Mr. Nice Guy vs. High School Ch. 04

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A day of confrontations…

Jason’s alarm went off far too soon, and with a groan he rolled over and covered his head with his pillow. The constant and incessant buzzing only got louder the longer he waited, as his alarm clock was designed to do, and it wasn’t long before the sound alone drug him out of bed and across the room to silence it.

Taking a moment, Jason eyed himself in the mirror. He hadn’t bothered to put on any boxers after his long work out and late night shower. He hadn’t had much sleep at all, staying up working out until the wee hours, then only to be kept up by sex dreams once he did lay down… vivid ones that he wasn’t completely comfortable having. He was tired, exhausted really, stressed, and hard as iron do to last night’s vivid dreams. In his dream he made his sister’s friends apologize quite vigorously for their spying while his sister looked on jealously, then later he and his step-mother had their fight, and she told him he was to have sex with her and only her going forward, or she would kick him out and disinherit him. In the dream the talk had happened down by the pool for some reason… she had been in a red swimsuit in the beginning, but the details were fading fast. He wasn’t in the mood to go to school. Susan probably wouldn’t be up until noon, as was her custom. Maybe he could get some tail from somewhere before they had their big blow out fight. It would help with the stress, restore some of his fragile confidence…

Jason picked up the phone off of his dresser and called Nicole’s cell.

“Hello Jason?” she asked.

“Hey beauty. I am not feeling school today. How about you skip with me and we go somewhere?” Jason asked in his most charming voice while checking out his own abs in the mirror. He had had a sixpack since he was 12, but now he noticed he was developing signs of that 8 pack he always wanted. He flexed into the mirror.

“I would, but I am still crazy sore. And besides, I’m already on the bus. Okay okay, Gretchen says hi. We have to go. Are we all still on for sat?’

“Yeah sure.” Jason said before hanging up.

Irritated that both Nicole and Gretchen were both out, Jason called Kat. Only Kat didn’t pick up her cell, her father did. “No I’m sorry Kat already left for school she left her cell here on accident. Who is this?”

Hanging up, Jason called Shyla. Her voice came through as a whisper. “Hello? I can’t talk. What’s up?”

“I was wondering if…”

Jason’s question was cut off by a thunderous pounding from Shyla’s end of the line. “Who the fuck are you talking to in the bathroom, and why the fuck aren’t you in school?” came a loud heavy voice.

“I am in the fucking shower!” Shyla yelled back, and Jason realized he could hear running water.

“So you are wet and naked then?” Jason asked, but Shyla wasn’t paying him any attention. The pounding picked back up.

“You fucking better be. Open the God damned door!” The pounding picked up and Shyla hung up on Jason. Hung up on him! Jason was immediately pissed. Frustrated, Jason stood in the center of his room stroking his cock. He was extremely frustrated, and he needed to find away to relieve some of that tension. He seriously considered calling his sister’s cell before the absurdity of the thought finally hit him. He eyed himself in the mirror, and this time he didn’t like what he saw. An angry looking sex addict standing in his bedroom stroking his cock with nothing but getting ass on his mind.

This time last year he would have been content waking up early and playing his nerd games on the computer all morning. When was the last time he had even turned it on?

“What in the world has happened to me?” He asked his reflection. His reflection looked good, Jason had to admit. But then, a few months ago, he wouldn’t have thought so. Sure he had muscle, but it was more the byproduct of being his father’s son. Jason had always been in shape, and he had to work his ass off to keep it up. “Yes, you can live in the guest house,” his father once said “but you better be on that work out equipment every damn day.”

“But that is old news.” said Jason’s reflection, suddenly not really a reflection but the shy, self- conscious kid he had been last year. “You changed inside you know. It isn’t all an act, not just people skills you picked up. You learned how to trick the world into thinking you were somebody, one of those cool assholes you used to dislike so much. You fake it so well you are becoming that guy.”

Jason smirked at himself. Of course his reflection wasn’t talking. Jason was just tired and overstressed. Still, he wasn’t one to pass on an argument. “The old me never had friends, never kissed a girl, sure as hell never dated a cheerleader or had any bad assed threesomes.”

