Our White Room

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All day my mind wanders to you. I try to distract myself with work, movies, music or even a novel. Nothing can cover the fact that I get to talk to you tonight. I keep checking my computer on the chance that you are there. Finally frustrated at my eagerness I set the computer to buzz me when you come on and plop myself in front of the TV to some old movie. I drift into a steamy dreamland where we aren’t 6 hours apart. Sometimes my computer teases me with others I don’t want to bother with.

My computer jostles me out of a jumble of thoughts mixed with old movies. It is time for us. Sleepily, I drag myself into our world to share a moment in time with you.

Our conversations usually start slowly enough: magic, life, the mysteries of the universe and why the world exists mixed in with lots of kisses, hugs and snuggling. You counsel me on my issues.

As we talk I slowly feel you enter my space. Our room develops around us as we talk. A small white room with no doors or distractions just a comfortable red curved couch. We are alone, shielded from the world in our own space. Mostly we snuggle on the couch as we babble. You seated in the position of strength or support with me curled under your arm. Safe and snug, protected illegal bahis from the harsh world, as you offer me intellectual tidbits, soul pieces and general peace and happiness. An occasional kiss interrupts. Your wonderful chuckle sending shivers through my body. Little pounces and tickles are exchanged.

I feel the energy changing around us. The air in our room becomes electric. I feel you here with me physically enveloping me. Your energy surrounds me, teasing my flames.

Kisses turn harder, more demanding and last longer. Caresses become more focused and intense. The room becomes more solid, our reality. Everything else fades away as clothing is impatiently shed. Our mouths explore each other. Nipples are teased, licked and tormented. Hands caress heated flesh. Nibbles turn to bites, and bites become harder, teasing drops of blood to the surface. Energy fluxes and flows through us. Around us shields are subconsciously built protecting the energy. Purple sparks flow with every touch. A gentle kiss turns bloody as our tongues meet with a surge strong enough to dim the lights.

Your fingers move lower to tease the hot moisture of my slit. As you torment the hard nub you find, pleasure flows through my body. illegal bahis siteleri A moan escapes into your mouth. Purple flames flicker between my fingers as I caress down your body, pausing to torment your nipples.

A light bite on your bruised lip causes you to open your eyes and look into mine. You can see the fire dancing behind liquid green. You watch as I bite through the vein in my lip. My blood spills into your mouth. You greedily consume the liquid offering I make. The shields around the room crackle with life.

Gradually I move my mouth away, bringing a whimper from you. My lips move to your ear with a whisper, “Gentle now, I will please you.” Kisses trail down your neck. Pausing only to nibble quickly, then continue down. As I take each nipple in my mouth I let a spark travel through my tongue. Your moans encourage me to bite gently, briefly distracting me from my goal.

I move lower until I am kneeling before you. My hands caress your hardness. Slowly I lean forward and kiss it gently. My tongue tortures you as I gaze up into your eyes. I pause long enough to ask you permission. I take your incoherent murmurs and hands tangling in my hair as permission granted. I take your hardness deep into my canlı bahis siteleri throat. As my mouth consumes you, I let my fingers replace the emptiness left by yours when I moved. While I pleasure you, I slowly build my way to orgasm. The closer I bring myself the more urgent and demanding my mouth becomes.

When we are both on the brink and I can’t contain myself any longer, I stop. Impatiently I straddle you. Raining kisses on your lips, I position myself so I feel your hardness at my entrance. Frustrated with my delays, you firmly grasp my hips and thrust up, filling me. My body tightens and you feel an orgasm rock through my body. My eyes roll back into my head with pleasure as little cries slip out of my lips.

Insistent, you keep thrusting, building your pleasure as you drive me crazy. Little moans encourage you to keep fucking me. My cries come faster as we work ourselves to a mutual explosion. I feel you tighten within me as I release with a scream. Together we send an energy wave, wakening everything in the three states. Causing a power surge unlike any they will ever explain.

Exhausted we collapse together and recollect the energies. Slowly the white room starts to fade as we disentangle. The other reality infiltrates our sanctuary. With kisses and snuggles we sadly drift apart back into their world. Our conversation moving to more mundane items as we slowly part. Neither wanting to leave the faded room. Already looking forward to our next visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20