Lena’s New Life Ch. 12

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the first erotic series I ever wrote, back in 2005-7, long before posting my first story. I have revised and edited (hopefully well) the chapters, but they are pretty much as they were when I wrote them. It is the story of a married couple in love and exploring a new version of their relationship. It is a fairly long series, although some of the chapters are quite short.

You may want to read Chapter One to get the setup. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with this tale, and for voting and leaving civil comments.

SS Episode 14 Playroom 02 The Boys


She had spoken to him earlier on the phone; he’d been out at his workshop, and she had been horny. She’d wanted him to come home and fuck her. He’d told her that he wanted to fuck her, but was right in the middle of an important project, and she might have to stay aroused for a few hours, thinking about the fucking he’d give her later.

“But I need you to fuck me, now,” she’d pleaded.

“Oh, plan on it, but I’m not coming home now, sweetie. You are going to have to learn to live with being aroused.”

“But you know how I get when I’m horny, when I’m this fucking hot. I need to get fucked, hard, and now!”

“Lena, that was fine when we were only occasionally have sex, in the ‘before’ time. But you are sexually charged much more often and for longer periods than before. You can’t expect to fuck every time you need your itch scratched.”


“Hey, you know what? It’s like being a guy. We don’t get to fuck, or cum every time we get a hard-on.” She could hear his smile. “Sometimes you have to let it go away, sometimes you jerk off. That’s how it is.”

“Are you telling me to jerk off?”

“I’m telling you that if you need to take care of it yourself, have fun, you can tell me about it later. Or you can learn to live with arousal and excitement, and learn to appreciate the anticipation of sex. Like I do, with you.”

“With me?” Her fingers were between her legs; she could feel the moistness through her denims.

“Yes, of course. When I know that we are going to have sex, or when you are teasing me, I enjoy the anticipation, the tease, the promise, all the way to getting there. And it makes actually having sex sweeter, and hotter, and more, well, urgent.”

She had heard this before, and she knew it, had experienced it, and believed it. But that didn’t help at times like this. It was the old feeling, from ‘before’. When she got the itch this bad, she had to get it scratched. In the ‘before’ days she went to work, or cleaned the house; she never scratched her own itch, so she wouldn’t think of sex unless John was around. These days she scratched frequently. And she had the itch; bad.

“OK, John, I’ll see you later. Call me when you’re leaving.”

She hung up the phone and went straight to the playroom. The problem, she knew, was the fantasies that had been playing in her head the last week or so. She’d been busy down at the non-profit where she was working, and had managed to stay busy during the day. Driving home, relaxing at night, going out: the fantasies would creep into her head. Fortunately John was around to help out. Today had been slow at the Organization, and she’d left early. And it crept in. And she was alone.

Am I sick? She wondered. Have I become addicted to sex?

If I am, she thought, I’ll get help. Later!

She opened the cabinet and reached for Junior.

The Dildo was nicknamed Johnny. When they picked him out they thought he was shaped the most like John of all the ones they saw, maybe a little bigger. She’d called him “Johnny Junior’ then and the name stuck. Now she just referred to him (to it! She corrected herself) as Junior. Junior was her favorite toy. He was flesh colored, realistic, with veins, balls and a head, felt like skin, and had a big suction cup on the base so you could stick it to stuff, like chairs, and dressers (great for doggie style). In this case, she used the floor. She moved two of the Exercise mats apart, licked the base, and stuck Junior to the hardwood floor.

“Well, fella, looks like it’s me and you today,” she said out loud, as she unbuttoned her blouse. Hearing her own words (talking to a dildo?) she felt a little foolish, then thought, what the hell! She continued opening her blouse, looked down at Junior and said, “Hey, there’s no one to hear me but you, and you’re not telling anybody, are you Junior?” She undressed to her bra and panties, and caught her image in the mirrored wall. Her image stared back, facing her, from behind the mirror image of Junior. She thought she looked pretty good! The gym workouts were paying off, she still had some tan from the vacation. No wonder John was hot for me, she thought, admiring her face and figure. Who wouldn’t want these? She unclipped her bra, watching herself as it fell away, exposing her breasts. She knew a nice set when she saw one, and that’s one! John loved ’em; she knew that other men looked, too, so she knew they were nice. She turned a little, checking herself, watching them move, and jiggle canlı bahis şirketleri a little bit.

