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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Tammy Fontenot hurried out of her American History 205 class and bustled to her car. Because she had been running late that morning, she had to park at the far end of the Students parking lot of the University of Louisiana at DeGarde.

She checked carefully, all around, before unlocking the door to her small, dependable car.

She drove down Highway 27, then merged onto Highway 19 and urged the car to go faster.

Tammy nodded with satisfaction as she pulled up behind Dr. Dupre’s office; she was right on time.

“Hello Tammy,” the older man greeted his assistant, making sure to face the girl so that she could read his lips.

“Hi Dr. Dupre,” Tammy greeted the man.

The first thing Tammy did was shrug on a long lab coat. She then looked at the clipboard to see what appointments they had.

“Not Mrs. Vogel again,” she grumbled.

“Dr. Dupre already had Marnie Vogel’s file out, looking over the notes about Oscar, Mrs. Vogel’s nineteen year old cat. Tammy slid the door open and called out to Marnie.

“Hi Mrs. Vogel, how are you?” she greeted the middle aged woman.

“I really don’t think Oscar likes those pills,” Marnie complained.

“He has any seizures?” Dr. Dupre asked as Marnie placed the crate onto the table.

“Well, no, but…” Marnie said as Tammy opened the door to the crate.

With a practiced ease, Tammy managed to get the uncooperative beast out of the cage and onto the scale for his weighing.

“Oscar! Behave! Or there will be no treats for you,” Marnie threatened as the old cat hissed at Tammy.

“Uh huh, and might want to cut back on those treats; he’s twelve pounds,” Dr. Dupre cautioned.

“Oh, I saw that girl, oh, what was her name? The other girl you had working here, the Oriental?” Marnie said, ignoring Dr. Dupre’s comment about Oscar’s weight.

“Bat Tol is Asian,” Dr. Dupre gently corrected. “Rugs are Oriental. And how’s she doing?”

He didn’t listen as Marnie chattered about his former assistant and her husband’s coffee shop, just administered the cat’s yearly shots, and then signed the cat’s registration.

Peggy, his wife, had not liked Bat Tol at all; the woman was small, dainty, yet exuded sensuality. And she very clearly held Dr. Dupre in very high esteem.

It amused, and saddened Henry Dupre; why would Peggy care how his assistants looked? She had been cheating on him for the entire duration of their marriage. He was fairly certain that Henry junior, Hank, was his son, but was equally certain that their daughter Shayla and the daughter Peggy was carrying now were not his children.

Peggy had enthusiastically approved of Tammy Fontenot and Tammy had been working for Dr. Dupre for the past three years, starting when she was a junior at St. Thomas Aquinas.

Tammy Fontenot was not ugly; the twenty year old stood at five feet, five inches, had warm brown eyes, light brown hair that was threaded through with strands of copper, a snub nose, and a wide smile that was framed by kissable pouting lips.

Her shoulders were narrow, her arms slender, and her waist was also slim.

The warm brown eyes, however, were hidden behind large horn-rimmed glasses, the hair was unruly and stuck out at odd angles, and her skin was often prone to acne outbreaks.

Tammy’s top half was small, even her breasts were small, but her hips and legs were enormous. She had confided to Peggy, on one of Peggy’s rare visits to the office, that she had a very difficult time finding slacks or jeans to wear, which was why Tammy favored skirts.

Despite her genuine warm and affectionate nature, Tammy seemed to have very few friends. Most animals, however, seemed to favor her, seemed to trust her readily.

Dr. Dupre nodded to Tammy that he was ready for the next client.

“Hi Megan,” canlı bahis şirketleri Tammy greeted her former school mate and Megan’s ill-behaved Pomeranian, Daisy.

“Megan,” Dr. Dupre greeted his youngest sister-in-law.

Daisy snarled and snapped at Tammy and Dr. Dupre and really threw a fit when her yearly shots were administered.

“Megan, you need to cut back on what you’re feeding her; she’s is almost nine pounds overweight,” Dr. Dupre cautioned the twenty year old woman, knowing it would do no good.

“We have the Obedience Classes for small dogs on Saturdays, nine o’clock,” Tammy grunted in her flat, over enunciated speech.

Megan did not respond, just carried the still snapping and snarling beast out of the room. Tammy slid the door shut behind the duo.

“What a bitch,” Dr. Dupre muttered. “And the dog’s a pain in the ass too.”

Tammy giggled and Dr. Dupre looked up. He flashed a smile; remembering that the nearly deaf woman could read lips.

“You didn’t hear me say that,” he smiled.

“Say what?” Tammy smiled.

Tammy finished her day by caring for the seven dogs and one cat that they were boarding in their kennel. It was dark by the time the cages had been cleaned, the animals exercised, and their evening meals distributed.

