Kissing Cathy Ch. 04

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Mike was a bit nervous and quite excited as he set up the two camcorders on tripods in the living room. Cathy had just left the house. With a smile and a wink she said she would be gone for a few hours to give him time to ‘do his own thing’ as she placed some pictures, face down, and a DVD on the kitchen table. They both knew what that meant – Mike was going to make a movie of himself masturbating while watching the movie of Cathy and him making love last night and looking at the pictures he took of Cathy when her face and tits were covered with his cum.

Mike got naked, popped the DVD in the player, put the pictures face down on the couch, turned the cameras on and sat down on the couch. He leaned back and began stroking his half hard dick to full strength as he thought about Cathy watching this video he was making while she would also be masturbating and making a video for him. He was going to put on a good show for her and talk as though she were with him. He knew that telling her what he was thinking would add to her excitement and he was going to splice in some of his favorite cum shots from some porn movies to add more description to his words. He even figured he could do slow motion on his own cum shot. He was ready to begin.

“Hi there,” he said, as he gave his dick long slow strokes. “I was just hanging out thinking about you, got horny and thought you might enjoy watching me jerk off. You know I sure do get a kick out of masturbating in front of you. I love covering your tits with my cum. And cumming on your face last night was even hotter. I haven’t looked at these pictures yet but I’m sure they will add to my stroking pleasure.”

Mike turned over one of the pictures next to him. He knew what he was going to see but the rush of the sight still went straight to his dick. Strands of cum were hanging from Cathy’s smiling face and nearing her luscious tits. His hand moved faster up and down his hard cock as he moaned. “That is such a hot picture, I could cum all over it,” he said as he turned over the next picture. “And this one, too.” It was almost the same as the first but the strands of cum had reached her breasts. The images hit the pleasure centers in Mike’s brain as he turned over the last picture and saw Cathy smiling at him while his cum dripped from her face and tits. His hand involuntarily pumped faster on his dick as he stared at the pictures, the only thing on his mind was Cathy’s cum covered naked body and the orgasm starting to build in his balls, the video cameras pointed at him were almost forgotten. Almost, but not quite.

Mike let go of his dick before he reached the point of no return. “Wow,” he said to the cameras, “almost made a quick ending to the show. It’s just that these pictures of you are so hot I almost couldn’t help myself.” He looked at his pulsating cock as a small glob of cum leaked out that he wiped up with his finger. He then looked at the camera as he put his finger in his mouth and sucked his cum off it. “Just for you.”

The excessive pressure on Mike’s dick had subsided enough that he could stroke it again. Slow easy strokes brought him to a plateau of pleasure he could maintain while talking to Cathy through the camera.

“As you know, I loved cumming on your face last night. I’m really glad you enjoyed it, too, because I want to do it again. I’m glad I didn’t get any sperm in your eyes, though, because I know for a fact that stings. Yes, I know that from experience. And before you get any wild ideas of how I got cum in my eye, let me tell you. I was laying down jerking off, having a good time and as I felt my orgasm building, I leaned forward to get a closer view of my dick spurting. I aimed a bit too high and the first shot got me in the eye. That kind of shocked me but not enough to stop pumping my dick, heck, I was in the middle of an orgasm. I had my mouth hanging open and one eye closed as my dick continued to shoot cum on my face. One shot of sperm even landed in my mouth. I must have looked quite the sight, huh?”

Mike continued moving his hand up and down his hard cock as he thought about Cathy watching this video. “How are you liking the show so far? I’m enjoying putting it on for you. I can’t wait to see the movie you’re going to make for me but I guess I should watch the movie we made last night first.” Without missing a stroke on his dick, Mike hit ‘play’ on the remote control and the movie started up on the TV. “This is amazing watching us make love,” he said as his hand moved faster on his cock.

Again, Mike had to stop masturbating or he would have cum. This time it was the sight of Cathy slowly lowering her cum covered breast to his mouth, as she made sure he caught the hanging strand of sperm before he got to suck on her nipple. Another small glob of cum appeared at the end of his dick. Again he wiped it off with his finger then put his finger in his mouth. “Somehow it seems to taste better when I lick it off your body,” he said to the camera with a smile.

