How to Stop Smoking Ch. 19

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I dressed and drove downtown. A friend of mine needed help at the Museum of Fine Arts and I had promised to come see him.

When his receptionist showed me to Jorge’s office, I had a good view as I followed her down the hall. Nice ass, good tits, but a little stand-offish.

Jorge was standing at his desk when I entered. There was a woman standing off to the side. I assumed that she was his secretary until Jorge introduced us.

Maria was really an associate, on loan from the Barcelona Museum. She was there to study artifacts that Jorge had amassed on a trip to South America.

At first glance, I thought there was nothing spectacular about her. Then, I took a closer look.

Underneath the severe man’s suit she was wearing there was a smoldering inferno. The eyes are what tipped me off. They were a deep smoldering brown, hidden behind red framed glasses. This woman would be worth knowing.

When I found out that she was from Barcelona, I knew that we had a lot in common. Barcelona is a Navy town. Not only for the Spanish Navy, but for those other countries that visit.

As a Seaman in the U. S. Navy, I had been to Barcelona a couple of times. Once, I was the Commodore’s driver and had the dubious honor of driving him to a party. He suggested to the Captain of the ship that I be relieved of any further driving duties while the ship was in Barcelona. I stood Quarter-deck watches for the remainder of the visit in Barcelona.

That left plenty of time to sight-see. Since I didn’t have to drive every other night, I hit the town as often as I could. Anyone that has ever been to Spain knows about the bullfights. Barcelona has one of the best arenas and everyone that is anyone has been there. But that’s another story.

Jorge asked Maria to show me the alarm that was giving them trouble. As we moved off down the hall, I admired the seductive sway of her hips. Not even the severity of the suit could mask the sex in that walk.

When we reached the alarm, Maria explained the problem and left. It took a while to fix the problem. There was a short circuit on one of the sensor wires.

After I fixed it, I returned to Jorge’s office. Maria was busy elsewhere which gave Jorge and I time to talk. We had been friends ever since we first met. That was when the museum decided to renovate their ancient alarm system.

Jorge invited me to lunch. One of his favorite lunch spots was a little Mexican cafe down the block. It was a small place but served excellent food.

During lunch, Jorge suggested I ask Maria out. She hadn’t been in the country long and hadn’t made any friends. He said that her life was pretty boring with no night life.

When we got to Jorge’s office, Maria was sitting at a little desk going over some papers.

This gave me an opportunity to look her over. Her hair was done up in a rather severe bun. She didn’t have any make-up on which made her face appear plain. She wasn’t pretty nor was she ugly. Just average.

I still couldn’t tell what her figure looked like. The suit jacket was cut such that it concealed any trace of a figure.

As we talked, Jorge told Maria that I had asked him if she would go out with me. Maria peered at me from above the rim of the glasses.

As I looked into those big brown eyes, my cock began to swell. She consented to dinner and I arranged to pick her up when they closed. After some more small talk, I left and went home. I figured I’d take a swim and relax before calling for Maria at 5.

I arrived at the museum a little before 5 and went inside. The girl at the desk told me that I was expected and to go on up to Jorge’s office.

Jorge wasn’t around when I got there but Maria was. She announced that she was ready to go. As we walked out of the museum, Maria asked if I would take her by her apartment to change.

The ride to Maria’s apartment was rather uneventful. We made small talk on the way. Several times I caught her looking at the outline of my cock. That little sucker had a mind of his own and had started to swell. I knew from experience that I’d should listen to him.

We arrived and entered the elevator. We stood side by side, not saying much, as the elevator made its stops to let people out. Finally, we were alone for the last few floors.

Maria took this opportunity to ask me if she could touch it. When I asked what she meant, she said that she wanted to feel my cock. I told her to go ahead and she reached her hand out.

As she placed her fingers on it and squeezed, a jolt of electricity passed between us. Maria jerked her hand back as if it was hot and was silent for illegal bahis the rest of the ride.

Entering her apartment, I took a seat on the couch. I turned the TV on to keep me occupied while she showered and changed.

When she entered the room, the transformation was fantastic.

Gone was the severe bun, replaced by long silky hair that hung down her back. It reached almost to her waist. Gone were the unsightly red rimmed glasses. Replaced by contacts was my guess. Gone was the manly suit, replaced by an off-white knit jersey dress that clung to every curve.

As I admired her figure, I had deep respect for the ability of her tailor. Hiding a figure like that under a suit was a work of art.

As Maria advanced toward me I could see she wasn’t wearing anything under that dress. There were 3 reasons I knew she was nude underneath it.

Two were her breasts. The dark outline of her aureoles showed plainly through. As I stared, her nipples began to swell. The third reason was the dark triangle at the juncture of her thighs.

As with most people with dark complexions, the white dress set off her beauty. The material emphasized her figure. Small waist with flaring hips that tapered downward ending in shapely thighs.

Above the waist, her rib cage swelled with the enormity of her breasts. I was to find out later that they were 42 inches. God, what a sight!

It was hard to imagine how she could ever be comfortable wearing that suit. The way her breasts stuck out now meant that the shirt and suit had bound them tightly.