“And look where that is getting you. Your poor sister has always been into you. You know this, and you know you shouldn’t be thinking about sex with her. And Susan? Your dad’s wife? She is on the verge of kicking your ass casino oyna out, for serious moral reasons, and you are dreaming about fucking her into your dad’s wedding cake?” Jason didn’t remember that dream, but it sounded hot. The reflection looked angry and disgusted, and Jason could do little to argue back. It wasn’t like Jason could deny having the dream to his own subconscious…

“So what?” Jason said. “So I like sex. I’m 18, I’m young, dumb, and in shape. What is wrong with thinking with the wrong head? What is wrong with making mistakes? I am at an age where I SHOULD be making these kinds of mistakes.”

“Mistakes like sleeping with a girlfriend, or a stranger maybe. On occasion. But not a different girl every night. Not your freaking family. You haven’t yet but I can see how you would if you could, and its wrong. And what in the world is up with you and Shyla?”

“What do you mean me and Shyla? You mean are we dating?”

“No, I mean you always made a point of standing off against assholes. Her father is abusing her. Its bad. Don’t you care at all?”

Jason shrugged.

“That is how you should spend your morning you know. She cares for you, did you see the way she looked at you when you climaxed inside of her, the way she looked at you when she fell asleep in your bed? She wants you to be a hero to her. This big change in her life. And you used that fact to get off, and score weed? That is pretty shitty.”

“Why should I care?”

“I’m your conscience dumb ass. Clearly you care.”

Jason rolled his eyes. “Fuck this crazy talking to myself shit,” he said as he grabbed a pair of boxer briefs from a drawer, “but you win.”


The punishment compromise…


Jason was ready to accept the consequences of his actions when he arrived back home, at least the ones he couldn’t deny. If Susan wanted him out of the house, he would just go. It wasn’t a big deal. He had a job after all, and was a bookkeeper at that. Employees that made less than he did had their own place, after all. If he was permitted to stay, he would just be much, much more careful with his romantic interests. He felt silly having stressed about it as much as he had. What bugged him most was the idea of his father finding out. They didn’t get along well at the best of times. There was more than one reason Jason lived out in the guest house.

It was only just after noon when Jason got a call. He tossed down the shovel and picked it up by the third ring. “The school called and said you didn’t come in today.”

“They do that?”

“They do that. I told them you were home with the shits.” She giggled. Susan was drinking, apparently.

“I didn’t know, I’ve never skipped before.”

“Was today really the best day to start do you think?”

“No, Su.. mo… um, no. I’ve never been this stressed out before either though.”

“Calm down. Really. Come on home and we will get the talk over with.”

Only now that Jason pulled up the drive, there was another car in the drive. Not just any car either, it was Evelyn Shay’s car. Evelyn was a personal friend of Susan’s… but she was also her attorney. “Oh shit, am I in legal trouble?”

Jason let out a sigh of relief when he exited his jeep and heard music coming from the pool, and felt much more relaxed when he approached the fence and saw that both ladies were wearing swimsuits and sunning themselves. He hadn’t seen Evelyn in… what? Two years? She was a sight to behold in her little two piece. She and Susan both were, to be honest.

The two ladies had heard him pull up of course, and as he approached they both stood and pulled their hard wood pool chairs up into a sitting position. Their swimsuits matched, Susan wore a bright red that seemed to glow under this days bright sunlight, and Evelyn wore a darker crimson. Jason wondered if that was chance or if they arranged it on purpose. Watching the two girls bend and jiggle to adjust the heavy high dollar chairs made Jason’s dick perk up a bit, something about a dream maybe… He had to remind himself he was up shit creek and crush those thoughts. The two girls sat just as he got to them and motioned for him to sit opposite them, in a chair they had clearly brought down from the upper deck of the main house just for this purpose. He sat where he was told, his posture intentionally as it should be, straight and respectful, as if he sat across from a potential employer at a job interview.

Susan’s long blonde hair shown brightly in the direct sun light. Her bikini was a new one, a red number that stood in stark contrast to her lighter skin. She laid back against her chair and adjusted her reflective shades as she looked him over. The large red cups of her top were not revealing, it wasn’t a skimpy outfit, but they did nothing to try to hide the fact that Susan had some fantastic curves. She sat with her back against the chair sipping on some sort of margarita, her long legs stretched out and crossed before her. She slot oyna looked, Jason thought, like an Kate Upton or Barbie Griffin. A body built for porn star level sex. Minute men need not apply.

