My Brother’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Going home is always hard for me. This time, it was Friday evening, and I was driving into the town I grew up in for my dad’s birthday dinner on Saturday. It was his 60th. He wanted “the whole family” here this year- me, my mom, my brother, his wife, and their toddler. This was oil on troubled waters; he and I had always had a rocky relationship when I was at home. It had only gotten better since I’d moved three hours away and only came home for family High Holy days: Christmas, Thanksgiving, and my parents’ milestone birthdays. It really is better this way. At least we’re all happy with the way things are.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway, my parents’ dog ran out to greet me, baying at my Volkswagen. Dad’s truck wasn’t in, so he must have been at work. My mom came out onto the porch and hugged me. I grabbed my bag from the backseat of the car and was ushered inside.

Inside fifteen minutes, I’d unpacked and headed to the kitchen to help my mother make dinner. She had a big glass of wine and a pile of green beans that needed snapping. If that wasn’t a calculated attempt to create an opportunity to talk about my love life, I don’t know what is.

“So, Claire,” she started. “Are you seeing anybody?” She was slicing potatoes and putting them in a casserole.

“No, Mom.”

“Well, you should. It’s not like you’re getting any younger.” She polished off the glass of wine and pours herself another.

“Well, it’s not that simple.”

“Oh, honey. I just want you to have somebody. You know, like your brother does.”

“Well, Mom, it’s not like I can accidentally knock up a girl like Aaron did. It’s not even close to the same thing.” I snapped the last green bean and dropped it into the steamer basket.

“Claire, honey, it’s just been so long since you brought someone home to meet us. Not since, what was her name, Jenna?” My college girlfriend. “Two years ago?”

“Yeah. It was.” I inhaled deeply and my eyes welled up a little. “Look, Mom, I’ve got to, um, go. Meet someone. I’ve got to go meet somebody. One of the girls from school.” It didn’t sound convincing but I got up and left anyway.

Not knowing what to do, I went for a walk. There was a bar a couple of blocks away on the main street, and I headed that way and went in. It smelled like old cigarettes and spilled beer. The lights were mercifully dim. In the corner nearest the door, a battered jukebox was playing early-90s Metallica. The bartender, Sonja, had been there since I was one of the pain-in-the-ass teenagers illegal bahis trying to sneak in to buy wine coolers. I walked over to the bar and ordered a rye and coke, and Sonja delivered. And that was when I saw her. Jennifer.

She was drinking alone, nursing a Budweiser, shredding the label and leaving it in a pile of shredded paper on the bar. I hadn’t seen her in years, at least since Aaron had graduated and moved away. She hadn’t changed much. She was hunched over the bar and her long, blonde hair spilled over her shoulders and over her eyes. She was still beautiful. I must have been staring too hard because she looked up at me and the most wonderful look of surprise came over her face. She came over as I knocked back my drink.

“It’s been a long time, stranger,” she said, a sly smile creeping across her face. She climbed up on the stool next to me and leaned in so that I could hear her over the plaintive strains of “Nothing Else Matters”. I could smell some kind of exotic oil in her hair- ylang ylang, maybe- and I had to resist the urge to bury my face in her neck. “Do you want another drink?” She gestured with her eyebrows at my empty glass.

“Sure,” I replied. She ordered us two rye and colas and Sonja obliged.

“I haven’t seen you in ages. It must have been when I finished high school and your brother and I broke up,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said. I was flustered and not making very good conversation. “What are you doing back here?”

“Oh, well, I moved back to take care of my dad last year. Not much going on here, otherwise.” She tilted her head down and looked up at me through her lashes. “You?”

“It’s Dad’s birthday this weekend,” I said. “Aaron should be in town tomorrow, too.” It was hard to keep myself from touching her. She shook her head.

“I’m not really interested in seeing Aaron,” she said, and then she did the big thing. She put her hand on my thigh, just above my knee. I was so wet. “But I’m really happy to have run into you.”

Dear god, it felt so wrong and I wanted it so badly. I swallowed the rest of my drink and made some excuse about having to be home for dinner, and I got out of there.


Aaron and his wife and kid got into town the next morning. I hadn’t seen him since Christmas and the day was a whirlwind of dealing with his toddler, getting the family settled in, trying to pick up my dad’s birthday cake from the bakery in secret. My mom had planned an elaborate dinner with way too many different dishes for their kitchen to handle, illegal bahis siteleri and she ended up pressing my brother, his wife, and I into kitchen service. I wanted to talk with him but couldn’t find a chance until a half hour before dinner, when I saw him try to slink out onto the back porch to have a cigarette. So I followed him then.

