Massage Extraordinaire

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I knew the minute I hit the ground that I had done it this time.

It was just a stupid volleyball game. I tend to be on the competitive side in any kind of game, so when I found myself holding down the middle of our mismatched team, somehow the damn ball always came my way.

Terry was a bud of mine but he also had a solid six inches on my five foot ten inch frame, and he was spiking the damn thing at me so hard I was having trouble getting the set.

Then he switched up, I went up for the block and came down right on top of Sally. Sally was a bit on the soft side little blond with a set of hooters on her that threatened to go flying in different directions every time she jumped for the ball.

Since she had already managed to get a tit out of her top a half dozen times I was watching her as much as I was watching Terry. It seemed like every time I looked over at her after a play, she was stuffing one of those things back inside her bikini top and grinning at me.

Terry could see that and he was taking advantage, so we were getting whipped nicely. When the ball came at me high I went up for it, I managed to tip it up but Sally had moved right into my path.

I didn’t want to land on her so I stretched out my leg to clear her and came down hard, my leg extended.

It felt like I got stabbed right in the balls, I doubled over in pain, my hands came down and grabbed myself. It felt like my right nut had gone flying off across the sand.

“Oh, God Danny! I’m sorry, are you all right?”

I looked up and Sally was leaning over me, one tit hanging out of her top.

Right then I didn’t give a shit.

All I could do was moan.

“I’ll…….all….right….” I managed to croak. After a few minutes, I got to my feet but I was all done playing. Sally came over and sat on the bench beside me, her boob was thankfully put away.

The last thing I needed right then was to get a boner going.

“Want me to rub out your leg for you, Danny? I have some liniment.” She held up a little bottle.

“No, I will be fine,” I lied.

“You don’t look fine.” She got down on her knees and began to rub some of the liniment on my upper leg.

Which of course afforded me a nice view of the tops of her big boobs resting there in her skimpy bikini top. I looked over at the game still going on, most of them were watching Sally and I more than the damn game. Terry was grinning at me, I blushed and looked away.

“Sally, I can’t take this.” I managed to groan. Her hands felt wonderful but still…

“Oh. Sorry.” She giggled, looking down at the huge expanse of flesh she had showing. She reached down and tugged at the top with no effect at all.

“God…” I groaned, trying to look away. I was seeing a red haze behind my eyes, my poor balls were screaming at me.

“Well, come on. Let’s go over to my house where I can work on you properly.” She said, glancing around at everyone watching her. The way she was down on her knees with her fingers going clear up the pants leg of my shorts had gotten noticed.

Fucking Terry was still grinning at me, I made a mental note to kick his ass first chance I got. Sally helped me over to her car and she drove. It was only a couple of miles.

We walked inside the house, or I should say hopped. Sally was helping me because still there was no way I could put my weight on my right leg.

“Mom! We need to borrow your table!” Sally called out.

“Sure, honey, what for?” I heard a woman’s voice from the other room. A pretty older lady, the spitting image of what Sally would look like in twenty years walked into the room.

“Oh, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hello. Who is this?” She asked Sally, who was still supporting my right shoulder.

“This is Danny, he got hurt. I thought we could help him.”

“Oh, well, OK.” She turned and left the room.

“My Mom is a massage therapist, and I am going to be one too. I can make you feel better.” She gave me a big smile.

Her Mom came back into the room carrying a portable table. She undid the clips and set it up in seconds. Then she reached for a sheet and spread it over the table.

“OK, let’s get him up and onto it.” She reached out for my other arm and they more or less lifted me up and onto the table. I sat there with my legs dangling, not quite sure what in the hell they were doing.

Her Mom got a big pillow, placed it behind my back as a support.

“OK, what seems to be the trouble?” She asked Sally.

“It’s his leg, and I think he has pulled a thigh muscle, maybe a groin muscle too.” She said that matter of factly like she knew what she was talking about. Her mom reached out and slid her hand up my right thigh.

“Yep, Feel this.” She told Sally. Sally reached out and felt my leg.

“Wow! Yes, I can feel that, it feels…tight and warm. There is a lump right there.”

