My First Client

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This is a true personal account of how I became an escort and my experience with my first client.

When I was 19 years old, I fell on difficult times. The specifics are irrelevant so to put it simply, I needed money. I had a friend/acquaintance who was a bit older than me who I knew worked as an escort and she suggested helping me get work, I declined at first, but eventually realised that with no other discernible skills, I had to go for it. So I agreed.

She set up an online profile and said she would handle the running of it for me, and would allow me to use her place to see clients. But initially it was going a lot slower than I had anticipated. I would nervously check my phone waiting for that call to tell me it was time, but it didn’t come. After nearly two weeks with no luck I began to think it wouldn’t happen, which was both a huge dent to my money woes, and my confidence!

Finally, I got the call. My friend rang me and told me I’d been booked. I had my first client.

I went to her place and began getting ready. She had gone out so I was left alone with my thoughts and insecurities.

What if I can’t go through with it?

What if he is someone I know?

What if he doesn’t like me?

The last one reverberated around my head the most. I stood naked in the mirror after showering, wondering if I was really worth paying for. I have a pretty face, a night smile and bright green eyes that are often complimented, but it was my body I really worried about. I was a curvy girl. Not quite BBW, but definitely chubby. Large full breasts and a big fat bum, unfortunately with the belly to match. What if he just walked away after seeing me in person?

Once dried off I got dressed into the sexiest outfit I owned. Black stockings with a striped black and white trim, a black thong and a black and white corset to accentuate my best assets, while also hiding my flaws! Topped off with a robe, light make up and my long dark hair straightened. Preparation all done, I sat on the edge of the bed and waited.

It felt like an eternity. I had gotten ready too early and was left doing nothing just waiting and wondering. I was most curious what he would like. I knew no details at all: ethnicity, age, height, weight. These all remained a mystery. As I pondered about the casino siteleri different type of man it may be, the doorbell finally rang. He was here.

I answered the door and croaked out a “hi” to the man standing before me. He smiled and said hello back and came in, me leading the way up to the bedroom. In my mind I had created all these different physical extremes of people it may be. An old man with a big grey beard and no teeth. Or a young geeky guy looking for his first time. The reality was much different. He was just…an average boring guy. Mid 30s, short dark thinning hair, brown eyes. He wasn’t ugly, nor was he handsome, not tall or particularly short either. If you saw him in the street you wouldn’t look twice. He was completely unremarkable.

Upstairs the money changed hands and it was time to get down to business. At least it should have been. This being my first time in this kind of situation, I had no idea how to start. So I just sat on the edge of the bed and he sat beside me.

“Are you new to this?” He asked, surprisingly genuine warmth in his voice.

“Yeah,” I nervously chuckled in response.

“Should I take the lead then?” He inquired as we made strong eye contact for the first time. I nodded, feeling my heart rate increase. He smiled at me and replied

“On your knees then.”

I did as he told me to and shuffled down onto my knees immediately, removing my robe as I did so. Looking down at me he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them and his underwear down to his ankles in one motion. Seeing his unsheathed penis sent a tingle down my body. It must have been a good six-to-seven inches, and thick and meaty. Already semi erect it lay flopped across his leg, lightly twitching as the blood began to rush through it, while his large shaved balls hung below it.

I just knelt there staring at it, eye to eye if you will, for what felt like ages. I hadn’t experienced many penises in person yet but this one, attached to a total stranger no less, may have been the most appetising so far. Exchanging looks with him once more, I knew it was time to take the plunge.

My heart pounding against my chest, I reached out and gripped it at the base, held it firmly, opened my mouth as wide as I could then abruptly shoved his cock into my mouth forcing him to slot oyna let out a moan as his meaty cock filled up my mouth. I felt it twitch against my tongue as it hardened fully, growing in my mouth.

It felt incredible, almost surreal. I knew nothing of this man, not even a name, and now here I was sucking and working over his cock. I was clearly doing a good job too, the moans increasing, his hips thrusting along with my head movements as he began to force it deeper, my gagging and slurping sounds only spurring him on more as I massaged his large balls while sucking.

I could feel he was close to cumming straight into my mouth, when he abruptly stopped. Looking up, licking saliva from around my mouth and wiping my tear strained eyes from choking, I wondered why the pause, worrying had I done something wrong. The confident man who ordered me on my knees before now gone, I was met with a tentative “can I see your breasts?”

I obliged, but felt the nerves and insecurities come soaring back as I hurriedly removed my corset. Deciding to go all or nothing, the thong and stockings also came off, leaving me fully exposed. There was a pause as he stopped and stared, just as I had done with his penis, but any fears that maybe my chubby frame would be too much for him were soon allayed.

Confidence seemingly returning to him he grabbed me by my bare arse and forcefully pulled me onto his lap, breasts straight into his face. He immediately stuffed as much of my left breast into his mouth as he could, before sharply switching to the right, then back again. He continued hungrily lapping up my 36E chest for quite some time. Licking my pale pink nipples, nibbling at me, licking my underboob, seemingly determined to mark his territory all over. All while his firm hands roamed my curves, gripping my jiggly arse, up my sides and stomach and of course back to my breasts.

Feeling the heat of his unprotected cock edging ever closer to my vagina, I asked him to put on a condom. Eyes lit up, mouth still wrapped around my tit, he nodded. Tearing off his clothes at breakneck speed, he was soon laying on the bed, hairy manly chest exposed and wrapped cock waiting. I asked what position did he want and was met with the commanding tone once again.

“Ride me,” he said firmly, rubbing his cock as canlı casino siteleri he did so.

I climbed on top and prepared to insert him inside me, when I suddenly worried maybe I wasn’t wet enough. I sent a probing finger inside me only to find out I was soaking. My brain may have kept interrupting telling me this was wrong, not real sex, just a business arrangement. But my body clearly didn’t agree. My body wanted his cock inside me. My body wanted to be fucked.

We both gently moaned as he entered me and I began slowly riding, his hands gripping my breasts, mine gripping his chest hair as his solid cock filled me. I still felt shy during periods of eye contact, fucking this stranger, wanting to hate it but knowingly loving it. I soon began to increase the pace, bouncing on Mr Unremarkable’s remarkable cock. I was close to an orgasm, something I thought would be impossible beforehand, but apparently so was he. Wanting to make the most of his time it was time for a position change. Doggy style, my favourite.

There was no easing in, immediately he was pounding me as hard as he could. Both of us moaning heavily, his hands gripping my arse only stopping to reach around for my massive swinging tits, it was pure dirty primal sex. I couldn’t take it anymore, my legs shaking from the pounding of a lifetime, they gave way collapsing from exhaustion, his thick cock slipping out smacking against my arse cheek, smearing it with both our juices. I barely had time to pant out an apology before he was back inside me.

Rolling me onto my side, he entered me again from behind, our sweaty bodies intertwined while his hands gripped my rapidly jiggling breasts and his hot breath warmed my neck. We were both close, he could feel it, I could feel it. His grunts getting deeper, my moans getting louder, his cock slowed slightly and with a final deep plunge he unloaded inside me as I was forced to orgasm. I gripped the bed tight as I trembled, my mind a whir with thoughts, my body overcome by pleasure, trembling as I felt the end of the condom fill up inside me.

We lay there for a minute or two but once it was over, it was over. He asked to use the bathroom and got changed in there, while I did the same in the bedroom, but into something much more comfortable. He returned a few minutes later and with a quick “Thanks, bye!” he was gone.

I never saw Mr Unremarkable again, but the memory never faded as he was the first experience of an exciting new chapter of my life. I was officially an escort. Onto the next one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20