Masturbation Diaries: Library Study

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I twiddled the pencil between my fingers trying very hard to concentrate on studying. Only one more day of exams and then the weekend! But I had two of the biggest exams left, Physics and Statistics. Only one problem, I was horny again! I say again, because I had already had a good cum just a couple hours before back in my dorm room. I don’t know why but the times when I was stressed were when I got the horniest. Besides, I was twenty and a guy…at college and around good looking girls in their tightest and skimpiest attire! What else was does a guy think of at that age right?

I was nearly worn out from three days of exams already, but still had probably the toughest of the bunch left. That was why I was grinding out a late study shift at the university library. But I was not being very diligent to my studies. I was sitting there at a table hoping for any kind of distraction. With great luck every so often I was treated to a nice view of the library assistant, who was also a basketball cheerleader, a very cute blonde. She came around to replace books on the nearby shelves. At one point I looked up to watch as she had to reach to place a book on an upper shelf. That stretch had her blouse riding up just enough for me to see an inch or so of her very flat and tanned midriff along with the sight of her shorts pulling tighter against her firm little behind.

After one such stretch and reach she lowered back to her feet and immediately turned to face me.

I lost my breath and blushed.

She made eye contact smiled.

I smiled back.

She then took her library cart and went on around to the next aisle.

I breathed again. I also began to have a very delightful little daydream about her as I fingered through my notes. This girl was tall, with legs that seemed to go on forever. She also had a very prominent bosom.

Boobs! Huge, hot boobs! Yes, I was twenty and a college junior…

My fantasy daydream and the stirring it aroused in my shorts would have to wait though as I needed to get focused on my studying. I loved math but Statistics was beyond any math I’d taken before. It was kicking my butt. So I lowered my head and read away.

And that’s where my head was buried when I sensed someone else walk by. I didn’t look up right away, that is until I smelled a familiar perfume. When I did look I saw this girl walk to a table a couple of rows over from mine and dump an armload of books on top.

It was Mary Ann.

Mary Ann was slim and athletic. She was also the most gorgeous girl I knew. She was about five foot seven with auburn hair that was that night pulled back and held by a jeweled band. She had been in several of my dreams, okay my fantasies, all semester since we started taking the same Literature class. I had only really seen her in class and she was always dressed extra nice, dresses or slacks. Tonight she was much more casual, dressed in a worn denim skirt and a cotton blouse which made her look even cuter than ever.

Mary Ann and I had literally bumped into one another the third day of the semester as we both hurried to the classroom. Her books went all down the stairs. During my profuse apologies while retrieving her books I had got a nice close up look at those wonderful long legs of hers. I even got an illicit peek up her skirt as she squatted down on the step above me. I so remember the prettiest bright yellow panties she wore that day. They were the thinnest, most translucent imaginable. So much so, I swore I had even seen the swell of her sexual mound with the dark shadow of her thick pubic hair.


Needless to say that visual fueled many a stimulating night over the next few weeks. I sat there at the library table and shivered a very warm shiver. I had wished I had the nerve to ask her out. There I was a junior and I’d never gone out with any girl seriously actually. I hadn’t dated all that much in high school even though I was a jock in wrestling and volleyball. My few college dates were mostly set ups, in groups and although most of the girls were nice, I was mostly just being friendly and definitely lacked the gumption to go any further.

So now there she was no more than twenty or so feet away and I still didn’t have the nerve to even wave or say hello. I put my hand on my forehead and went back to my Physics notes.

It must have been about a half hour later when I tried to swallow and realized I my mouth was dry. I needed a drink, so I made my way to the water fountain near the front desk. I got my few sips of water and after wiping my chin I walked past the desk this time taking a look at the coed cheerleader-cum-librarian sitting there. We exchanged smiles again, but as I remember now I didn’t give her the once over as I had done earlier. Instead I had another girl on my mind as I walked back to my study table.

Before I made it around the first bookcase I looked over toward Mary Ann and found she wasn’t at her table, although her books still were. She must have gone to the bathroom I thought. canlı bahis şirketleri Reaching the end of stacks I made the turn back toward my table when I ran smack into my prettiest coed.

