I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 4

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Thanks to those of you who have written and told me how much you loved the first three chapters. Here’s the latest chapter and definitely the horniest night of my life.

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Until chapter five, enjoy!

This contains material of an adult nature. Do not read if you are easily offended by explicit literature involving lesbians.

* * * * *

Eventually we made our way over to the bath and spent at least an hour amongst the bubbles and the gorgeous warm water. The whole time was spent fondling each other, kissing and washing each others’ bodies, finding out where the both of us were ticklish. It was whilst we were in the bath that Mel made a suggestion – that we go out for dinner. Only I got the suspicion that dinner in the normal sense wasn’t quite what she intended.

Indeed, I was proved right as we made our way in Mel’s car back into town. As I sat there in the passenger seat I looked across at Mel, but she didn’t speak, only flashed me a sexy smile that I was now beginning to adore. I thought back to half an hour ago up in Mel’s bedroom.

She had left me to dry myself off after our bath and gone ahead into the bedroom. I was wondering quite where we would go for dinner but as I left the bedroom, I knew I was right to have been suspicious. Across the bedroom, Mel was stood in front of the tall, pine clothes closet, the doors wide open. Mel turned round and looked like a model who was showing off the prizes on the Wheel of Fortune. I looked into the closet and a rush of anticipation flooded over me.

“Why don’t you pick something out? The place that we’re going has a strict dress code.”

“No street clothes, right?” I answered Mel. “I’ll let you choose.”

And so she did. I laid sprawled on the bed naked as I watched Mel begin to pull several items out of the closet and they them on the foot of the bed. With each item I became more and more aroused at the thought of wearing what she had laid out on the bed, I could only guess exactly what I was to wear.

A few minutes later I knew.

“Shall I help you into your outfit?” Mel asked.

I simply nodded and moved off the bed and over to Mel who was standing there naked at the foot of the bed, her nipples erect and so tempting to my young mind. I stood opposite Mel, looking directly into her eyes and invited her to begin.

Mel moved over to her draws by the side of the bed and pulled something out, returning to me and then crouching down. I placed my hands on her shoulders for balance and then watched as she began to smooth a lace-top black stocking first up one leg and then the other. As she reached the top of my leg her hands made sure the stocking was all smoothed out, before returning to the top of my thigh, briefly flashing across my pussy in such a teasing manner.

Next Mel leaned over to the bed and picked up a black lace garter belt. Mel again knelt down before me and reached around my body to fasten the garter belt around my waist. As she did so I’m sure she made a point of brushing her nose in my crotch before she began to fasten the sexy stockings I was wearing to the garter belt. I think I’ve always had some kind of love for stocking and suspenders, the few times I’d worn them before was to give an ex of mine a thrill, they make me feel so sexy and it certainly got him as hard as I’d ever felt him.

“Are we feeling sexy yet?” Mel asked as she finished attaching the second stocking. Her words were followed with a lingering kiss.

“Oh yeah,” was all I could reply.

“Good,” she whispered back into my ear, “because I’m not finished just yet”.

With that Mel went back to the bed. “Hold out your arms,” she said, then turned around with a pair of black PVC gloves, and before I could say anything she had the first one half the way up my arm. She pulled up the glove until it reached well past my elbow, and it looked so incredibly sexy. The other glove soon followed. With both gloves on I couldn’t resist fondling my breasts, playing with my nipples and feeling the sexy material of the gloves on my skin. Mel just smiled as she saw me doing this.

By the time my nipples were erect Mel was stood before me with probably my last item out of her wardrobe. As I stepped into the last item I just knew that it was perfect last touch for the mind-blowing outfit that Mel had chosen for me. I wondered over to the full length mirror that Mel had on the wall near the bedroom door and couldn’t believe what I saw.

Here I was stood in my boss’ bedroom, dressed in black stockings and suspenders, black PVC gloves that stretched almost upto my shoulders and a black PVC dress that clung so tightly to my body, coming to a rest just above my ankles. The top of the dress was like a boned corset top which pushed my breasts together and upwards and gave me an amazing cleavage. The dress illegal bahis also had straps that disappeared over each of my shoulders. Finally there was a slight spilt up the back of the dress which made it a little difficult to walk, but that was part of the huge turn on. I spun around so that I could admire the back of the dress as it clung to the curve of my ass.

