Lisette’s Education Ch. 01

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My name is Lisette and this is the story of my sexual awakening. It happened 3 years ago. First let me tell you about myself: I am originally from France-hence the name-but my parents moved to New York when I was 6. Since then I’ve grown into a 5’6″ woman, with a 34C-24-34 figure of which I am very proud. I have medium length brown hair and eyes.

Max was my first proper boyfriend-the first guy I lived with. He was a big man- tall and muscular, with long dark hair. I was 18 years old when I met him at a student party, and I thought it was pretty cool that a man twenty years older than me who rode a Harley and wore leathers should want me to move in with him. Of course my parents freaked out, and a lot of my friends thought I was crazy. I ignored their warnings and threw myself into Max’s social world, which revolved around sleazy biker bars, rock festivals and road trips.

I found I loved looking after this big, powerful man. I would cook his meals and bring him beers, do his laundry and go to the supermarket to restock the fridge. He was kind to me but would not tolerate arguments. In short, I became a dutiful housewife even though I was still a teenager. In bed he expected me to suck his beautiful big cock and swallow his cum most nights, and every week or so he would make love to me. He liked to watch me masturbate and would occasionally phone me on my cell phone when I was at college and instruct me to go to the Ladies restroom and masturbate while he talked to me. But often he was too drunk or tired to want anything of me and I would curl up against him and watch him sleep. I was a very happy girl.

I carried on my studies at college, but I gradually lost touch with my student friends and spent my spare time with Max and his friends. His chief sidekick was a guy called Ricky- almost as tall as Max and just as muscle bound. He and his girlfriend Cindy were almost always round at Max’s apartment. Every Thursday we would all watch movies and drink beer until the early hours, smoke a joint or three, and talk about the weekend’s party plans. Over the months Cindy and I became good friends. Max and Ricky often went out together without us, and Cindy and I would stay in at Max’s waiting for them to return. Cindy was the classic biker chick- long blonde hair, slim and lithe but with pert C cup breasts, which looked large on her small frame. She invariably wore black -leather trousers and jacket in winter, hot pants and a t-shirt in summer.

One night in July we were drinking beer on the sofa in Max’s living room. He and Ricky had gone out – as usual without saying where they were going. Cindy and I decided to go and get some videos and stock up on beers. We wandered up and down the aisles of the local video store but could not find anything either of us wanted to see. Then, with a wicked grin Cindy suggested we go and look at the adult movies and see if we could find one. Nervously, I agreed. I had watched porno’s before, and Max had quite a collection of hardcore movies we sometimes put on to get him in the mood, but I had never rented one myself. We went into the adults only room at the rear of the store and began working our way along the shelves. Cindy saw I was nervous and made a couple of selections- one was called Ass Worship 2 and the other Borderline. Cindy said she had heard they were good. I was so embarrassed standing next to Cindy at the counter as the store manager checked Cindy’s ID, and gave us both a smirk, and I couldn’t wait to get out of the store and canlı bahis şirketleri back home.

We sat down and began watching the first film. Naively I had thought that Ass Worship might mean there would be lots of pictures of girl’s backsides. The opening scene featured a pretty girl who got on all fours to suck the huge cock of a typical looking male porno stud. She stayed on all fours as the man briefly entered her pussy from behind, and then she reached back to spread her buttocks revealing her puckered pink arse hole.

‘Nice ass’ said Cindy, sipping her beer.

I blushed and said nothing. On screen the girl was moaning as the stud began working the bulbous head of his cock into her anus. He finally got all of it into her and began pumping her hard.

‘That’s my favourite sight’ said Cindy. ‘I love seeing that…and taking it.’

‘Oh my god. Are you serious? What’s it feel like?’ I replied. I could not believe what I was hearing or seeing.

‘Fucking great- you mean Max has never asked you to take it in the ass?’

‘Um, no.’ I was really embarrassed now. I went to the kitchen to get us both more beer. When I returned the girl in the video was sitting astride the man, his cock still buried in her ass.

‘Watch this bit- I rewound it for you’ said Cindy.

