Maid To Take Ch. 05

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The SUV was modified at a non-descript garage. The owner was a friend; in fact, he still is.

The rear was fitted with a pair of seats that were perpendicular to the driving seat; not parallel as they had been before.

And yes, Abhi was a good driver. When Maya had suggested that we hire him, we had been initially apprehensive. The thing that we had going between us was private. Abhi was an out and out alcoholic. If he were to be initiated, there was every possibility that he would talk.

Too, he did not know that Maya was already involved in our games. Moreover, I wasn’t sure I would like to see him get it on with my wife. Plain jealousy. Or, you could say that I thought Abhi was too much down the rung of the ladder to make it with someone as classy as my wife. Maya is damned sexy all right. But she can’t hold a candle to Nita. My wife is class personified and the very thought that Abhi might have a go at her, put me off.

We spoke about it. Maya insisted that her husband wouldn’t leak out anything that we did. Nita was worried. I was plain jealous!

Strange how it is with a guy! At least, with a guy like me. I would love to bang women like Maya, irrespective of whether they were married or not. But when it came down to my own wife, I shuddered to think about it.

Would I have the guts to see some other guy sliding his cock in Nita’s pussy? Or how would I react if Nita had a mouthful of some other guy’s cock?

However, that would come later. First, we had to initiate Abhi. First time he drove us to the market, Nita and me were sitting on one seat at the rear and Maya was seated opposite us. It was a Saturday: the market day. Having made all purchases, we were being driven back to the house by Abhi.

I was stunned when Nita casually reached for my zipper and pulled it down. She fished out my cock and the women smiled at each other. The front seat was high and it was impossible for Abhi to realize or see what was going on behind. Anyway, he was too busy negotiating the big SUV through the dense traffic.

Nita reached out with the other hand and grasped Maya’s wrist, guiding it towards my prick. I shot a glance at Abhi. He was preoccupied with the traffic.

I suppressed a groan when Maya clutched my cock. By now, it had become erect: and when Maya jerked it, with a faint smile on her lips, it began to throb.

“Why don’t you peel the cabbages, Maya?” Nita said calmly.

Maya understood what my wife meant.

“I’ll have to bend down, madam,” she replied.

“So? What’s stopping you?”

“Okay, madam,” Maya said, getting down on her knees between the seats.

Casually, I let one hand grip the back of the driving seat. “You are okay with the car, Abhi, and I’m glad.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Maya had shuffled forward and was now running her lips over my cock. I glanced at my wife. She had one hand inside her mini skirt and I could see the billowing movements there.

Maya cradled my balls before finally slipping my hard on in her mouth. With my other hand, I reached down and shoved it inside her blouse. She pulled her shoulders together to allow me access there. Past her bra, my hand got hold of her scrumptious tit and when I squeezed it, Maya redoubled her efforts on my cock.

Nita slid her foot across the floorboard. I saw her foot pushing past Maya’s sari. Maya parted her legs and pushed her sari up her hips to allow my wife to caress Maya’s cunt with her dainty foot. My wife hadn’t bothered to ease off her stiletto and I was sure that she was pressing the pointed front against Maya’s cunt.

“Switch on the radio, Abhi. I want to hear some music.” I said.

He grinned and complied. The stereo blared out rock music.

“Up with the volume,” I told him.

“Yes sir,” he replied. The volume went up and it was enough to cover Maya’s moans.

Maya was bobbing her head up and down now, her hands between her legs, pulling Nita’s stiletto closer to her cunt. Nita’s hand too had increased the pace under her skirt and I began to pinch Maya’s nipple.

I grunted, pulling Maya’s head closer to my groin as I exploded. Her lips locked on my cock and she struggled to swallow my come.

“Here, let me help you,” Nita said. “That cabbage needs two hands.”

Nita bent down and licked off the come seeping out of the corner of Maya’s lips.

What a way to go!


It was Maya’s idea to let Abhi watch Nita and me fuck.

Initially, I was against it. I didn’t want him to see my wife naked.

Nita cajoled me into it.

“C’mon, Jay! It’s not as if he’s fucking me. You will be doing it and all that he gets to see is a real live show!”

Anyway, she talked me into accepting Maya’s idea.

We chose the den. And this time, Nita insisted that we do it illegal bahis with the mirrors in full sight.

Nita was wearing a slip. Nothing else. I was in my shorts. Nothing else.