Seeing her own tits didn’t turn her on, but she knew what did … she watched her image as her hand reached for her breast, caressed it lightly, circling the dark aureole, watching the nipple harden and become erect. She felt the combined thrills of stimulation and voyeurism, and inhaled sharply as she flicked, then squeezed and pulled, and finally pinched her nipple. The electric charges of pleasure shot through her and teased her pussy. She watched herself, like watching a porn movie, as her other hand did the same, felt the charges from both nipples at once, her chest involuntarily swelling out, eager for more, and her pussy became wet.

“O-ooh, Junior, you like to see me play with my titties, hmm?” She pretended talking to the toy, but was really talking to herself. “M-mm, that’s good,” she said, tweaking herself, harder. Then reaching for her panties. She hooked her thumbs in the band and pulled them off. She looked up, saw herself squatted down, slipping her panties off, then stepping out of then and standing, one hand between her legs. “Oh, yeah, Junior, I am ready for you,” she cooed, feeling the wetness as her finger slipped between her smooth lips.

In a minute she was on her knees, fully impaled on the toy cock, sliding her wet tunnel up and down on it. Sometimes when she got on top of John she couldn’t get the leverage correct, straddling his body. No problem here; she could sink completely to the floor, totally burying Junior into her snatch. She lifted from her knees, slowly. She changed, squatting, and bouncing short strokes. She got back on her knees, moving her body forward and back. Each variation in motion brought a variation in sensation, some sharper, some less pronounced but more powerful. She rested her forehead on the mat, and looked back between her legs, watching the dildo disappear into her, spreading her lips as she sank, then glistening with her juices as she rose up. Hot. Hot to watch; she loved to see herself penetrated, to see the action as she was fucked. She lifted her head, looked at the mirror. She saw herself, but only her bare shoulders and back. She pushed herself back upright, her spread knees facing the mirror. She could see herself fucking Junior, but not well enough. She sat back on her feet, and leaned, putting her hands on the floor behind her for support.

“Oh, yeah Junior, that’s it, baby.”

She was staring at her open crotch, moving her hips up and down on him (it! Dammit!), her upper body stretched backwards, straining the shaft as she moved on it. Using only her ass and stomach muscles, she watched her pussy open and close around Junior, squeezing her juices out, and creating pressure on her g-spot. “O-ooh, yeah, that’s sweet baby, oh, fucking yeah, fuck me!” She jerked her hips sharply, changing the pace, the depth, the stroke, and then changing back again. The filled sensation and the motion in her pussy filled her. She felt the first hint of orgasm building, and she wanted more.

She pushed off her hands, sitting straight up on Junior, then lifted, moved her feet, and allowed her body to slide all the way down until her ass cheeks rested on the floor. She shifted forward and back, feeling Junior’s tip brushing her cervix. “Oh, yeah, you are all the way in me now, honey, you are filling me up!” Her fingers grabbed at her pussy, rubbing her clit as she squirmed on the wet shaft. “M-mm, o-ooh yeah, uh-huh, that’s it,” she muttered, watching herself in the mirror, her boobs shaking with the back-and-forth motion. “Yeah, fuck yeah, that’s it, m-mm,” She was filled, and feeling it. She started bouncing again, pushing down onto Junior with all her weight. She felt his tip again brushing her cervix. Full, she thought. But not enough to cum. And she needed to cum. “Oh, Junior baby you are not getting it done for me today,” she told him, lifting off and speaking to the image in the mirror. Junior dripped with her juices as she slipped of the top, her pussy holding open for a second as Junior vacated. “I am going to need some extra help.”

She lifted her leg off, went to the cabinet, and selected a vibrator, powerful and slim. Good for the clit, and if I freak out, I can shove it in my ass! She grabbed some lube, and turned back to Junior, when she stopped.

She went back to the cabinet, and looked in the back of the second shelf.

Big Boy.

She replaced the vibrator on the shelf above, then reached past the smaller (normal) sized items for the one that had caught her eye. Holy shit, she thought, watching it emerge into the light, feeling the heft, seeing her hand appear dwarfed by the girth. Like Junior, it had a suction cup on the base, but the similarity ended there. Probably twice as thick, and at least two inches longer, the Big Boy appeared massive. She balked a second, then imagined it in her, stretching her, filling her, and her crotch flamed hot and wet, and she felt her face and chest flush. Her nipples became erect instantly and her hands trembled slightly. “Oh, canlı kaçak iddaa Junior,” she said to the room, teasingly, “don’t be insulted, but I’m kinda hot for your big brother!”

