Sometimes It Just Feels Right.

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(This story starts in the car where I let my imagination take over bringing me to a fantastic orgasm. I hope you enjoy my new offering. Please don’t forget to vote and please I love feedback on any of my stories. Jane)

Driving in my car today…the music was so soothing.. I have been so busy lately. No time to play. No time to talk. So the music begins to wash over me as good music sometimes does. The feel so like a man’s caress. I want so much to close my eyes to the feel of it.

Oh my, it feels like you are with me for that second. Like it was your hand caressing my face. The tips of your fingers sliding down my cheek to my neck. I tilted my head for your hand. How odd I must have looked sitting at the red light envisaging the feel your fingers on me. My imagination begins to race…………

Your fingers continued down my neck and grabbed my shoulder. You spin me around and suddenly your left arm is around my chest. Your hand caressing the curve of my right breast. Your right arm encircling my waist. I lean back onto you and feel the strength of you. I feel the hardness of your cock already pressing at my backside. I move sensually against it but your arms tighten. You are not ready yet.

I feel the warmth of your breath as you whisper,

“Open your eyes Jane”

How erotic we look as my eyes meet yours in the full length mirror. Your hand teases me by NOT touching the nipple that aches for the touch. My body rubs against you. Your response is not what I expected. You grip my breast and give a quick squeeze. Your breath canlı bahis şirketleri is so hot on my ear when your voice washes over me.

“Open your pussy lips”

I quiver at the words. My fingers are not strange to my body. They know me so well. They can, have and do make me feel so wonderful, but my body craves for your touch not mine. When I hesitate your hand PINCHES the nipple. The sharpness of the pain of it catches my breath and my eyes question you.

Your voice rasps “Do it!”

My hand slides down and two fingers open the lips. The coolness of the air hits the warmth. I shiver. You tighten your arms around me. I can feel your eyes on me as you whisper

“Slide a finger deep and get it wet”.

My finger slide deep inside my velvet walls. They constrict around my finger as if they know I wish it was your cock. As I slowly withdraw it your voice again commands

“Taste it!”

My eyes meet yours in defiance as I slide that glistening finger to my lips. Slowly I begin tracing my bottom lip leaving a shine behind. My tongue slowly slide along it and reaches out for the tip of my fingers.. it curls around it and draws it into my mouth. I watch your mouth move as you anticipate the taste of it. Warm, sweet, creamy!

Your arms tighten again on me. I relish the feel of them. You lean into me and your mouth is so warm on my ear.

“Make your self cum”

Now this I have a problem with. I want YOU! I want to feel your body in mine. Your fingers in me. I want this so badly I begin to pull away. canlı kaçak iddaa Your arms are tight and I begin to struggle. You hiss to stop and the tone has me instantly stopping the struggle.

“I said make yourself cum”

I close my tear filled eyes. You feel my submission to your will and your arms relax. My hand slides down my neck and caresses your arm that is across my breasts. I touch my own nipple and slightly pinch it. It hardens instantly and I watch you as you watch me in the mirror. My fingers glide down my stomach to my mound.

Cleanly shaven, it is smooth to my touch and again I open the lips to the coolness of the air. I slide my middle finger deep inside me and bring it slowly up to my clit. Circling around it is sweet torture to me but I now enjoy the feel of my fingers on my body. I want so much to please you as I please myself. I close out the sounds around me and my mind wanders.

My thoughts of knowing you are watching is making it so easy to tease my clit. My hips begin to move with my finger and I feel the building of the climax. My finger slides in deep to get wet again and this time it crosses over the head of my clit…. Over and over stimulating it to climax. My knees begin to buckle as the waves begin to hit.

I close my eyes and let the sensations over take me. I feel your arms shifting and my hands are suddenly removed from my body and thrown up against the mirror. The cum handprint I leave on the glass proof of what I have done.

I spread my legs wider apart. You position yourself behind canlı kaçak bahis me and enter me in one smooth thrust. My pussy so wet and ready for you. In and out you slide. Each thrust in deeper but how torturous you are as you slowly withdraw. I watch your face as you intensify the thrusts.

“More!” I beg.

Knowing what I crave, you withdraw and press the head of your cock to the entrance of my ass…. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god… so wet yourself you enter with ease. You slide all the way in my body and hold yourself still so I can adjust. It only takes a second as I want you so badly. I push back against you and now you move faster and deeper.

I love the feel of you as you fill me completely. My climax is so close now. My moans turn louder and my breathing matches the thrusts. I feel when your body tenses. As you thrust one last deep thrust I can feel the first shots of your cum in me. Now I am wild against you.

Faster and faster my orgasm builds in intensity and as it hits again, my pussy begins to pulse… my climax is massive. The waves of darkness seem to over take me. Your body is twitching. Mine is quivering… I cannot stand and would have fallen if not for your arms surrounding me and holding me against you.

We fall forward into the mirror. Our faces reflect the completeness of our orgasms. I squeeze your cock tight in my ass, milking the last of your cum into my body. I feel your kisses on my neck. Our bodies glistening with sweat and I moan my disappointment when you start to withdraw from me.

“Stay…Please! ” I beg.

You slap my ass and say your not going anywhere. Our eyes meet in the mirror and I see the truth of your statement. Right now I feel like we have forever. I close my eyes and smile.

When I open my eyes…. the traffic light is green.

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