Tammy squinted as she drove south on Highway 19; the stretch between Kimble and Bender was unlighted.

Tammy gathered her books and entered the small two bedrooms, two bathrooms home. She did not call out; there was no one to greet her. Her mother had passed away in March of 2011 and her mother’s loser boyfriend had tried to stay, but Tammy very firmly told Glen Simone he was not welcome in her home.

Tammy peeled off her bulky sweater, carefully washed her hands, and then prepared a large salad for her dinner. She and Pam Broussard had designed a diet that would give her enough protein and fiber, yet cut out the carbohydrates. The only concession she made was the sourdough croutons and the regular salad dressing; she hated the way low-fat salad dressing tasted.

After dinner, Tammy did her homework, made sure her textbooks were ready for her Tuesday-Thursday classes, and then did her exercises. Cindy Broussard had assured Tammy that she too had been blessed with large hips, but had managed to whittle them down to a manageable size.

The membership to Shapes Wellness Center had been a Christmas gift from her grandmother, her mother’s mother, and Tammy’s only living relative. Tammy had never known who her father was; Alice Fontenot had been a bit of a free spirit when she was younger. It wasn’t until Alice’s death, killed by a drunk driver, that Tammy’s grandmother showed any interest in her at all. Even now, the attention was grudging.

“Quit putting it off; you know what you want to do,” Tammy berated herself.

Tammy fixed herself a large glass of ice water, made sure that all the doors were locked, and then walked into the master bedroom.

She put the glass of ice water on the nightstand, made sure that the bedroom door was shut, then took off her thick glasses and pulled her hearing aids out and put them into their dehumidifier for the night.

Megan Campion had come in today. Megan Campion and that horrid dog of hers had come in to the animal clinic today.

Tammy Fontenot was heterosexual, desperately wanted a man to notice her, kiss her, hold her, and touch her. But she had a crush on Megan Campion, a crush that had started when Megan had started to mature into the young woman that she was today.

Megan Campion, with her long blonde hair, her flawless skin, her ice blue eyes. Megan Campion, with her thirty six C breasts and flat tummy and small hips and rear end. Megan Campion, with her musk perfume and bubble gum scented breath. Megan Campion had stood right next to her while she held her horrible dog.

Tammy unzipped the long skirt and let it fall to the canlı kaçak iddaa floor. Her pantyhose and full panties followed. Tammy slipped out of her tee shirt, and then unhooked her small bra.

She kicked the pile of clothes into the corner of the bedroom, next to the bedroom door.

Her nipples were already tightly crinkled in anticipation, but that wouldn’t be good enough for Megan. Megan would dig an ice cube out of the glass and run the ice cube over each nipple, until the tender flesh was nearly numb.

Tammy pulled the two nipple clamps out of the nightstand drawer and, after sucking in a ragged breath, attached them to her nipples.

“Ah, God!” she gasped loudly as searing pain began to cut into her nipples.

The alligator clips had come, metallic teeth encased in plastic sleeves, but Tammy knew Megan would never let her get away with that. Megan would angrily yank the protective sheaths from the sharp teeth, and force Tammy to wear them like that.

“Here, put these on,” Megan would sneer, handing Tammy the half-pound weights. “Next time, it’s going to be a pound each, you hear?”

The numbness was wearing off rapidly as Tammy attached the chains to her nipple clamps. They swung back and fort, tugging at her tormented nipples.

Tammy reached into the drawer, beads of sweat beginning to form on her forehead. She pulled the slightly soiled towel out and spread it out on the bed.

She then pulled out her Pyrex toy.

When she had chanced upon it on EBay, she had been both excited and ashamed. The nine inch long instrument was an inch around at its tip, but slowly tapered out to a three inch wide base. Each inch was marked off by a fat ridge.

The next evening, Tammy had gone back onto EBay’s web site, and sure enough, it was still there. There was only fourteen hours left on the auction and no one had bid on it yet. Tammy hurriedly bid, opening with the minimum forty nine dollars, and setting a maximum of seventy nine dollars, then logged off and shut down the computer.

Tammy had been thrilled that she had won the item, paid for it, waited every day for it to arrive, then put it on the counter in her kitchen, and refused to open it for nearly a week.

Megan would have ripped the box open immediately, and then would have humiliated her with it.

Megan would have plunged the tip into the glass of ice water, wetting it and cooling it up to the sixth ridge, all the while sneering at Tammy.

“Next week, I’m going to have Molly wax that bush,” Megan would taunt, tugging harshly at the profusion of dark pubic hair that covered Tammy’s mound, stretching from hip to hip.

Tammy pulled the glass dildo from the cold water and scrambled onto the bed. She squatted down on the towel and squinted at the full length mirror that hung on the back of her bedroom door.

