La Neena’ll Be Ass Whipped

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Flash Twelve: Behind The Bed Shots:

3rd Person: Singular: Past Tense:

1 When [the man] came into LaNeena’s backstage bedroom {the two big assed bitches that were soon to become {the assfuck twins on stage}, LaNeena, {a super assed bitchy and slender incensorially-censored incensorially-censored blond}, and LaCulona, {a hugely ass cheeky redhead that appeared to be about incensorially-censored incensorially-censored}, were alone.

2 LaCulona lay nude and fully stretched out on {the sumptuously assed redhead’s} flat yet soft yet deceptively muscular tummy, with {LaCulona’s} big asscheeks shaking fleshily on either side of LaCulona’s deep buttock crack as LaCulona repeatedly wriggled LaCulona’s assfuckable ass and shoved LaCulona’s sumptuously soft assmounds right rearingly up into LaNeena’s pretty face and into LaNeena’s blue eyes’s lusty looks.

3 LaNeena was just as nude as LaCulona as LaNeena was climbing up on top of LaCulona, and moving up LaCulona’s supple smooth back to begin kissing and sucking LaCulona’s lithely long neck’s smoothly hairless nape and neck sides.

4 LaNeena’s long but not yet genetically altered tongue glistened visibly when LaNeena moved LaNeena’s slender lipped mouth upwards to LaCulona’s right ear’s very sensitive earlobe.

5 And [the man] heard LaNeena say quite loudly to LaCulona, “Now comes this ’cause this is when {this much smaller blond blue eyed woman’s} now gets {the much smaller blond blue eyed woman’s} turn to rough fuck {this much bigger assed redheaded green eyed and much incensorially-censored woman}).”

6 “Use LaCulona’s hot naked cuntmound, just reach up under {this big assed bitch’s} big behind cheeks and get a great big grabbing hold of {this big bitch’s} hot naked cuntlips,” LaCulona replied lewdly and heatedly, “do that now {assfuck bitch blond}, ’cause {this big assed bitch’s} big aching pussy’s hot for some rough fucking in {this big assed bitch’s} tight incensorially-censored pussyhole right now.”

7 “Sure,” LaNeena said back to LaCulona, “{this much incensorially-censored and much smaller and much prettier blond blue eyed woman’s} gonna now make real sure of that.”

8 That’s when [the man] saw LaNeena rearingly rise to raise up LaNeena’s own beautifully shaped behind right above and right over {the much bigger bitch’s} much bigger and much fuller and more lusciously shaped assmounds.

9 And [that man] was paying so much attention to LaNeena’s beautiful perfectly shaped asscheeks, and to the way LaNeena was clenching LaNeena’s perfectly shaped asscheeks as LaNeena worked LaNeena’s groin into position on top of LaCulona’s prostrate form, that [this man] did canlı bahis şirketleri not see LaNeena wore a dildo.

10 And [the man] did not quite see LaNeena place LaNeena’s dildo’s thick and rough and round tip on LaCulona’s rubbery ringed converted rosebud’s compactly closed O shape.

11 And [the man] did not get to see how LaCulona’s rubbery ringed asshole’s completely closed O ring opened wide like a voraciously attuned muscle to let the thick rough round tip of the dildo get forced in.

12 All [the man] saw was only that LaNeena gave a long hard thrust with LaNeena’s hips and with LaNeena’s tightly clenched buttcheeks that thrustingly drove downward and into the crack between LaCulona’s asscheeks).

13 Then [the man] saw LaNeena’s beautifully shaped asscheeks clench harder and harder as LaNeena twisted LaNeena’s hips and ground LaNeena’s groin down onto and into the crack between {the much bigger incensorially-censored incensorially-censored woman’s} much bigger asscheeks).

14 That’s when [the man] heard LaCulona’s grunt. LaCulona’s grunt was a very loud grunt that turned into an even louder moan).

15 And [the man] saw LaCulona raise LaCulona’s lovely red haired head, neck tautened, and [the man] heard LaCulona scream at LaNeena, “Fucking {small asscheeked incensorially-censored blond bitch}.”

16 “Shut the fuck up, {this fucking small asscheeked incensorially-censored blond bitch’s} fucking in {this big assfucking incensorially-censored incensorially-censored incensorially-censored bitch’s} super tight {incensorially-censored incensorially-censored bitch} asshole’s squeeze hold now,” [the man] heard LaNeena shout into LaCulona’s very super sensitive right ear, and [the man] watched LaNeena’s beautifully shaped ass begin to rise and fall rapidly in a steady fucking motion.

17 LaCulona tried to get out from under the rough assfucking LaNeena was giving LaCulona with the thick rough length of the dildo). But even though LaNeena was much smaller and LaCulona much stronger, LaNeena had {the bigger incensorially-censored incensorially-censored woman} so well pinned with LaNeena’s massive gnarled dildo that LaCulona could not get out from under LaNeena.

18 Or, at least, that’s what that seemed like to [this man].

19 And [that man] stood there, watching with great interest as LaNeena buttfucked LaCulona thoroughly.

20 LaNeena was using expertly strong strokes to assfuck LaCulona, long strokes that went all the way into LaCulona’s grippingly tightened asshole’s now forced open O ring’s mouth. And [the man] noticed that LaNeena twisted LaNeena’s hips each time LaNeena pulled the rough edged canlı kaçak iddaa spiked dildo’s long tubular shape back out of LaCulona’s ass).

