My Start with Toys

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Thanks a million again for all the great response to the start of telling you all about how I had been teasing Frank, my elderly neighbor.

And of how I have now gotten into a ‘relationship’ with him, his friend Bill.

I will add more about this as time goes on too.

How I got started in all of this is what some of you have been asking me. How I got started in enjoying playing with myself and how I came ( so to speak) to love using toys on myself.

As for the use of toys, it all really started when I was in my teens.

I was still at home, obviously, and shared the house with my 2 younger brothers.The youngest one 10 at the time and Mark would have been 12.

I also have one elder step brother Tony, who is 5 years older than me. He is my step dads son from his first marriage. Sadly my own father died when I was just a babe in arms.

My room was attached to mum and dads on one wall and I had heard them ‘at it’ before.

At this time however I was beginning to explore myself.

I had already fingered myself off several times and had already experienced a couple of ‘multi-cums.’

Cumming whilst playing with my clitoris and then again as I fucked myself after this climax, using my fingers to get deep into my fanny hole.

Anyway, one night, at a weekend if I remember, mum and dad had been out and came back a bit merry.

I was in bed and heard them enter their room.

I then heard some giggling and dad say something like, “go on love lets see your tits.”

Then I heard mum tell him, “I will show you more than that you randy bugger,” and dad asking her to “put on one of the videos love,” or something like that.

I then heard drawers opening and the sound of güvenilir bahis their video machine whirring and then a loudish humming noise, something like a swarm of bees!

Obviously it was mum getting her vibrator out and switching it on.

I then heard them go at it for ages, dad encouraging her to, “spread your legs wide,” and “go on see if you can get it all the way in.”

As mum was moaning and I could hear her commenting on the video they were watching.

“Look at the fucking size of his cock! I would fuck him all night. Oh fuck shes going to take both of them on!”

… and lots of other dirty comments.

This went on for what seemed an age and I heard them fucking as the bed rattled against the wall.

They were both much noisier than normal.The demon drink I suppose had lowered their inhibitions.

Anyway a few days later we had a family party.

Nothing to get excited about for a girl my age. A family do. I was planning not to go to!

Firstly I would be bored rigid and secondly I wanted to investigate this humming sound and video business further!

I made some excuse about not being well and could I stay in.

It worked a treat and they all set off to go.

Tony was going out with his mates anyway and wouldn’t be in till late, if he came home at all.

Once they were gone I waited to make sure the coast was clear then got to work!

Straight into their room, straight on with the TV and video and then I rummaged through the drawers.

I found what I was looking for!!

2 video cassettes. One with the title of ‘hardcore’ written on the label, the other one blank.

I also found a long, or so I thought at the time (it must have been about türkçe bahis 6-7 inches in length), white plastic vibrator!

I knew what they were of course.

I had heard others talking about them and seen pics in some of Tony’s magazines of adverts for them.

I waited till the video started, a loud blast of music and the words ‘Color Climax’ appeared on screen.

Then followed an advert or introduction, in which I saw more cocks, fanny’s, and spunk than I had ever seen!

I was going to like this I thought to myself.

I lay back on the bed, slipped my knickers off and pulled my skirt right up.

As the action started on screen I got the familiar tingle down below that is still with me today whenever I get turned on!

I was getting wet, very wet and as I watched I was getting really, really turned on.

I switched the vibrator on and as it hummed in my hand I rubbed it against my cheek.

It tickled and I thought to myself, ‘Wow if this is what its like on my face what will it be like down there!’

I slowly slid it down to my wet pussy and began to touch my clit!

Christ, I almost jumped off the bed!!

What a thrill, what a sensation. Amazing, simply amazing.

Then as I watched the action on screen I wanted more.

The woman on screen was dressed in stockings, suspenders, high heels the lot.

I knew mum had some.

I had seen her put them on under dresses from time to time. So I paused the tape, Got up and rummaged some more.

I found them in her bottom drawer. A Black lined pair of stockings, a suspender belt and lacy bra.

It was pointless putting the bra on, My tits were developing but no where near mums size!

I did however güvenilir bahis siteleri put on the stockings and suspender belt, and off with my skirt.

I felt so sexy!

I rushed through to my room and got out my highest heeled shoes. Not high at all really, just the highest I had at the time.

I then rushed back through. I restarted the tape and settled into some serious fanny fucking.

I watched as the ‘actress’ was joined by two men. They then started to chat her up, she was reluctant at first, pretending to be offended and then the next thing was she was playing with them both!

I watched as I ran the humming vibrator over my wet fanny lips. I watched intently as she sank onto one of the cocks onscreen, squatting as she did so and as she sucked on the other guys cock.

I pushed the vibrator up me.

It felt huge, I felt stuffed, full, totally full of my mums vibrator.

I continued to slide it in and out as I watched my on screen heroine being fucked, sucked, licked and eventually double penetrated by the two guys.

I was loving this and felt so grown up, in my sexy stockings (well my mums!) and heels.

I decided to try to copy the woman on screen and got into the positions she did.

On all fours, doggy-style. Squatting. Standing up, lying on my back.

I copied all the positions whilst toying with myself.

Every time thrusting the vibrator up me, or rubbing it over my cunt lips and clit.

I reckon I must have came 3 times by the end.

I was exhausted!!

But I was hooked!! This is what I enjoyed, this is was what I wanted and this is what I thought men would want as well.

I reckon I had a as much use as mum of that vibrator over the next year or so.

I used it alone, in front of boyfriends and much more.

Eventually I would get my own in the ensuing weeks.

And that’s how I started on my ‘toy’ loving fetish or preference, whatever you want to call it!

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