It Has Led to Dancing

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Sally Macmillan was a study in sharp contrasts. Her mother was of Native American descent, and those features were prominent in Sally. Her father was predominantly of Irish and German heritage. She always wore baggy, drab clothing to conceal her body. She never wore makeup, and wore her long, flowing black hair pulled back and up in a severe bun. Beneath those concealing clothes, her body was lush. It was an artist’s dream of sensual deliciousness. Her breasts were naturally very large, and would cause her embarrassment if they weren’t always held in check by painfully severe brassieres. Her legs and buttocks were muscular, yet supple. No one ever got to see them.

Sally grew up traveling and moving often before her family settled in the southwest of the United States, where her features were often mistaken for Mexican-American. Unfortunately, she had never learned any Spanish, which was occasionally awkward. She would be approached by someone who would look at her, smile, and then speak rapidly in Spanish. She would understand maybe every second or third word, and that largely because she had studied Italian. Some of the root words were similar.

Her parents were staunchly conservative Christians. Sally was forbidden from dating. Throughout her childhood, she was lectured at length about the dangers of Sin and Hell. This was not as severe an upbringing as it might sound; her parents were fun people with a tremendous sense of humor about most things. They loved her dearly and did their best to be good parents for her and her two younger brothers.

She read the Bible early and often. She also learned early not to question what she read in the Bible too closely. It smacked of disobedience, and that was never to be tolerated or entertained. That sort of behavior could lead to damnation. Most of that severe feedback came from her Sunday school teachers. She stopped asking those tough questions, but her reading continued well above the level of her peers.

Everything else in the world was open to questioning, however. Ironically, this led Sally to embrace a love of science, and in particular Physics and Astronomy. It was easy for her to bridge this apparent dichotomy; the words of the Bible weren’t ever written down by the hand of God, they were written down by people living thousands of years ago. Most of them had little or no education, and they were trying to explain the Creation to followers who were even less sophisticated. Even today, the idea that it took fourteen billion years to create the Universe is beyond the grasp of the average citizen. Seven days is a number that is easy to comprehend.

She understood that it was the essence of scripture that mattered. She strongly believed in a loving and caring Creator whose works were clear in the night sky and in the movement of quarks and electrons. The mathematics of that movement were elegant and beautiful to her mind. She also understood that most people could not grasp that complicated math the way that she could. It was her gift from God, she thought.

Although she was normally quiet and kept her thoughts to herself, she could speak quite eloquently when she felt she had to. One of her most compelling speeches was to her own parents, as she calmly explained to them the beauty of God’s work that she found in these scientific studies. She was able to convince them that she was striving for a better understanding, and not questioning her beliefs. They somewhat reluctantly agreed to let her continue these studies at San Diego State University.

Sally had spent a great deal of her free time preparing for college during her senior year of high school. It wasn’t just the preparation for the SAT exam, like most of her peers. She had taken advanced placement classes in school, and had also taken college level examinations to place out of several courses. She applied for and received several grants from private foundations and corporations.

Her parents were genuinely astonished when Sally informed them that she would not need any financial assistance from them while she went to school. Quite to the contrary, she would be bringing in a healthy six-figure income each school year. That was after her scholarship paid for her tuition, fees and books.

All of this was fantastic in theory. Sally was about to receive a crash-course in harsh reality.

Almost all of her financial assistance was delayed, often for weeks at a time. Her nice apartment in San Diego was more expensive than she had expected, with the high cost of electricity and fees that she had not taken into account. Taxes were also substantially higher, and those were pervasive. Everything she had to buy had sales taxes, and the state of California expected to tax her income from all of her private grants, even though most of those hadn’t yet paid her a dime.

It was extremely frustrating. She feared she would lose her apartment. Sally was on her own for the first time in her life, and was just not prepared to deal with everything that she canlı bahis şirketleri was suddenly facing. She went to a local church to pray for guidance.

It was nominally a branch of the same church as the one she attended with her parents. There were some glaring differences that she noticed immediately. This one had church dances, as advertised on the sign out front of the building. Her own church frowned on dancing entirely. In fact, her parents would jokingly say “it has led to dancing” as a reference to any activity that could be seen as a slippery slope into sin.