There were mirrors on the ceiling, mirrors on the walls, one-piece mirrors, three-piece mirrors with hinged and adjustable sides. The mirrors were visible only when one pulled a switch concealed in a small recess above a wardrobe. What looked like flat opaque glasses, turned into mirrors when I pulled the switch.

The waterbed was temporarily forgotten as we met midway in the room. Our arms encircled each other’s shoulders when we kissed. I sucked on her tongue, which she kept thrusting into my mouth, simulating what was to come.

We were aware that Maya and her husband were watching us. It gave me a kind of a high.

I grabbed her slip-encased tits and kneaded them even as she thrust her hands inside my shorts to grasp my throbbing cock.

I shoved my tongue in her mouth as she masturbated me. I leaned back and swiftly removed her flimsy slip. Her tits tumbled out and she spread her thighs to expose her cunt.

I groaned, squeezing one tit and letting the other hand cup her naked mound. She moaned, jerking harder on my cock.

“Let me get that randy cock between my tits,” she panted, sliding down to her knees.

I held her shoulders as she guided my cock between her tits. She pushed them together and began to move up and down, rocking furiously with my cock trapped between her melons.

“Suck the tip!” I ordered.

She continued to tit-fuck me, bending down to let the glans enter her hot mouth when she moved down. It was simply incredible. Her soft tits fucking my cock even as her hot mouth sucked on the cock head had me grunting with desire.

I looked around and above in the mirrors and saw a hundred Nitas and a hundred Jays reflected in them. Her ass bucked up and down as she stroked my cock between her tits.

I could see her hair flopping wildly as she bucked up and down. The mirrors also made it possible for me to see her lips sliding back and forth over my shaft. I imagined what Maya and her husband were going through at this moment. And even as Nita fucked my cock with her ripe melons, a picture of Maya’s huge tits flashed through my mind.

“Oh god,” I gasped, breaking the silence. “Oh my god, Nita, I am going to come!”

She drew back, releasing my cock head from her mouth and concentrating on bucking up and down faster to masturbate my cock with her tits.

“Yes, yes, darling, come, come on my tits!” she cried.

I felt the juices beginning to flow from my balls and glanced furtively at the green curtain behind which we had planned Maya and her husband to be positioned.

As my cum shot out from the tip of my cock, I once again wondered what the maid and her husband were doing behind that curtain.


I was watching Jay and Nita through the curtain with Abhi crouched behind me. I had been wearing one of Nita’s gowns: the one with a plunging neckline and reaching midway to my knees.

Abhi had already bunched the hem of the gown over my hips and my panties were pulled down to my knees. He had pushed his hand up my back, encircling them to cup my swollen tits. My bra was still hanging over my shoulders: he had merely unhooked it.

“My god! Our employers really are something!” he muttered, rubbing his naked and erect dong over my ass cheeks.

“Shhh! Be silent and watch. How do you like madam?”

“S-she is classy, really,” he had managed to insert his dick between my legs so that the head was poking out from in front. “You are like an SUV. She’s more like a Mercedes.”

So much for comparisons, I thought as he began to pump back and forth, his dick rubbing my slit. I let out a moan and reached down to finger my clit.

He pinched my nipples, rubbing them between his fingers as we watched Jay pumping his cock crazily between Nita’s tits. She was rubbing her melons together, dragging them up and down over his cock.

“Would you like to sample her?” I asked my husband.

I felt his cock twitch and I had the answer.

“You mean I could really get to touch her?”

“I think we can manage,” I gasped as he now guided his dong into my hole from behind. My cunt stretched to accommodate him and then clamped over the length of his thrusting shaft.

His hands tightened on my tits and he slid a finger between them. “Oh god, oh god, that would be really fantastic! Look at that classy bitch! Look at her legs, her hips, her face and her tits!”

“But you will have to approach with a great deal of caution and cunning,” I told him, thrusting my hips back against him to feel his randy cock plugging away.

“What do you mean?” he did not slow down.

“First the two of us get Mr. Jay, and then get Mrs. Nita,” I replied.

This time he slowed down. “W-what?”

“Look, Abhi. You want to get into her pants; you have to let him get into mine. One condition, though. When he gets me, I want you to join.”

“God, illegal bahis siteleri what kind of a mind you got?”

“I have secretly watched them looking at films showing this kind of stuff. I have also overheard them talking about what it would be like to have two men and a woman. But madam is tentative. She had said to him that she would like to watch her husband and another man get it on with another woman before she decides whether she would like to join the action.”