As I watched the girl rose off the cock violating her backside, and immediately knelt to hungrily suck it. ‘Lick it clean, bitch’ the stud told her. Then he flipped her onto her front and entered her anally again.

‘See what i mean? Isn’t that hot?’ Cindy was looking right at me as she said it.

‘Um. Yes. Well, I’ve never.’

I didn’t know what to do or say. It was hot- I could not deny I was getting aroused by what I was seeing.

Cindy finished her beer and got up to go to the bathroom. I watched her firm backside straining against the black hot pants as she crossed the room. I sipped my beer and tried to work out what I was feeling.

On the screen the action had progressed. The girl was on her back, legs raised high to give the man access to her ass, and he was fucking her hard, only pausing now and then to pull out and make her suck him. Finally, after a long hard session pumping his cock into her he began to shake and moan. He pulled out and the camera moved in to shop a close-up of the girls stretched anus. A stream of thick white cum oozed out of her and ran down onto her pussy. Something about that shot, the thought that this girl had been subjected to this while a camera crew watched made it all even more arousing to me. I slid my fingers up under the short skirt I was wearing and found that the g string i was wearing was soaking wet.

‘Got you feeling horny, huh?’ Cindy said with a laugh.

I blushed bright red and pulled my hand out guiltily.

‘Don’t stop on my account, honey, I might need a little relief myself,’ Cindy said.

I looked at her standing over me and saw she had not buttoned up her hot pants after using the bathroom. She went to the door and dimmed the lights in the room before returning to sit next to me on the sofa. The film went on with a series of scenes like the first. Cindy’s commentary became more explicit: ‘I love it when Ricky does that to me’, she said when a girl knelt to take a load of cum on her face, and ‘I’d like to help him with that’ to a scene where a young blonde had her arse stretched by a man using a large black dildo.

The tape ended and I was sweating and feeling insanely horny. I got canlı kaçak iddaa up a little unsteadily to go to the bathroom. I sat and peed, and then could not resist the urge to reach down and rub my clit. It took me only a minute to make myself come, gasping through clenched teeth, worried Cindy might hear. I tried to make myself look presentable and went back into the living room, where, by the sounds coming from the TV Cindy had started playing the second tape.

As I walked into the room though I saw an amazing sight: Cindy was lying face down on the floor, her hot pants round her ankles and a hand pressed between her legs, grinding her hips and moaning, her eyes locked on the action on the screen. With her back to me I had a clear view of her perfect smooth ass. As she parted her legs slightly I caught a glimpse of dark pubic hair.

‘Don’t mind me Cindy,’ I said sounding more confident than I felt.

‘Oh, Okay babe,’ she panted. ‘Nothing you haven’t already seen though is it?’

‘Err, no,’ I said settling down on the sofa. Cindy got up onto her knees, her hot pants still around her ankles. I couldn’t help but stare at the neatly trimmed pubic hair around her pussy.

‘So, now you know I’m a bottle blonde’ she laughed. Then she said: ‘Do you like what you see?’

The words hung in the air. I couldn’t tear my eyes off her. She pulled her t-shirt off and unclipped her bra. Then she stood and stepped out of the hot pants. Stark naked in front of me she repeated the question.

‘Yes,’ I said.

‘Good. I’ve been dying to fuck you since Max first brought you home.”

This was amazing. I could hardly believe it, and yet, in a way, I realised I had always wanted something like this.

‘Strip off,’ Cindy whispered it gently. I guess she didn’t want me to snap out of the trance like state I was in. I obeyed without a word, turning my back to step out of the wet g-string. My upper thighs were damp with sweat and my own excitement. I turned to face Cindy, one hand covering my pussy, the other clamped across my tits.

‘Uh-uh’ she chided and reached forwards to draw both my hands away from me. ‘You are way too sexy to be shy about this gorgeous body’

She ran her hands over my skin, and suddenly she had a hand on each of my breasts, and her face was close to mine. Without thinking I just leant into her and pressed my mouth to hers.

We kissed for ages our hands running over each other. Eventually she pushed me down ’til I sat on the arm of a chair. Then she knelt between my legs and firmly spread my legs wide open. I felt so exposed so vulnerable, and yet so incredibly turned on.