The pastor at this church was a woman, which would also be disconcerting to Sally. Pastor Julie was in the church building, dressed in loose fitting jeans and a work shirt. Her outfit did not give any indication of her calling. She approached the troubled young woman who was kneeling in prayer.

“Can I help you, sweetheart?” she said, loudly enough to be heard from halfway across the chapel.

Sally took a moment to look around and locate the woman. “I don’t know,” she replied softly, “I was just praying for guidance.”

The woman approached and held out a hand. “I’m Pastor Julie,” she said.

Sally took her hand and shook it, not sure what to make of a female pastor. “I’m Sally Macmillan,” she said.

Despite her initial reticence, Sally soon found herself opening up to the pastor about her problems since she had moved to San Diego. Pastor Julie realized quickly just how sharp this young girl was as she listened to her. Julie’s own college experience had been radically different. She had lived in the dorms, and had roommates throughout her college career. She hadn’t ever felt alone or lacked for support as a result. Those girls had been some of her best friends.

“You don’t have a roommate?” she asked when Sally paused in her story.

Sally grimaced at the thought. “I wanted to avoid that,” she said, “Too many of the girls my age are just not serious about school. They are into dating and drinking, and I don’t want that influence around me.”

Pastor Julie thought to herself, “Man, this girl is wrapped way too tight.” Pastor Julie had been into dating and drinking when she was at that age, years before she took a calling in the priesthood. She thought for a bit before saying out loud, “Perhaps another student or someone else in my congregation could serve as a suitable roommate for you. I can ask around on your behalf, if you would like.”

That seemed an imminently wise idea. Sally nodded gratefully and shook Pastor Julie’s hand again. “That would be perfect! Thank you so much.”

Pastor Julie got Sally’s cell phone number and her address, and proceeded to make some calls.

Sally was both surprised and delighted when she got a phone call from Pastor Julie that very evening. It seemed that there was a young graduate student, an engineering major named Dana, who was in need of a place to stay.

“It seems that one of Dana’s roommates dropped out of school suddenly, and she lost her apartment while she was at her parents’ house,” Pastor Julie confided. “Dana’s father told me that she had to dig her clothes and furniture out of a dumpster. It has just been terrible. You would be doing us all a favor if she could stay with you.”

Pastor Julie was not intentionally lying to Sally. She just didn’t know that ‘Dana’ was actually a young man. When she had talked to Dana’s father, for some reason she had pictured someone else’s daughter in her mind. It was quite a shock, then, when Dana showed up at Sally’s apartment the next day prepared to move in.

Dana Jacobs was a very fit twenty-three year old. He was broadly muscular and just a bit under six feet tall. He had light brown hair with blonde highlights from a summer spent outdoors and in the water. He wore baggy shorts and a tank top, revealing his tanned and muscular shoulders. He smiled and introduced himself, holding out his hand. Sally shook it out of reflex, but was so completely shocked that she barely said anything as he started moving his clothes into ‘his’ bedroom.

He asked for her help carrying his mattress and box spring into his room, and she just followed along and helped, her mind still trying to come to grips with this situation. She assumed the fault was hers, not Pastor Julie’s. She figured she had heard the name ‘Dana’ and assumed it was a female. She also assumed that Pastor Julie knew this young man and vouched for his character enough to think him a suitable roommate.

In fact, Pastor Julie didn’t know the first thing about Dana Jacobs. He was an environmental engineering major, though his studies were predominantly focused on maritime engineering solutions. He was now into the second year of his Masters program at SDSU. He was in fine academic standing, and he would certainly have plenty of career opportunities after graduation, but he was far more focused on enjoying college women these past two years.

It wasn’t as if he was a blatant sensualist or suffered from satyriasis, canlı kaçak iddaa he just had a healthy sex drive and plenty of opportunity. Unlike Sally, his parents were casual churchgoers. Dana had never read the Bible and did not take religion that seriously. He did attend church occasionally, and he wasn’t disrespectful, but it just wasn’t a big part of his life.