“I thought you quit smoking,” I said.

“It didn’t stick. You try having a three-year-old.” He snorted, exhaling twin plumes of smoke. “You want one?” He extended his pack and shook them invitingly.

“Those things’ll kill you,” I retort. “No, I wanted to talk to you about that girl you used to date when you still lived here.”

“Who, Jessica? Man. I haven’t seen her in forever.” He smiled.

“Yeah. I ran into her down at the bar last night. She seemed really excited to see me.” Just talking about her made my pulse speed up. I could almost smell the perfume she had used last night. I hoped it wasn’t obvious. My brother looked at me quizzically.

“You know, she used to ask a lot of questions about you, especially after you came out.” He stubbed out his cigarette and buried the butt in the flowerbed beside the porch. “I used to get kind of jealous, actually.”

“Well, it was cool seeing her. It’s neat that she’s back in town.” I cringe inwardly, fully expecting my cover to be blown. But he smiles at me as he turns to go back inside the house.

“That’s great, Claire. Have fun.” And he winked at me.

After that exchange I could barely make it through dinner. I bolted my plate of food and impatiently waited for everyone else to finish. My family had never sang “Happy Birthday” that slowly ever before. As soon as my dad had gotten the last of his gifts unwrapped, I was out the door. I got to the bar in record time; it felt like I had floated there. And as soon as the door clapped shut behind me, I saw her. She was sitting at the bar, expectantly, two rye and cokes in front of her. I sauntered up and perched myself on the stool beside her. She was wearing a cute little plaid blouse and a very short leather skirt. That Amy Winehouse song about cheating on her boyfriend came on the jukebox.

“I thought I’d see you here again,” she said. She pushed one of the drinks toward me.


I reached out to take the drink and my fingers grazed hers. And then I leaned forward and I kissed her soft lips. She kissed me back, a little surprised at first, and then eager, yearning. I stood up and pulled her towards me. She put canlı bahis siteleri her arms around my neck and pressed her firm breasts into mine.

“You want to get out of here?” I ask.

“Oh hell yes,” she replies. “We can go to mine. I’m only a couple of minutes away.” She laced her fingers through mine and pulled me along behind her, leaving two abandoned highballs in our wake.

We crashed into her apartment when we got there. She barely shut the door behind her when I started undressing her: unbuttoning her blouse, admiring the soft contours of her body as the fabric fell to the floor. When she took her bra off, I marvelled at her beautiful breasts, carefully exploring each nipple with my mouth.

She lead me to her bedroom and laid me down on the bed, kissing me. She was beautiful in the dim evening light. Then, she unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off, and ran her hands softly up my legs. She hooked her index fingers around the sides of my underpants, ready to take them off.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time,” she said. She pulled off my panties and spread my dripping labia with her fingers, admiring my pussy. Then she licked her lips and began to explore me with her tongue. I moaned with pleasure. She licked me with tiny, staccato touches, like a butterfly landing on a flower. My world became filled with hot, white light; I was about to cum but it wasn’t time yet. I pulled her up on top of me and kissed her, her lips covered in my taste.

“It’s your turn now.” I said, seductively. I slid my hand up her inner thigh and discovered that she wasn’t wearing any underpants. I took my time stroking every part of her pussy: her shaved outer lips, the tight little inner lips, her clit. I stroked it with my middle finger, as if I was telling her to come to me. She rolled her head back and smiled, and then reached down and touched me the same way. Then I guided her by the hips so that she was straddling my face, and then it was my turn to lick her as well as she had licked me. She rocked her hips against my willing tongue, crying out with ecstasy, but before she could cum, she turned around and began fingering my pussy again while I used my mouth on hers. It was as if the world had disappeared and there was just the two of us left, glowing with joy, in middle of the endless darkness. We came at the same time, with she cumming around my tongue, and I around her finger. Then she nestled herself in my arms and we slept.

I slipped out early on Sunday morning. I had a long drive back home, and work on Monday. I sneaked into my parents’ house and pretended to have gotten in sometime after everyone else had gone to bed. I can’t have my parents know that I just fucked my brother’s ex-girlfriend. We’re happy with the way things are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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