Initiation of Team Spirit Ch. 01

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All character’s depicted in the story are 18 years of age or older. Any likeness the characters have to anyone in real life, is purely coincidental. The story itself is of no influence of any real life event. Any and all brand names and any other affiliation with copyrighted product are not a danger of being mentioned. Any affiliations with schools is left vague and not of any importance to the story. I the author am over the age of 18.


“I cannot believe they did not let my daughter on to the Varsity cheerleading squad.” A young mother mumbled walking towards the locker room, outside entrance. “Why wouldn’t they…Aayla is better than…” She gritted her teeth the closer she got. She was going to give them a piece of her mind and that was that. When Annastacia made it to the door, reaching out with authority, she deemed herself ready. The door swung past her view and a dark alcove lied before her. She stood to listen out for anyone approaching from the shadows. Anna could see a dim light shining through and she descended to the first step.

On the way down, nothing brought assurance of health security with the lack of lighting. This was not to mention no hand-railing. At the bottom step, voices could be heard coming from the dim light ahead. They were young and full of spirit and confirmed her prey. The next door would not open so easily, but Anna managed. Needless to say, the cheerleading team that had been approaching, were startled back. They were obviously just leaving to get outside for practice. Puzzled at the unwelcomed guest appearance, they awaited the ice break.

“Who’s team captain?” Anna spoke, whipping her thick silky brunette hair back. The blonde in front, dressed in skimpy cheerleading gear like the rest, giggled at the question.

“Why, who wants to know?”

“Does the name Aayla Heringer ring any bells?” Anna spoke determined to dominate. The girls looked at one another as if to seek the answer from within the ranks. Then the blonde’s face sank into recognition and then followed by a wide eyed, pleasant surprised look.

“Ohh, you must be Ms. Heringer am I right?” She spoke so spunky. With a nod of submission, Anna awaited her answer she should not have to question for. “So your mom? Have you come to accept the initiation?”

“The what?” Anna’s voice dropped to a dull roar.

“As the years go by girls, they participate less and less.” She said turning one way and the other. Then her attention floated back to the well-dressed mother with her arms crossed. “We offered your daughter a spot on the team. She didn’t want to be a part of the initiation. I mean, at first she at least tried it but we had to make sure she finished?”

“Wait…made sure she finished? Like, you forced her to do something?” Mom’s voice brought bass back.

“You see Ms. Heringer or mom.” She nodded to a brunette with a slightly thick athletic body, and she walked around Anna. Careful not to show weakness or fear, Anna had kept her eyes meeting the blonde’s. Who she has put two and two together on her role in this. “Our initiation has dated as far back as the late 1800’s and will continue to thrive and be completed.” Mom just casino oyna heard the door lock behind her. Then the brunette appeared from behind and joined the group again.

Trying to hide her nervousness. “So?”

“So, we always are to offer taking your daughter’s place, to the mother. So it’s obvious you’re a loving and caring mother, so we assume you will be doing this for your daughter’s sake?”

“So what? An initiation? What do I bend over and get spanked?” Anna let out a nervous giggle. Giving right into it now she began to ask questions…questions that for the moment went unheard. They had surrounded her and were closing in fast on their newest victim. Anna wanted to turn and run but again, no sign of weakness.

“Are you taking your daughter’s place?”

“Place doing what exactly?”

“On your knees.” The blonde spoke sternly. “A spanking it is Ms. Heringer.” Someone go get the paddle. Anna fell gracefully to her knees as asked of her. This was going to be simple so why wouldn’t Aayla have done it? Whatever, she thought, lets get it done. She held her ass, tightly wrapped in a black business skirt up. On all fours, she even gave a slight laugh in reminder of college. The blonde strolled directly up to her to where Anna was looking at her sneaks. When Anna had looked up to confirm identity, The travels her eyes proceeded tried to ignore a plain not so plain view. Besides, lets save the embarrassed by stating I’m not into women. I’ve been slightly there, tried it, and wasn’t for me. All these nervous induced thoughts popped up in her head.

Then, two skirts sunk out of sideview and brushed the concrete floor. The pair of stems from each one were impressive to say the least. The shape and health these girls are in explains a lot. All the trophies, the round town fame, popularity and pride. When they do cheerleading here they do it right. She thought some more. They leg pressed crouch about to her shoulders placing one hand on each shoulder. Was this a part of this?

“All the palm palms away now, girls?” Blondie asked. They all answered in unison and with great spirit. All of a sudden, she followed the the skirt being rolled up before her. Anna looked up to see a view of canary yellow panties tucked between two toned and tanned thighs. Before she was able to even question what may have been happening, they reacted. The ones on each side of her pressed firmly to her shoulders, almost to gain power. Noticing they never got a paddle either. Where was this going and if it is going here, how is this authorized. All of Anna’s questions were soon answered.

The cheerleaders at her sides guided her up off her hands to an angle. With speed and precise movement you would imagine these fine young ladies should have, Anna was smothered. She couldn’t even make out the very color she once seen with her own eyes. The canary yellow panties had been wedged between a dampening pussy and her face. Anna began to panic as a few seconds went by for her to grasp the situation. Trying to pull her chin out from the vices was useless. The grip was incredible and the others made sure the slack was met with equal force. With nothing more to do, Anna slot oyna looked up at her assailant in the eyes.