She returned to the middle of the room, and pushed Junior back into her pussy, sighing as it entered her. She fucked him slowly as she prepared the Big Boy. Leaning forward she secured it to the floor, anticipation constricting her chest, making her breath shallow, almost panting. She was so wet, just thinking about Big Boy fucking her … She opened the lube, squeezed a good amount on Big Boy and used both hands to coat him with it. The act of stroking the lube onto that thick, massive shaft … o-ooh! She glanced at the mirror, saw herself riding Junior while stroking Big Boy, and the image of her getting fucked by two guys formed in her head. Two hard cocks, two horny, hot guys, hungry for her wet pussy, for her mouth … She was grinding Junior now, turned from her mirror image, and looked at Big Boy, now slick with lube. She slipped slowly off Junior and crawled to the monster jutting up from the floor.

There was no way she could squat onto it, she instead angled it down with her hand, aiming it at her wet, fucked hole. A shudder of excitement raced through her as the head pressed against her opening. She adjusted her position, and slowly, slowly began pushing back against the head. She held it still with her hand, her torso moving back on her knees, pushing her wet pussy onto the head of the huge dildo.

Her head was down, she looked back, past her breasts, between her legs. She could see her hand holding the shaft. She lifted her head, saw Junior; turned her head and saw herself in the mirror. She pushed again, now feeling not only pressure, but her opening beginning to stretch, wet and swollen, allowing the large head to enter her.

“Oh, Junior, I can feel myself opening for this big cock. He’s stretching my hole open, damn it’s so big, so big … unh!” She felt the crown pop past the outer opening and slip into her vaginal canal, felt the walls stretch to accept the size. She paused, giving her stimulated organs the opportunity to adjust to the invasion. She relaxed her pelvic muscles, felt her love tunnel expand around the head and shaft, gripping it tightly. “Oh, shit, that’s so big, damn he’s got that fucking monster inside me Junior, oh fuck that’s so good,” she babbled. She inhaled, and started pushing back again.

Her pussy slid back, stretched open now, swallowing the slick dildo, the head squeezing into her, filling her; the veins and textures rippling past her outer opening, stimulating her more. Her concentration was scrambled, her brain leaping from one focus to another; from the sensations, to the erotic act of filling herself so completely, to giving in to her desires for more; the combination served only to increase her lust. Combined with the competing sensations was the now overpowering fantasy of being sexually serviced by two men.

“Oh, Junior, his cock is so big, it’s stretching me, shit, I’ve never been this full, this … uhn, oh fuck, he’s so fucking big, my pussy feels so fucking hot, UHN!” She pushed back again, and felt it slip in further, now touching her cervix. Her entire pussy twitched, like small clenches, pulsing as the head of the dildo brushed the furthest end of her insides. She looked back between her legs. Her hand, still on the shaft, was pushed up against her pussy; she felt the stretched opening against her fingers. There was still extra shaft showing past her hand. “Oh, shit, fuck, he’s touching bottom and there’s still three inches to go, shit he’s so fucking big!” She lifted her head and was face to face with Junior. She took her hand from the monster splitting her, grasped Junior’s base and pointed it at her mouth.

In a haze of lust and passion she sucked the dildo into her mouth as though it were a living cock. She was so far into the fantasy that she could forget that she was using toys, and she imagined a cock in her mouth, tasting like her, while a massive piece of meat filled her pussy. It was the sexiest, most horny and uninhibited thing she had ever done, and the surrender to the impulse made it even hotter. She stretched her neck, trying to pump Junior into her mouth, but couldn’t reach, and had to settle for sucking the head, and licking the shaft. She tasted her own pussy even as the motion caused Big Boy to move ever so slightly in and out of her, making her pussy explode in a sudden flood of stimulation. She felt an orgasm building, starting, and the need to cum took her pussy over like it was possessed.

She popped her mouth off Junior and pulled the suction cup off the floor. She turned to the mirror and slid slowly off Big Boy, watching the giant object emerge from her gaping pussy. She rearranged the mats, and secured Junior back to the floor, closer this time so that she could reach both at once. She poised her hole over Junior and looked sideways now, to the image in the mirror. Her body descended on Junior, her pussy taking the full length in one motion, her head pointing at Big Boy canlı kaçak bahis now. She coated him with lube again, stroking the full shaft. She watched her body move, imagining live studs at both ends of her, taking turns fucking her, switching pussy to mouth. She watched herself try to suck Big Boy, stretching her mouth around the head, again tasting her musky pussy juice, even through the lube. She saw her image, cocks at both ends, taking both of them, seeing in her mind tall men, pumping. Was one of them John? Or was John watching her, like this, while two other men fucked his slutty wife? She moaned as the heat of the fantasy settled into her pussy, wrapped around Junior, and she pumped, hard, forcing herself down, until her clit rubbed on Junior’s balls, and she rubbed, and her face rubbed on Big Boy. She grasped the shaft at her face, grunting, moaning, as her orgasm built and then exploded in a rush of pulsating muscles and nerves, and her cum flooded Junior as she shouted, bathing him in her juice. “Oh, fucking Junior I’m cumming, oh fuck, fuck I’m cumming OH FUCK!”