21 And LaNeena was also using harder and harder assfuck strokes each and every time LaNeena again twisted LaNeena’s slimly heart shaped hips downward again on each and every time LaNeena shoved the massive dildo forcefully back into LaCulona’s tight asshole’s O shaped opening).

22 And LaNeena was also using slow deep all the way in ass strokes that made LaCulona’s whole fleshy body shudder with tension beneath {the smaller assy woman}). LaNeena’s deep assfuck stroking made LaCulona involuntarily arch LaCulona’s smoothly naked back as if LaCulona’s back was a bent bow under the pull of {an archery bitch’s} taut arm pull.

23 LaNeena had to exert all LaNeena’s fuck strength to hold down LaCulona’s soft naked shoulders down against LaNeen’s backstage bed’s mattress that {the two assfuck bitches} were fucking on.

24 And [the man] saw all clearly as LaNeena’s huge fleshy looking dildo came slowly almost all the way out of LaCulona’s tight asshole’s compactly gripping O ring on one stroke) before [that man] saw LaNeena’s massively gnarled dildo begin again LaNeena’s massively long dildo’s long slow descent back into and back between {the big beautifully large assed redhead’s} large fleshy asscheeks.

25 And [the man] saw clearly that LaNeena’s next stroke into LaCulona’s asshole was the hardest and fastest stroke that LaNeena had yet used to fuck {the much bigger woman’s} luscious ass).

26 Then [the man] heard LaCulona begin to grunt again and again very rapidly. LaCulona’s grunts were short loud animal grunts), and [the man] loved LaCulona’s grunts sound. But [this man] was surprised to hear no pain in LaCulona’s grunts. LaCulona grunted with each deep stroke LaNeena shoved into LaCulona’s super tight but now forced to widely open asshole, but each grunt was the grunt of an animal in heat. And [that man] heard only the heat of animal passion grunt rapidly way out of LaCulona’s constricted throat each time LaNeena shoved the long thick fleshy dildo into {the big woman’s whorey ass}).

27 And now [the man] was certain LaCulona was actually enjoying the rough assfucking LaNeena was giving LaCulona).

28 Yet [the man] had no idea that LaCulona was {one of the very first women} [the mad inventor fiend] had successfully treated with [the fiend’s] primeval cunt machine.

29 ‘Cause [this man] had only recently become [a member] of [the friend’s] secret secretions society. And, though [the man] knew {many big assed secret secretions society women} were available for [the man’s] use canlı kaçak bahis in the secret secretions society, and [the man] knew that {all the big assed secret secretions society bitches} had been run through a special genetic treatment by [the fiend], and though [the man] knew that {the big assed secret secretions society women’s} treatment made {the big assed secret secretions society women} able to sustain and even desire the roughest assfucking imaginable, [this man] still did not know LaCulona was {one of the many big assed secret secretions society women}.

30 In fact, [the man] had not yet met [the fiend], though [the man] was thinking of asking [the fiend] to genetically re design and alter LaNeena for [this man].

31 Aga, {a gorgeously assed someone} there, at the secret secretions society, had raved to [this man] how [the fiend’s] primeval cunt machine worked wonders so that {any big assy bitch woman} got a new assy prowess along with super muscular control of both {any big assy bitch’s} cunt and {any assy bitch’s} ass muscles.

32 But [the man] had no real reason to complain of LaNeena’s natural abilities in either of LaNeena’s fuck holes.

33 Because, already, many many times before, LaNeena though unconverted had already proved to [this man] many times how LaNeena could use either LaNeena’s ass or LaNeena’s cunt to squeeze and pump the jism right out of [that man’s] cock.

34 Right now, already, right here, LaNeena already had great control of LaNeena’s ass and cunt muscles.

35 But {that gorgeously assed someone} had insisted on giving [this man] {that gorgeously assed someone’s} full demonstration, and [that man] had to admit {that gorgeously assed someone} had done some muscular tricks even [this man’s] LaNeena couldn’t do. Aga had squeezed the life out of [the man’s] hard on with Aga’s cunt several times during Aga’s rough sex session. And the way Aga compressed and pulled on the whole length of [this man’s] hard shaft with Aga’s ass tunnel) during all of [the man’s] ten or twelve times that [that man] assfucked Aga during Aga’s long rough sex session had left [the man] limp for several days.

36 But what really decided [the man] to have LaNeena’s treatment done to LaNeena was that LaNeena would never again have to be greased, [the man] wouldn’t ever again have to wait till LaNeena was horny and ass empty, or ever again have to wait while LaNeena’s asshole and ass tunnel got douched and perfumed before enjoying LaNeena’s luscious asscheeks and naturally tight asshole with either [that man’s] mouth and tongue or [this man’s] cock and shaft.

37 Just today, for example, {two assy servant women} had spent upwards of three hours preparing LaNeena for [the man]).

38 And [the man] was only late by half an hour, and here LaNeena was already working out all LaNeena’s pent up lust on {this new big lusciously assed green eyed redhead}.

End of Flash

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