Evelyn sat up and matched Jason’s posture, her arms and her slender legs crossed as if she sat at a desk in a business suit instead of the tiny red thong she wore now. She, like Susan, was in her forties, and also like her friend seemed to have found a plastic surgeon who valued quantity as well as quality. Those augmentations were probably the only curves she had on her. Her hair came down to her narrow little ass like a sleek black waterfall of the darkest die a woman could find. Jason remembered her as a dirty blonde. Her ass was small. It was attractive, a nice ass, but it was far from being called a bubble but.

“Long time no see.” he offered after a few minutes of silence. Susan smiled behind her straw but tried to hide it. Evelyn smiled broadly. Jason noticed both and felt better for it, but tried not to let his relief show.

“It has.” Evelyn said, “How is high school going? Susan tells me you have been fucking half your classmates and taping it without their knowledge?” she said in an equally casual tone.

Jason flinched as if punched in the gut. Had he been sipping on a drink he would have spat it all over the two older women. “No!” he shouted defensively. A little too loud, likely. He apologized for that before continuing. “It isn’t like that. Really, Susan, I brought a girl or two back here and yes, we did fool around. But it wasn’t my intention to film like, amateur porn or anything. And I certainly didn’t think your daughter would be watching me on the security tapes or downloading or, fuck.. shit! I’m sorry. I mean, I didn’t know she would do all that, or show others, or anything.”

Jason realized he was rambling and stopped. The three sat in silence for a bit. Then Evelyn continued, “The fact remains, copies were made and distributed. Your sister apparently swears that all copies she and her friends made were destroyed, but we have no way of knowing. She gave copies to her two friends. Melanie has checked Becky’s desktop and phone, but in spite of my recommendation Susan declined to speak to Stacey’s mom about it because you work for her and she didn’t want to make things harder for you there.

Jason looked to Susan to thank her, but his stepmother ignored his thanks and kept her face a mask, her eyes hidden behind her expensive reflective shades. Susan wasn’t planning on speaking, Jason realized. He wondered if she was trying to keep from laughing or screaming at him. Evelyn again broke the silence. “I have to ask, and be honest with me, are all the girls that you have slept with on these tapes of legal age? Over 18?”

“Y-yes.” Jason stammered. “I swear it.”

The two women breathed out a sign of relief. Why did they both have to be in bikinis for this? Jason hadn’t had any sexual attention that day, so not only was his cock already becoming an issue in his jeans but his treacherous eyes were desperate to glance down at the two women’s very pretty breasts, their long legs… “That is good to hear. But be honest Jason this is important. That blonde that spent the night could easily be under age,” continued Evelyn.

“No I promise Shyla is 18 too I’ve known her for four… wait you watched the videos too?” Jason asked, more than a little mortified.

“Well of course I did. Susan knows I enjoy candid stuff like that. And she needed legal advice, and as I used to be her attorney naturally she thought of me.”

“Used to be?” Jason asked without thinking. He wasn’t exactly involved with his dad’s or Susan’s legal affairs but he hadn’t heard of this, and it seemed like he would have.

“Oh you didn’t know? After I married well I ended up quitting. My husband had dreams of me being a housewife, and I liked the idea of not having to work my ass off all the time, but I couldn’t take it. I am now a part time photographer. Our guest house has become something of my darkroom/studio. That, actually, is also very relevant to why our Susan sent me the footage.”

Susan found that moment to clear her throat and sat up. With a motion Evelyn gave her the floor. “Now,” Susan began, “You said a second ago that you never filmed anyone on purpose. I know that you never logged in and watched them. I can look that up, did you know that?” Jason shook his head. “But I don’t believe the cameras never crossed your mind. So I will ask you to say that again, and how pissed off I am, my decision on how much I should trust you, will largely be influenced by how honest you are here. Did you intentionally fuck those young girls, without there knowledge, in front of those cameras!?”

“Well they certainly knew I was fucking them!” Jason almost shot back. Jason sat silently for a minute while the two women watched him think. He thought about lying and saying no, but started weighing reactions. They will either believe his lie, or they won’t, and that worse canlı casino siteleri case scenario might be pretty ugly. If he said this, things could go these ways, or if he sad that, they could go those ways. Jason weighed a hundred different possibilities it seemed to him before choosing his wording. “Yes and no.” He took a pause to glance at their eyes before looking at the ground. “It didn’t occur to me until after Nicole and Gretchen left. The next day I had the cameras in mind.”

