Suzanne’s Interesting Ride

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The phone ringing startled me. When I picked it up, I was pleased to hear Suzanne’s voice on the other end, asking me if I would like to go shopping this afternoon. Usually, my afternoons with Suzanne centered around me blistering her bare bottom in my apartment in a variety of positions, so I agreed, looking forward to an afternoon out. She was happy I had agreed and added that it would be nice to spend some time together looking at ‘things’ instead of my shoes from being across my lap. She told me to meet her out front at 1pm and hung up the phone.

When I arrived out front, Suzanne called to my from a limo parked to the right of the driveway. When I got close to the car, she got out of the car and came up to greet me. She was dressed in a skimpy mini-skirt, a black satin blouse and high?heeled shoes. After she greeted me, she told me that her husband had told her that as a reward for being good, she could use the limo and go shopping in style. After she kissed my cheek in a sign of approved excitement, she took my arm and led me back over toward the limo.

As I reached for the door handle, she grabbed my hand and said, “No, I’ll take care of that. This is the best part of having the limo at my disposal. With that, she yelled, “Driver…we are waiting for you to come an do our service.”

The driver got out and approached the rear of the car. He was a handsome man in his early twenties. He was dressed appropriately and with a smile, reached and opened the door for us. He waited for us get in, and then he closed the door.

“Isn’t it great having someone to wait on you,” said Suzanne.

‘You know, we could have opened the door ourselves…just because he is nice enough to drive us, doesn’t mean we have to take advantage of him.”

“Oh it’s ok…he will do whatever I tell him to do,” said Suzanne.

‘I’m just saying that you needn’t be rude, just because he is your driver.’

The car pulled out and we set out on our shopping adventure. I commented to Suzanne that she was dressed a bit revealing, having noticed her bare bottom peeking out when she leaned forward to give directions on where we needed to start shopping. She replied that today was her day and that she could do whatever she wanted to do.

We spent most of our day at the malls and boutique shops, but Suzanne’s attitude made it seem like it had been several hours. She was full of herself and let everyone know about it. Sensing my quiet mood, she asked why I seemed so down. I told her I illegal bahis was not used to being around someone who had no regard for other’s feelings quite the way she had. Additionally, I did not think it was very lady-like to go to shoe stores with the sole purpose of flashing my bare pussy at the clerks who were providing service.

After I said my piece, she decided that we should go for a drive and pulled her cell?phone out and called Matt, our driver. ‘We are through. So you’d better be out front in 10 minutes to pick us up.’

Once we were in the car, Suzanne proceeded to bark out orders on where to turn and how fast to drive and made several off-key remarks about Matt’s ability to drive, as we made our way to the other side of town. After barely avoiding being hit when she yelled out to turn at the last minute, she leaned forward and told Matt that he was very close to losing his job with driving skills like that. As she said this, she was leaning forward on the seat right behind the window. Seeing her bare bottom and listening to her insolence, I reacted by telling Matt to stop the car, while bringing my hand down on Suzanne’s vulnerable bottom with a sharp smack. She yelped at the surprise while Matt pulled over.

I asked Matt to step out of the car so I might have a word with Suzanne in private. After he left the car, I told Suzanne that it was obvious why her husband insist that I beat her bare ass every day…it was an attempt to teach her better manners. I told her that I was tired of her being rude and arrogant and that she had crossed the line. I told her that she would regret asking me to come shopping with her today and to remain in the car while I spoke with Matt in private.

After getting out of the car, I walked around to the other side so I could speak with Matt. I apologized to him for her rude behavior and told him that her actions deserved to be punished and that I was going to do just that. I told him that I was going to let him decide when Suzanne had been punished enough, but if he could say ‘no’ three times, that I would give him a reward. Having said that, I asked him get back in the car.

Back inside the car, we rolled the privacy window down and I told Suzanne that her actions had earned her a spanking and since she had been rude to Matt, that he was going to witness her spanking. She started to protest, but when she saw the look on my face, she stopped in her tracks. I told her to lie across my lap and we would get this over with. illegal bahis siteleri She did what I asked. Once over my lap, I peeled up her mini skirt, revealing her bare bottom. I could tell that Matt was very intrigued and wondered if he was going to be able to last through three punishments.

