Satisfying Samantha Ch. 07

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It wasn’t long before I made good on my statement and was back inside Samantha again. Since it was Sunday and the end of the weekend, I knew that our time together was winding down; especially since Mark would be home from his trip later today. I had to fuck Sammy at least one more time before making myself scarce. Needless to say, even though I was exhausted, I was up for the challenge.

I followed Sam upstairs where we took a shower together and cleaned up from the morning’s romp in the kitchen and in the hot-tub. As she soaped up in front of me, my thoughts from our previous shower together returned happily as I watched her lather and rinse. As she moved, I enjoyed every movement of her firm body, and made sure to burn as many of her tight motions into my long-term memory bank.

“What are you looking at?” Sammy smirked as she turned to meet my stare.

“You, of course, you’re so damn beautiful.”

“Would you stop?” she smiled.


“You’re something else,” she teased, dropping the soap on purpose to give her a sensible reason to pause, bend over and pick it up.

“You like this, baby?” she gleamed as she bent over and revealed her tight flexing ass.

“You know it,” I watched, admiring her flexibility and form as she leaned over at the waist. Her long legs remained in place and locked as her torso moved beyond her mid-section. Sammy’s arms reached down picked up the soap and she froze in her prone position, her ass brilliantly displayed openly in front of me. Sammy smiled up at me, looking around her long tight legs. Her hair swirled with the draining water on the floor of the shower, as her left arm helped keep her balance, braced against the front of the shower wall.

I took the soap from her and pretended to use it a bit, quickly dropping it myself.

“Oops, I guess it’s my turn,” as I knelt down on my knees to grab the sliding soap bar. Sammy giggled.

“Oh, my, what a perfect pussy you have here.” Her crotch was right in line with my face as I placed it directly between her outstretched legs and began slurping on her labia, feeling the water from the shower cascade seductively over our bodies.

I pushed her labia apart with my fingers and admired her perfect folds of flesh as I moved my face closer to make contact with her delicate, pretty pussy. Sammy’s tight ass and long legs surrounded her excellent, tight-looking pussy slit with perfection and grace. Her soft lips when pulled back exposed her soft pink entry point, framed by a tight band of outer lips, dark with elegant trimmed hair. Her opening was magnificent to look at as I moved closer towards her delicate privates.

When my tongue met her folds, Sammy shrieked in a delightful whimper, as my tongue slithered up and into her delicious pink softness.

“Oh my!” Sammy cried as I lapped and sucked her labia, pulling her folds away from her firm crotch. I helped excite her fire a bit by rubbing her clit as my tongue continued working around her slit and into it. When I stopped to perform long licks from the base of her pussy, back towards her puckered asshole, she really went nuts with delight.

“Oh, that feels so fucking good!” She piped, as my tongue ran along the length of her tight folds, pushing them apart in the process. Her hourglass figure straddled over me, presenting itself like a fine trophy, begging to be rubbed and admired. Her soft bronzed skin reflected profoundly under the water cascading like a song over her breathtaking elegance. I greedily pulled on her hips, pulling her sopping shiny form towards my awaiting mouth and sucked greedily on her outer folds. Her enlarged clit was throbbing now and stretched outward, beyond her tight housing.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Samantha cried desperately as I stroked over her taint with my slippery tongue.

I paused briefly. “You like that, honey? You like me sucking on your beautiful cunt?”

“Yes,” she whispered, beginning to quiver over me.

“Play with your clit, baby,” I offered, watching her hand go to work in front of us. I eagerly returned to my licking as I listened to her moans in time with my oral probes.

“Oh, God, I need you in me!” Sammy sighed as I maintained my interest in and around her delicious crevice.

“In due time. Be patient, darling,” I teased, “I’m just getting started.”

“Goddamn it!” Sammy grunted, “I need your cock deep inside me!” She grabbed the back of my head and thrust it closer in between her slender thighs. I humored her and continued lashing and sucking her inner labia to the best of my ability. Her pussy was oozing with her lubricating juices now, as I forced my tongue in and out of her shuddering hole.

“If you’re not going to fuck me, then I’m going to fuck you!” Sammy hissed, pushing my head back and away from her. She pushed me back as she quickly exited the shower, not pausing to even dry off.

“Now, get out her and fuck me senseless!” Sam called behind her as she skipped out of the bathroom.

