Perversia Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older.


A raunchy tale of a king and queen using their power to wallow in utter sodomistic debauchery and obscene depravity.

The beautiful castle that housed the King and Queen of Perversia sat upon a high bluff that overlooked a vast shimmering ocean. While it was elegant in its construction it was also built to be fortified against attackers from all sides. Having miles of sheer bluff behind it, the only way to approach it was through the steep sloping rise that approached its gates from the south. Large guard towers dotted the high heavy front walls. Down further from the castle keep was a town, bustling noisily during mid-day. The kingdom of Perversia was a small one compared to the other fiefdoms around it. But its vassals were strong and loyal to their rulers.

The kingdom was ruled by a man named King Gaius III who was known for his twisted and insatiable sexual appetite. His Queen, a fiery, dark-haired, brown-eyed buxom woman, was known for her perverse wickedness and crude and vulgar tongue. Despite that, they ruled fairly, never imposing onerous taxes, and supporting a thriving merchant class. Since taking power after his elder brother died of illness, the new King ushered in a time of great peace and prosperity. Most of the populace seemed to overlook their debauchery (unless it happened to be their son or daughter the perverse pair set their eyes on).

As it so happened, King Gaius was currently enjoying himself with a pair of servants in his massive throne room. He sat upon the enormous gilded throne with his legs spread apart and gripped the ends of the golden armrests. A man in his mid-forties, he had short black hair that was peppered grey at the temples. Dark green eyes gleamed with the stern glare of an aged and hardened ruler, but also the playful wickedness of a perverse teenager. He wore a loose black shirt with cream-colored ruffles that was unbuttoned and open, revealing his broad hairy chest. Other than a pair of black knee-high riding boots he wore nothing below the belt. His bare muscular legs were on display, as well as his enormous thick cock that he was known for. It jutted out between his open thighs, a thick pillar of meat that was nearly a foot long, with huge bloated balls that hung low in a fat, smoothly-shaven sack. Currently that huge slab of meat was being noisily sucked upon by two young servant girls.

The two young blond-haired women knelt at his feet near the base of the throne. The first was a supple girl of eighteen years who worked in the kitchens, while the other was a nineteen-year-old who labored in the same place as her companion. They wore pink ribbons in their hair that matched their pink skirts that were so short they didn’t even cover their plump pale asses completely. You could easily see the naked curve of their butt-cheeks pressing into their heels as they knelt. Above the waist they only wore matching black leather collars around their necks. Their naked breasts hung out and jiggled lasciviously.

The Queen usually liked to dress their fuck-toys in something pink and slutty. The Queen truly adored perverting what innocence remained of their servants with her wicked and creative imagination. She especially delighted in sexually degrading young females for the entertainment of her King. Everyone knew the Queen absolutely worshiped the ground the King walked on, and would do anything and everything for his perverse enjoyment.

So as the two young blondes had their heads together around the King’s stiff throbbing cock, noisily slurping and sucking all along his meaty length, Queen Amara stood at the entrance of the throne room and watched with a pleased smile on her full lips. After a few moments of watching in admiration at the King’s muscular chest heaving and listening to his manly grunts and groans, she strode into the room and up the short dais to the throne. Though a woman in her late thirties, she was a stunning beauty who didn’t look nearly her age. Her thick brown hair was long and beautiful, reaching down to her very plump round ass. She wore a beautiful skirt woven of bright shades of green and a halter-top that barely covered her gigantic breasts. Her two milky white globes of tit-flesh were the biggest in the kingdom, and were straining against the tight fabric of her top, held together with a short string. As she ascended to the throne she tugged on the string, opening up her top so that her enormous round tits bounced free. As she came to stand in front of her King, she placed her hands on the tops of each young woman’s head and pushed them back off and way from his huge glistening cock. “Back away, sluts, and kneel,” she commanded. The two girls whimpered and immediately lowered their heads to the floor in obedience. The queen hiked up her skirt and climbed into the lap of her King as he gasped and opened his eyes with a smile to see his beautiful brown-eyed Queen.

King canlı bahis şirketleri Gaius purred, “My dear Amara, I sent for you as soon as I returned from my trip. I have missed you, my darling. I was just enjoying a little relaxation while I waited for you.”