Like Sally, though, he did jump to assumptions about his new roommate when he first met her. From her clothes, he assumed she was obese and self-conscious about her body. She was very quiet, saying almost nothing the entire first day as he moved in, so he assumed she was not very bright. He had no idea what her major was, and really didn’t care. Although he was moving in, he did not expect to spend much time sleeping at the apartment. He usually slept over at one of his girlfriends’ places or crashed with friends after a party.

He also spent long hours in class and in simulation labs on campus. He pulled odd hours, and had barely seen his previous roommates in the two years they had shared their apartment. Often, he would have a girl over for sex in the middle of the day, when his roommates were in class. He expected that his life would go on as it had, despite having a female roommate.

He finished moving in before the sun set. Sally was shocked once again when he brought a case of beer into the apartment, put it in the fridge and opened one. He sipped it and looked out the window at the pool.

“How is the pool here?” he asked her.

“I don’t know,” she said softly. In fact, she didn’t own a swimsuit and didn’t know how to swim.

He figured she was so self-conscious of her body that she hadn’t put on a swimsuit to try the pool. He was right, but not for the reason he had in his mind.

One of the reasons Sally had selected SDSU for her studies was that the university had a world-class observatory, and allowed undergraduate students access to it. As a result, she often stayed on the campus after dark to follow graduate astronomy students around, to learn from and assist them as much as she could. She had an early class each morning, but the middle of her day was free. She often came back to the apartment to eat and sleep then so that she could stay up later and take advantage of the time at the observatory and other labs. Like Dana, she expected she would rarely see her new roommate.

It only took three days for them to both be shocked out of their preconceptions. Dana was the one to get blindsided first. He had returned to the apartment early Thursday morning to get changed after a long night out. Sally was in the shower when he came in, and she did not hear him. He heard the shower running, and grumbled to himself. He needed a shower, but would have to wait.

He was standing just outside the bathroom door when it opened. Sally shrieked and actually jumped a little when she saw him standing there, not expecting anyone to be in her apartment. She had her hair wrapped in one towel and a second wrapped around her body. The ends of the towel just barely reached around her large breasts, and only an inch of it was tucked to keep the towel in place.

It wasn’t enough.

Her shock and embarrassment were magnified when the towel slipped from her voluptuous breasts and dropped to the floor. For five full seconds, they both stood in stunned disbelief. Sally then scrambled to cover her body with the fallen towel, her bobbing breasts and hard nipples swaying outrageously in front of Dana’s wide eyes.

“Holy shit!” he gasped out loud. This girl had an insane, smoking hot body! What the fuck?!? Why would she hide that under those ridiculous clothes? Her ass was amazing as well, he noticed, as she held the towel in front of her and dashed into her room.

Dana was shaken as he made his way into the bathroom to use the shower. He could not get the image of Sally’s incredible body out of his mind. He looked down and his cock was inflamed with arousal, as hard as it had ever been. This was despite the fact that he had just left one of his girlfriends with two massive loads of his cum inside her well-satisfied pussy. Even after he finished showering and dried his body, he was still completely hard. He wrapped the bath towel around his waist and made his way out to the dining room. He felt he needed to apologize to Sally.

Sally was absolutely mortified. No one had seen her naked body since she had been out of diapers. She was always so careful, and this just caught her completely off-guard. She was savage as she dressed in her normal, severe outfit, crushing her breasts beneath the unreasonable brassiere. Her nipples actually hurt as she did it. Likewise, she jerked her hair back viciously as she put it up. She felt that she deserved the pain she inflicted on her body for being so careless. She emerged from her bedroom and got a yogurt from the refrigerator.

Dana approached her cautiously.

“Hey,” he said softly, “I am really sorry about that. I didn’t mean to scare canlı kaçak bahis you.”

Sally blushed almost crimson as she looked up at him. She was still embarrassed that he had seen her, but she was also painfully aware that he was wearing only a towel as he talked to her. She didn’t know what to do or say in this situation. She was further shaken when she realized his dick was hard and throbbing under that towel. She realized she was staring at it and looked away quickly.

