Here’s To You Mrs. Andrews

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I had been drafted. It happened because I decided to take a semester off from college and the college notified my draft board immediately and since in those were the days before the draft lottery and I was from an upper middle class community I was next. The woman who ran the draft board told my father, they were friends, and he told me. That was my Christmas present in 1967.

I told my girlfriend and she cried saying I was going to be killed in Vietnam. She was a war protestor and tried to talk me into going to Canada but I liked the idea of going into the service. I was 19 and when you’re that age you feel like you’ll live forever. Years later I’d tell people I was young and dumb in those days with an emphasis on dumb.

In early February 1968 I was working at a service station pumping gas. The gas at our station was thirty cents for regular and thirty-four cents for premium. We pumped a lot of gas while the owner worked on cars.

He had been working on a 67 Mustang GT and when he finished he asked me to deliver it to the woman who had brought it in. It had a four on the floor and a 352 cubic inch engine. It was every guy’s wet dream in automobile parlance.

I knew the house where I had to deliver it. It was in the most affluent part of town. Even though it was almost noon that day when I got to the house the woman who answered the door was wearing her nightgown and a bathrobe. This was not one of those heavy cotton bathrobes but a long flowing lightweight robe. It shouted class. The woman, Mrs. Andrews, was a statuesque brunette. I am six feet tall and she was at most an inch shorter than I. Even though she was in her late 40s, 48 I found out later, she was extremely good looking. I had seen her playing at the tennis courts regularly so I knew she was in pretty good shape. She had these flirtatious eyes and luscious lips. Even at my young age I noticed such things. When I saw her I had visions of Mrs. Robinson from the movie “The Graduate” in my head. Yes, my hormones were raging, as they seemed to constantly do.

“Oh hi Peter,” she said.

“I brought your car Mrs. Andrews,” I replied. I had been her paperboy a few years prior so that’s where she knew me from.

“Oh thank you. Please come in,” she said smiling sweetly. “I was just having breakfast. Would you like some?”

“No thank you ma’am.”

“Well would you like a cup of coffee or something?”

“Sure, coffee would be nice. It’s awfully cold out there today.”

“Good,” she said as she lead me to her kitchen. “Just sit there,” she said pointing to the island in the middle of the kitchen, “how do you take it?”

“Milk and sugar thank you,” I replied as I sat.

“I should probably call your boss and tell him I’m delaying you,” she offered. “I still need to shower and get dressed and you know how long that can take.” Actually I had little idea of how long that could take where my contact with women had been limited to high school girls. As she called him I feared he’d offer to come out and get me which would get in the way of my leering at Mrs. Andrews. She had been the object of my lusts when I was her paperboy and here some six years later I was finding not much had changed.

When she got off the phone she said, “All set. He offered to pick you up but I told him not to bother since I know how busy he is and being one of his best customers I prevailed of course.”

“Thank you.”

As we sat there, she finishing her breakfast and I sipping my coffee, we went over what I had been doing since she last saw me and that I had been drafted.

“Can’t you get a deferment of some sort? Aren’t you in college?” She asked showing concern.

“I was in college but I wasn’t doing too well so I took a semester off to get my head together.”

She sighed and said, “It’s just terrible what’s happening over there. I’d feel terrible if anything happened to you.”

I was a little taken aback by her concern. She didn’t really know me that well and yet she was showing a lot of concern and I didn’t know what to do with that.

“I’ll illegal bahis be all right. I got into flight school so it’s not like I’ll be in the infantry or anything.”

She paused and I could see the concern on her face. Than I saw a single tear appear just below her eye. “I’m sorry,” she said dabbing her eye with her napkin, “the son of a friend of ours was killed last month. He was married and has a child on the way. It’s all just so senseless.” I could hear the anger in her voice and it quieted me.

She got up and said, “Would you do me a favor. There’s a box in the front hall. It’s rather heavy. Would you be a darling and bring it upstairs for me.”

“Sure, I’d be happy to,” I said glad that the subject had changed.

As we left the kitchen she pointed to the box and turned immediately and headed upstairs. I grabbed the box and headed upstairs. She had already disappeared into her bedroom but being unfamiliar with the house I was unsure of where that was. I walked slowly down the hallway to the door that was ajar at the end of it. As I pushed through the door I saw her sitting at her vanity. She had removed her bathrobe and was sitting in just her nightclothes.

She got up and said pointing, “Thank you. Just put it in that corner.”