I could only sum up the way I looked in one word, “Amazing!”

“I take it that madam likes the chosen attire?”

“She definitely does. It feels so fucking good.”

“And how,” Mel replied, “only there’s no panties for you tonight, you wouldn’t want VPL.”

I looked at Mel through the mirror and my look was one of desperation. “God, I’m going to have juices running down my legs all night.”

“I hope so! Those stockings may be a little wet by the end of the night, and even more so now.”

As she said this Mel reached for the two Chinese balls that I had worn earlier that evening. “Shall I do the honours?”

Before I had time to answer Mel was on her knees in front of me, pushing up the PVC dress and burying her head underneath. I felt her hands work their way up my legs and then towards my pussy. I was already soaking wet and felt Mel part my lips and slowly insert the two balls into my pussy. My muscles clamped around the balls and I felt them move around inside of me and knew instantly that I would need to cum so badly within a short while. Mel couldn’t resist lightly running her tongue up from my pussy lips and over my clit which didn’t help in the slightest. A second later Mel was straightening out the dress that I was wearing. I had only one question left; what shoes would Mel choose.

I didn’t have long to wait because Mel stood up off the floor and walked over to the closet and returned with a pair of thigh-high PVC boots, Julia Roberts style. I just looked at her before quickly putting them on, feeling my stocking clad feet becoming encased in PVC. I now looked at least four inches taller and I was as horny as hell.

Now as I sit in Mel’s car on our drive into town I looked down at my outfit and simply smiled, as well as clenching my legs together and feeling the two balls inside of my now very slippery pussy.

I glanced back over at Mel, looking her fabulous body up and down. Back at her house I had helped Mel into the outfit that she had chosen for herself; a black PVC bodice that gave her a fantastic cleavage that couldn’t help but attract my eye; a black lace garter belt and lace top stockings; a black PVC pencil skirt and finally something that I had insisted upon – black lace panties that were holding a dildo inside Mel’s pussy. I had taken great pleasure in teasing Mel as I inserted the dildo inside of her.

Again looking Mel up and down I had to admit that she too looked fantastic in plastic!

And so here we were, heading towards what Mel had promised me would be a fantastic night. I looked down at myself and still found it strange to be wearing something so sexy and provocative, yet inside I was aching to touch myself, make myself cum so badly. Mel took my mind off my desires for a while.

“We’re going to a place called the Underground Club. It’s a small place, lesbians only, very friendly. I usually go here a few times a month, usually dressed as we are now. That’s why I’ve got so many items in my closet.”

“How did you discover this place?”

“By accident,” replied Mel. “I told you about my first encounter, with Samantha, an ex-employee on her shower night. Well we were the last ones remaining on that night, everyone else had gone home. Being two drunkards and not wanting the night to end we went in search of a late night bar, and eventually we stumbled rather drunkenly into a bar…..”

“The Underground Club?”

“Precisely. We didn’t realise it was a lesbian bar, but once we found out we just decided to stay there. No one bothered us, probably assumed we were together. Anyway, we left in the early hours and caught a cab back to my place, Samantha had arranged to stay the night. So we got home and became engaged in a rather drunken conversation about the bar over a bottle of wine. To cut a long story short we both revealed our curiosities regarding sex with another female and ended up stumbling into my bed together for what was our first lesbian encounters.”

“And the strap-on dildo?”

“Someone had bought Samantha that as a present for her shower, only I bet she never thought that it would get any use. Only that night, we screwed each other several times, and then again a few more times before Samantha moved away. One night though, we both dared each other to go back to the lesbian bar, and we found out that twice a week it was for fetish clothing. We both bought each other outfits and went along. We ended up screwing in the toilets and a few more times when we came home. I’ve been going ever since.”