“Mmmmm, Master, I’ve missed you too…” the Queen purred softly as she wrapped her fingers around his thick manly dick and squeezed firmly. “Indeed, I see you’ve been enjoying yourself. But my ass aches for you. Oh yes it does.” With her other hand the queen reached behind her and slapped her pale ass cheek. Then she rubbed a finger up and down her crack, finally settling the pad of her index finger onto her dark anus to rub the wrinkled flesh. “Mmmmm…” she moaned and then decided she needed a little help to get her King’s powerful cock in there.

She pointed at to the girl kneeling on the left of the throne and said wickedly, “Come here, slut. Come sniff your Queen’s butthole.” As the green-eyed blond stared up at her Queen nervously, the deviant buxom woman reached back with both hands and spread open the chubby cheeks of her plump pale ass to reveal her puckered shit-hole in all its glory. The flesh of her anus was a dark-brown color and completely hairless.

The young blond servant bit her bottom lip then timidly pressed her face forward and stared at the dusky pucker of her Queen. She watched it pulsate, the crinkles expanding and contracting in eager anticipation. She wrinkled her own nose in distaste before finally pressing it against her hot pucker and taking a few timid sniffs. Queen Amara suddenly reached back and grabbed the back of the girl’s head and mashed her face more forcefully into it, pressing her nose firmly into her puckered brown spout.

“Sniff it harder, slut! That’s it, you little slut. Sniff your Queen’s dirty fart-hole,” Amara commanded heated and lustfully. The poor girl whimpered but obediently took deeper, louder sniffs, inhaling the earthy aroma of her Queen’s ass. Once the Queen was satisfied, she growled out lewdly “Now lick it! Slobber all over it, you dirty ass sniffer, get it ready for our King’s magnificent cock to fuck!”

Queen Amara looked up at Gaius with a wicked glint in her eyes; she smiled lovingly at him while barking out to the blonde slut whose face was still pressed right between the Queen’s pale chubby ass-cheeks, her nose smooshed against her puckered throbbing anal-hole.

“What are you waiting for, slut? Your King’s cock needs to be serviced by his Queen.” She felt the moist tip of the girl’s tongue tentatively pressing against her tight sphincter.

The Queen turned around, looking at the pretty face between her plump milky ass cheeks “Bitch, your King’s cock needs to be in your Queen’s ass now! Your tongue better be in my shit-pipe by the time I finish counting to three or else I will be very displeased! 1…2…”

Suddenly the blonde plunged her wriggling tongue into the tight anal fuck-hole of her Queen, too frightened to risk finding out what kind of punishment would occur if she didn’t do as asked. The teen dug her tongue into the puckers of her Queen with much more enthusiasm, though driven by fear than a genuine desire for ass-eating. Oddly enough, she found the taste not so unpleasant like she imagined. Her anus had a spicy, almost coppery taste to it. Thinking that it wasn’t too bad, she attacked her Queen’s clenching rubbery butt-ring with the tip of her tongue more forcefully.

As the young woman’s tongue fucked into her Queen’s raunchy anal hole, Amara let out a low moan of pleasure, her eyes locked onto her King’s. The girl’s tongue snaked around within the puffy ring, making soft, wet squishing sounds. After a few seconds of a vigorous tonguing, Amara called back to the young woman, “Now, guide your King’s cock into his favorite shit-pipe.”

The young blonde wrapped her fingers around his massive dick and guided it right against Amara’s sphincter ring. He moaned with delight when he felt the tight grip of her anal channel on the rubbery glans of his cock-tip. He inched himself into her, taking his time in lowering her onto him and feeling that tight grip squeezing him like a tight little slick fist. The stretch against his taut thick frenulum felt exquisite and elicited another, louder groan from him. When he finally had the full length of his massive rod impaled deep into the depths of her bowels, she rocked forward and let her huge tits drag over his broad hairy chest.

Amara reached behind her, grabbed the blonde’s head and pushed it down onto her King’s huge balls. “Make yourself useful slut, keep your King’s balls warm and wet while he fucks me,” she ordered.

King Gaius laughed at his bossy Queen as she forced the young woman’s mouth down to his bloated nut-sack, then lifted his hips up with force, slamming into her tight butthole. He groaned loudly while feeling the warm slick mouth of the blonde girl sucking upon each side of his heavy ball-sack, while driving deep canlı kaçak iddaa and hard into his Queen’s anal fuck-hole like a piston. She may be bossy with the servants, but in his arms she was soft and girly, submitting to his needs and desires eagerly. She whimpered softly, closing her eyes for a second before looking back at the other servant girl who was quietly trying to blend into the background. “What are you doing just standing there? Your King has two balls doesn’t he?” She smiled at her King and then lost herself to the feeling of being stuffed and pounded now that she knew he had two warm wet mouths tending to his huge cum-filled balls.