There was a lump right there all right, another inch and she would have a hand on my nuts.

“We had better get those shorts off.” Her Mom said.

“Uhhh..wait a minute…” I protested.

“Relax, honey. I am a professional.” She smiled.

Yea? Well, Sally wasn’t and she was standing right there. I looked at her with a sidelong glance. She just smiled at me.

“Get one of my medium towels, we will use that for a drape since Danny is obviously bashful.”

“I’m not bashful.” I lied. She just smiled at me.

Sally went and got one, it looked more like a damn hand towel than any kind of drape.

“That will do.” Her Mom shook it out and laid it over me, then she reached under the towel and tugged my shorts down. All I had on was my briefs, she reached under and tugged them off, too. Then she tucked the towel around my privates, that caused a shot of pain.

“When you work on this kind of injury honey, use the flat of your hand and a light touch with your fingers at first.” Sally leaned over to watch as her Mom slid her hands up my thigh several times.

That did feel good.

“Here, you try it.” She told Sally. Sally began to stroke my leg in the same light manner, it actually seemed to be easing the pain after just a few minutes. My leg started to relax and I felt her increase the pressure.

I guess I got a surprised look on my face. I was also noticing that once again a large amount of Sally’s boobs were showing, she still had on that skimpy bikini.

“Endorphins, rubbing muscles releases them and those are the body’s natural pain remedy.” She said, like she was reading that out of a book.

“I learned that from Mom. It’s why we rub a spot when it hurts.” Sally added. She kept on rubbing my leg. Her fingers were sliding under the towel until finally the very tips were lightly touching my balls with each motion.

“Danny is really swollen already in his right testicle, Mom.” Sally told her. Her Mom stepped up to the table and reached under the towel. Her fingers gently rolled my testicle, then she reached higher and felt around the upper part of the sack.

I turned bright pink.

“It’s OK, honey, just lie back and relax.” I hadn’t realized that I had partially sat up when she did that.

“Well, I don’t feel any tears.” She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lifted the towel and looked at me. “No heavy bruising, either. He really is just swollen up, I think we can help with that.” With that she flipped the towel off and set it aside. There I sat with my little six inch penis bare right in front of Sally and her Mom.

“Hey!” I protested. Sally just grinned at me. Her Mom started massaging my balls. I couldn’t help it, I started to erect. She just reached out and put her hand on my stomach, my dick went back down about halfway.

“When a male client suffers an erection during the session, put your hand flat on their solar plexus, that usually relieves it.” Sally’s Mom told her.

She glanced back at me, I was stiffening right back up.

“Well, it usually works, anyway.” She giggled.

It might have worked but her other hand was cupping my balls, it was all I could think of. For some odd reason the stabbing pain was gone, though, either that or she had me distracted.

“With the young and very virile clients like Danny here, sometimes there is only one thing to do.” She told Sally,who was now just standing there watching with interest.

“You mean we should….?” Sally let the sentence trail off, now she was blushing.

“Honey, if you are going to be a masseuse and a good one, you will find you need to help your clients with whatever..crops up. With some men, they have issues with certain muscle groups like the Iliopsoas. With older clients working on the trochantor of the femur means really close work around the groin area, there is no reason to be bashful about it.”

I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, but she honest to God giggled again.

“Even work as intimate as touching the Perineum is all right, you just need to be sure of your client. That is massage in the real world, not like we will teach you in school.”

“Besides, it you want a solid repeat customer base…..” She smiled down at me.

She slipped her hand up between my legs and lightly rubbed the spot right between my balls and the base of my penis. I instantly grew another full inch, my cock was now standing up off my stomach.

“Wow! That was fast!” Her Mom lifted my testicles upwards, Sally leaned down to take a close look at where she was touching me.

“OK. What do I do?” Sally stepped forward closer to the table.

“Put some of this light Almond oil on your hands, then take hold of his member and slide them up and down. You can use one hand or both, just vary the pressure. The contractions will be very good and helpful for him and relieve some of the pain.”