“Oooff” I huffed, with the wind temporarily knocked out of me.

“Ohhh!” Mary Ann more squealed in reaction to her bouncing off my chest.

I reached out and caught her, but one of my hands accidentally touched her breast in doing so.

“Ooo!” She gasped as she steadied herself.

“Sorry, sorry…I, uh…I just grabbed the first thing I could, I mean…” Okay I was thoroughly embarrassed. I also expected a serious scowl and rebuke, but instead she sort of grinned as she straightened her blouse.

“I’m sorry.” I said again as sincerely as possible but grinned myself as I gazed at her chest. Her nipples poking through her top!

“It’s okay…don’t worry about it.”

“I really am sorry.”

“Forget about it.” She smiled up at me and then I swear she winked!

I blushed a deep crimson. For several seconds she stood there before me at less than arms length. It gave me the time to really look at her…and I immediately fell in love!

Mary Ann was beautiful. She had the prettiest face and most gorgeous green eyes. Her mouth was just perfect and it was actually was smiling as she looked up at me. She finally bent down to gather her things and in the stooping down to retrieve her papers and books her skirt rode up in back. I knelt down to help and when I did I immediately had a flashback to the incident a couple of months earlier. I know my head dipped a bit lower hoping upon hope to get another sneak peek between her legs and discover what color of sexy panties she was wearing this time.

No such luck.

Mary Ann was all too lady-like this time and kept her knees together denying my lecherous viewing.

I tried to speak, say anything, but as usual I was as shy as a guy could get.

“Well, maybe I’ll run into you again some time.” She grinned, stood and walked on by me.

“I hope so,” I whispered as she headed back down the aisle.

I stood there for too long a moment I know watching Mary Ann walk away, her hips swaying, the muscles in her calves, thighs, and backside flexing and relaxing. What a gorgeous sight!

I looked around real quick to see if anyone had caught me ogling. That part of the library was not completely deserted, but the three students there sat quietly talking, in a corner table off to the left. None of them paid any attention to me.

By the time I got back to my own desk my heart beat and breathing had calmed some. As I sat I looked over and found Mary Ann slumped forward on the wooden table top, her head cradled sideways in her arm, the ponytail dangling down the side of her head. She was twisting her lovely hair through her fingers.

Then I looked down a little farther…although it wasn’t all that hot in the library her blouse was unbuttoned fairly low. The shadowed valley between her tawny fleshed breasts was daringly revealed. I hadn’t noticed that earlier. Hard to believe I would have missed a sexy sight like that.

Had she undone them after I’d bumped into her?

Someone walked by my table about then, my heart skipped a beat and I immediately looked back down guiltily to my textbook. I tried to focus on studying I swear, but it wasn’t long before I was daydreaming about those breasts and the rest of Mary Ann. Only now I imagined her without a blouse at all. I was sure her breasts were big, round and soft, with the largest nipples. In my mind, I sucked each of those lusciously erect nipples into my mouth one at a time.

My hand slid to the crotch of my shorts and I squeezed my already stiffening penis.

A noise, the sound of a scraping chair leg, caught my attention and I looked back ahead and found Mary Ann had scooted her chair up closer to the table. I glanced underneath the table and although it was still a little shadowy, I could certainly see well enough to see her knees were primly together. Just as well, I thought, I’d probably have sexual overload and truly not be able to study the rest of the evening if I had seen anything more than that. But I had no more than finished the thought when she lifted her legs, kicked off her sandals, and put her feet on the little cross bar under the seat of her wooden chair. Her knees came up too and opened a little in that pose. I still couldn’t see any more than before in the shadows under the table, but it didn’t stop me from taking my daydream a little further. Having had seen her in that short skirt months ago and then the one tonight I pictured myself slipping a hand under it…of course she wasn’t wear panties in my fantasy.

I felt a renewed swell in my manhood so I gave it another good squeeze.

Mary Ann was still looking down at her textbook and she seemed very intent on her studies.

Then it was if she had heard me talking about her!