I closed my mouth, wiped the drool from my chin and stood up. Maria was smiling. She was well aware of her sensuality and the affect it had on me.

I was tempted to ask her to order in but decided against it. She had taken all this time to dress, the least I could do was go through with the deal. There was only one place to take her dressed as she was – the Chez Paree’. A dark secluded booth would be just the ticket.

Throughout the meal, Maria chattered away. She had to sense my mind was elsewhere and she knew it.

As she talked, I learned a lot about her life in Spain. She came from a middle-class family. Had the usual number of brothers and sisters. She didn’t really wear glasses but thought that she should affect a disguise due to the nature of her work.

Most museum directors don’t like to hire sex-pots as associates. In the first place attitudes, being what they were, precluded a sexy woman working in a museum. In the second place, usually the director’s wives would object.

After we finished, I asked if Maria wanted to go dancing. I couldn’t wait to get close to that body. She said that she didn’t. She had to work the next day and didn’t want to show up too tired. So we went back to her apartment.

As we arrived, she asked me up for a drink before heading home. For awhile there, I was afraid it might have been an early evening.

Maria had kept my cock in a semi-hard state all evening and the little devil was beginning to swell even more. During the elevator ride, she moved closer and placed her hand on my cock.

As she had earlier, she squeezed it a little and it began to get harder. I reached for her breast. It was every bit as firm as it looked.

When I squeezed her nipples between my fingers, they began to swell until they were as hard as rocks. I kissed her and she responded with a fire typical of a hot blooded woman.

By the time we arrived at her floor, both of us were in a very agitated state. Neither of us really wanted a drink. We wanted to fuck. It’s as simple as that.

Fumbling with the keys, somehow we managed to open the door and get inside before we began undressing each other.

As we kissed, I unzipped her dress and stood back so it could fall to the floor. Meanwhile, she had been working on my shirt and pants. My cock was hard as a rock and raring to go.

As I worked my way down her body with a trail of kisses, she shuddered. I cupped a breast in my hand and placed my mouth over her nipple. As I sucked, her hips began to move, rubbing against my cock.

I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

Falling on the bed, we never even bothered to remove the covers. Both of us were hot and fucking was the only thing in our minds. I began to kiss her breasts, working my way down to her pussy.

As I parted the ample cunt hair, her clit came into view. It was large and swollen and waiting to be sucked. I gave it a couple of sucks then stuck my tongue deep in her pussy. It was wet and juicy and she was ready to cum.

As I was licking her pussy, illegal bahis siteleri Maria had taken the crown of my massive cock in her mouth.

She began to suck it. Her tongue traced tiny circles around the cap and she drew it in her mouth.

My balls began to swell and I knew that I couldn’t take much more or I would cum.

Moving into position between her legs, I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy lips and worked it around her clit. The sensation of my cock rubbing her clit drove her wild.

Maria began moving her hips around, trying to get my cock in her pussy. When the crown reached the opening, I leaned forward and pushed.

It slipped inside and we began to fuck. Slow steady strokes are the kind that drive a woman wild. It teases them and makes them hotter until their inhibitions are gone.

We began to fuck in earnest, striving for release. As I stroked all 16″ deep within her, Maria’s hips rose to meet my thrusts. Flesh pounding against flesh until we came.

As my balls became hard and the cum started to spurt, Maria’s juices began to flow. Her body was racked with a shattering orgasm.

We lay cuddling for awhile, telling each other how much we enjoyed the sex. Then, after cleaning up, we turned the covers down and crawled in. We talked some – then drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with Maria squatting over my cock. She awoke earlier and worked my cock into rock-like hardness.

After she rubbed it down with a good coating of Vaseline, she was trying to force it in her ass. Her asshole was too tight though and she couldn’t manage to get it inside.

After a couple of feeble tries, I told her that it would be better if she assumed a doggy position on the bed. She agreed and got off me.

I moved into position behind her and, after coating her ass with a liberal amount of Vaseline, began working my middle finger inside her.

As I worked it around, she became looser and I was soon able to insert a second one. After some working the two back and forth, I felt she was loose enough. Placing my cockhead at her asshole, I pushed. The crown slid inside with a loud plop.

I began to stroke back and forth. Easing a little of my cock in her at a time until the entire 16″ was embedded deep within her.

I rested awhile, giving her ass time to get used to my massive cock. I began to fuck her in earnest. As my rigid cock reamed her, she began moving her hot ass back and forth, matching my rhythm.

Soon, I was cumming. As my hot sperm flooded her ass, Maria was bucking her hips back and forth in her own orgasm. This girl loved being fucked in the ass.

We collapsed in a pile, my cock still buried in her ass and just rested. Savoring the closeness.

After cleaning up, we drifted off to sleep again, only to be awakened by the alarm.

Maria smiled and said she was going to have a shower, if I would like to join her. I didn’t need a second invitation. I hopped out of bed and headed for the shower.

After we got the water adjusted, I took the soap and began to lather a washcloth. After if was filled with suds, I began washing her back.

Maria’s skin was the color of burnished bronze. The water and suds caused it to glisten.