The King groaned loudly as he felt the wonderful sensation of Amara’s ass-pipe hugging his enormous cock-meat as he drove it in and out, while also savoring the pleasurable sensations of the two blond servant girls sucking with their lips on his fat balls, one girl on each. They whined a little as they tried to keep their mouths latched on his bouncing sack, his thrusting motions causing them to flail around. The King sighed with satisfaction from the pleasurable sensations of his huge balls being tugged and sucked while his big cock-shaft was squeezed by Amara’s greedy tight ass-tunnel.

The queen’s soft brown eyes had a doe-eyed look in them as she stared into her King’s handsome face. She bit her lower plump lip while moaning deeply as she relished the thorough stretching her tight sphincter received from the thick girth of her lover, the King. She gasped as she curled her slender fingers in his dark hair at the back of his head and moaned, “Oh, fuck, my love, my Master, my King. Your monstrous dick feels so good fucking me! Ugh, has it gotten bigger? Oh, it stretches my butthole so good!”

The Queen absolutely loved sodomy. A devoted sodomite at an early age, she was obsessed with anal sex and everything related to it. She vastly preferred men to shove their cocks up her ass than her cunt. While she enjoyed having her fat clit toyed with, the pleasurable sensation was amplified ten-fold when she had her butt-pipe packed with cock-meat. She loved the sharp burning sensation she felt when her sphincter experienced that initial stretch. She loved the intense pleasure of feeling her ass overly stuffed. Her cunt gushed profusely when a meaty cock pushed deeply in and out of her rectum, the friction of the thick shaft stroking back and forth igniting the millions of nerve endings in her sensitive puckered meat-ring. It was thus a great blessing that she ended up paired with a man who was just as much of a depraved sodomite like herself.

The loud, meaty smacking sounds that came from the constant collision of Amara’s chubby pale ass with Gaius’s muscular thighs resounded throughout the chamber. Each of Amara’s wide half-moon cheeks rippled beautifully from every strike, much like the surface of a pond when a stone was tossed in. Their fleshy fucking sounds also mingled with their moans and grunts and along with the mewling and sucking sounds of the two servant girls as they endeavored to keep their King’s huge nuts locked between their wet suckling lips. The two blondes also alternated turns licking at the underside of Gaius’s thick shaft as it slid out of the Queen’s stretched brown ring, giving the vein-covered shaft a few long licks before it slid back into the Queen’s bowels.

Amara’s deep brown eyes suddenly rolled into the back of her head, her plump lips parted open and she shrieked out a loud cry of ecstasy as her body shook with the sudden onset of her orgasm.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried out. As her orgasm overtook her mind, her sphincter muscles clamped down tightly around the King’s cock and gripped him even tighter than before. She scratched her nails along the back of his head, her enormous fat tits squishing and rolling lewdly all over his broad chest and into his face as she rocked forward and back.

When the King felt the tight grip of her shitter around his throbbing cock, he could not hold back any longer. He made a loud snarling sound, and then savagely slammed his shaft as deep as it could go into Amara’s snug rectum. The underside of his shaft bulged out as it filled with hot creamy cum and gushed out the tip, flooding Amara’s bowels. His head lolled back, his eyes clenched shut and he gasped and groaned as his huge cock pumped glob after glob of his thick ball-syrup into Amara’s hot contracting rectum, throbbing with each squirt.

Amara shuddered, “Oh fuck, I feel that hot cum pumping into me! Oh Master! Oh it feels so good!” She panted heavily, and then as her orgasm started to subside, her breathing calmed while her body continued to spasm as little as aftershocks of it shook her core. The two ball-sucking servant girls ceased their oral attentions of the King’s emptied sack, moved back to kneeling positions and waited quietly.

The King slowly moved his hips, making his shaft slide very slowly in and out of her convulsing sphincter, and producing soft wet squishing sounds. canlı kaçak bahis A bit of white cream started to leak around the edge of her stretched rubbery butt-ring. Amara licked her full lips and sighed with satisfaction as she used her shitting muscles to steadily squeeze his slowly softening cock. After a few long moments she gently lifted herself off of his slick shaft and reached behind to spread open her plump ass-cheeks.