Dana looked down at her, seeing her embarrassment written all over her face. He didn’t know what to do. He also couldn’t help but look at her conservative clothing and imagine her sexy body underneath it. He shook his head.

“I really don’t understand,” he finally said, “You have an amazing body. Why do you dress like that?”

Sally actually choked on her yogurt. Her eyes were wide as she just stared at him in disbelief. It was bad enough that he had seen her, but now he said something like that?

“Please, Dana,” she finally got out in a near whisper, “Just…forget it.”

Dana nodded, but he couldn’t really understand her at all. It was then that he first noticed the stack of textbooks next to her on the dining room table. “Whoa,” he thought, “those are some serious courses!” The level of math and physics represented in those books matched the pinnacle of his own mastery in those subjects, and she was only a freshman. He looked from the books into her eyes, and then he sat down facing her.

“Look,” he said, “I feel like we got off to a really lousy start as roommates. Do you think we could start over?”

“What do you mean?” Sally responded. She was intrigued at the suggestion.

Dana put out his hand, “Hi, I’m Dana Jacobs.” He smiled at her as he said it.

Sally decided to play along, to see where this went. She shook his hand. “Sally Macmillan. Nice to meet you.”

Dana went on. “I’m working on my masters in Environmental Engineering here at SDSU, with a focus on Maritime Engineering and Oceanography. How about you?”

“I’m double majoring in Physics and Astronomy,” Sally replied, “I’m a freshman, but I took AP classes and CLEP tests to get half my undergrad courses out of the way. I should go straight into the masters program in two years.”

“Jesus,” Dana said softly. That earned him a very stern look from Sally.

“I thought you went to the same church I do,” she said.

“What?” Dana genuinely didn’t realize he had taken the Lord’s name in vain. To him, it was just an expression of disbelief at just how accomplished Sally was academically. Sally realized, from his response and his expression, that he had no idea what he had said. She didn’t want to ruin their ‘fresh start,’ so she decided to drop it.

“Well, it was nice to meet you Dana,” she said, “I really need to get going for my morning class.” She rose from the table and disposed of her empty yogurt container, washed her spoon, and then returned to pick up her textbooks.

Dana’s eyes were on her the entire time. “You really can’t see her shapely ass at all in those pants,” he thought. He stood and watched her gather her things and leave. She locked the door with her key from outside before heading for her car.

Unreal, Dana thought. He shook his head as he headed for his bedroom to get dressed.

He had a sort-of date lined up this morning. Denise was a friend of one of his on-again, off-again girlfriends. She wanted to meet him for breakfast at a restaurant to talk. He was pretty sure she wanted to have sex with him, but at the same time she didn’t want to ruin her friendship with Cindy. It was not the first time he had handled such a delicate situation. He still had two hours before the appointed breakfast, so he used the time to dig out his coffee pot and set it up in the kitchen.

While that pot of coffee brewed, he started some laundry. It was nice to have a washer and dryer in the apartment. He had his own detergent and fabric softener sheets, different brands from what Sally used. He normally used a laundromat, which consumed a big chunk of a day. Here, he just started the washer and had a seat on the living room couch.

He noted that it was a very nice couch as his butt settled into it. It was comfortable and allowed him to lie back, but still supported his head and neck so that he wasn’t straining to watch the television. Dana could easily imagine having Denise sit on his lap and ride him on this couch. If breakfast went well, perhaps he could make that happen. He expected Sally would be in class all afternoon.

When the washer finished, he moved his laundry into the dryer and started it. He had a second cup of coffee before heading off to breakfast with Denise.

Shortly after the dryer finished, Sally returned to the apartment. She called out, “Hello?” when she came in the front door. No one was home. She was a little relieved at that.

As she walked inside, she noted that the apartment smelled different. It wasn’t bad, it was just the smell of coffee and Dana’s laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Sally didn’t drink coffee. It wasn’t a religious thing, she had just never acquired a taste for it and her parents didn’t drink coffee. It did smell good, almost like chocolate.

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