It’s More Fun Losing

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It was a cold winter’s evening. A Wednesday, seven fourteen. I was curled up on the sofa, my chocolates on the armrest and my hot chocolate on the coffee table, pulled up to be within easy reach. I was getting right into my latest Maeve Binchy novel and as I reached for my third and absolute last until tomorrow chocolate the front door bell rang. The outside front light came on with the motion sensor and I could see that someone was standing there.

I closed the book, got up, I was really, really, comfortable there you know, and went to the front door. On opening it I saw a lady, I think “woman” is a bit coarse, in her early thirties , dark blue track suit and carrying a clip board. She looked very nice and was clearly nervous; I liked her.

“Yes?” I asked. It was a long “yes”, an “I am listening “yes” not a grumpy “yes”- just to be clear.

“Oh, um, well, look you probably wouldn’t be interested, um, so look I’ll leave you in peace, sorry to have disturbed you.”

She made to turn and, well, run away would be the right description, but I didn’t want her to.

“You must want to say something. What?” I did that gesture where you push both your palms up in a sort of balancing act.

“Um, well, I was supposed to find new members for our fitness club and-“

‘Fitness club? Boy, I’m interested, absolutely. It isn’t one of those flash ones with the big fees though is it? I don’t like those.”

“No, its just a group of us and Elaine said we should try to get some new members and we all had to knock on twenty doors and you were the last one for me, thank God.”

“Hey, look come in, OK? I’m freezing here and I’m wearing more than you,” I told her.

I had to repeat my request but she finally accepted I was serious and came inside. I got her to sit on the sofa while I went over to the kitchen and put the jug on.

‘Oh Hi, by the way, I’m Gwen”

“Um, hi Angela.”

“Hi Angela. Tea, coffee, chocolate? Oh have a chocky too, go on.”

“Coffee would be nice, if its not, you know, too much trouble.”

“Coffee coming up. So, fitness huh? What sort of fitness: zumba or aerobics, dance, what?”

“No, um, wrestling.”

“What Hulk Hogan wrestling sort of thing?”

“Oh no, more greek style really.”

“Oh OK. So… what, um, do we wear? Leotards, that sort of thing I suppose?”


“No, what? No leotards?”

“No. We don’t wear anything. Oh look I’m sorry, you won’t be interested so, look I will go now, I’m really sorry to have troubled you and-“

“Shut the fuck up! Please? Thank you. How do you know I wouldn’t love to wrestle naked? Hmm? Ya don’t. So stop it. OK? Just stop.”


“Yes really.”

I reheated my luke warm chocolate in the microwave. Then brought her coffee and my hot chocolate over and sat beside her.

“My God, you’re a nervous wee thing aren’t you?”

She looked down and nodded.

“This evening must have been hell for you. Were people really nasty? I’ve never done door to door so you did better than me, if that makes you feel any better.”

She shrugged and smiled, “Yeah, I guess.”

We had our drinks and she started to relax.

“This wrestling costume. Have you got yours with you?”

She looked puzzled, then it dawned on her what I was suggesting.

She looked down and very quietly said,”yes.”

“Well can I see it? I’d like to know, you know, what it looks like so I can see if I can get one the same perhaps.”

She rolled her eyes at me, gave me a little smile and stood up. Her track suit top was unzipped and eased off her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts were a good size,some droop but that was good for me. Mine droop a little, hey I’m thirty seven, so they should.

Her track suit bottoms followed. No panties either. dear oh dear. And shaved too. Very nice.

“Well I have something along those lines,” I slipped my dressing gown off and pulled my nightie over my head. I wasn’t shaved, trimmed but not shaved and I was a lot flabbier than her and a lot paler. I did need to do something that was for sure.

‘So this wrestling, it is just girl girl I take it?”

“Um, yes and to be honest you really need to be lesbian to enjoy it-“

“Count me in.” I said quickly. Sorry I couldn’t stand another race for the door.

‘Oh?” she smiled,”OK.”

“I guess you’re pretty good, huh?”

She shrugged,”I guess.”

“So you could overpower me and have your way with me if you wanted? Me being a self confessed lesbian an’ all.”

‘Oh, I would never do that!” she was horrified.

‘I would never hurt you. .” Instinctively she held me at the shoulders.

“That’s nice. And thank you. You’re really lovely. You live alone don’t you?”

“Well, yes, how did you guess.”

“If you were married your husband would be in a car or waiting at the footpath and same if you had a girlfriend.”