Abruptly she leaned back from the table and her knees parted further. I was instantly canlı kaçak iddaa treated to the smoothness of her thighs right up to…they were blue! She had on a pair of satiny blue panties! I had a full view of her panty-clad vulva under her denim skirt. I could hardly keep myself from chewing off my pencil eraser with the pleasure I felt at catching such a flash of heavenly delight!

Before I knew it I was rubbing myself in as best I could through the material of my shorts and boxers.

I know a moan escaped me as I was taken aback by the unexpected scene unfolding before me. Although I was conscious enough to take a quick scan around to see if anyone was watching me watching this beauty sitting like a sexy vision only several feet away, I couldn’t avert my eyes more than a couple seconds.

My mind raced. What the hell was I doing staring at a girl like that?

But still my hand, through my shorts, cupped my balls. I could feel their warmth and I fondled them while I closed my eyes and thought of Mary Ann naked now. Her breasts were out for me, her skirt pulled up and her panties down around her ankles, all for me. I could feel my balls squirming in their sac as I played with them.

After a moment, I opened my eyes and looked over at my fantasy girl.

My hand froze on my balls. Mary Ann was looking up from her book and right at me!

I held my breath.

Only I didn’t see any shock or surprise register on her face.

Then in a sigh of relief I realized she wasn’t looking at me. She was deep in thought as she stared in my direction but more passed me in a very studious fog. Maybe she was trying to come up with some detail to whatever subject she was working on. In any case it was such a sexy look. Her lips were somewhat pursed almost as if she was kissing someone, or something…my hard-on surged a bit as I was sure I could feel those moist lips touching me down there.

My hand was still cupping my balls so I gave them another teasing squeeze before I ran my fingers up along my growing length.

Mary Ann finally turned her eyes back to the book in front of her and I just quietly, admiringly watched her as she read. That in itself was so sexy, a coed as beautiful as she, looking so smart, looking so hot! This was my dream girls of all dream girls.

Although part of my head told me I certainly should be studying, too, I found my gaze lowering back under her table, under her short skirt, to where she revealed those oh so sexy blue panties to me. I just knew in my fantasy she was doing this for me and me only. Mary Ann wanted me to see her panties, she wanted me to get off over her and her sexy panties; my fantasy was building fast! My hand on was still on my crotch, but now my palm was rubbing up over my hard-on as only my fingers continued to tickle my balls. The swelling in both was attaining a level of discomfort confined in my boxers and shorts as they were.

I had to end this torture! I needed to stroke myself off. But even that far end of the library was not the best place for such a thing. So started thinking about making my way to the bathroom and enjoy a good jerk.

(Just so you know it wouldn’t have been the first time I’d done it there!)

As I arranged myself in my shorts enough to not be too conspicuous when I stood I looked over for a few last seconds of fantasy inducing glances at Mary Ann. I gasped and dropped my pencil at the suddenness of what I saw now as my eyes locked on her under the table. She had shifted her hips back in the chair. I hadn’t thought it possible to get any harder than I was, but my erection went from stone to steel right then. I nearly lost my breath and the last vestiges of my decorum as I saw a hand led by a long delicate finger slide down between her legs. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Her fingertip skimmed down over the shiny blue satin of her panties. I could hear my own raspy breath as that finger roamed in ever smaller circles across her sex. Just watching her scratch her nail across the smooth material was enough to transmit warm shivers through me. I only wondered what it was doing for her.

I dropped my pencil and that hand gripped the arm of my chair and I moaned.

I wondered if she knew I or anyone else on this side of the room could see her doing what she was doing. Was this just my fantasy gone wild in my head? Did she want me to catch her rubbing herself? I only wish I knew what she was feeling.

In the meantime, I had become so aroused there was no way I could stand up with out being very obvious.

I began to rub myself through my shorts in true earnest as I watched her finger trail a little higher and saw the pressure she was applying by the dent it was making in her panties. Her finger moved faster, back and forth in tiny circles. I was so surprised, so hypnotized by what I was seeing. I could also make out the effect all this was having on her as a wetted darkening blotch began to form on the blue material.