My illegal bahis siteleri mind was buzzing with the image of Mel and Samantha making love together like we had earlier on. I could feel juices moving more freely down the inside of my thighs, in between my legs and onto my stockings.

“Can I ask what you do there?”

“Sure Ellie. The answer is that people there do what people do in other bars. The sit, drink, talk, chat-up other women. I usually get talking to someone, I know a few who go there regularly, and every once in a while I may meet someone that just makes me panties so wet that I have to go home with them.”

Mel slowed down and pulled the car into a side street, I guess near where the club was. Before we left the car I leaned over and began kissing her, running my PVC clad hand over her breasts and against the smooth skin of her face.

Out of the car we didn’t have far to walk and within a minute Mel was leading me into the Underground Club. It was underground, the entrance being down a flight of stairs like in Cheers. Mel was right, it was only small, with a bar running nearly the whole length of the left side of the bar. The light was fairly dark inside, but a brightly lit juke box caught my gaze as soon as I walked in, sitting just to the right of the door.

Mel gave me a quick guided tour, through the bar area, opposite which there were several booths with tables, and then into another room where there were similar booths. As we walked around I noticed a few women sitting in those booths, drinks in front of them, all dressed in similar fetish wear to what Mel and I were wearing. A few were in the middle of kissing or groping each other and a few acknowledged Mel.

Back at the bar we ordered drinks to a female bar tender wearing what looked like a latex catsuit, the zip undone to a point where I could see part of her breasts. My eyes struggled not to stare. Mel and I took our drinks and sat in a booth next to each other. Time seemed to pass so quickly. She and I would talk and drink, occasionally talk to someone who walked by our booth. We would also kiss and fondle each other, touching each other through our clothing until we reached a point where our hands would reach under our PVC clothes. Several times I thought I may have cum just sitting there.

An hour and a half later, and several drinks later I made my way to the toilets, choosing the first of four stalls. I hadn’t even thought about beginning to pee when I heard voices from the stall next door. Rather, they seemed to be a series of moans. I looked up, maybe expecting to see through the stall wall like it wasn’t there or something. The wall was a series of wooden planks that looked well worn. Immediately I noticed a hole in between two pieces of wood and could see the occupants of the next stall, and presumably the cause of the voices and moans.

I pressed my eye up to the hole, forgetting about my need to pee. What I saw literally nearly had me cuming on the spot. In the next stall were two women, a couple I’d seen earlier on in a booth. A young blonde woman dressed in a very short red latex dress was sitting on the toilet, her dress pushed up around her waist and had one of her hands buried in her pussy. Her friend, a young brunette in a red and black latex basque with black latex stockings, a short black latex skirt hitched up around her waist, and long red latex gloves, was stood up in front of the blonde, her red latex panties pushed aside. As well as attending to her own pussy, the blonde was feverishly using her tongue to lick the brunettes clit. I could see each movement that her tongue made, and as it ran over her clit the red latex hand on the back of her head would push her tongue harder against her clit.

I could just make out the brunette as she stood back against the stall door, her free hand running over her breasts, her eyes screwed tightly shut. I could hear her moaning lightly, and then suddenly she would emit an even louder groan, and her breathing would quicken. The sight of her as she was getting her pussy licked and the blonde as she played with her own pussy made me want to cum there and then. With my eye still pressed upto the hole I hitched up my own PVC dress and brought my PVC clad hand down over my clit. I don’t know whether it was the situation or not, but the way that my hand felt over my clit was absolutely devine and I just had to slip a finger inside myself. It took all of my effort to contain my own moans and heavy breathing, as well as the noises that were being made as a result of my pussy being so wet.

“If you are going to cum, at least let us see you whilst you do,” I heard someone say.

“Shit!” I thought to myself. I had been so focused on my own pleasure that I hadn’t noticed the blonde woman looking directly at me. I had no choice. I stood up and made my way out of my stall and into canlı bahis siteleri the stall next door, my hand still on my clit and my dress still hitched up.

“Hi Ellie,” the blonde said as I entered and shut the door behind me. I was puzzled as to how she knew who I was but didn’t care right now, I was more concerned with cuming.