She nodded.

“Would you like to try a bit of the wrestling?” she asked.

“OK but go easy on me, yeah?”

So we got into that wrestlers’ crouch; she looked for an opening casino siteleri and I tried to look like I knew something. She grabbed my left hand and pulled me forward, turned her hip into me and putting her left hand under my hip she had me horizontal in mid air. Pivoting she brought me round in full circle and placed me as lightly as she could but still with some force- enough to knock the wind out of me- on the carpet.

“Oh wow! You are so good at that. What next?”

“Well I would normally try for the pin.”

“OK, You try and I’ll try to stop you.”

I was on my back and tried to prop myself up on my elbows to stop from being pinned. She grabbed my legs and pulled me forward then holding my ankles stepped back over me,(lovely view in passing) slid her arms down to mid thigh and pulled me back with her knees on both my shoulders. I was totally overpowered; it felt wonderful. Her pussy was directly over my eyes as she counted me out.

“One, two, three,” she counted slowly.

“Oh so you just won?”

“Yeah, but did you like it?”

“I guess ” (that would be NO)

“Oh, I’m sorry. I just get carried away. Hey look you wouldn’t wrestle me, you wouldn’t even wrestle for the first three weeks or so and then you would have a bout against one of the new girls who the seniors figure is about even with you. And we wrestle on padded mats so its a lot softer than this.”

Well that sounded better.

“You will join us? You will won’t you?”

I smiled at her.”Yeah, for you.”

She kissed me. I lay on my back and she lay on top of me and we kissed.

“We could do this on our bed if you like. Its much more comfortable,” I told her.

“Our bed?”

“Hearing problem? Should I SPEAK UP for you?”

I got a hug and a little smile.

“No, I can hear well enough,” she kissed me on the cheek then got up and helped me to my feet.

We made our way to our bedroom and I waited while she went to the bed and lay down. I sat on the bed and ran my fingers over her body. Her pussy was wet and her nipples hard. I swung round, lifted my knee to go over her face and buried my mouth in her pussy. She tasted wonderful. I felt her fingers spreading my pussy lips and her tongue in my pussy. She licked upwards, deep in my slit and up over my pee hole and on to my clit which was peeping out from the hood. I kept licking her clit and stuck two fingers up her cunt feeling for her G spot. I found it and stroked against it with my finger tips. Her legs started to tremble and I felt her pussy open and close on my hand. I moved my head a little so I could get her cum and sucked hard and noisily on her now open cunt as the cum oozed out.

She finished just as I felt my convulsions started, she latched on to my pussy and I could feel her sucking for all she was worth. We stayed for a while both loving the taste of the other’s cum.

Sitting up we went into a cuddle and I said,”Our bed, huh?”

“Yeah,” she grinned,”our bed.”

We shared a shower and dried each other off then went back out to the lounge and chilled knocking back more wine than was probably good for us.

“Wanna know something?” I asked her.

“Yeah, what?”

“I liked you the moment I first saw you.”

“Really? Why?”

“I just knew you were a genuine nice person. You’re a rare breed, you know that?”

Well that was worth a hug. A reply would be nice come to that.

“I just can’t believe, that, well that, I found you,”she said. She spoke slowly choosing her words carefully.”I think you’re the most wonderfullest person I have ever met.”

(Hey, I’ll take “wonderfullest” any day.)

By this time it was after midnight and time for bed.

We lay on the bed in each others arms and I stroked her hair and nuzzled into her as she drifted off. Sounds romantic I hope, infact I know I snore a bit so I wanted her asleep first in case I kept her awake.

When I woke up later that morning Angela was already awake.

“Oh hi,” I said smiling at her and leaning forward for a kiss,”hope I didn’t snore too loudly.”

“Hi, you hardly snore at all “(liar! What a darling) ” and I was just lying here watching you and listening” (see!) ‘and thinking how lucky I am to be with you.”

“So you do want to stay with me? Permanently? God you have no idea how much I want to hear you say yes.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes a million times yes.”

Ok, I’m just a big fat softie crybaby under the hard bitten successful business woman exterior and just went a bit emotional so she cuddled me as I sobbed my heart out. I hadn’t realized just how much she had meant to me.

Once I had settled back down we had breakfast and got dressed.

She was back in her track suit for now and our first stop was her place. I spoke to her landlady, settled up for the notice period and we loaded her stuff in the back of the Volvo and headed to the Op-Shop.