I stroked my cock through my shorts canlı kaçak bahis with even more vigor. I could feel the leaking in my own underwear by that point. I knew it was a mistake to keep playing with myself right there in the library, but I couldn’t have made it to the bathroom as my hard cock would have been pointing the way for all to see!

No, I had to stay. Besides I couldn’t give up watching the magnificently erotic spectacle continue to unfold before me!

I sucked in a deep breath as I gave my raging hard-on a good squeeze and could feel the pre-cum trickle out and smear over my boxers. I actually feared for a moment Mary Ann would hear my moan and stop pleasuring herself, but she was too far away. She was all too into what she was doing under her own study table.

Mary Ann kept stroking her panties and after every few strokes she would press her finger into herself; the blue panties easing into her sex and then becoming ever more dampened. Mary Ann sat there with her knees spread wide and her hand playing between them the whole while the cool composed upper half of her belied what I was witnessing.

I found myself, stroking my throbbing erection in near time to the strokes of her finger. It was if the head of my cock was stroking her panties. Of course, if it actually had been I would have been smearing pre-cum all across them, as I could feel it seeping out onto my boxers. I began to debate with myself knowing I had to be hallucinating because my mind had never before conjured up so enchanting a vision, even in my most erotic wet dreams.

Mary Ann wriggled and squirmed in her chair, her thighs moved gently back and forth. I watched as her hand left her lap area and one of her fingers went to her mouth. With her eyes closed she sucked slowly on the lone finger. She stopped squirming for those few seconds and it seemed that she was in a very peaceful and happy state. I assumed she must have pleased herself enough for the moment. But then her eyes popped open, she removed her finger from her mouth and lowered it swiftly to her panties again. She began to butterfly her thighs in and out now and she rubbed her now wetted finger all over her the crotch of her underwear.

She was earnestly masturbating now. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen!

I don’t know who was enjoying themselves more as I had obviously gotten so caught up in this fantasy I so needed to go really play with myself. I needed to take my hard cock out and stroke for all I was worth! On the other hand, I couldn’t just stop and get up then. I would have been more than embarrassed walking in front of someone to include the cute the library assistant at that point.

But my cock was aching unbearably and I couldn’t stand it anymore!

I thought my cock would burst through my shorts so I unzipped and let my erection poke out and stand straight up. The minute I grabbed the long hard shaft and squeezed a breathy moan escaped my lips. I was past caring who might catch me.

With my cock sticking up through the fly of my boxers and shorts, I stared hard at my fantasy girl as I stroked myself. I saw Mary Ann close her eyes and the next few seconds seemed to last forever. It was like watching a series of high-definition digital photographs click by in front of my eyes. She began to move differently and her body stiffened. She was reaching a climax and I was just a few feet away watching it all!

It was more than I could take and I let loose right there.

I watched Mary Ann shudder and spasm as I shot my hot creamy load.

My body shook with each jet of cum that spurted out onto the front edge of the library table. Again and again, each streak of cum splattered against the table until I thought I’d never stop cumming. I closed my eyes at the height of my pleasure and literally saw stars.

It was incredible!

For a long moment trying to figure out what had just happened. I tried to enjoy the afterglow of the incredible experience as I feigned staring down at my textbook. I had never seen anything like that before, a girl masturbating right before my eyes. As I sat there with cum dripping off my hand and off the side of the study table I looked back over at Mary Ann, only to find her sitting all prim and proper, her chin cradled in the palm of her hand studying away. How unfair is it that women can cum and not leave such a mess as us guys do? I pondered that for only a second as I was still feeling good from my own orgasm. I took a huge breath and shoved my manhood back into my shorts, my warm cum smearing a little on my boxers. With cum still on my hand and the table and floor beneath I looked around for something to clean up with. The best I could do was some notebook paper, so I as quietly as possible I ripped out a couple of sheets. I more dabbed and smeared than cleaned up my mess. I balled up the papers and stashed them in my book bag.

A few minutes went by, and the scrapping of a chair against the tile floor caught my attention once again. I looked up and caught Mary Ann looking at her watch this time. She got a strange look on her face and then she hurriedly gathered all her notes and books together and stuffed them in her book bag. She was up and walking quickly toward the front door in no time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20