Hollywood Sex Party

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Tonight was the night that I was going to the wild Hollywood sex party with Tom. Tom and I had been friends for a little while. Every time the conversation turned to sex we would get really turned on and rub on each other. He had been telling me about these parties for months and I was so excited that he was taking me. I hoped that the first time we fucked would be while performing at one of these parties and it looked like my fantasy was about to come true.

I’m Teddy. I am 24 years old and people think I have a hot body. I am 36D-27-37. I am very curvy and I have a nice big ass. I am pretty uninhibited when it comes to sex. That is why I couldn’t wait for this party tonight. I always fantasized about getting gangbanged and now it was going to come true.

Tom and I went shopping yesterday for this party. When we went shopping he peeked in my dressing room and it totally made my shaved pussy so hot. We went to this hot little boutique and bought this totally classy black sheath dress that was mid thigh and showed off my cleavage. While I was getting ready for my hot date, I got so horny; I had to play with my pussy while thinking about showing off tonight. And I was so excited because Tom and I share a fetish for my ass. I couldn’t wait for him to show me off while licking my asshole.

Tom picked me up for the party and really thought I looked good. He reached under my dress and played with my soaking pussy.

“You are such a naughty girl, going out in a short dress with no panties güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on,” Tom told me when he felt my wet pussy.

When we got in the car, he playfully slapped my ass and told me what a dirty girl I was. I love it when he talks dirty to me, so my pussy got even wetter. When we got to the party, we had a few cocktails and then went upstairs to where the fun rooms were. I saw this hot blond with big fake tits. She was sucking a big fat cock while sliding her pussy around another cock and taking one in her ass. She was screaming her head off.

“Mmmm… God this feels so fucking good… I love being so filled with cock… I’m gonna cum. Oh my fucking god… fuck me in all my holes. Fill me with cock you bastard. Uhh… unhh… I’m cuuuumming… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ”

Hearing her talk so slutty got me totally turned on. Cum was leaking out of her pussy and asshole. She was totally spent. I love it when girls are super slutty. It is so hot. Tom started sticking his finger in my pussy and on my clit.

“You are so wet. You dirty slut. Did you like seeing that girl take all that cock? I want to see you suck the cum out of her ass. ”

I started kissing the blond and found out her name was Sindy.

“Sindy, you are such a cum sucking whore and it’s got me so hot,” I said.

I started playing with her bare pussy and my hand got all creamy. I started to suck on her clit and flick my tongue over it. Sindy moaned appreciatively. Then I stuck güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my tongue in her tight asshole and licking the cum out of her.

Sindy moaned appreciatively, “Oh my god that feels so fucking good. Suck my ass baby. You are such a slut. ”

Tom took his cock out of his pants and started rubbing his big cock.

“Ooh Tom you have such a nice cock, I can’t wait to feel it in my ass. ”

Tom lifted up my dress and started to tongue my pussy and ass. I was squirming on his face. His tongue was relentless in my ass. He kept shoving it up there like it was a little cock.

“Oh my god… Your tongue is so fucking good. Don’t stop tongue fucking me. ”

Sindy went downstairs after moaning that she was all fucked out. When I looked up, I noticed James, a new friend we made sticking his enormous cock against my lips. I sat on Tom’s face and took James’s big dick in my mouth. I started fingering my asshole while I was riding Tom’s face.

“Ungg… umm… hmmm,” I was choking on that big dick while fucking Tom’s face.

James was cheering me on, “Oh my god… Your mouth feels so good around my big cock. I love your lips around my cock. ”

Several couples had come into the room and watched me in my depravity. I loved it. I felt like such a dirty girl performing in front of all these people.

I lowered my pussy onto James’s huge 10-inch monster pole. I came almost immediately as I sat on his big dick.

“Oh my güvenilir bahis şirketleri god. That… feels so… fuuck. ing… goooooooooooooooooood. Ahh… ungh… Oh my… yeah that’s it. Fuck my tight pussy with your big cock. I love your big cock up meeeee… ”

Meanwhile Tom was licking my asshole. I felt him smearing my ass with something gooey and then I felt his big cock poking around my entrance. I tried to relax my ass as James big dick was pounding into me. I started to scream as soon as Tom entered my ass.

“Oh my god… I feel like such a slut… I love having two hard cocks up me at the same time. Oh my… oooooooooh… ahhhh… I love your big cocks. ”

Tom and James were pistoning in and out of my stretched pussy and asshole in alternate strokes. I had cum so many times I had lost count. Finally James squirted cum deep inside my pussy. My pussy was so stretched it was quivering when he pulled out. Tom had spread my cheeks apart and was still assaulting my ass with his big cock.

“Oh my god, I love you big dick up there. That feels so fucking good. Fuck my slutty, nasty, ass. ”

Tom’s dick started to shake in my asshole as he screamed, “Oh my god… I am gonna cum in your ass, you nasty little cum sucking bitch. Do you love my cock in your ass?”

“God yes,” I replied.

“I want to hear you say it,” he yelled back.

“I love… your… cock… in my dirty… uhh… slutty… tight… asshole!” “Oh my god!”

Tom squirted cum deep in my asshole. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cum and ass covered cock deep in my mouth. I cleaned his cock of every last drop of fuck juice. We were both so spent. We decided to rest a while before scouting the party for more opportunities to fuck. I was turning into such a dirty girl… and I loved every minute of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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