My Big Boys

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**This is my first story, I hope it is entertaining to all of you as it was for me to write. I will write more if all goes well!**


It was another lonely night at my apartment, it was snowing with a mix of freezing rain outside. I had been sitting around watching a movie on TV and checking my mail on the computer, was too late at night to expect anyone to knock to relive my boredom. Not to mention I was horny to boot, so I was beginning to think about my toy collection in my guest room that was never used.

My name is Fallon, I’m an eighteen year old redhead girl from Indiana. I’m five foot four weigh about 113 pounds, I have fair skin with scattered freckles along my body, most noticeably along the bridge of my nose and between my breasts. Speaking of my breasts…they are a size 34B cups, they are perky with a roundness to them and they are topped with thimble sized nipples that are a washed out pink in color.

Since becoming a teenager I discovered that I had an almost insatiable sexual appetite, I masturbated 2-3 times a day at least and I sometimes used whatever I could find, from candles to brush handles. Growing up I had a few boyfriends and had plenty of sex with a few of them, always though about an hour or so after going home, I would feel that urge come over me and I would play with myself until I fell asleep staining my sheets.

Well at age eighteen it seems it has not changed much, after I had checked my mail and the movie I was watching was over, I had begun feeling that need to get off start to course through my loins and abdomen.

I went off to my spare bedroom where I kept my toy chest as I like to call it, by this time I had stripped off all of my clothes, my nipples hard and perky exposed to the cool air. By now I started to feel a slight trickle of warmth start to creep down my inner thigh, I was already wet, my smooth shaved slit felt so slick as I crouched near the box and opened bahis firmaları it.

I have quite a few things I had accumulated in there over the shot period of time I had been living on my own, mostly dildos of all sizes, a few vibrators.

As of late a few of my favorite ones were a couple dildos, very large ones that I had added to my growing just a few days ago. One is a mulatto colored dildo, it is two inches thick and ten inches long with a nice suction cup bottom. The other is white in color, is a bit smaller in thickness and is an inch longer at eleven inches with the same suction cup at the base.

I grabbed my mulatto dildo first and a big tube of KY jelly that I always keep in stock, and I stuck that big sucker to the thin coffee table I had bought just because it was the perfect hight and easy to straddle. I stared at the big length of that dark rubberized cock, the thought crossed my mind and I was pretty amazed that I was able to take a good lot of that thing into me last time.

I got up and grabbed the tube of KY and squeezed a quarter sized drop onto my hand, then started to lubricate the small length of my already aching slit, as well as working some of the cold stuff into my hot hole. I let out a soft moan as I rubbed my now very slick mound and slit for a minute, I was really very horny now and decided to stop as I didn’t want to take the steam out of myself, as I wanted to feel that big thing split me like the last time.

Squeezing out a drop the size of a fifty cent piece into my hand and rubbing it along the thick shaft of the ten inch monster, making sure to coat the entire thing from the suction cup base to the big head, and it was ready for me.

I straddled the table over the big lubed up cock, grabbed the shaft and started to rub it along between the soft folds of my hot slit, then lined up the big head to my already tingling entrance. Slowly I start to push down then relive kaçak iddaa the pressure, and try again, each time I feel my tight young hole begin to give a bit more.

“Ohhh…ahhh, yesss”

Suddenly the fat head and about 2 inches of the shaft slips inside me, I love the feeling of being stretched wide like this, and I had ten potential inches of this monster to work with. I had been able to take a little over eight inches inside me last time, and nearly blacked out from the intense orgasms I was overtaken by, just thinking about it spurred me on. As soon as I had adjusted I started to settle downward again, slowly and steadily wedged more into me. Stopping to allow myself to again to the huge thickness stretching me open, so far I had taken seven inches and I felt a strong orgasm starting to surge through me.

“Oh my; GOD!”

I yelled out as my muscles tensed and my body shudder, I could feel my pussy spasming and squeezing around that thick hunk of latex. After I regained a bit of my senses I drew myself back up to the head, then lowered myself back down to the point where I just came from and back up. As I lowered myself again I let my weight fall on it steadily, I felt it going so deep spreading my canal wide until I felt it hit the back of my pussy, the head nudging against the head of mt cervix making me groan loudly.

I looked down and felt a rush of fresh excitement, I had gotten an inch deeper than last time, I had worked nine inches of that huge dildo inside me. I had never felt anything like it, I felt so full and stretched very tight around that big thing. I started to ride it, at first slowly sliding up and down the mulatto pylon, moving up to the head and then thrusting it back deep inside me.

I road that big thing like this for about ten minutes, having several huge orgasms as I fucked it gyrating my hips reaming my now frothy slit, the head banging against the back of my womanhood on my kaçak bahis deepest lunges down onto that log I was now ramming into me. By now I was near euphoria as I road that big dildo like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco, as my last orgasm was subsiding I suddenly felt the base of that huge thing as I slid my slippery pussy up and down the stiff length.

I had without knowing, lost in my near hysteria I had unknowingly, gradually forced it in until my vaginal canal stretched enough to finally envelope the last inch. I stopped to look down at my battered hole, it was gooey looking, and beautifully impaled on that huge cock. I started working myself all along the entire length yet again, a few minutes later I felt what was going to be the most massive orgasm of my life starting to build in my gut as I glided up and down the thing.

As it hit me full force I weakly groaned something unintelligible barely hearing myself, I felt it explode in me every muscle tensing and rippling as it tore through me. I was riding that big bastard hard and felt my ass cheeks hitting the table each time I slammed myself down on it, again I started babbling, some strange things that sounded like some language I don’t know! I started to black out, I regained my senses my ass fully sat on the table, it felt a bit painful now that my orgasm had subsided.

“Uhhhh, oh damn”

I groaned out of breath, I started to raise up slowly. The long fat rubber cock slowly coming out of me, finally coming free with a rather loud pop. I laid on the soft carpet for a while trying to catch my breath, my pussy slick, gooey and totally spent and buzzing like a bee hive. I had never felt anything like what I had just felt in my life, I still felt like I was still experiencing mini orgasms, my slit drooling hot liquefied lube and my juices down my thigh onto the carpet.

A few minutes later I sat up and took a deep breath, then looked over at the glistening mulatto spear sticking strait up into the air, it looked so beautiful.

“No wonder I haven’t been considering a boyfriend at the moment.”

I had something I was content with for right now, and god it IS something!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20