My ass is his to use and abuse.

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He fucked me hard in the ass the night before. It was my first time. Well, for a cock. I’ve had plugs up my ass before, but never been stretched by a rock hard cock. We had recently started dating too, so it was all so intense. Him, a tall, athletic built 29 year old. Me, a petite, big breasted 28 year old. We fit so perfectly into each other.

He owned a van that didn’t have any of the back seats, so it was the perfect little space for us to fuck anywhere. Tonight, we drove to a secluded park. There were mountains around and not a soul in the area other than us and maybe some wandering animals. Rightfully so, it was their natural habitat.

He drove the van a wee bit into the forest, letting just enough light from a post hit us.

“Get in the back. I’m dying to see and sniff your hole.” He said softly.

I popped over to the back of the van. It was well cushioned and comfortable. It really felt like a room on wheels. He was now back there with me too.

He rested his back onto the wall of the van, legs spread and relaxed, and then smirked. “Come here you sexy thing” he said as he patted his thigh.

I placed myself over his legs, belly down; my ass easily accessible over his thighs in reverse cowgirl position. I didn’t have any panties on.

“You nasty girl, no illegal bahis panties? I love it.” He whispered as he rubbed my wet pussy, eyes stuck on my asshole.

He took his pussy soaked fingers and started rubbing my asshole. He lifted my hips up until my shithole was right onto his nose and took a big whiff.

“Mmmm god those ass lips are nice and stretched out and they smell so good. A bit musky, and a bit dirty. Just how I like it.” He always complimented my ass in such a sexy way.

He rested my hips back down again and spread my cheeks apart to examine my sore shit lips from the night before. I was still gaping and a bit loose, but I knew he loved it. I did too. It made me feel closer to him; like I belonged to him.

“I have a chocolate bar on me, you want it?” He asked. I was confused, but I said “sure, ha, thanks?”

Before I could turn around to see what he was up to he stuck the wrapped chocolate bar up my shit pipe. No warning. I let out a moan. There was air trapped in my butt as he stuck it in and it made a loud farting noise.

“Oh fuck ya. I love it when your loose ass farts like that. I know I’ve done a good job when it farts with every pound.”

I loved how turned on he was from my ass. He thrust the chocolate bar in and out of me, and each time my asshole illegal bahis siteleri let out a fart.

“Alright, I’m gonna take this out of your ass now, but when I do, I need you to push to make yourself fart as loud as you can, got it? I want you to gape it for me after.”

I nodded. He pulled the bar out of my ass. I pushed as hard as I could and farted loud. Of course, my ass gaped, but I had no control over that. He fucked me loose the night before and he did his job very well.

“Oh fuck, I’m so hard. Seeing your loose shit lips vibrate when you fart is just mesmerizing. Let me make love to them.” He was panting, and so rock hard it was making me wetter than ever.

He lifted my hips up again and made out with my asshole for a while. I dripped from my pussy onto his jeans but he didn’t care.

“Can I fuck you in the ass again? I know you’re probably sore, so if not let me at least fill it with cum.”

I was very sore, so I agreed to let him cum in my ass after he fucked my pussy. But I had another surprise for him.

I recently went out and bought nipple suction pumps that were big enough to fit on my asshole. Once pumped, my ass lips would be so huge and swollen that they would eat any g-string or thong I was wearing. They looked so nice and puckered up. If canlı bahis siteleri he came in me and I let him pump my ass lips after, it would ensure the cum would stay in there for a while because the swollen lips would be like a tight seal. I relayed this to him.

“Oh my fuckin god, get on your knees!” He commanded.

I got fucked silly for a good 20 minutes. He pounded me, and moaned and groaned the whole time.

“I’m gonna cum! Spread those fuckin ass cheeks baby spread em for me ohhhh..” I could feel his hot cum fill my large gaping shithole and every second of it was intoxicating.

He put the suction pump on my asshole and saw my beautiful shit lips sucked in and fill the tube. “God, you’re nasty as fuck and I love it. You were made for me.” He relayed softly.

While my loose ass lips were in the suction tube, he cuddled and caressed me, playing with my hair and running his fingers up and down my arm.

After about 20 minutes, I asked him to take the suction tube off my hole. As the tube came off, I saw his eyes open wide in shock.

“Holy…. fuck….” he whispered. My ass lips were so big and swollen, dangling loose down my crack. If I got up, they’d feel like a cushion between my legs. I could tell he was rock hard again.

“Turn the fuck around. Now.” He commanded.

For the next hour he made out with my swollen, sore shit lips. We knew my gape and ass lips would return to their normal size soon, and we both dreamed until the next time he could use my ass as his fuck toy again.

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