There we left her stuff and I drove uptown where we went clothes shopping. Every protest she raised was brushed ruthlessly aside and the purchases continued. There was method in my madness; I wanted slot oyna her to work with me. I am an insurance broker and a very successful one but what has been killing me is the paper work, filing and all the non productive stuff. So I had a plan for Angela and part of it was dependent on her looking the part. She also needed her own car, no problems there either.

So with Angela all sorted and her things put away in our wardrobe and her tallboy we went to meet Elaine and view the Wrestling Venue which was part of her basement.

Elaine was a shorter lady, solidly built and obviously very powerful but really nice. We all stripped off before going into the wrestling area. It was just something you did. Like Angela her pussy was shaved and also like Angela she had impressive muscle definition.

She and Angela staged a bout for my benefit which had me feeling more than a little intimidated so I lost interest fairly quickly.

Elaine saw that. She came over and cuddled me.

‘Looks hard, huh?”

“Looks fucking impossible,” I replied feeling quite flat.

“You know that what ever happens here, you won’t be hurt don’t you?”

No, I didn’t but that was nice to hear.

“You do know that the loser becomes the winner’s slave for the evening don’t you?”

No. I didn’t. Funny that.

“So now Angela has gone to get the cane and the strap on and she will bend over in the centre of the ring to receive her punishment from me.”

I was horrified. I couldn’t bear to think of watching my darling Angela getting fucked and caned.

‘I want to fight you!” I declared.

She smiled at me. “As you wish.”

We went onto the ring and took our positions. I was flat on my back inside four seconds and pinned within ten.

“Same punishment as Angela?” I asked.

“Yes, slave Gwen, assume the position.”

I went and stood next to my darling and knelt as she had with my butt in the air. Elaine lubed the strap on and fucked Angela’s pussy slamming into her so hard she lifted her up with the force. After a time she stopped fucking her pussy and slid the strap on up Angela’s butt hole. She fucked slower but with long deliberate strokes and looking across I could see Angela’s face with that rapturous look on it.

Elaine finished fucking Angela’s ass and stepped round in front of me for me to clean off Angela’s ass from the shaft. Well what was from Angela’s ass from the shaft. I sucked it clean lovingly and leaned forward sticking my ass as high as I could for Elaine to fuck me. The same shaft that had just fucked my darling was now about to fuck me. I couldn’t wait.

Elaine pushed the cock slowly into my pussy until I felt her belly hit my butt. She reached under me with her left hand and grabbed a tit while with her right hand she grabbed my hair and pulled on it. I thrust back against her as she drove the cock deep into my pussy. She stopped finally and I felt cold just over my anus and cold entering it as she had lubed the tip before pushing it into my anus. She pushed very slowly, not knowing my bottom’s history- fairly active, my butt and I are very good hosts. She felt my ass give way, too busy putting up the welcome signs to open the door I would think and her cock pushed all the way in. I relished the sensation of the shaft pushing deep into my ass, withdrawing out of my asshole and then thrusting back in my asshole and all the way home. I finally collapsed on the floor my thighs trembling as I had the most massive orgasm I have ever experienced. Angela immediately lay next to me and held me.Our eyes were inches apart and I could see the love and care in her eyes.

Made it all worthwhile really.

I recovered and we both stood up. Angela was to be caned first so I had to stand to the side with my hands on my head. She stood with knees straight and bent over so her back was horizontal and received twelve very hard strokes. She had tears in her eyes when Elaine had finished but managed to say,”Thank you Mistress Elaine” at the end of her caning. Her pussy was open as she stood where I had been with her hands on her head.

I went to the centre of the ring and bent over to receive my caning. The first stroke surprised me with its force and the pain it caused. I gasped and rocked but managed to stay in position. No matter what I told my self, no matter what I wanted Angela to be proud of me. After four I just felt a searing heat in my bottom and I felt as though I was floating. Like Angela’s my buttocks quivered as the cane struck but I stayed rigidly in place.

I got my dozen and remembered to say ,”thank you Mistress Elaine”.

Elaine bent over me and whispered,”You’ve done well.”

She summoned Angela over and gave us both a big hug.

“You girls are in love, aren’t you?”

We smiled at her and each other and nodded.

We dressed, said our goodbyes to her and left.

As we drove home, I said,” I thought you had her but when I looked up she had you pinned. How come?”

She blushed.

“You let her win! Oh you little hussy,” I laughed. “How come you, oh I know; its more fun losing. Is that canlı casino siteleri it?”