I turned off the canlı bahis şirketleri water and looked down at my outstretched cock. It looked like a lonely tree in an otherwise abandoned forest, eager to join its other brothers. Hell, I just wanted to plant it deep into Sammy’s confines again. Despite my increased fatigue and lack of vigor (my God, this woman was wearing me out…and fast), I still had enough piss and vinegar left to give her one more go (at least I believed). I boldly stepped out of the shower and took hold of a lone towel hanging by the bathroom door and quickly dried off a bit. Eager to find Sammy’s amazing body, I bolted out of the bath and threw the towel into the corner, simultaneously exiting the steam-filled room.

Across the bathroom in yet another bedroom was Sammy’s awaiting body, stretched out on the floor like one of those animal throw rugs, with the paws and growling head attached. She saw me enter the room out of the corner of her eye and smiled delightfully at me, pulling her thin legs towards her chest as she rocked a bit on the small of her back. Her knees pulled toward her chin and she held this position for a while, stretching herself, preparing for our connection. Sammy rolled onto her side now, her ass facing me, as she visually teased me with her insatiable curves. Her ass was as tight and inviting as it always was. It was difficult not to get nervous and obtain a wet mouth all at the same time in her presence. She nodded and smiled approvingly of my presence and hardness in front of her.

“Pull on your dick, baby,” she smiled, “I want to see you fully erect before you plow into me again, okay?”

I didn’t answer her verbally. I simply looked down at her outstretched body and placed my left hand onto the base of my shaft and began pulling and stroking myself, following Sammy’s explicate directions verbatim.

“That’s it,” Sammy coached, watching me, as my cock lengthened a tad more.

“You look…”

“Tasty?” Sammy cut me off, mid-sentence.

“Well, yes.”

“Good enough to fuck?”


“So you never answered my question, baby,” Sammy cooed, watching me intently with those familiar but equally intriguing brilliant green eyes.

“What’s that?” I asked boyishly, sliding up and down my elongated shaft with my tensing hand.

“Are you going to fuck me? Or…” Sam glared with a devilish smile, “Am I going to fuck you?”

“We’ll see about that,” I grinned back, stooping down to be closer to her.

Sammy rolled back onto her back again and lifted her legs high up in the air and brought them together, crossing them at the ankle. She then pulled back on her legs, pulling them towards her head as her pelvis stretched and formed the perfect looking double-U form before my staring eyes.

“I can tell you haven’t grown tired of me,” Sammy breathed, smiling at me in approval again.

“Of course not. How could I?…How could anyone?” I questioned.

Sammy grinned with shyness or agreement…I’m not sure which. At this point, it didn’t matter anyway.

She spread her legs eagerly now, as her outer lips followed suit and pulled apart, allowing for her vaginal cavity to splay a bit, opening itself up in response. She was still wet and tight, despite our weekend long activity. I admired her oozing wet opening, as if being seen by virgin eyes for the first time.

Catching my cue, I responded by crawling over to her sprawling body and placed my knees under her outstretched knees. Taking my swollen cock in my hand now, I pushed it down until it was in line with her flexing opening and lowered myself further towards her awaiting crotch.

“So, you are going to fuck me, then?” her eyebrow cocked, as she looked up at me with anticipating lust.

“Yes,” I breathed, not daring to take my glance away from her as she coiled and alternated her legs from wide spread eagle to partially open and then back again. Sammy noted my strong intent to push inside her and obliged by placing her weight onto her feet and lifted her pelvis into the air before me. She used her arms to support her hips above their center of gravity and rested the balance of her weight on her arms and elbows, as she breathed, preparing for my initial entry.

“I love it when you just get it into me…” Sammy slyly whispered, as I lined up her new positioned target with my aching cock.

“And then when I slide it in all the way?”

“Yes! Oh, God, yes!” Sammy finished.

“Here I come, baby,” pressing my thickened head against her entry folds. I grabbed onto the tops of her thighs and scooted closer to her. My cock slid up against her and pushed its way over her mound. I backed and placed my right hand over the top of my arcing rod and pushed him down again, towards her outstretched muff. With delight, I slipped into her cavern’s opening and pushed my way into her tight, snug hole. Just as before, I watched in delight as I slowly pushed deeper into her and watched my length disappear into her canlı kaçak iddaa gaping depths.