“You have a sluttish mind,” he whispered, resuming his thrusting of his cock in me, kneading my tits. “But I think the idea is okay. How are we going to get him together?”

“What do you say we barge in right now? Pretend that we have fallen through the curtain into the room?”

At that moment, we heard Jay groaning and telling Nita that he was coming. And madam asked him to come on her tits.

The sight of his juices shooting out must have egged Abhi. He thrust his cock savagely into me, grunting as he began to shoot his come inside my hole.

This was it, I thought. Pretending to be completely taken in by his fucking, which I was, I let my body crash into the room through the curtains.

Abhi had his hands on my tits and I virtually pulled him inside the room with me. We landed on the floor of the mirrored room and though Abhi would have liked to stop, he couldn’t because I let my cunt muscles pull on his shaft. He let out a howl when I did it.

As we sprawled out on the thick carpet, Jay and Nita pretended to be surprised and horrified at the same time.

“W-what the hell?” Nita screamed out, whipping her body away from Jay’s cock and whirling around to face us.

“What is this?” roared Jay, trying to cover his nakedness.

“I-I…er…w-we a-are sorry!” I cried out, writhing my ass, clutching Abhi’s cock harder with my cunt muscles.

So there we were: Abhi still bucking his hips back and forth, embarrassment all over his face and me bucking my hips right back into his ass. And across the room, Jay and Nita watched with open mouths, Nita covering her cum-covered tits and Jay, his wet cock.

By the time we stopped writhing on the floor and Abhi had pulled out his cock from my hole, pulling his pants back up to cover himself and me pushing my gown back down, Jay and Nita had managed to drape a pair of towels around each other.

We stared at each other.

“I-I a-am so sorry, sir,” Abhi stammered, looking down forlornly.

There was a long silence and finally, Nita broke it.

“Maya, both of you will have to be punished!”

It was as simple as that!


In order for the punishment to begin, there were drinks and snacks passed around while Nita explained with a stern and bitchy expression what exactly the punishment would be. I murmured my protests and expressed my inability. But I could see the spark ignite in my husband’s eyes as Nita explained and the drinks got into him. His eyes were now openly staring at Nita, who was still clad in a short towel wrapped around her. It covered barely half her tits and reached to just above her knees.

I could see the bulge between my husband’s legs getting more and more prominent as Nita explained in graphic detail. Jay’s cock wasn’t idle either. I could see the tent forming there between his legs inside the towel.

And finally, it started. Nita lowered herself on the waterbed.

“Strip your wife!” she ordered.

When Abhi is down to a couple of rounds, he gets pretty high. So, with amazing alacrity, he rose from the chair, and grabbing my shoulders, pulled me up to my feet.

“Abhi!” I cried, feigning astonishment.

He laughed drunkenly and unzipping the gown, lifted it up over me, exposing my still open bra and my panties, which I had managed to pull back in place.

“We do what madam says!” he chuckled, taking off the bra and pulling my panties down.

“Lift this leg,” he said and when I did, he pulled off the panties. I lifted the other leg too so that he could now completely remove them.

“Now,” Nita murmured softly, looking at Jay. “Unwrap that towel, darling and show us your hard on!”

He grinned, obeying her. It was indeed hard. Throbbing, it pointed up at the ceiling, almost touching his belly.

“Get on your back on the floor, Abhi,” Nita instructed.

He laid on his back on the floor, his cock pointing straight up the ceiling.

“With your back to him, you hussy, lower your cunt over his cock,” Nita continued the game.

As I was doing this, Abhi said, “But, but, I have to see her…er…tits…to remain hard!”

Nita laughed. “You can watch the mirror. And if it’s tits that make you stay hard, you can watch mine!”

She pushed the top of the towel down to her waist. Her tits tumbled out, large and soft, the nipples erect with the excitement.

I moaned when I felt my husband’s cock impale my cunt.

“Ahhhhh,” I whimpered, till his dick was buried right to the hilt. I wriggled and rotated my ass.

Sure enough, he could watch my tits when he canlı bahis siteleri craned his neck, in addition to the reflections in the mirror above us. But he was more intent on watching Nita’s tits, rising and falling as she began to breathe hard.

“Bounce on his cock, slut!” she said harshly.