“I’m Caitlyn, and this is Kelly,” she began, “now won’t you let me lick your sweet pussy whilst you bring Kelly to orgasm with your hand.”

I didn’t stop to think twice. Caitlyn, the blonde, stayed seated on the toilet, and used her one free hand to hold up my PVC dress around my waist. I saw her head immediately dive in between my legs and her tongue found my clit. It was an exquisite feeling! Caitlyn’s other hand remained in between her own legs and I think I could just make out two fingers plunging their way into her own pussy.

I looked over at Kelly and held her gaze briefly. Without thinking I brought my hand down to her clit and began to circle her swollen bud. I heard her moan briefly which told me that I was reaching the right spot, before she moved across and started kissing me passionately. I struggled to maintain my action on Kelly as Caitlyn drove me hurriedly towards orgasm, but I was determined to bring Kelly off with my own hand. Instinctively I began to work a few fingers into her pussy and she responded by kissing me even harder. As my fingers alternated between her clit and thrusting inside of her I felt Kelly’s hand begin to reach across and fondle my breasts through the PVC of my dress.

Kelly, eager for more began to reach into my dress and brought out each of my breasts, my erect nipples immediately becoming the focus for her latex covered fingers. Her touch felt electric and the feel of the latex on my nipples sent what seemed like lightening bolts straight down to my own clit.

It almost seemed like those lightening bolts had passed straight through me and into Caitlyn because she began to cum loudly, her moans filling the toilets. I could feel her warm breath on my pussy as her tongue seemed to increase it’s attention on my clit and as it did so I knew I was about to come.

My breathing quickened and then reached such a point where it seemed like I wasn’t breathing at all. Electricity seemed to race through the whole of my body, making the tongue on my clit and the hands on my nipples feel so fucking unbelievable. At the same time I began to increase my movements over Kelly’s clit, determined that we should cum at the same time. As we continued to kiss, the two of us felt each other’s moans being subdued by the other’s sweet kiss. And then we both blew.

I found my free hand pushing Caitlyn’s head closer to my pussy, driving her tongue harder against my clit as I came with such intensity. Within an instant I felt Kelly move her free hand down to her own pussy and thrust at least three fingers inside as her body began to buck wildly against my own hand. She broke away from our kissing and proceed to almost scream the bar down.

Caitlyn continued to lap away at my pussy, licking my juices up as they continued to pour out, and it must have been a full minute later before she relented. I leant back against the stall door, exhausted from such an intense orgasm and proceeded to lick Kelly’s juices off my gloves, enjoying the sweet, but subtle difference between hers and Mel’s.

Without a word Caitlyn and Kelly just straightened up their state of undress and walked out of the stall, each of them giving me a long passionate kiss as they went on their way. There were no words that I could have said myself.

A minute later and I myself was heading back to Mel, my dress back to normal and my breasts back beneath the black PVC. As I walked I could feel the fire that was still burning in my pussy and my juices as they ran down my legs. I’m sure that anyone I walked past would be able to smell my state of arousal and the sweet smell of sex. As I sat back down next to Mel I’m sure she would be able to tell what I’d been up to.

“I see you just met Cait and Kel?”

I couldn’t say anything, I was lost for words.

“Don’t worry Ellie, they are two of my best friends here and besides, I told them to give you a good time. Did they?”


“I saw them go in there and I gave them a little wink as they went, plus the name of new people in here gets around real fast. So, did they?”

“My word did they!” I exclaimed, reliving the events in my mind.

“Congratulations Ellie, you’ve just had your first threesome with two of the horniest people that I know, you and I excluded. I remember the first time that I met them, we all ended up back at Cait’s place and fucked all night. Cait’s got such a delicious pussy, I first tasted her that night in a 69 – then ended up getting fucked in my ass by Kelly at the same time. It was fantastic.”

Out of the blue Mel stood up in our booth, grabbed my hand and headed off towards the toilets. “You have to make me cum now!” Mel whispered as we went, and I saw a glint in her eye that told me that I simply had to lick my boss’ pussy, right here and right now!

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