His attention returned to mobilbahis güvenilir mi the TV as he watched Cathy get up to turn the camera off and the video ended. He began stroking his dick again as he talked to Cathy through the camera. “You cut out the end where you said something into the camera that I couldn’t hear. I’ve been wondering what you said. I hope you let me hear what it was sometime. But anyway, that was a very hot movie. I’m sure I’ll jerk off to it many times. And I can’t wait to see the video you’re going to make for me while you’re watching me masturbate. I love watching your dildo, er, I mean your dick, slide in and out of you. How would you like me to eat you out when your dick is also in you? You could have a dick and a tongue working on your pussy at the same time. You could cum in my mouth while you ride a hard cock. You know I love to please you. And after you come down from your orgasm you can ride my hard dick or if you’re too wiped out I can always jerk off on you, just like this.”

Mike tickled his balls as he masturbated and spoke to the camera, “editing note to myself, insert that scene from our new porn movie of the guy jerking off on the blonde’s tits. Then add in that good shot of the gal getting a facial.”

Mike was silent for a few moments as he pumped his dick and brought himself closer to orgasm. “Yes, Cathy, I’m thinking of cumming all over you but since you’re not here I’ll just have to cum on myself.” He then looked at the pictures of Cathy from last night. “Or maybe not,” he said. “I’ve got an idea. I may not be able to cum on you right now but I can cum on some hot pictures of you,” Mike said as he kneeled on the couch and spread the three pictures of Cathy, naked and dripping cum, in front of him. His hand moved faster up and down his cock as he stared at the pictures of Cathy and felt the cum churning in his balls. “If I can’t jerk off on you, I guess the next best thing is to jerk off on a picture of you. Especially one where you are naked and already dripping with my sperm.”

Mike picked up one of the pictures and held it close to the end of his dick as he felt his cum leave his balls and travel up his dick towards the picture. He moaned in pleasure as his first shot of sperm splattered the picture of Cathy in his hand. The intensity of the orgasm caused Mike to writhe but his hand kept pumping more cum from his balls as he held the picture of Cathy close to his spurting cock. Soon enough the spurting eased but more cum dribbled out. Mike put down the picture in his hand and picked up another one to let his sperm drip on to. As his orgasm subsided he picked up the third picture and wiped cum from his dick and hand on to it, too.

Mike smiled at the cameras and said, “I sure hope you liked the show. I can’t wait to watch your reaction.” He then turned off the cameras and got things ready for Cathy.

When Cathy came home a while later, she noticed the pictures of herself that she had left out for Mike that morning were on the kitchen table but there was something different about them. She took a closer look, smiled, and asked Mike, “is this what I think it is on these pictures”?

“I don’t know,” replied Mike, also smiling. “What do you think it is?”

“I think it’s your cum. Did you jerk off on these naked pictures of me?”

“Yes I did. And I had a great time doing it, too. I even made a movie of it,” Mike said as he pointed at the DVD on the table. “But I don’t know if you’ll want to watch it now since you know how it ends.”

Cathy laughed, “you know I still want to see it. I can’t wait to watch you make yourself cum in the movie for me. Now leave the house for a few hours so I can watch the movie and do my own thing.”

When Mike returned home a few hours later, Cathy was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a glass of wine. “Looks like I’m not too early, am I?” he asked.

“Good timing, actually. I’ve just been relaxing for a little after making a movie for you that we have to watch together. I want you to take off all your clothes, sit on the couch and wait for me. I’ll be right back,” Cathy said as she walked down the hall to their bedroom.

Mike quickly stripped naked and got on the couch. He’d been excited all afternoon at the prospect of watching Cathy’s movie and now they were going to watch it together. His fingers wrapped around his hard on and he began slowly stroking it as he leaned back and wondered what Cathy had planned. He knew it would be something wild and fun.

When Cathy came back to the living room, she was wearing a bath robe with the belt tightly cinched around her waist but that was open at the top so Mike had a great view of her cleavage. She watched Mike masturbate and said, “you’re thinking about me, aren’t you?”

“Yes. You and your movie. I’ve been excited for hours waiting to see it. I just thought I’d get a little head start here on my own.”

Cathy kneeled down in front of Mike. “Why don’t you let me take care mobilbahis of that for you and give you a little head,” she said as she moved Mike’s hand away from his dick and sank her mouth over it. Mike moaned in pleasure as he felt his cock engulfed by her hot vacuum tight mouth. Cathy bobbed her head up and down his dick a few times, enjoying the feel of a mouth full of hard cock and the sound of Mike moaning. She let his cock fall from her mouth so she could speak to Mike but she kept stroking it with one hand. “Are you ready to watch the movie?”