I wasn’t feeling very much pain by then, but my cock was sure stiff. Her Mom reached out and wrapped one hand around me and stroked my length a few times.

“See? Just like this, it won’t take very long and then you can go back to rubbing out his legs. Once the Testes are cleared out, the swelling should ease and rubbing out his legs and pelvis should ease any discomfort.”

I was thinking that she actually did sound like an instructor. But all I could really think about was this older woman had her hands on my cock and was demonstrating what to do with it to her daughter.

I also noticed that her mother was wearing a bra, but there were obvious bumps showing, so she was liking this herself.

She let go of me almost reluctantly, Sally stepped up closer and wrapped both of her soft hands around the head of my cock. She slid them up and down lightly. I had my eyes closed, I opened them a bit to look at her, her face was bright red but she seemed güvenilir bahis şirketleri determined.

I felt a little tug in my balls as they tightened up. Sally increased the speed, then it felt funny so I looked again. She was vigorously rolling her palms back and forth on the head of my cock, her eyes were squeezed shut and her tongue was stuck out.

She looked silly as hell, I barely managed to stifle a laugh, which was probably a good thing.

Then I felt myself blast off, one huge spasm after another. Each contraction was a mild flash of pain that faded and then came again. Sally kept right on going with that funny rolling me back and forth motion and I built right up into a second and much more powerful climax.

I opened my mouth and let out a groan, one gob flew out and hit me on the chin, the rest spattered across my chest.

Sally held my now softening cock in both her hands, staring at it. Her Mom reached for another towel and wiped me off as Sally stood there holding me with an amazed look on her face.

“That was different but it sure worked, honey. Where did you learn to do that?” She asked.

“I never…not with a boy, it’s what I do to mysel…” Then she realized what she was about to say and stopped.

I got a sudden vision of Sally with her legs spread, both hands going at it furiously between her legs. I made one of those mental notes to remember that.

Her Mom just laughed, handed Sally the towel. Then her Mom started rubbing out my legs, she was reaching all the way up and around my butt cheeks, too. Her fingers were magic. She stepped aside, Sally took over and rubbed me like her Mom did. She spent a solid half hour on that, repeating the strokes over and over.

“How are you feeling, did the pain ease off?” Her Mom asked me, when Sally finally stopped.

“Uhhh…..yea.” I started to sit up but she pushed me back.

“Just lay there and relax for a few minutes, honey.” She picked up a towel and laid if over my crotch. Then they went into the kitchen.

I could hear them talking in the other room, I couldn’t make out what they were saying but they were laughing quite a bit. Finally I sat up, keeping the towel over my groin.

“How are you doing? All better?” Sally asked, stepping back into the living room

“Yea.” Actually I did feel a lot better, I stood up slowly, testing my leg carefully. The pain had passed, I hadn’t expected that.

I got my clothes and put them on after Sally went back into the kitchen. Her Mom came out with a big glass of water, told me to drink all of it.

I managed to get it all down, hell, it must have been almost a quart.

“Water helps the muscles to heal.” She told me.

I thanked her, then Sally and I went out to the car. I could walk normally now, all there was was a small tug in my upper leg.

“I never did that before with a boy, so don’t get any ideas, it’s just therapeutic.” She said, giving me a sidelong glance.

“And don’t you dare tell anyone!”

I nodded. I was still almost in shock from what had just happened.

“So how does a person become a massage therapist?” I asked her.

“There are classes at school, my Mom teaches some of them. I am starting my classes this Fall.”

Classes, huh?

I was thinking that maybe I just might go to some classes myself.

We got back to the game but everyone was sitting on the grass drinking beer.

“Looks like you are going to live, right Danny?” Terry grinned at me, tossing a couple of cans at me.

“Yea, Sally’s Mom rubbed…some liniment on my leg and that really helped.” I noticed Sally shot a sidelong glance at me, then she smiled.

In the back of my mind was the idea of maybe…just maybe…getting Sally on one of those tables and returning the favor?

What the hell, maybe her Mom, too? Then it hit me I didn’t even know her Mom’s name.

Oh, well. I was betting that I would find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20