Amara turned and locked eyes with the green-eyed blond girl near her. “You, slutty little girl, you did a good job licking my pucker. I’ll reward you by letting you eat your King’s precious cock-cream. You need to suck it out of my ass, though. Come close and plant your lips to my pucker and suck,” the Queen commanded the servant girl.

The blond girl bit her lower lip thoughtfully as she stared at the swollen puffy anus of her Queen. The muscled ring was perfectly dilated into an O shape. As she began to languidly contract her anus, a long drip of phlegmy white goo slowly leaked out and formed a sticky string that dangled lewdly. The girl thought, well it is my King’s precious seed. The girl was rather fond of giving men oral sex, and actually enjoyed swallowing cum. Though, she would have much rather received it directly from the source like she thought she was going to earlier. The other servant girl had a look of shock on her face, and then gave her friend a look of sympathy.

Recalling that the recent ass-eating she performed wasn’t nearly as bad as she thought it was, she figured eating a tasty load of cum from her Queen’s anus would be alright. She lifted her head forward, opened her soft lips wide and extended her tongue to catch the dangling strand of cum. She slurped it up like a noodle then moved her parted lips over the turgid ring of the Queen’s slimy pulsing sphincter. The strong smell of ass and cum filled the girl’s nostrils. As she started to kiss the opened pucker and push her tongue around within the reddened rim, the Queen purred contentedly from the pleasurable sensations on her tingling, freshly-fucked meat-ring. Lewd sucking and slurping noises filled the air as the girl worked her lips and tongue against the clenching cream-filled anus. She was quickly rewarded for her efforts as some of the hot, viscous cum flowed out and into her mouth. After collecting a mouth-full of thick ball-slime, she swallowed it down with an audible gulp. She dug her tongue in and tried to scoop out more of the fresh gelatinous jizz.

“Let me try to help you get it all,” Amara said with an impish grin. Biting on her lower lip with concentration, Amara clenched her shitting muscles hard and forced out the remaining cum-load in a loud, disgusting gooey fart. A torrent of ass-stained cum-slop splattered onto the surprised girl’s face, though most of it landed in her mouth. She gulped it down, licked her sticky lips and then used her fingers to scrape her face in an attempt to collect the remaining anal fuck-sauce from it. As she sucked the stringy viscid mess off her fingers, she saw the Queen’s eyes light up with perverse approval.

“Ooooh, good little girl! Not wasting a drop of your Lord’s precious seed! I hope you enjoyed that tasty treat. You are lucky to have been able to receive it. I like you. What’s your name again, girl?” Amara asked.

“Casandra, my Queen,” the blond-haired green-eyed girl said softly as she finished licking her fingers clean and stared down at the King’s booted feet.

Queen Amara got off the lap of her Lord, and then cupped the girl’s chin in her palm to lift her face to her own. Feeling the warm after-glow of her orgasm, her mood became a little softer. Amara planted a series of gentle kisses all over her face, licking up what little remaining droplets of cum were left.

“Casandra. Very pretty. I may call upon you later for your services. You and your friend may go now.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Casandra intoned. Then with the other servant girl, they got up and quickly vacated the throne room.

Amara straightened her skirt and turned to her husband with a smile. “We have a few hours before dinner time. Shall we fuck some more, Master?” she asked while eyeing his giant flaccid prick.

King Gaius stood up. “Mmmm, I would love to but I have to tend to one last business matter first before the day’s end. I’ll meet you later just before dinner.” He took the hand of his beloved Queen and pressed a kiss to her soft palm.

The Queen gave a cute petulant pout. “Aw, alright, my Lord. I’ll meet you after you attend to your business. I look forward to dinner with you. I have some ideas I would love to discuss with you, Master.”

“Absolutely, my gorgeous Queen. I look forward to it,” and with that the King found his pants, slipped them on, buckled his belt and headed off. The Queen watched him go and then idly lounged in the throne for a while before deciding to go find something or someone to entertain her.

* * * * * * *

“Ew, that was so disgusting Cassie! I’m sorry you had to do that.”

“It wasn’t bad actually. And it’s not like you’ve never eaten a load of cum before, Raina. You swallowed the King’s load the last time he summoned us if you recall.” the green-eyed blond said as she elbowed her friend.

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