Mike nodded his head yes as he watched Cathy slowly masturbate him, her face so close to his dick. “Good. Now you sit back and relax, I’ll take care of your dick for you but I’m not going to let you cum, at least not yet,” Cathy said as she reached into her pocket for the remote and hit play.

On the TV screen Cathy was on laying naked their bed, rubbing her dildo on her nipples. “Hi, Mike,” she said. “I’m getting ready to watch the movie you made for me today even though I know how it ends. I’m glad you left those pictures out for me to see. I think it’s really hot that you jerked off on them and now I’ll get to see you do it.” She picked up a remote control, pointed it towards the TV and hit play. In the background, Mike could hear his own voice from the movie Cathy was watching. “I really love watching you jerk off. It makes me so horny that I have to stick my dick inside myself and masturbate along with you,” Cathy said on screen as she inserted her dildo in her pussy and began thrusting it in and out.

Mike looked from Cathy masturbating on TV to Cathy on her knees in front of him stroking his dick and smiling at him. “You just keep watching me on TV and I’ll keep my hands and mouth busy with your cock, okay?” Mike nodded his head yes as he returned his attention to the TV and felt Cathy’s mouth envelope his dick.

In the movie, Cathy was writhing on the bed as she pumped her dick in and out of her pussy. “I love fucking myself with my dick while you watch,” she said. “And I love listening to you talk dirty to me while you are jerking off. Would you really eat me out while my dick is in me? That would be fantastic, I could just lay back while you pump my dick and work your tongue across my clit at the same time.”

The sight and sounds of Cathy on TV plus the feeling of Cathy working on his cock had Mike on the verge of orgasm. Cathy was aware of how close Mike was, so she let go of him and watched his dick pulsate, wanting to cum but not quite able. “Will you eat me out while my dick is in me?” she asked.

“Yes,” Mike gasped.

“I’m looking forward to that but for now, you just keep watching TV,” Cathy said as she licked his balls.

On screen, Cathy was using her left hand on her dildo and her right hand on her clit. “Oh yes,” she moaned. “Jerk off for me. Cum all over my picture. I love watching you make yourself cum. I’m glad you get so horny for me that you have to get yourself off.” Then she screamed and bounced on the bed as she orgasmed.

In front of Mike, Cathy was stroking and kissing his dick very gently, keeping him at the peak of pleasure but just short of cumming. As the TV screen faded to black, she let go of his dick and hit pause on the remote.

“How do you like the movie so far?” Cathy asked as she got off the floor and sat next to Mike.

“It’s great,” he said. “And what do you mean ‘so far’? Is there more?”

“Yes, there is,” Cathy replied. “But for this part you have to have your own hand wrapped around your dick. You don’t mind masturbating just a little more for me today, do you? But you still can’t cum yet, okay?”

“You know I’d stroke my dick all day long for you. I am going to have to cum pretty soon but I will try to hold off until you are ready for it,” Mike said as he began masturbating.

“You are so hot,” Cathy said as she hit the ‘play’ button. “Now sit back and have a good time jerking off as you watch the show.”

The TV screen faded from black to Jen sitting at her kitchen table. Mike couldn’t believe what he was seeing although he did like the view. Jen had a tiny bikini top on that barely covered her beautiful tits but since the table was in front of her, he couldn’t see the rest of her. Mike turned to Cathy to ask what was going on but Cathy spoke first, “just enjoy this, Mike. Keep your eyes on the TV and your hand on your dick.”

“Okay,” said Mike with a smile as he turned his attention back to the TV and continued to stroke on his dick.

Jen spoke on screen, “Hi, Mike. Cathy told me about the movies you guys are making for each other. I talked her into letting me be a part of it. I think it is so hot that you made a movie of yourself jerking off and are masturbating again as you watch me on your TV. I hope you are enjoying stroking your cock while looking at me but you would probably enjoy it even more if I took my top off, wouldn’t you? I guess I should take it off, shouldn’t I? After all, this bikini mobilbahis giriş top doesn’t cover much and this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve seen my tits. You do remember seeing my tits, don’t you? And rubbing your dick on my nipple? And jerking off on them and then licking and sucking your sperm off them, don’t you? I sure remember that.”