Evelyn raised her hand to interject, “Just to be clear, Nicole I’m guessing is the taller blonde and Gretchen was the desperate looking brunette from your three way tape?” Jason nodded and the two women looked pleased. “I mentioned I know a thing or two about candid tapes, that I like things like that? Susan also asked for a second opinion on whether or not you intentionally filmed them. From the way you positioned the two blonds, Nicole and the young looking one…”

“Shyla.” Jason offered.

“From the way you positioned them in front of every camera in the house, I could tell you were very aware of the cameras. And I could tell that they were not. So what did you plan on doing with the tapes?”

“Nothing really.” Jason said embarrassed. “Just, you know, to watch them later.” He turned a little red over having to admit his intention to masturbate to them. They had all watched him fuck, apparently. Admitting to masturbation shouldn’t have been too awkward.

“Why is their dirt on your knuckles?” Susan asked.

“Oh!” Jason said, surprised that it was there. He had washed his hands… “I um, went out to my fishing spot to think. Dug out a fire pit. I was stressed out and thought it might help.” He covered.

“I’m confused,” Evelyn said. “If none of the girls were underage, and you had no intention of distributing the films without their consent, then there isn’t really any serious risk of jail time. What stress had you skipping class and digging pits? What was your worst case scenario today?”

“Jail?!” Jason asked, horrified.

Evelyn and Susan exchanged a look. “It never even occurred to you as a possibility?” Susan asked.

“No not at all.” Jason said, still stressed at even the mention of the possibility.

Evelyn smirked, she clearly had a thought, but kept it to herself. Instead she repeated her question. Jason stammered. “Worse case? I um.. well, I thought I would get kicked out. Maybe cut off financially. Worse case? End up having to drop out of high school to avoid the shame of everyone knowing about the tapes and to work two jobs to afford a place to stay. Susan thinking Amy finding that footage was intentional on my part and cutting off my cock.”

Susan laughed at that, and laughed hard. “The thought occurred to me, But Amy took full responsibility for the… cyber stalking. What was your best case scenario?” It may have been coincidental, but Susan twirled her tongue around her straw before taking it back between her lips.

Jason was caught off guard by the open question, and by the suggestive way Susan suddenly let her knees fall away from each other and her legs spread. The two women immediately started laughing at his obvious discomfort.

“Your boy is like, brimming with testosterone! He was skipping school and losing himself in manual labor over maybe moving out? He will be so fun to tease!” shouted Evelyn. “His eyes are bulging from the strain of maintaining eye contact, and he is like, rock hard. Be honest, how many times have you thought about having sex with us while you have been sitting here?” She asked as she picked up her own margarita for the first time.

Jason’s eyes gave in, finally, to temptation as he looked quickly back and forth between the two skimpy swimsuits before turning his head and staring at the pool. The two girls laughed openly at his discomfort. “I noticed you looked at Susan too just then big boy. Have you been thinking about fucking your own step mommy with that huge, angry cock you have?” Jason turned back to stare at Evelyn and deny it, but couldn’t find the words. Susan looked shocked with her friend and shifted so that she could start kicking at her. This did jiggly fun things to the two women and, not surprisingly, Evelyn spilled her drink onto her fit, nearly naked body and squealed. Jason turned his head quickly back to the pool, and the two girls started laughing at him all over again.

He didn’t watch as Evelyn stood and started to towel herself off. “I should make him towel me off since this is his fault for being too cute, but he would probably shit a brick.” Jason didn’t smile when they started calling each other names like bitch and slut. He wasn’t sure how to act. He had thought of a hundred ways this talk would go, and this wasn’t one of them. He hadn’t prepared a response and had no idea how he should behave. Was Susan mad or wasn’t she?

Evelyn threw her towel onto Jason’s head to get his attention, and when he removed it both women were lying back in there chairs. She was still smiling. Susan was not. “Listen,” Evelyn started, “neither of us are having sex with you anytime soon young man. You are still in high school kid. Eighteen or not that is the kind of story that gets national coverage if it gets out.”

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