean told me that Denise had agreed to come to dinner, I wanted to ask how he had put the invitation to her and where they were when he did. Recently I had been having my suspicions about him.

“I just called her up and asked her?” He told me.

“What whether she would like to sleep with your wife?”

“Well no.”

“What then?”

“I told her I was married and asked if she was attached and she said no.”

“And then?”

“I said that we were looking for some fun and would she be interested?”

“What all on the phone?”

“Yes, well and a couple of emails. I asked her to dinner.”

I was not sure whether to believe him or not and a part of me felt that they had probably met again and maybe had sex and that was when he asked her.

As it happens, I found out later, Sean was telling the complete truth, rather to my surprise.

Still I could hardly believe that after slot oyna another rather good fuck with my husband I agreed to the threesome. It was even harder for me to believe that as I was getting ready for Denise to arrive that I was choosing some of my sexiest underwear, a low cut, white top, not that I have much to show and a shortishm patterned skirt that I knew showed off my ok legs very nicely.

Sean had showed me a photo of Denise taken as part of a group at one of the management meetings, not he explained the one in Copenhagen. In the photo she looked attractive, but not so much that I would feel inhibited. As Sean introduced us that impression was confirmed even though it seemed rather incongruous to be shaking hands with a woman with who I might shortly be having sex.

She was about my height five feet six, but probably a little heavier, around one forty pounds. Her crowning glory, from a woman’s perspective was her thick mane of lustrous, black hair, although from a male viewpoint it was more likely her quite spectacular, probably D cup breasts. Her nose was slightly too large and her lips probably too thin for her to be classically beautiful, but these ‘impediments’ were more than made up for, by her angular cheekbones and stunning green eyes.

As the three of us chatted over drinks on the patio, I found her to be warm and friendly, humorous and intelligent with balanced views and opinions. I liked her and we got on well.

She was not quite, but was almost I felt flirting with me. She had complimented me on my outfit, asked about the house and who planned the beautiful furnishings as she called them and said how lovely the garden was. She smiled a lot particularly when I made a joke, held my gaze just that tad longer than is normal and was quite come on. Sean babbled away nineteen to the dozen and did not seem able to drag his eyes away from her spectacular breasts when she was sitting down and when she stood up her wonderfully rounded bum in the tight, ankle length with a slit up one side skirt.

Although I could never recall thinking of a female in a sexual way I had to admit that as she walked into the dining room and one of her long, shapely legs poked out from the skirt, it certainly grabbed my attention.

Dinner went quickly and easily and Sean suggested we go to the lounge and have more wine.

“I have to be careful, I am driving,” Denise said quite innocently I am sure.

“You don’t have to Sean,” replied adding not innocently at all. “You can stay the night.”

I had been wondering just how the sexual aspect of her visit to us would be introduced. Denise looked at me and held my gaze.

“Would that be alright Christina, I don’t want to be a problem.”

Wilting a little under her calm gaze I mumbled. “No, er I mean yes, that would be fine Denise.”

Beaming both of us a big smile she said. “Well I would love another glass of that delicious red then please Sean.”

“Let me put some music on,” Sean said going over to the cabinet with the inbuilt speakers and clicking on his iPod.

“Mmmm that’s lovely,” Denise said as we both sat on the large six-seater, green leather sofa over the arm of which he had fucked me a couple of weeks ago. I smiled at the incongruity of that sex had led to me agreeing to the threesome and now here we were both on that sofa.

“Any more room on that settee,” Sean rather blatantly asked standing before us.

“Bags,” Denise replied as indeed there was plenty of room.

He sat between us and we chatted as we sipped our wine. We each finished and he stood up, got the bottle and topped up our glasses.

“Fancy a smoke?” Sean asked.

“What weed?” Denise asked.

“Yes, I have some great stuff.”

We were not big drug users and although we had both tried coke, we preferred weed. It was more relaxing and we found it fitted in nicely with an evening at home with plenty of sex.

We passed the spliff round in the sort of serious way that sharers adopt. We must have had three or four snorts each before Sean put the butt into an ashtray. My mind had gone a little fuzzy as the marijuana fumes were transferred to my brain from my lungs. With the effects of the weed mixing with the three or four glasses of the nice Malbac red I had drunk I certainly was feeling quite mellow, very relaxed and more and more uninhibited, but that was my normal reaction to wine and weed.

“So,” Sean said quickly. “Please you came Denise.”

Turning towards Sean the skirt fell open and her bare leg almost up to her panties was exposed. Giggling in the way that weed smokers tend to do she said. “Well I would remind you Sean and Christina of course that I have not yet.”

“Not what?” Sean asked.

“Never mind, it was a poor joke,” she replied rearranging her skirt and going on. “Yes, we had a great meal, thank you Christina, you both have a lovely house and you Sean have a gorgeous wife.” .