“Oh, yes!” Sammy sneered, watching the look of awe on my face. “That’s it, lover…God; your cock feels so good.”

“Tell me what you like best,” I teased, settling into her velvet pouch.

“I love feeling you move inside me,” Sammy choked as I began slowly pulling back out of her now, feeling her delightful ribbed sides tug against my retracting hard pole.

“Fuck yeah, Sam!” I hollered, pushing back at her now, sliding my dick back into her.

“Oooooh!” Sammy cooed as I continued my slow, sensual ride, slipping deep into her and pulling almost all the way out with each seductive motion.

She must have grown tired of my slow teasing motion. Before I knew it, she was matching my rhythm, pushing down on my tension-coiled member. As my dick thirsted to move up and into her, Sammy’s body delicately pushed ground down on me, forcing my upward arching cock to move down and against its natural upward-bound self. I was amazed at her incredible motion and the glory that it felt on my outstretched extremity. My body shivered at the pleasure running over me and through me with Sammy’s clever bucking motion.

I could not believe my luck or my current position as she continued to ride against me, milking my eager dick with her equally eager pussy. Her folds delicately enveloped me now, taking in every inch and thrust as I moved freely within her.

“You like that?” Sammy sighed, closing her eyes, throwing her head back in a bought of pure ecstasy.

I couldn’t help myself any longer, as my inborn actions of faster and deeper thrusts began to overcome my slow-hand practice.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Sammy cried, “You’re driving me nuts!” as she looked at me with deep desire.

“I want to fuck you harder!” I protested, “But I can’t at this angle.” Sweat dripped freely from my brow and down the sides of my face as my breathing rocketed to a heavy and deep huff.

“Here, baby,” Sammy offered, “Lay on your back!” I moved and laid down before her as she silently crawled over my flailing cock and lowered herself down over me.

“Help me get him in,” Sammy cried as I held onto my throbbing slick cock. Sammy’s body hovered over me as I guided her swollen opening over the head of my erect penis and guided her hips over mine. She pushed down and towards me as my rod made contact with her silky folds again and pushed its way deep inside her realm.

“That’s better!” Sammy yelped with hoarseness in her speech now. She began to ride up and down my staff, pleasurably impaling her tight body onto the thickness of my cock. Up and down she moved, bobbing up and down on my shaft. When she gyrated her hips around me, pushing my firm staff back and fourth, I thought my head was going to snap off, from sheer awe and pleasure.

“Fuck yeah!’ I screamed at her, watching her tits bounce freely in front of my face. She leaned forward, allowing them to brush again my opening mouth as my tongue tried to lap up against her pencil eraser nipples. My God, they were so hard and firm now. I was transfixed. Sammy was sweating profusely now, along with me, as the beads of her creation collected and rolled slowly down the front of her face. I brushed her sticking dark hair out of the way of her face as she bucked down against me. Her hair swung violently about her now as she bounced up and down on me, not giving her pelvis any reprieve.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she yelped as our bodies continued to pounce and bump together.

“Now, you’re the one who’s driving me crazy!” I growled as Sammy continued pulsing on my stabbing pipe. Her breathing was in short gasps now, as we continued our quickening motion. I had no idea how long I could keep this up, but I did know that it probably would not be for too much longer.

I silently stuck two fingers straight up her tail pipe and she cried out in pleasure as her vaginal walls pulsed and gripped intensely against me. I pushed back and up at her, meeting her downward pelvic grinds with reckless abandon. Immediately, her entire body bolted and quivered violently as her satin walls pulsed harder than I had felt.

“Oh, my God!” Sammy screamed.

I instinctively pulled her hair as her head tilted back and she continued to pulse, writhing over and on me.

“That’s it!…Right…fucking…there! Oh, my God!” Sammy howled.

I smiled in delight as I watched her impending orgasm overtake her petite figure.

Stream after stream of female cum soaked me as I watched her pulsing vagina grip me and release with each spasm of Sammy’s thundering climax.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She cried as her post cum juices continued to spurt over my cock and balls.

Sammy stopped grinding against and over me and pulled my aching cock from her depths. I felt myself on the verge and silently wondered what the hell she had in mind, as she knelt beside and peered at me with unbridled passion. canlı kaçak bahis

“How do you want me?” She panted seductively, savoring enough energy to smirk at me with sneering lust. Her brilliant eyes sparkled amazingly bright, burning into mine.