I tried not to stare at her body while I stood there but it was difficult as her nightgown only partially concealed what was beneath. Though not clearly visible I could easily see the outline of her full breasts and was mesmerized by them. I averted my head and placed the box where she had instructed.

As I went to leave the room she said, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

Her questioned surprised me and I didn’t know how to respond.

“I mean I know I’m not as pretty as the girls you’re used to but for an old lady do you think I’m good looking.”

That was a lot easier for me to answer to I said enthusiastically, “Yes, I think you’re very pretty.” And I did think that. Little did she know of the secret lust I’d harbored for her from years before.

The she put her hands beneath her breasts and lifted them slightly and said, “Unfortunately mother nature has something to say about that. Things are starting to droop a little.”

“Oh no, they look great!” I said and then immediately wanted to retract my words feeling them entirely inappropriate.

“Do you now? And just how have you come to that conclusion?” She asked. I didn’t know she was just having a little fun with me and thought she was actually angry with me.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by that.” I lowered my head in shame.

She saw how I mistook her and said, “Peter, I’m just playing with you.” Even though I had embarrassed myself I could feel my cock growing as I looked at her body.

“You know, there has to be some way to keep you from going to Vietnam,” she said with genuine concern in her voice.

“Well, I won’t even graduate from flight school until next year sometime so who knows, the war will probably be over by then.”

“Well, yes, I suppose that’s possible,” she replied though not with any certainty. “Would you mind if I gave you a hug?” She asked. I looked at her a bit quizzically as I thought it an odd request. She suddenly seemed scared, “I just want you to know that our prayers will be with you.”

Well, it wasn’t the answer I’d been expecting but I couldn’t see any reason not to let her hug me particularly where I found her so attractive. I thought it would be a quick motherly type hug but it wasn’t. She wrapped her arms around me and held on to me. It was then I could feel my hardness pressing against her leg and I was embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do. I was certain if she felt it I’d be in trouble but she just kept hugging me.

As she broke the hug she said, “Did I do that to you?” She nodded towards my crotch.

I was seriously embarrassed but answered honestly, “Um yeah, you did.”

“It’s nice to know an old broad like me can still arouse someone as young and handsome as you.” She smiled and then did the unexpected. She illegal bahis siteleri reached out and touched my cock. I gulped as her hand very lightly squeezed it. I was still a virgin so this was all very new to me.

Then as she continued to touch me she said, “You’re shaking, do I scare?”

“Um, no ma’am.” I replied weakly.

“Well what then?” She asked as she removed her hand from me. I desperately searched for the words but they weren’t coming. I gulped a couple of times and then she asked, “Are you still a virgin?” I paused just long enough for her to say, “You are aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied embarrassed and ashamed.

I was very easy to read at that moment and she took me in her arms again and hugging me said, “It’s all right. I must say I’m a little surprised what with all the sexual activity young people are engaging in today. But it’s nice to know that not all boys are giving in.”

As she broke the hug she stared me in the eyes and slowly undressed herself. Once naked she asked, “So what do you think?”

I surveyed her body. Except for Playboy and my mother she was the first naked woman I’d ever seen. My eyes traveled quickly down to her pussy and then back up to her breasts where they stayed. “Nice,” was the only word I could think of.

Then she came over to me and slowly undressed me taking my shirt off first and then unbuckling my belt and removing my pants and underpants. This was the first time I’d stood naked before a woman and I could feel myself shaking like a leaf. I was terrified. I had no idea what to do even though I’d had lots of fantasies about sex. The real thing for the first time was terribly intimidating. She took me by the hand and had me sit on her bed.

“But you’re a married woman,” I said to her suddenly and inexplicably. I silently chastised myself for bringing up something I felt would put a damper on what we were doing but it was my Catholic guilt coming to fore.

“Yes, and my husband hasn’t touched me in years. He’s so busy with his work these days he seems to have forgotten that I’m a woman with needs and right now I think you can help with that. You do want to help me don’t you?”

Of course I did and that’s exactly what I wanted to say but the only word that would come out was, “Yes.”


“Mrs. Andrews?”

“Call my Polly.”

“Polly,” I said lowering my head in shame. “I don’t know what to do.”

I thought this revelation would surely end her desire to have sex with me but I also thought it was better than further embarrassing myself.

“I know,” she said smiling. “You’ll be fine, trust me. Now lay down.”