I did not discuss anything with Suzanne…just began spanking her upturned bottom. My hand made contact with each globe of her ass in a steady rhythm for at least 5 minutes. She was aware of her audience, so she tried to keep quiet and professional…but after my hand established a routine, she lost her composure and began begging and kicking, promising that she would be good.

After 5 minutes, I told her to lean forward and apologize to Matt for being rude and ask him if he was satisfied with the degree of her punishment. As she leaned forward, her glowing bottom looked angry and swollen. She asked Matt if he was satisfied and apologized…but he said that he was not. Her face clouded as she realized that her punishment was not through. She sat back, but I grabbed her and flung her over my lap again. Before she knew what was happening, her spanking had begun again, but this time with Mr. Fuller.

I have to hand it to Matt. He was taking this in pretty good. His boss’ wife was naked and lying across another woman’s lap in the back seat getting her bottom positively blistered with a hairbrush while he watched. He watched Suzanne scream and beg for mercy…twist and kick, slobber and cry. I beat her bare bottom like a drum until her ass was literally on fire. When I stopped, it glowed on its own. She immediately reached back and clasped her hands to it, trying to rub the sting out. I told her to ask Matt again. She was blubbering like a baby but managed to choke out the words…crying and apologizing for being bad and rude.

Again, Matt said that it was not enough.

She screamed out that she couldn’t take anymore and to please say it was okay. She told him that he didn’t know me and that I would really roast her behind if he didn’t help her. Seeing on his face that it was no use. She sat back towards her seat.

I told Suzanne to get out of the car and fetch me a half dozen tree branches so I could switch her bare bottom. She cried and pleaded with me not to, but I told her that I would do it outside the car if she didn’t hurry. She asked if she could pull her skirt down and I told her to take it completely off. She wailed in protest, but when I picked up my brush again, canlı bahis siteleri she hurried to take it off and scamper out of the car. It was quite a sight, seeing her look around, then rush around to find the branches, while her bright red ass was on display. She soon returned with the branches and I told her to lean forward and place her hands on the partition between Matt and herself. I told her to count the blows and to make eye contact with him. Then, I proceeded to thrash her ass and legs.

I made her count 10 strokes with her crying and screaming each time. Then I told her she didn’t have to count anymore. She thought that her punishment was over and was in the middle of asking Matt if it was enough, when I lit into her backside. I switched her bare ass for 3 full minutes, while she grasped the partition and cried. At the end of the switching, she was shrieking and begging, her head hung down while she sobbed. She grabbed Matt’s shoulder when she pleaded with him.

I broke the scene by telling her to get out and for Matt to join us outside. She looked at me quickly, but scampered to get away from me before I changed my mind. I got out behind her and she pressed her blistered ass against the coolness of the car while I outlined what was going to happen now. I told Matt that her husband had a way of making sure that Suzanne understood that her behavior was out of line. Then, I asked Suzanne if she knew what she had to do. She started crying and begging for me not to make her do this. I told her to get on with it and drop to her knees.

She looked to me with a questioning look and I told her to unzip Matt’s fly and suck him good…making sure he was as wet as she thought he would need to be to fuck her ass. She immediately dropped to her knees and took Matt in her mouth. After slobbering on his dick, I told her to get up, open the door and get on her hands and knees on the seat. Then, I told Matt to get behind her and fuck her ass…being sure to ream her out well like her husband always does.

With that, Matt took over. He put his cock against his employer’s wife’s rosebud and pushed his head through. Once through, he shoved the rest of his dick into her ass. He grabbed her hair and began pumping in and out of her ass. It was quite a sight…seeing a grown woman being sodomized in broad daylight, in her own car, from the hired help, displaying her blistered bottom. Matt rode her for at least 5 minutes, before depositing his load deep in her rectum. Once he stopped, he stepped back from Suzanne, leaving her bare red ass sticking out of the car. I walked up and slapped her ass, making her jump, and told her to get her clothes back on.

Like I said in the beginning, what an afternoon adventure it was!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20