She waited only moments, until her legs were back in her control, and lifted off Junior to switch positions. Again the fantasy took hold, after cumming on one hard cock Junior pulls out and Big Boy approached her cum-soaked pussy, still twitching from her orgasm and …

Fills her! “Oh, holy shit, fuck!” She screamed as her pussy slid, slick and stretched, down over most of Big Boy’s shaft, feeling it slide in, all the way, until it touched her cervix, filled. “Fuck! Oh, shit, fuck me, fill me with cock, I want to be fucked with that hot meat! Fuck! Oh, fuck me!” She called out to her two “men”, urging them into action. She glanced sideways, saw herself with her ass still six inches from the floor, at least four inches of Big Boy still outside her, as she swallowed Junior. Her “men” had her impaled at both ends, she thought; her mouth and pussy completely penetrated, so dirty, so fucking dirty and nasty, tasting her cum on Junior as Big Boy stretched her again, and she started raising and lowering herself on Big Boy. She groaned around the sloppy object in her mouth, grunting as Big Boy fucked her, filling her.

She released Junior from her mouth, used the lube to make him slick, and jerked his shaft as she talked to him. “M-mm, can you see his big cock filling me, fucking my hot pussy? H-mm? You like seeing me fucked by his big cock?” She rubbed Junior’s tip on her face, stroking him. “I’m going to see just how far he can go, you want to see how far he can fuck me?” She pulled away slightly, still grasping Junior as though she needed him for support. She pushed a little, feeling the cock move in her passageway, and feeling the head push against her cervix. Because she could control the pressure, there was no sudden pain, just a good, sexy gradual hurt. She felt her insides stretch as the monster moved her insides to fit. She felt the pressure in her stomach, the strain on her vaginal walls, and additional stimulation as her pussy accepted the punishment. She took a deep breath and pushed a little more. She felt the stretch again, her tissue straining, and she gasped as she felt a little pain, and backed off, allowing her pussy some seconds to adjust, relax. She was panting, an animal in heat, and despite (or because of) the strain, her orgasm started to build. As her pussy became accustomed to the stretching, she whispered to her other stud, her words a hoarse gasp.

“Oh, Junior, he is stretching me, he’s so fucking big! Fuck, my pussy is ripping apart! Oh, shit, he’s going to fuck me to death, oh, fuck, oh, fuck, he’s so fucking big, I want him to fuck me until I can’t walk …”

And then she felt pressure on her ass cheeks, and looked in the mirror to see that they were touching the floor, and she had the entire monster inside her, stretching her poor wet pussy beyond its limits, and it was so hot, so incredibly fucking hot, she took Junior back into her mouth, feeling him press against her throat, feeling the straining pressure at both ends, and the excitement, the total abandon drove her to another orgasm, and she felt her pussy clenching Big Boy, spasming, trying to gush; the fluid unable escape her filled opening, and she squawked and choked around the cock in her mouth as she came, finally pulling it out, trying to breath. Pulling back off Junior made her push back on Big Boy, and she felt her abdomen cramp as he filled her more.

Then she was pulling almost completely off, and as if possessed, started moving back and forth, fucking the huge cock cramming her. She pushed, and pounded, and clutched at it. She saw herself in the mirror, amazed at the amount of cock pounding in and out of her, and she came again, her body racked with spasms again, her muscles contracted, her entire torso gripped and constricted as the sensation beat her, and she felt her legs and arms trembling with the power of it, so strong, so hard, a punishing glorious ecstasy, wave after wave. She struggled to breath, and as it receded slightly she regained control of her voice and cried out, bellowed, and tears formed at her eyes as she momentarily blacked out. Still crying out, she collapsed, falling over sideways, and the monstrous dildo gave her pussy one last push before popping out, spraying her juices obscenely as it sprang back upright.

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