I did as she said and she lay down next to me. She put her hand between us and started stroking my cock as she kissed me. I thought very little of my kissing prowess in those days. It wasn’t something I’d done much of although my girlfriend and I had recently been engaging in lots of kissing and heavy petting.

I put one of my hands on her breasts and started squeezing them when she said, “Not so rough. Squeeze gently, they’re very sensitive.” I did as she said and she immediately moaned a little beneath my touch. After a short time I moved my hand from her breast and put it between her legs and on her pussy. She was soaking wet and squirmed a little as I touched her there. I had no idea what I was doing. I just wanted to touch her there and once there I just pushed my fingers around exploring her. I didn’t even know the clitoris existed so even though I had touched it I was unaware of it.

I wanted to be inside her so I moved myself over her. She smiled at me as my cock touched her pussy. I thought she might say something but she was silent so I pushed my cock into her slowly watching her face all the while. My attention was quickly drawn from her face to the feeling of her pussy surrounding my cock. It was the first time I’d felt such a thing, of course, and the sensation coursed through body. I had only stroked my cock in and out of her a couple of times when I felt the come surging into my canlı bahis siteleri cock and try as I might I could not hold back. I exploded into her.

As my orgasm subsided I was embarrassed by how quickly I had come. I’d heard boys joke about such things and now here I was with my shame. Polly must have read me well because she asked, “Felt good didn’t it?”

“Yeah, really good but . . .” my words trailed off as she interrupted me.

“Don’t worry about it. I knew you’d come fast. After all, it’s your first time right?”

“Right,” I responded feeling some relief at her understanding of my situation.

“Well, let’s see what we can do then.” She pushed me onto my back and got between my legs. She quickly kissed my lips and then kissed her way down my body to my cock. She took my mostly soft cock into her mouth and started sucking on me. Youth has its advantages and it took no time at all for her to get me hard again. She only sucked me for about a minute after I got hard and then she dragged her breasts along my body. She winked at me and sitting up she grabbed my cock and guided it into her. Then she slowly started pumping her pussy up and down on me.

“Touch my tits,” she said a little breathlessly a few moments later. I reached up with both hands and fondled her breasts. Even though they did sag a little they were full and rather firm. They felt wonderful and as I touched them it seemed like my cock swelled just a little. As she continued to bounce up and down on me I forgot myself a little and suddenly noticed I was squeezing her breasts harder than I had. I expected to see discomfort in her face but instead she seemed to actually be moaning even more so I squeezed and pulled them a little harder which caused her to say, “Oh yes!”

I didn’t understand the change but of course I truly didn’t understand women at all at that time. Still, I knew enough to continue what I was doing. This time as I felt the cum rise in my cock Polly started to come herself and so we came together, almost. I started a little before her but my saying I was coming seemed to be what put her over the top too.

Well, I never did get back to work that day. Polly called my boss telling him that I hadn’t looked to well to her and that she didn’t think it a good idea that I be working outside on such a cold day considering my condition. My condition, as she said, as that moment was being naked on her bed. I thought after the second time I’d be leaving but Polly had other ideas. She decided it was up to her to teach me everything she knew about sex and that was considerable. We fucked the entire afternoon and in several different places in her house as well. The most interesting was the shower where she taught me about taking her from behind and then taught me the joys of eating pussy.

I left for the army on February 19, 1968. Because of all the time I spent with Polly I wasn’t attending to my girlfriend and she decided to break things off. I found it interesting how Polly convinced my parents that it was a good thing for me to stay with her my final night. Both my parents worked and I had to be at Logan Airport at 6:30 the next morning and Polly told them she would be honored to take me to the airport. I remember her using the word “honor” because as she said it I thought she was quite sincere which she was.

Polly and I stayed in touch. Basic training was the toughest thing I’d ever been through to that point and it was the phone calls to Polly that kept me afloat many a day. It turned out that flight school was even more challenging but in a different way. I think had it not been for Polly I might not have made it. When I returned for Christmas leave we picked up where we left off. Polly had thrown her husband out of the house in the mean time so I stayed with her.

It took no time at all for the entire town to discover our affair and my parents were not too happy with it but I was very willful so I continued it.

Well, the war didn’t end as I had said it might and in fact I ended up in the middle of it as part of the First Air Cav. I flew a UH-1 helicopter. I thought I was fortunate that I was flying the med-evac helicopter when I got the assignment but found out how improper that assessment was.

So what happened to Polly and me? I think that’s another story.

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