Into Temptation

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I love that picture of you in your pink underwear. It makes me wish that we were together, you modeling for me, stripping down, seducing me. I’d try and do the same for you, stripping to my gray cotton boxers, but you do it so much better. Your actions clearly excite me, as the outline of my bulging cock is clearly visible in my boxers.

I love how you lift your breasts from your top, showing off each enlarged nipple in turn. It is beautiful to watch them in your hands, and how they sway when you let them hang free. It makes my cock jump wanting to slide between them.

I watch as you lie back on the bed and spread your thighs wide running your finger between the cleft of your pussy lips. You are so sensual and erotic. And when I move close and kneel between your open thighs, you playfully turn over on all fours and lift your ass in the air in front of me. So beautiful and close, I can inhale your scent causing my boxers to further tent out from my fully erect cock.

There is now a damp spot where my precum has seeped through the cotton pressed against the head of my cock. You back your panty-clad buns into me, feeling the bulge press against your pussy, wanting it to be deep inside. You lift your hand behind you, reaching into the front of my boxers to clasp my firm shaft and free it from its constraints.

You stroke it slowly, running your fingers over the head, spreading the precum along the skin of the shaft, making an erotic squishing sound as you move your hand. Still on you knees, illegal bahis you bend down resting your bare breasts on the cool sheets of the bed, as you grasp the shaft and guide the head to your pussy. I push forward, my hard cock pressing the material of your panties between your lips as you moan. Back and forth I rub against you until both sides of your panties are slick with our excitement. You close your eyes enjoying the sensation, while you hold my cock and balls with your hand as I slowly thrust against you.

Looking down at your ass, I grab the waistband of your panties and peel them back and then down your thighs to your knees, but not off. I feel your hand still on my cock, guiding it to your bare pussy. I rub slowly along your pussy, feeling its wetness, parting your lips with the head of my cock. The shaft slides slowly along you until the head presses against your hard clit and then over it. I resist the temptation of plunging deep into your pussy, content to rub you slowly. You however cannot resist, and push my cock upward and on the 3rd thrust it slides into you. It feels so wonderful inside that I cannot help but moan. I slowly push in deeper and deeper until my balls are pressed tightly against you. I love how you reach under and massage them gently.

I slide outward just as slowly, almost all the way, until the head appears between your lips, before sliding back into you. Long slow strokes, our bodies meld. We breathe in unison as the pleasure builds along with the pace. You raise illegal bahis siteleri both hands over your head, clenching the pillow as I plunge into your quivering pussy. Your body is so sexy as I look down at your ass spread wide, the shaft of my cock emerging from your engorged lips just beneath. But I love the sight of your puckered ass, so much so that I am compelled to touch it with my thumb, making you jump in surprise. But then you groan loudly and push back against my touch, urging me onward.

Cock buried deep in your pussy, I pause and reach for some lube and apply it to my fingers. Then I finger-paint along the rim of your ass before resuming my thrusts into your pussy. The sensation coupled with the idea of me touching your ass drives you wild. With each thrust you push back harder forcing my cock deeper and deeper until I feel the head touch your cervix. I can feel you orgasm build and your anus clenches and relaxes as I thrust. You moan loudly and squeeze my cock with your pussy, gripping it like a milkmaid intent on extracting my cum.

Then I push my finger just into your anus and you cry out and buck wildly in pleasure. Your legs give out as you fall to the bed, my cock deep inside your contracting pussy. I can feel your ass grab and release my finger as your body spasms in orgasm.

We stay coupled like that until you regain some of your senses. Then I slowly withdraw my cock from your pussy and survey your beautiful body on the bed. I remove your panties completely from your canlı bahis siteleri legs and place a pillow under your hips. Then I squeeze the lube on to the top of my shaft and rub it down my length with a few quick strokes.

Kneeling behind you I lean close and whisper in your ear, “Now I’m going to cum in your ass”. You groan in response, still unable to speak. Taking it for consent, I press the head of my cock against your lubricated anus and rub gently. The sensation sends shivers thru your body as you close your eyes and smile.

Pushing gently, I feel your anus part slowly as the head of my cock pushes into your extra tight ass. Waiting for you to adjust, we stay like that until you are ready. Then pushing steady, my cock slowly disappears into your beautiful bum until fully engulfed. The sensation is wonderful and I must pause to keep from cumming then and there. Once the danger of cumming has passed, I slowly lift pulling my cock outward from you. Then back in. Then out. Then in.

Slowly I increase the tempo, sliding in and out if your ass. I notice your hand has moved under you to between your legs as you start fingering yourself. I so enjoy the sounds of pleasure that you make.

My cock in your ass, I can feel the pleasure build in you even more acutely than when in your pussy. With Each tremble or spasm your ass squeezes my cock, holding me tight in its grip.

When you finally explode in orgasm yet again, I cannot withstand the pleasure. I feel my balls tighten and the cum rise within before my body shudders in betrayal and I thrust deep with a groan, pumping spurts of cum deep into your ass.

I collapse on you kissing you neck and cheek before you turn your head with a smile and kiss me tenderly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20