Without her glasses, it was a blurry image, but Tammy knew what she looked like. She knew that her pussy lips gaped open, hanging down nearly an inch from the thick bush of hair. She knew that her heavy thighs were pasty white.

“Ah,” she cried out as the ice cold tip made contact with her dangling pussy lips.

“Come on,” Megan would scream, making sure to scream directly into Tammy’s ear.

Tammy shuddered as she felt one, then two cold ridges slip into her. The cold glass against her hot wet pussy made her tense up.

The third then fourth ridge rasped against her inner walls and she groaned. Her orgasm was close.

But Megan wasn’t there to see Tammy orgasm; she was there to see Tammy suffer.

With a forceful shove on her bony shoulders, Megan would shove Tammy to sit on the glass dildo. Tammy cried out as the tip thrust painfully into her cervix.

“Oh!” Tammy called out as she orgasmed.

Megan would then pull the dildo out, slowly twisting it from side to side, making sure to rub the ridges along Tammy’s pussy walls.

“Oh!” canlı kaçak bahis Tammy moaned as a second, smaller orgasm welled up.

“No, Megan, please don’t,” Tammy whined.

But Megan would be unmoved by Tammy’s pleas; she would just force Tammy forward until Tammy’s face and shoulders were flat on the mattress. Megan would laugh as Tammy sucked in a lungful of air; the very tips of her throbbing nipples rasped on the rough towel.

“Look at that fat ass, God what a fat ass you have,” Megan would sneer.

Tammy would be able to read her lips in the mirror, would be able to see the disgust in Megan’s eyes as she looked up on Tammy’s quit ample backside.

“What a fat ass needs is a fat fuck,” Megan would declare, and would forcefully shove the tip of the Pyrex phallus into Tammy’s rectum, despite how tightly Tammy would clench her anus against her.

“Oh!” Tammy cried out as the second ridge forced its way into her.

The third ridge pushed in and Tammy’s sphincter gave out. She reached the fifth ridge, but couldn’t seem to force it in any further.

Megan wouldn’t tolerate that, though. Megan would grab a handful of Tammy’s hair and pull Tammy backward, until Tammy would Sid forcefully on the glass toy, driving the sixth, seventh, and eighth ridge into her now gaping anus.

“Oh!” Tammy gave out a garbled cry as a powerful orgasm shook her.

She looked away from her blurry mirror image, ashamed and began to pull the phallus from her now quite sore rectum.

She grimaced and used a corner of the towel to clean the slimy object, then eased herself out of the bed.

“Ah!” she cried out as she removed the nipple clamp from her left nipple.

The blood rushed back into the sensitive flesh and she had to force herself to repeat the procedure with her right nipple.

Again she cried out as the blood rushed into her right nipple.

She used another corner of the towel to dab at her gaping anus, and then carried it to the pile of clothes by her bedroom door.

Nude, Tammy padded down the hallway to the laundry room, sorted out a load of whites and started the washing machine. Dropping the soiled towel on top, she then closed the lid.

She grabbed her glass dildo and carried it to the master bathroom. Again, Tammy debated with herself whether or not to throw the offensive toy away, at again decided to clean it. She had thrown it away twice, and twice had dug it out of the trash. She patted it dry, and then put it on the bathroom vanity.

Tammy started the shower, a nice, hot shower, and stepped into the hot spray.

“Oh!” she gasped out loud as she thought of something.

She carefully opened the curtain, grabbed her glass toy from the vanity, and held it under the scalding hot spray of the shower.

She put the base down on the rubber shower mat, and then squatted down over it.

“Oh yes!” she grunted as the hot glass pushed itself into her splayed open pussy.

The glass was nearly searing as she slid it in and out of her pussy.

“Ah!” she grimaced as she orgasmed, then lay back in the tub, letting the hot spray beat down upon her.

“Damn, Megan, you’re such a bitch!” Tammy complained out loud.

She pulled the dildo from her pussy, and then carefully put it in the corner of the tub, out of the way.

After her shower, she again cleaned and dried the dildo, then returned to her bedroom.

The toy was returned to its drawer, and Tammy turned off the lights in her bedroom.

The End.

(Tammy Fontenot and Megan Campion are characters from the ‘Flowers in the Heart’ series. Dr. Dupre and Peggy Campion, now Peggy Dupre are characters from ‘Admission of Guilt’ and ‘Mending Broken Flowers.’ Marnie Vogel is a character from the ‘Yearbook 2005’ series.)

**Author’s Note: I write these stories for my enjoyment. I post them here for yours.

Any and all comments from ‘Anonymous’ will be deleted.

Also, any intentionally hurtful or vindictive comments will be deleted. “You suck” and “This is stupid shit” are not helpful critiques. If you truly do feel that I suck and the story is stupid shit, then write WHY you feel that way.

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