Jen was obviously getting excited, she was running her fingers across her nipples and starting to breathe a bit heavier. Mike was enjoying the show immensely. He had to slow his stroking of his cock to keep from cumming. He knew Cathy didn’t want him to cum yet and besides, he didn’t want to cum before seeing Jen’s tits again.

“The image of your hand pumping your cock and your cum spurting all over me is etched in my mind,” Jen continued. “But I would really like to watch you make yourself cum again. So here’s the deal, you let me watch the movie you made of yourself jerking off and I’ll take off my top and put on a show for you. And if you don’t want me to watch your movie, Cathy will hit the stop button and you won’t see my tits again.”

The action on the screen froze as Cathy hit ‘pause’. What an amazing woman, Mike thought as he turned and looked Cathy in the eye while still slowly stroking his cock.

“You really enjoy masturbating while looking at Jen, don’t you?” Cathy asked. “Do you want to see more of her? Do you want to watch her take off her top and put on a show for you to stroke your dick to?”

“Yes,” Mike whispered.

“Then it’s okay for to Jen watch your masturbation movie next time she comes over, right?”

“Yes,” Mike agreed.

“Good. Jen will be pleased to know that you had to see more of her while you’re stroking your dick. And by the way, what I whispered to the camera last night was that I bet Jen would enjoy watching a movie of you jerking off and you’d get a thrill out of her watching it, too. Looks like I was right. Now enjoy the show,” Cathy said as she hit ‘play’.

On screen, Jen was gently rubbing her nipples through the tiny bikini top. “I really like the idea that you are masturbating while watching me. I remember the look of lust in your eyes when I took off my top for you. Well, here you go, you get to see my tits again.”

Jen reached behind her, untied the strings holding her top on and slowly removed the small fabric covering her tits. She then put one hand under each breast and pushed them together. “Does this make a nice target for you to shoot your sperm? Would you like to cum on me again? I know you’re stroking your dick and I’m glad I can help you enjoy it more. How bout if I just lean back and let you enjoy the view?” Jen said as she let her hands fall to her side and leaned back in the chair. “This is about how I looked when you jerked off on me, isn’t it? You did put on a great show for me. Even before I got to see you stroke yourself, you got me hot when you were sitting at the table just telling me how you like to masturbate. I also remember how your eyes bugged out at me when I pumped my fist in my lap as though I had a dick and were jerking off. You really liked that, didn’t you? That got me to wondering. I bet you’d like it if I actually did have a dick to wrap my fingers around so you could watch me jerk off, wouldn’t you? I sure hope so because that is what I am going to do for you.”

Jen stood up, causing Mike’s eyes to pop out and his mouth to drop when he saw Jen’s erect dick. She was wearing a realistic looking strapon, complete with balls. The harness was flesh colored and barely noticeable. He was staring at a gorgeous woman who had her hand wrapped around her own cock.

“How do you like my dick?” Jen asked. “I really like the way it looks on me, especially when I have my hand wrapped around it and pump on it. And it feels good, too, it’s connected to my clit so I can have an orgasm while stroking my nice hard dick.”

Jen turned so her profile was to the camera, her hand sliding up and down the cock protruding from her body. “How do you like Jen’s dick?” Cathy whispered in Mike’s ear.

“Oddly erotic,” Mike answered while not taking his eyes from the TV screen or his hand from his dick.

On screen, Jen continued to stroke her cock and moan softly. “I hope you are enjoying the show, Mike. If it weren’t for you showing me how much you enjoy masturbating, I never would have thought of getting a strapon for myself. And now it is my favorite toy. I enjoy stroking it while standing up but even more so when I’m lying down. How about if I go lay down and finish jerking off for you? You do want to watch me pump my dick in my lap, don’t you? I hope you want to watch me make myself cum while I have my hand wrapped around my big dick because it really excites me to jerk my cock off for you.”

The scene changed to Jen lying on her bed, her dick pointing straight up, with her hand sliding up and down it. “It is so hot knowing that you are pumping on your cock while you watch me pump on mine. We are jerking off together.”

Cathy noticed that Mike was stroking his dick to the same cadence that Jen was stroking hers. “It looks like Jen was right about you wanting to watch her handle her own cock, wasn’t she?” Cathy said softly in Mike’s ear. “But can you still wait a few more minutes before you cum?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20