She shrugged and the faintest of smirks flashed across her face.

“Yeah, I like losing. Have my work cut out with you though.” and she poked her tongue out at me.

“Well I might like losing too.” I replied as this mature debate raged on and I stuck my tongue out at her too.

At home we rubbed cream on each others red bottom and lay on the bed on our tummies.

“Did you like that?” she asked finally.

“God yes. I loved it. When’s the next session?”

“Tomorrow evening. Sure you can make it?” she asked in a cruelly mocking tone.

I poked my tongue out at her yet again, gave her a girly shoulder wiggle and said,”might.”

Well eventually we got up and made dinner which , strangely enough we ate standing- wow that forehand of Elaine’s had left quite an impression.

“Are all the girls shaved?” I asked her.

“Pretty much, um, yeah, well most of us are waxed.”

“Oh.” (As in; Oh Shit Really?)

“Yeah but we started just getting shaved first though. Want me to shave you?”

“Would you?”

“Sure.” She went and got a towel which she laid on the table together with a bowl of warm water and our shaver and shaving cream. I lay on my back on the table and spread my legs. She washed me, lathered me up and shaved my pussy then I knelt with my as in the air and she shaved round my asshole too. She washed me off, dried me and gave my butthole and pussy their first shaved kisses.

We chilled again doing even more damage to my wine stocks and fell into bed a bit after midnight. I just went to sleep this time but once again when I awoke Angela was already awake.

“I do snore, don’t I?”

“Yes, but its not as loud as you think and I love listening to you and watching you. You look so sweet when you’re asleep.”

Digging a hole with that track girly girl.

“Oh, I mean you’re really sweet anyway but, oh shit, just kiss me.”

We had our good morning kiss and went to make breakfast.

I had some appointments through the day so I dropped Angela off at Elaine’s so she would have company and maybe work on her wrestling skills.

I called round just after three, stripped off and went into the Wrestling room. Angela was hanging by her ankles with her arms bound behind her and Elaine whipping her pussy.

“Lose again,huh?” I asked trying, and failing miserably to put on a tsk tsk face.

“Yes, she’s lost all her form lately,” commented Elaine between strokes,” just seems preoccupied for some reason.”

She smiled at me, she wasn’t hitting hard, just teasing strokes really and I found the sight incredibly erotic so I put my hand on my pussy, slipped two fingers in and stood frigging myself while I watched my bound and helpless lover get her pussy tormented with the flogger whip.

Elaine let her down and untied her then gave her a huge hug and a big kiss on the mouth.

“You guys coming tonight?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I told her.

“Come on victim,” I said to Angela,” lets get you home.”

Silly thing really, I was turned on so much watching her like that but I hated seeing her hurt. Any way I took her home and insisted on rubbing lotion on her pussy to relieve the pain as she lay there being just the bravest little soldier you ever did see.

The session started at seven thirty but everyone was there by seven fifteen.Eight originals and six new members. It was a bit of a squash. Not that squashing up against good looking naked women is ever unpleasant and we were all laughing and smiling as we unashamedly checked each other out.

At seven thirty Elaine announced she wished to “say a few words” and formally welcomed we newcomers to the club.

The session was really just a mix of exercises; where we broke into pairs and grappled with our partner twisting this way and that, and learning some basic moves and counters. After half an hour I was spent. We had a break and resumed. Another ten minutes and Elaine pulled me aside.

“That will do for you Gwen my love,” she told me. Her partner matched up with mine and Elaine and I had a sit down.

“You’ll get there but your base fitness is low compared to the others. The climb is going to be a bit longer for you, that’s all.”

I thought what a nice way of telling me I’m an unfit sloth.

I was exhausted and just watched the rest of the session. Angela had seen me of course and insisted on coming over but I insisted I was OK and to get back to her partner and, good girl that she is, she did.

The days passed, at work I got Angela involved in the paper war and she was a revelation clearing up my filing disasters and bringing order out of chaos while on the wrestling front I was able to see out the full training sessions plus I had some sneaky practice with Angela as well. I had also lost weight and felt terrific. So when the first bouts for the new girls were announced I felt I was ready.

My opponent was a twenty two year old. A bit taller than me,I’m five five, and slimmer. Ours was the second match of the evening.

This time at the arena things were different. We had to tie our hair up and oil each other’s body before the match. The floor was slippery from the first bout and it was almost impossible to kep your footing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20