She pressed her face into my pussy, inhaling the scent of me. Suddenly, like an electric shock i felt her tongue on my labia. Quickly she found my clit and nuzzled it with her lips before circling it with her tongue. She licked all over my pussy, returning again and again to my clit. I had a hand on the back of her head , entwined in her hair and as my orgasm rose i pressed her mouth onto me harder and harder, and then the wave broke and i came with a long shuddering moan.

I had never been this wet. My juices were just flowing out of my pussy. Trying to catch my breath I began closing my legs.

‘No you don’t. I’ve only just started,’ Cindy said.

‘Can I lie down…my head is spinning.’

Cindy laughed and helped me stretch out on the carpet. She looked into my eyes and smile again. Then she went down on me. This time she used her canlı kaçak bahis fingers; sliding two into my pussy and curving them round and up to expertly locate my g spot. I came twice more in quick succession and then lay there gasping for air, eyes closed, sensations washing over me. I wanted to reciprocate and give back some pleasure to Cindy but had no idea how. I sensed movement and opened my eyes to find myself gazing up into Cindy’s perfect pussy. She was squatting over my face, while reaching down to gently finger my pussy. I reached up and pulled at her hips encouraging her to let me lick her. She obliged, slowly easing her pussy lips down onto my tongue. My first taste of pussy was enough to drive me on to even greater heights of excitement. I could hardly contain myself and Cindy had to tell me to go slower, and show me where she wanted to be licked. When I found the right pace and sensed her growing arousal she leant further forwards and suddenly I was in a 69 with a gorgeous woman when only 3 hours earlier I was a convinced heterosexual.

When Cindy came for the first time on my tongue I felt as wonderful glow of arousal and achievement. But she was not finished with me. She stopped licking me and sat upright, grinding her pussy onto my mouth. Her fingers found my nipples and she pinched and twisted them. I gasped in pain, into her wetness.

‘You like that? OK, then you may lick my asshole’ she said.

I couldn’t do anything. She slid forwards a little and released my nipples to reach back and spread herself, revealing the tight puckered light brown skin of her anus before she pressed it onto my mouth. I gently kissed her, still feeling inhibited but trembling with excitement.

‘I said lick it, not kiss it’ she said. I reached out with my tongue and traced a circle around it. Then I lapped at her, making my tongue into a hard tip and pushing it into her a little.

This was so naughty, so kinky and so delicious that when Cindy came again and rolled off me I was disappointed, but I also knew the guys might return at any time. I didn’t feel good about that- even though Cindy was a woman, I’d still been unfaithful to Max.

As we both pulled on our clothes, I asked Cindy if Ricky knew she was bisexual.

‘Sure…honey, don’t worry, all guys love their chicks to dig other chicks’, she replied with a cheeky grin. ‘Anyway, I am sure there’s a lot you have yet to learn about Max.’

She wouldn’t tell me what she meant by that. I tried to get more info out of her, but at that moment we heard the unmistakable sound of two hogs pulling up on the gravel outside the apartment building.

Max came in, gave me a kiss, and told Cindy that Ricky was waiting for her downstairs. We said good-bye, and Cindy left with a final smile and a wink in my direction.

I went to the kitchen and fetched Max a beer. When I returned he had a big grin on his face and was holding up the two videocassettes.

‘Something you want to tell me?’ he said.

Blushing furiously I began to confess that Cindy had suggested we watch some movies and could not find anything, but he cut me off and said :’ You fucked Cindy tonight didn’t you? I could smell her on your face when I kissed you just now.’

I was stunned.

‘I…. yes, Max. I’m sorry.’

He looked at me for a moment. I couldn’t tell if he was angry.

‘Strip,’ he ordered, pulling the flies of his leather trousers open and pulling out his semi erect cock. ‘Get on your knees and suck me ’til I’m hard enough to fuck your slut pussy.’

‘Aren’t you angry?’ I said pulling my clothes off for the second time that night.

‘Oh no, I’m delighted. Cindy did exactly what she was supposed to do. Now your education can begin, my little slut.

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