She leaned forward, offering me ready access to her ass. As I scrubbed her ass, she widened her legs to allow me to rub her crack with the washcloth.

With slow strokes, I rubbed her sex with the washcloth until her breath was coming in ragged gasps.

While she was getting excited, my cock began to swell. As it pushed against her, Maria took hold of it, guiding it toward her pussy.

As she rubbed the head of my cock against her opening, my cock began to stiffen further. I eased my cock into her pussy and she pushed back, allowing the full length to slide inside.

We paused a few moments and I could feel her pussy muscles contracting on my cock causing it to stiffen more. Then I began to slide my cock in and out of her. As I stroked back and forth, her hips matched my rhythm. Soon she was cumming.

After a few more strokes to make sure she had a good orgasm, I pulled out. Maria took the shower nozzle and rinsed the soap off my cock.

Kneeling, she took the crown of my cock into her mouth and began to suck. As she rolled her tongue around the sensitive underside of my cock, I could feel the juices welling up in my balls. My cock was rock hard.

Placing a hand on my ball sac, Maria squeezed as she began to suck my in earnest. Soon I exploded. She continued to suck until she drank every drop. At last, my cock began to soften and she released canlı bahis siteleri it from her mouth.

Maria then stood up and we finished our shower. She soaped me all over, paying a lot of attention to my cock. In doing so, my cock began to swell again.

As it got harder and harder, Maria’s breathing was getting faster and faster. Just the sight of my massive meat was turning her on. It didn’t take long before her sensuous hands had my cock hard as a rock and ready for action.

“Fuck me,” she said. “I want you to fuck me in the ass.” Turning around, she bent over and placed her hands on the floor.

What a magnificent sight. Those twin bronze globes up in the air with that tight brown ring just waiting to be violated.

I started warming her up by probing her ass with a soapy finger. The first knuckle slipped in.

Working my finger slowly in and out, I rotated my finger until her ass began to loosen. When I felt that I had her ass sufficiently loose, I aimed my huge cock at her opening and pushed. She pushed back against me and the crown slid in with a loud plop.

Working my cock in, inch by inch, it took some minutes before it was buried in her ass. By then we were both near exhaustion. Stopping for a few moments, we rested until we caught our breath.

Then, gripping her hips, I began pulling my cock out and sliding it back in with slow steady strokes. She was really hot! After a few minutes, her legs began to quiver and her knees started to buckle.

I increased my movements, stroking my cock in and out of her ass furiously. She sank to the floor of the shower, resting on her knees and forearms with her ass in the air.

As she had sank, I followed her movements, never taking my cock out of her ass. I pumped her some more and she began to moan.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck that massive cock in my ass.” I increased my rhythm until the friction was unbearable. My cock seemed to get even harder. My balls began to swell.

As my cum started rising, she reached between her legs and massaged my balls. My cock started spurting and I filled her ass with cum. I kept up the pace, stroking in and out of her ass until my cock began to get soft.

As it softened, it eased it’s way out of her asshole until finally the crown came out with a loud ‘plop’.

After resting a few minutes, we cleaned up and got dressed.

Breakfast seemed to be the next item on the agenda. After all the energy we had used, we were hungry. Maria had to go to work and I needed to take care of some business. We left Maria’s apartment and headed for a local restaurant. Maria had found a Mexican restaurant that served up a mean meal.

On the way to the museum, Maria sat close and played with my cock. This woman just couldn’t get enough.She told me that she had had a few lovers, but not one of them had a cock as big as mine. She was in love with it.

As she stroked the outline of my cock, it began to swell. I dropped Maria off at the museum telling her I’d be back around closing time to pick her up. Then I headed home to shower and change.

Driving home, I had time to think. My cock was still hard as a rock from Maria’s skillful fingers.

Suzy had been right. The potion she had cooked up to eliminate the “false cums” had worked. It had also left me horny, just as she said it would.

When I got home, I headed for the bedroom. I undressed and saw that my cock was still hard.

I’d never be able to handle my business in this condition, so I decided to take care of it.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I began to stroke my cock. I was thinking of Maria and the way her lips wrapped around it.

As my cock got harder and harder, I could feel my balls begin to swell. It wouldn’t be long before I came.

I leaned over and began to suck on the crown, rolling my tongue around to the sensitive underside.

Then I tried to take as much of it in my mouth as possible. Stroking up and down with my hand as I sucked on it.

By now, my cockhead was dark purple and swollen. Slowing down to make the moment last only served to intensify the feeling.

Then, I began to cum. Spurt after spurt of rich thick cum deep into the back of my throat.

I began to swallow, trying not to waste a single drop. Now I knew why some women go crazy over sucking cock.

When my cock was emptied and my ball sac drained, I stopped. My cock was still hard and right now I wanted a fuck.

I showered and dressed. Then I grabbed my gym bag and headed for the health spa. I figured that I might run into Mandy and maybe she could find some office space that was unused.

When I arrived at the spa, I noticed that Mandy’s Ferrari was not in the parking lot.

Well, I had come this far, might as well go in and work out some. A good workout would help relieve the tension.

That’s when I met Gail.

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