Putting his arm round me and kissing the side of my head, Sean said. “Yes I do don’t I? She’s lovely and sexy isn’t she?” As he placed his hand on my bare leg some six inches or so above my knees.

Speaking very quietly, canlı casino siteleri Denise said. “Yes Sean she is lovely and sexy.”

“But then Denise,” he went on so are you isn’t she Chris?”

I surprised myself by saying far louder than I intended. “Yes she’s gorgeous.”

“Nice of you to say so, thank you Christina,” Denise said moving slightly causing the skirt to fall open again. She went to put it back in place, but Sean said.

“Leave the fucking thing alone Denise, it’s nice looking at your legs.”

Denise looked at me smiling. “He has such a way with words doesn’t he at times.”

“Yes, he does, but sometimes he makes sense.”

“And did he that time?” She asked looking into my eyes and holding my gaze. “About leaving my skirt like this Christina?”

As I averted my eyes from hers I felt a strong surge of sexual arousal and that alarmed me. The alarm was not so much because of the arousal, but that it was as a result of seeing her bare leg and what she had just said as she gazed into my eyes. It hit me that I was being turned on by a woman.

“Yes, I rather think he did,” I mumbled.

Then looking from me to Sean then back again and holding my gaze, she pushed the skirt so that it fell open and the outside of her bare leg from her ankle nearly to her hip was exposed.

“Ok?” She said quietly.

I nodded; I don’t think I would have been able to speak as I was so nervous.

Sean said it for me. “That looks lovely Denise, thank you.”

“You are both welcome,” she smiled going on to say. “I guess I have to pay for my dinner and bed some way.

I smiled back having no idea how to contribute to this sophisticated flirting; it was well beyond me.

“Well I can think of many ways,” Sean offered.

“Such as?” Denise queried.

“Well, for instance, I’ve always wanted to see my wife with another woman?” He said making me feel embarrassed.

There was silence as Denise’s gaze once more went slowly from Sean to me and back again. It seemed to me as though she was thinking about it and I was rather hoping she would say no and go off in a huff. She took a sip of her drink as she once more looked at me and back to him before saying softly.

“Mmmm might be fun.” She looked at me and held my gaze as she said very softly. “What do you think Christina, is it OK with you?”

As they both stared at me I could hardly breathe let alone reply so, like a fool, I just nodded and covered my embarrassment by putting the glass to my lips.

“Why not get some more wine Sean?” Denise said.

“Sure, same again?” We both nodded and he went off to the kitchen.

Denise moved very close to me and said in a whisper. “Are you comfortable with this Christina?”

That made me feel much better. “Yes Denise, yes I think I am.”

“Presumably it’s Sean’s idea.”


“And have you been with a woman before?”

I shook my head and said ver quietly. “No never.”

“Have you wanted to?”

“No, but I am curious.”

“So why now and why me?”

“Sean and I are experimenting with different things. He has been asking me for ages if I would go with a woman.”

“And you have said no, so what has made you change your mind?”

I gave her quick synopsis of the episodes leading up to us being together.

“And Sean suggested you, is that ok?”

“Oh yes I am very ok.”

“He said that you have done it before.”

“Yes I have several times. I am not lesbian, but am very bi.”

“And he says that you have had sex with him.”

“Yes a couple of times,” she told me broadly corroborating Sean’s story.

“To be truthful Christina I have always fancied Sean on a sexual level.

As she was saying that Sean returned and heard her say that.

“Hold on a sec Denise. Flattered though I am, this does not necessarily include me. It might just be you and Christina as I watch.”

“Yeah right,” she said laughing. “Pigs might fly.”

“True” Sean replied. “This is all about Chrissy and me experimenting and I have this really big thing about seeing her with another woman.”

Denise interrupted laughing. “Really now? You are a lucky girl Christina.”

“I was going to add and being a voyeur.”

Denise seemed surprised and again asked if I was ok with it. Her understanding and consideration for my feelings together with her looks and body, the very frank conversation and the expanse of bare flesh of her leg began to provide that ‘something extra.’

My feelings about going with another woman were still very mixed. The actual thought of being with a woman was very daunting, but also exciting as I suspect it would be to most women. Additionally, the idea of having sex with her in front of Sean was, when I was really honest with myself appealing; the exhibitionist side of me was rearing its ugly head.

I guess my main objection was the rather cold-blooded nature of the whole thing. I think that in some ways I would have been happier had it have been spontaneous when we were all a little tipsy. If Denise and I had got it on like that I don’t think I would have had a problem The idea that Sean had propositioned her, had planned what we were going to do and when we were going to do it and now we all together possibly about to do it, whatever it was, made it all seem a very contrived and rather mechanistic!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20