“Initiation has almost begun, mom. This is a tradition as I have told you passed down. We all have had to do it. We do not consider ourselves to be sexually oriented in anyway towards this. We…” She hooked her panties from one side around with her finger. “Just know…” The finger’s grip tightened and Anna’s eyes widened. “How to have SPIRIT!” She shouted as she unveiled Anna’s first feel of raw pussy to her mouth. All in one pull to the side of her panties.

Anna’s eyes went from wide to squinted shut in shock and embarrassment. Maybe if she could hide what was happening to her from sight, then out of mind right? Wrong, how could you mentally run away from this. This is a violation…humiliation…my respect has been… Anna’s thoughts roamed to sink its teeth in clarity.

She had sucked her lips into her own mouth before this. She would be damned if she had to let any in her mouth. Once this one was done, she would be let go, she said. Anna still with the jumping thoughts. All the blonde did was whirl her dripping warm pussy in circles, over her mouth. Very small and steady circles that made the clit on lips, very clear. It kept rolling over one lip then the other like speed bumps. The in an oily descent, made its way back to below the bottom lip. Her moaning indicated her accelerated jump towards the climax. This was not an act of anything else she could pick up, other than dominance. Having the power got this girl off, and speaking of.

The pussy that ran her mouth like an electric floor waxer, began to throb uncontrollably. The pulses still in a steady flow of pumping loads of warm thin juices, began to falter. It was a change in pace and by that, and the moaning, she was about to bust. Preparing for it, Anna had sucked her lips in further being extra cautious. Her attempt to do so was negated when blondie announced that she was gonna cum. The girls at her sides took to their cue had quite a way with getting in between us. Their fingers nimble and strong, forced their way to her chin and held it down. Her tongue was met with a slight surrounding waterfall of the juices she mostly avoided this whole time. The salty sweet liquid did not play cliffhanger and instead, free falled. This was soon followed by moans and whimpers that were timed with squirts and dumps of thicker, hotter juices. For the first time, she had tasted pussy. For the first time, this spit fire mother fell victim to the definition of helplessness.

When the moaning and amount of cum diminished, blondie took a step back off her face. The two who had forced her to intake humility, had one more step she didn’t count on. Anna went to violently spit it all out but her mouth was covered. A hand cupped and pressed over her desperate attempts left her with no choice. Like that, she had ingested all of the cum and not a drop less.

When finally released from her verbal prison, she utilized its freedom. In a chain of curse words and slanders. These spunky college students just continued to belittle her. “How’s it taste?” And “Awww was this your first time?” One canlı casino siteleri thing she hadn’t noticed through it all, her hands being tied securely. Anna worked her wrists and hands behind her to find a loose end. This knot must have been passed down as well from previous generations. “Whos NEXT?” Her heart pounded at the notion in fear. “NO!” She shouted in plea. “Thats enough, this is a violation and won’t be tolerated!” Her threats fell upon deaf ears and the next move was made. The brunette who had locked the door before this, claimed the turn to come. As they lifted Anna to her feet, the brunette walked behind the group out of sight. In doing so, she had been removing her top. The team surrounded her again shouting things of team player and team spirit. As if Anna would some how see it their way.

In all of her thirty-two years she had yet to feel like this. With all the mentioned emotions from before add a sense of ecstasy. One that had crept up on her without warning. A slight agreement concluded in thought just seconds ago. The reason she never tried this before was all due to judgement of others. At least what she would think they would say. As the ecstasy had crept, so did her skirt from thighs to waist. Left in a wrinkled rolled up mess, her panties were exposed now. For some reason were kept on and parts not fondled. She was simply led from there towards the next girl’s call of Ready!

They escorted her like a perp in cuffs through the crowd. When the group had split like curtains, it revealed more intense bicker with-in. The brunette did not stop at the top she had been taking off in sight. She had not a single article of clothing except for sneakers. Her firm and shapely ass was held high behind her. The brunettes hands were placed palms down on a bench. The previous erotic pleasure, if only little, had diminished at the sight. Her skin was beautiful and not a single piece of hair could be seen. Her demeanor and where this could only lead was the frightening part.

Anna was shoved to her knees directly facing her open ass. She had placed her feet far apart for this effect. She had studied Anna from between her legs, up and down. “Um, are you ladies forgetting something?” They had, or at least she guessed when action took place. They had pulled down on Anna’s collar. Stretching and tearing and generally not giving a shit about the attire. When they were satisfied the brunette would be, her titties were revealed. They hung as perky as the young ladies around her. They were shaped as nice too if not nicer than a few. They tugged on her hair from behind, forward to get Anna to move. With another train of words spewed of slander once more. She had been cut off by surprise by the next demand they gave her. “Tongue out!”

“FUCK!” Anna shouted in thought. I won’t even do this for my husband and now I get it forced against my will.

Anna rebelled but not for too long due to threats. The yanking of her skirt made sense now. One threat stated if the demand wasn’t met then something uncomfortable would be shoved in just the same. Even then Anna had given resistance even with the gist of it. They had won, unless..!

“Help!” She threw her head side to side in order to break free. All it did for her was delay it. In fact, they more hurried it, to avoid any responses. With her tongue out and as stiff as a board. Her cries became muffled in a hard push, to the back of her head.

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