Without exchanging a single word, I helped Sam roll over onto her side and curled her into a delightful fetal position as I maneuvered behind her, admiring her tight ass as it lay puckered before me.

“I like watching your ass, as I ride you from behind…would you like that?” I barked into her ear as I pulled slightly on her long hair.

I didn’t even wait for her to say anything. I was immediately at her entrance again, thrusting in and out of her as her body shook with my merciless plunging from behind her. Within only a few thrusts, I was balls deep inside Sammy’s tight box, pulsing in and out of her like a man possessed. Sammy moaned with post orgasmic sighs as I moved wildly in and out of her, relishing in the unbelievable sight of her tiny body violated by my unrestrained invading dips.

“You like me all the way in?” I gritted at her closed eyes and grimacing face.

“Yes!” Sammy stammered.

“God, I love being this deep in you, Sam!”

“Your cock feels good!”

Her delicate and natural heaves and gasps encouraged me to drive her faster and harder as I continued thundering into her pretty pussy. My balls recoiled and I felt my threshold falling quickly.

“I’m going to cum!” I proudly announced.

“Wait, baby!” Sammy protested.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered into her left air, pulling roughly on her hair as she cried in desperate submission.

“I want you to fuck…me in the…ass…one more…time.” Sammy shuddered as I pulled out of her quivering, spent fuck hole.

“Okay,” I breathed delightfully, not wanting to turn her down, especially when her tight ass was concerned.

She stood, turned and placed a large amount of spit on my aching dick as she quickly lubed it for it’s re-entry into her clamped ass. Sammy walked over to the edge of the bed where she placed her feet under the skirt of the bed, spread her legs and leaned forward, resting her torso against the top of the bed. Her breasts pushed against the softness of the duvet and blossomed out to the side, away from her rib cage. She looked absolutely magnificent and completely vulnerable as her tight muscular ass loomed high above the base of the bed, stretched out, calling to me like a fine desert, wanting to be adored and then quickly eaten.

I raced up behind her and planted my feet between hers and ran my purple cock head between her lovely outstretched globes, rubbing it hungrily along her deviant crack and teased it around her awaiting brown hole.

Not wanting to slam into her without some loosening and preparation, I eagerly inserted my finger into her pussy and manually moved as much of her pussy juice to her backdoor. Sammy cooed in response as I did my best to oil her back entry way to make room for my now frustrated cock.

“That feels good, babe,” Sammy reproached as I moved back from her pussy and into her tight puckered backside.

“Are you ready?” I groaned my impending cum still very close, despite the unexpected intermission.

“Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be…” Sammy breathed, pulling her ass cheeks wide apart as she had done before. “Slide it all the way in,” she gasped as I placed my pulsing cock at the entry of her exit hole.

“Here it comes!” I yelped, pushing against her puckered brown eye.

“Oomph!” Sammy hissed.

“Are you okay?”

“Fucking get it in there, Goddamn it!” Sammy growled deeply, turning to glare at me.

I pushed and pushed and pushed as my member slid begrudgingly into Sammy’s incredibly tightly clenched hole. She yelped and squirmed and I just continued following her orders, forcing my way into her asshole. She pulled me closer, grabbing onto the back of my thighs with her arms now as I continued to gain access to her taboo cave. I grabbed a hold of her shoulders and pulled my frustrated body closer to hers as I watched my dick slowly gain entry into her tight shit box. Pulling on her hair again now, I held her head back towards mine as I whispered into her left ear, “You like that?”

“Yeah,” she whimpered, “I love your cock buried in my ass.”

Her ass walls brimmed and told hold of my impaling member like a tight fist as I pushed well beyond her outer ring now. Her ass muscles were beginning to relinquish the tightness of their trap door hold and relax enough for me to slip into the quiet depth of her rectum. I relished the site of her inner flesh grip my invading member and take quick hold as I continued pushing and prodding my length into her.

“Your ass looks so great around my dick!” I barked.

“Oh, my God!” Sammy cried in delight, “Plow my ass, baby!”

“With pleasure!” as I pushed hard into her and felt my balls touch against her labia. I had fully pushed my way into her harboring dirt box once more and relished the reality of being balls deep inside her tightness. I managed to get a few more pumps in play before I shot my load deep into her bowels again, as my dick began to slip with greater ease into her opening tight ass.

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