I began to do exactly that. The drinks, the brief interlude and the snacks had re-ignited my passion, as indeed it had everybody else’s.

“Walk up to the bitch and ram your cock in her mouth, Jay!”

Jay grinned and walked to me, his cock swaying. When he reached me, he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and said,

“You heard the captain, whore! Open your mouth!”

Abhi had his eyes on Nita, who was now slowly fondling her tits. He quickly glanced in the mirror, long enough to watch Jay’s cock thrusting into my mouth.

I gagged as Jay shoved his cock into my mouth without any finesse.

Abhi encircled my waist and slid his hands up to cup my jiggling tits. And for the first time, I had two cocks in me simultaneously.

As Abhi thrust his hips up and down to plunge his cock in my cunt, Jay fucked my mouth powerfully, holding the back of my head.

In the mirror, I could see that Abhi was intent on watching Nita who sat on the waterbed, fondling her own heaving tits. Her legs had parted slightly and I knew that what was happening on the floor, was getting through her too. I was right, because finally, she flipped the towel over her waist, wriggling her ass to do so, and spreading her legs apart, reached down with one hand to play with her cunt lips.

Her eyes were fixed on us and her lips were parted. Her tongue kept wetting her lips. Her nostrils flared and she was breathing heavily, her large tits heaving with the effort.

“Why don’t you fuck her tits, darling?” she murmured huskily.

Jay was only too eager to comply. My heels were flat on the floor on either side of my husband’s body and his legs were splayed out, outside mine. Jay gingerly walked between my legs and rubbed his glistening cock over my nipples.

“I said fuck her tits, honey. Don’t fuck around with her nipples!” Nita commanded.

“Lean back, bitch,” Jay whispered.

I leaned back, resting my palms behind me on Abhi’s shoulders, presenting my jiggling tits to Jay.

He shuffled forward and I moaned when I felt his cock pressing between my tits. His hand slipped down my shoulders to capture my tits and squeeze them together.

The sight inflamed Abhi, I guess, because he began to sock it to me really hard, almost lifting me up off his body. As his cock repeatedly thrust into my cunt, neither Jay nor me, had to do any real movements. My body was almost suspended now and I began to move back and forth under my husband’s savage assault. All Jay did was stand there, cupping my tits together around his stiff rod and looking down as my tits milked him. Occasionally however, Jay did thrust forward so that the skin of his cock peeled back as the tip emerged at the top of my heaving tits, exposing the angry purple head.

“Suck that dick when it comes out at the top, slut!” Nita commanded.

I briefly glanced at her. She was still on the waterbed, this time, a finger sliding in and out of her wet hole. The palms of her other hand were spread around her tits and she was kneading them alternately.

I bent down lining Jay’s dong to my open mouth. When he shuffled forward, I clamped my lips around the shaft and sucked deeply on it. I heard Jay utter a groan.

“Fuck her harder, Abhi!” Nita shouted hoarsely. “Let me hear your balls slap her legs!”

My husband redoubled his efforts, his hands holding the top of my thighs as he shoved back and forth.

I moaned under his attack. Jay’s cock was oozing pre cum and I let my tongue swipe the hard flesh. I could feel his cock pulsating between my tits even as Abhi’s rod plunged mercilessly in and out of my cunt.

Up above us, the mirrors on the ceiling reflected Jay’s ass and back grinding back and forth. Abhi was still watching Nita as he plunged into me and the sight of Jay’s rod spearing my tits was incentive enough for me to come.

I felt it beginning to come and I wanted to shout, to scream and to beg my husband to fuck me faster. He was already doing so, but I suppose he could go that extra yard. What prevented me from uttering any words was the fact that Jay’s cock head was firmly embedded inside my mouth as he continued to fuck my tits.

I could tell that Abhi knew I was having my orgasm. His strokes became shorter and faster and his nails raked my thighs. I could also tell that Jay too knew about my orgasm by the way he began to jackrabbit me, his hands almost cruelly pinching my aroused nipples. And in the mirror, I could see Nita adding another finger inside her pussy. She had her legs up on the bed now and was leaning back to fuck herself. Her other hand too was between her legs. She was using the fingers of this hand to rub her clit vigorously till all I could see there was a blur.

I began to move too, up and down, back and forth. When Abhi pulled out his tool from my quim, managed to rise off his body. At the same time, Jay pulled back, his cock throbbing between my tits. And I rocked my body back too so that his cock was poised just outside my cleavage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20